Jaganmohan Reddy wants to corner Congress, TDP on Andhra Pradesh split


Jaganmohan Reddy is netizens’ hot favourite



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136 responses to “Jaganmohan Reddy wants to corner Congress, TDP on Andhra Pradesh split

  1. JaGun

    TDP people are questioning that if YSRCP is limited only to 13 Districts Seemandhra, how can YSRCP can claim Samaikyandhara as YSRCP is only a sub–regional party.

    Kodela Sivaprasad Rao, asked above thing in KSR News show:
    So, by the same logic:
    1)13 Districts AP NGOs Ashok Babu Seemandhra Agitation, can we called it “”Samaikyandhra Movement “”” or “””Vibhajanavaadhi Movement”””???
    2)13 Districts Seemandhra Mukyamantrhi KKR, is he “”Samaikyavaadhi”” or “”Vibhajanavaadhi””

    YSRCP, should speed up its process, to launch, “”Samaikyandhra Movement”” in Telangana Districts also, this will give a major boost to entire “”Samaikyndhra Movement””. Some, Five Huge meetings of Jagan in Telangana Districts will be enough to send the message of True Samaikyandhra Movement in all the 23 districts of AP.

    If YSRCP, succeeds in launching “”Samaikyandhra Movement”” in Telangana also, then YSRCP’s Samaikyandhra Movement will be the True and Original Samaikyandhra Movement.

  2. Atchyut

    Hello Jagan grau..my opinion on that couple is bit diiferent..we can forgive anybody but how could we forgive those people
    who spit venom after they left the party with selfishness..ofcourse afterall everybody is selfish..but this couple don’t derserve any mercy..
    Everybody knows YSR made them leaders..and if they are in this stage it is because of YSR ..they convinently forgot everything and accused Jagan
    of corrupttion..I fail to understand those who couldn’t win their own elections would be of great benefit to the party in the entire region..
    I am the guy who wished them all the very bad luck on this forum when they left the party and I am proven right after we saw their press conferences against jagan..
    I am sorry if I am bit harsh on that “unloyal”,”unfaithful” couple who deserted the party when it needed them at crisis time..

    • @ Atchyut

      If there are few people we can really forgive then Konda couple will be the first in that row. People do make mistakes and in politics this is common.
      But they atleast stood by us for sometime during the difficult period when compared to people like Anam who were given life by YSR.
      If it was YSR he would surely forgive them.
      This is only my personal opinion.

      • Atchyut

        I am not debating..but simply I don’t understand why they deserve any attention..
        compare them with Pilli Subhash Chandra Bose who also sacrificed his ministership for Jagan..even after he was defeated in the elections he never said a single word against Jagan or party.
        as you all know even if he was not given prominence for sometime he stayed loyal and ultimately Jagan rewarded him and he became one of the close confidants of Jagan
        Bose garu stands as an example for loyalty and integrety where as that couple is an example for rank oppartunism..

        having said that ..I know the most harsh punishment and humilation that we can give to our enemies is our pardon…
        Atleast then they will be able to introspect

    • JaGun

      The way Konda Surekha, being a Lady, fought those TRS Criminal Rowdies throwing Stones at Warangal/Railway Station incident when Jagan was coming to Warangal, has convinced me that she was a truly Loyalist of YSR family. Konda Sureka is qualified to be forgiven.

      But Congress laid a trap to Konda Couple, they gave a build–up that Congress is giving Telangana 100% and so in order to get back into Congress, they put Conditions to defame Jagan before coming to Congress. Here, Konda Couple lacked political maturity, and make big mistakes by falling into Congress trap.

      My personal opinion, political Moves should be made with a Large Heart to win the hearts of Telangana people.

      “””YS Jagan gaaru Peddhamanasu chesukoni, YS Jagan gaaru Konda Surekha gaarin Khaminchaaru””” This message will give very well into Telangana masses and Telangana Women.

  3. hydfirst

    Chandrababu Naidu, are you an integrationist or a separatist or an opportunist?


  4. JaGun

    Konda Couple Should be brought back into YSRCP.

    YS Jagan, please show mercy on them and forgive them. Please think about it. Forgiving Konda Surekha will send good Signals to the Telangana People about YSRCP in Telangana.

    This is my personal opinion, for the welfare of YSRCP in Telangana.

  5. hydfirst

    Let us unite and stop state’s bifurcation, else history will never forgive us: YS Jagan


  6. jagan addressing media. live coming only on sakshi.

    • JaGun

      I am relieved that Jagan has finally spelled out his proposal on UAP. Because tomorrow, Agent Ashok Babu’s has huge meeting in Kurnool and JAC will expose this Agent to think about Jagan’s proposal.

      Jagan’s proposal, prepare a Memo on Samaikyandhra, ask every party president to sign that Memo, and Jagan will be the first one to sign that Samaikyandhra Document.

      If Agent Ashok Babu, fails to even prepare a Samaikyandhra Document for Party Presidents, then Agent should explain that without Any Pressure on the political party presidents, how Ashok Babu will bring pressure on Sonia Gandhi, and how July 30 statement will be reversed, and how long he will continue these strikes in SA??

      All these huge meetings organized by Agent Ashok Babu is like the Ground Preparation for a New Party. Agent Ashok Babu is boasting too much that MLAs/MPs will need his Certification Approval in 2014 elections??

      Kick this Agent Ashok Babu out of this Samaikyandhra Agitation as soon as possible to save this Agitation from Hijacking.

      • sreechapan

        he should have gone equally hard on congress and tdp.

      • Atchyut

        Good move by Jagan for getting close with SA JAC …I agree with Jagun Ashok babu need to be curtailed .. We need to look for some other NGO leaders who are not yellow crooks like Ashok

        Jagan’s speech is really good and we need to launch frontal attack from all quarters ….

  7. JaGun

    Lagadapati, is clearly targetting Jagan and Botsa. Seems that, KKR vs Botsa, power war is happening within the Congress. And Lagadapati gang is behind KKR.

    I sincerely request YSRCP to convene a Press Meet with Somayajulu and an Constitutional Expert to clear the following things.

    1)Will Central Govt. ask for Voting on “””Telangana Bill”” in State Assembly?? or is it only “”Discussion”” on “”Telangana Draft Bill””??

    2)If there is no Voting on “”Telangana Bill””, what is the impact of SA MLAs resignations, on the constitutional process Andhra Pradesh Bifurcation??

    3)Under what circumstances, President’s Rule will be Imposed?? What is the impact of President’s Rule on AP Bifurcation??

    4)If CM resigns, and AP assembly is dissolved, whats its impact on the AP Bifurcation Process??

    Lagadapati and Yellow Gang, are spreading false rumours that Hell will Broke, if MLAs will resign, Voting on Telangana Bill in Assembly, President’s Rule. And they are trying to throw wild allegations on YSRCP, in order to protect KKR as CM and continue this match–fixing between KKR/CBN till 2014 elections. Lagadapati is trying make a HERO out of KKR and Botsa is trying to become CM of Seemandhra.

    Funny thing, Lagadapati Gang and Payyavula Kesav Gang (CBN) are almost making the same wild allegations. Match–fixing.

    Samaikyandhra Movement is going to be Hijacked by KKR/CBN/Botsa, and they want to keep YSRCP/Jagan out of this, by throwing wild horrible allegations.

    YSRCP needs to address a powerful press meet and give lot of clarifications about Constitutional Process followed during “”New State Formation”” process and give clarity about their Stand “””Emergency Samaikyandhra Assembly Resolution”” and Creating Constitutional Crisis.

    YSRCP needs to explain how they are going to Create Constitutional Crisis and they need to direct JACs to achieve that objective.

    • JaGun

      Be Alert YSRCP::

      A new Media Campaign:
      1)Whoever targets CM KKR, will be branded “”Vibhajanavaadhi””
      2)Whoever targets Congress/TDP MLAs, will be branded “”Vibhajanavaadhi””
      3)Keep quiet till 2014 elections like a Mute Spectator, otherwise you will be branded “”Vibhajanavaadhi””

      YSRCP please prepare proper media plan to expose this “”Vibhajanavaadhi”” branding Telugu Congress Campaign

  8. hydfirst

    YS Jaganmohan Reddy to shock Congress with Samaikyandhra movement in Telangana?


  9. what’s stopping jagan from convening press meet and express his unequivocal support for UAP movement and explain the efforts taken by ysrcp sofar in that direction?
    secondly, we should bring back people from roads and fight on their behalf.

    Is that a bad idea?

    • JaGun

      Once Jagan and MIM are set, they should give a joint press meet. That will add more credibility of YSRCP UAP Stand.
      I doubt CPM, Raghavulu is remote control of CBN.

      But as you said, Jagan should convene Press Meet at the earliest. Or may be Jagan can explain his stand on UAP during Guntur Raithu Rally.

      • sreechapan

        yeap… having MIM on our side will add more strength. however, MIM is not sure of its fortunes in hyd, if its vocal on UAP.

        • CVR Murthy

          Jagan Should Speak to Media . Should not remain enigmatic like Rahul and Sonia. He should follow YSR

          YSRCP should not support any party or formation that supports Bifurcation. This should be the policy of YSRCP and this saves the party from the propaganda that YSJ made a deal with HC of congress

          • JaGun

            YSRCP+MIM+CPM at State Level

            Samajawadi+Trinomol Congress+ Biju Janata Dal+ Anti–Bifurcation Parties at National Level

            The moment Jagan addresses one Public Meeting, Jagan will be back to Masses. But at the same time, Jagan should interact with Media and give his opinions on Important Issues of Telugu People.

  10. JaGun

    Request to Sakshi TV:

    Instead of those stupid programs on “”Rajnikanth” and some other stupid programs.

    Sakshi TV should immediately launch two unique programs
    1)Special Edition: Why Andhra Pradesh should be United?? How Telangana, Rayalaseema, Coastal Andhra, will become Backward once Andhra Pradesh gets Divided??

    2)Special Edition: Explain YSR Welfare Schemes for the Poor and Jalayagnam Scheme for Farmers. Highlight Arogyasri, Fees Reimbursement for Youth Students.

    Need of the Focus of Sakshi TV should be on Telugu People Related issues
    2)YSR Welfare Schemes

    These are the Two issues, which can only Give Landslide Victory for YS Jagan in the Entire United Andhra Pradesh, in all Three Regions.
    1)Focus on Samaikyandhra and YSR Welfare Schemes, in Seemandhra
    2)Focus on only YSR Welfare Schemes and Development, in Telangana

  11. JaGun

    Telangana–JAC and Kodandaram, never allowed TDP and Congress leaders into Telangana movement, till they got “””Political Decision favouring Telangana from their respective parties””

    Telangana JAC succeeded in forcing T-TDP leaders to get Letters favouring Telangana repeatedly from CBN and they succeeded in forcing T-Congress to get Dec9th and July 30 Telangana Decision.

    Parachuri Ashok Babu JAC is openly giving a red carpet welcome to Congress and TDP leaders, without getting any “”Letters from their Party Presidents in favour of Samaikyandhra””. Ashok Babu is trying to paint all the parties, YSRCP and double–game parties like Congress/TDP, with the same brush and wants to create a Safe Channel, to allow Congress and TDP MLAs/MPs to enter into Samaikyandhra Movement.

    Parachuri Ashok Babu is clearly part of Sonia Gandhi/CBN Script. Parachuri Ashok Babu, is indirectly supporting Sonia Gandhi, to give Telangana State, smoothly, without giving any doubts to Innocent Telugu People on Congress/TDP.

  12. JaGun

    Who is this Idiot Sabbam Hari?? He is behaving like an political idiot, who doesn’t know what to talk and always interested in masala gossips and rumours.

    Is he trying to damage YSRCP, because of Sabbam Hari’s enemy Konathala Ramakrishna???

    YS Jagan, should take extraordinary care while Selecting candidates for Elections based on the latest surveys. Because while Jagan was in Jail, many Idiots like Sabbam Hari did some damage to YSRCP. For example Kakani Govardhan Reddy, good leader of YSRCP was being sidelined in Nellore by Mekapati Brothers.

    Its time for YS Jagan to Trim the Long Tails of some YSRCP leaders who wants Control other local leaders.

  13. JaGun

    New Party of KKR (Backed by Sonia Gandhi and CBN)
    Agitation Mask: Parachuri Ashok Babu
    Media Partner: NTV Narendra Chowdary
    Kapu Votes Mask: Chiranjeevi
    Uttarandhra Mask: Botsa
    Nellore Mask: Aanam Brothers
    Anti–YSR Mask: Harsha Kumar, Amalapuram
    Kamma Mask: Purandeswari/Lagadapati
    SC/ST Mask: JD Seelam/Panabaka Lakshmi

    This is the “”Dongal Muta Cricket Team””
    Lagadapati gaadu netthi noru kottukuntu vunna, Star Batsman, Cricket team idhe.

    • PSK

      Don’t worry….All these masks will be revealed soon…
      We should also see what congress will do if KKR comes out.
      Will the Congress get any candidates, There is always some karudu gattina congress supporters they will never go with KKR…..then where is the question of KKR’s existence….. Without congress KKR is a big Zero. and without CM post he is ZERO to the power of ZERO….Wait and see…

  14. JaGun

    New Party is the Platform for All Candidates who failed to get MLA/MP Tickets from YSRCP and TDP. But the build–up they gave to Sonia Gandhi is that they are actually going to split “”Anti-Congress Vote”” and Save Sonia Congress with a New Party Mask.

  15. JaGun

    Clear Comedy of CBN/TDP(Kamma):::

    In all the current TV debates, TDP leaders are only making Wild Allegations on Bail (Making Fun of Supreme Court), but these TDP leaders have no real Political Policy to solve the Telugu people real issues.

    1)Is TDP ready to call Emergency Assembly session for Resolution on Samaikyandhra??? Pindrop Silence from TDP leaders, as if they didn’t understand the quesiton.

    2)Is TDP ready to call for “”Avisvaasam Theermaanam”” on this CM/KKR/Sonia Gandhi??? Again TDP leaders are behaving as if they are mentally retarded.

    3)CBN was in love with ex-CBI JD Laxminarayana. When court asked Laxminarayana, to launch CBI investigation on CBN, he replied to court that “”He has no Staff”””…………Payyavula Kesav Relative is JD Laxminarayana.
    The same JD Laxminarayana has filed most of the chargesheets and CBI concluded that there is no Quid-pro-quo found on these chargesheets. There is no way CBI can tamper those chargesheets filed in the Court. So, what CBI replied to Court that Jagan is “”CLEAN”””, is not at all digestible to CBN.
    What CBN wants is…………CBI to be like a Servant to him and his TDP?? All this Kadupu Manta is because that CBN have no Balls to face Jagan Politically.

    4)CBN tied–up with Sonia Gandhi to split anti-Congress vote in Seemandhra. Part of this strategy is to launch “”New Party”” with KKR as Hero and Parachuri Ashok Babu as Cheer Leader.

    To face one Lion, Telugu Pride, Jagan…………………….Look at the Bullshit Dramas of Sonia Gandhi/CBN/KKR

  16. Kareem

    కుట్ర మొదలయింది

    కాంగ్రెస్ ఏజెంట్ అశోక్ బాబు రెండు రోజుల క్రితమే మా ఉద్యమానికి రాజకీయం తోడవ్వాలి అనటం .
    ఆ మరుసటి రోజునే బొత్స గవర్నర్ ని కలవటం రాజీనామా చేయటాని కి సిద్దపడటం, cm కిరణ్ ప్రెస్ మీట్. మొత్తానికి బాగానే హడా ఉడి చేస్తున్నారు చూడాలి వీళ్ళ రాజకీయాలు ఎటువైపువెల్తాయో….

    • Kareem

      ఈ అశోక్ బాబు ని APSRTC కార్మికులే తరిమి తరిమి కొడతారు , పాపం నెలకి 4-5 వేల జీతం ఇంటికి తీసుకెళ్ల ఊద్యొగులు 2 నెలలు గా జీతల్లేక అల్లాడుతున్నారు ఎందుకు .
      ఈ అశోక్ బాబు కాంగ్రెస్ ఏజెంట్ అని తెలిస్తే ఉద్యోగులే తరిమి తరిమి కొడతారు.
      ప్రైవేటు ట్రావెల్స్ అసోసియేషన్ నుండి రోజుకి యెంత ముడుతున్నాయో వాళ్ళ కి తెలిస్తే ఈ అశోక్ బాబు కి మూడిందే.

      • JaGun

        Ashok Babu laid a perfect trap to these innocent APSRTC employees, after two months of loses to APSRTC, now these employees cannot withdraw from strike, until the Govt. declares to merge APSRTC as part of “”Govt. Funded Department””.
        Even now if APSRTC employees withdraw from stike, RTC is totally bankrupt and cannot pay their salaries.
        Now RTC employees have to continue the strike without salaries to secure their JOBs by making APSRTC as a fully funded State Govt. Institution.

  17. PSK

    KKR gaadu. tdp vaalu veellandaru paper tigers…. ninna veedu cheppina sodantaa high command ki ceppi vundaali… veellaki cadre vunda asalu…….veella pellaale veellaku votleyaru….

  18. PSK

    I’ll challenge KKR gaadu vaadi own seat lo deposits pothaayi…

    • JaGun

      KKR’s Mungerilal Hasene Sapne ki Main Reason [Parachuri Ashok Babu is going to give a Call to Telugu people to support KKR]

      KKR seems to have lots of hopes on Parachuri Ashok Babu dramas.

      Once Ashok Babu gets exposed……………Govindhaa Govindhaa

      • PSK

        exactly JaGun gaaru…. panga naamaale ee Paruchuri gaadiki…..already Secretariat employees are with us…..and rest of the JACs will slowly come to us

  19. JaGun

    Ex-minister P.Vishwaroop, is saying openly in KSR news show:::::::::”””CM KKR wants to become a sole Hero and wants all others Ministers/MPs/MLAs to become Zero in the eyes of SA people””

  20. JaGun

    YSRCP Straight Questions to CM and KKR:

    1)CM KKR, if you are really committed to “”Samaikyandhra””, instead of Crocodile Tears, instead of “”Sollu Press Meets””……………..Call for Emergency Assemby session and “”Pass Samaikyandhra Resolution in Assembly””. We dont want “”Words””, we want “”Action””.

    2)To CBN::: CBN should “” EE Govt. meedha, Ee CM meedha, Aviswaasa Theermanam Pettali”””. This will expose TDP–Congress (Telugu Congress) match-fixing.
    Since 60 days people of SA are suffering daily and employees are suffering without salaries, as a responsible opposition leader and with 75 TDP MLAS, CBN should declare “”Aviswaasa Theermanam”” on this CM/Govt.

    At any cost, come what may, YSRCP should not back off from “””Samaikyandhra Assembly Resolution””…………………..””Samaikyandhra Assembly Resolution”””” is the real Brahmastra………..this is going very well into the masses, that CM and CBN are only Dramas/Crocodile Tears.

    • +1 annai…
      At any cost, come what may, YSRCP should not back off from “””Samaikyandhra Assembly Resolution””…………………..””Samaikyandhra Assembly Resolution”””” is the real Brahmastra………..this is going very well into the masses, that CM and CBN are only Dramas/Crocodile Tears.

      ee KKR press meets pettadam, ysrcp ni down cheyadaniki use avvuddi kada ani, yellow media highlight cheyadam.. pedda non-sense ayipoyindi…

    • JaGun

      New Party is coming “”KKR/Chiranjeevi/Botsa/Lagadapati/Ashok Babu””

      KKR::::::: Divide Reddy votes in Rayalaseema
      Chiranjeevi::: Divide Kapu votes in Coastal Andhra
      Ashok Babu::::To hijack the Samaikyandhra Agitation

      This New party will play the role of “”PRP”” and they are dreaming to split the “”Congress Votes””/””anti–congress Vote”” and wants to benefit TDP.

      Telugu people, see the Shitty Match–fixing of “”TDP/CBN+++Congress/KKR””

      This new party is also being started with the permission of Sonia Gandhi

      • sreechapan

        and that party will definitely have huge yellow media coverage, as they believe it may dent ysrcp votebank.
        we should be more careful & pro-active to seize UAP movement.
        firstly, we should form political-JAC, with cpm & mim together.. and involve in allround activity like memorandum to president & all parties in country to ground level agitations involving all sections like farmers/workers/employees/youth etc…

        • JaGun

          Game should be set like:

          “””Jagan gaaru 2000% Sonia Gandhi meedha Viruchukoni Padaali, Public Speeches lo””

          “”CBN ni target chesi………………..CBN+++Congress, Match-fixing expose cheyyali””

          “”KKR Kottha party ni Peduthunnadu…………………….Hero kavadaaniki prajala chevulo Cauliflowers peduthunnaadu……………This Kottha party is also part of Sonia Gandhi and CBN match-fixing””

          “”Ashok Babu//Lagadapati Tholubhommala Aata””

      • ysr123

        New party radu.. vasthe advantage for Jagan.. Jagan anti vote split avuthadi..

        • sreechapan

          keedenchi melenchali.. ee KKR gadi shallowness expose cheyali.
          assembly resolution demand is the mantra.

        • JaGun

          New Party::::::::::::”””Refer back to Kamalapuram MLA Veerashiva Reddy Statement””

          • ysr123

            Don’t worry guys.. KKR can not win his own seat.. new party is good for Jagan..

            • JaGun

              New Party is decided.

              Jandhyala Ravishankar on KSR News Show today:::::::::::::::”””KKR is the Okka Magaadu and Samaikyandhra JAC (Parachuri Ashok Babu) are going to launch a new Political Party””””

              “””Cat is out of the Bag”””

              YSRCP get ready for the War::::::::::::::Opponents (TDP/TRS/New Party)

              • YS Fan

                I don’t think KKR will form a new party. He might resign from CM post. If state is divided by 2014 elections , then what will this new party campaign for the elections…. There is nothing this new party could do once the state is divided. This new party will be platform for those who failed to secure tickets in YSRCP.
                We need not worry about this…
                Just imagine how much effort Jagan has put for his odarpu yatra for 2 years and his patience and fighting spirit….
                It won’t go waste…. God is there…. He will make us win the elections with thumping majority.

            • PSK

              kkr gaadu kotha party pettaali…idi manaku advantage votes split avuthaayi…..vaadiki deposits pothaayi…..

        • Adnan

          Exactly….new party is advantage to YSRCP.

  21. sreechapan

    We should see amul boy & KKR speeches from same prism. vadu, ordinance aapochu. veedu UAP resolution pass cheyochu pro-actively. ivvemi cheyakunda, media mundu chese drama ki value undadu.

  22. Simhapuri .....!

    Any updates on Nandhyala MP S P Y Reddy Garu ?

    Already YCP lo cheri poyara? If yes, manaku unna advantages enti ?

  23. Ram

    Want to speak to Babu Rajendra Prasad on tv5 pravasandhra live show now being aired?
    678 807 5907
    678 807 5908

  24. cvr murthy is very much intrested in ysrcp and bjp alliance

    • nlr2014

      @ sada

      I think there is nothing wrong in expressing someone’s personal view . Even I sometimes think that YSRCP should keep the options open atleast till the results. We should keep the crooks guessing.
      Our slogan should be “we support anyone who would protect the interests of everyone in AP”.
      If it was me I would find it extremely hard to forgive someone who put me in prison for 16 months for no reason. I hope even if UPA comes to power it is not the crook cong that takes the PM post. Let’ see what happens.

  25. JaGun

    Yellow Gang is doing this Hatred Campaign on Jagan that “”Sonia Gandhi did match–fixing with YS Jagan in getting Bail””

    That means, CBN is indirectly telling the Truth that “”Sonia Gandhi misused CBI to put Jagan in Jail, and CBN has cooperated with Sonia Gadhi, in return favors for not launching CBI investigation on CBN””

    Sonia Gandhi/CBN are making big time Bakras out of Telugu People. Someone needs to make a documentary film on the “”Drama of AP politics””, scripted by Sonia Gandhi/CBN/Ramoji/KCR and Actors: KKR/Botsa/Lagadapati/Shankar Rao/Ashok Babu and Plot of the movie “”Eliminate YS family/YSRCP/YS Jagan from Andhra Pradesh Politics””

    They are confusing Telugu People so much so that, no one knows this drama, who scripted it, who are the actors, and what is the actual plot.

    This entire plot started with YSR’s Death. YSR Death is a Conspiracy. So cover up, one conspiracy, then it lead to another conspiracy. So, its a iterations of Conspiracies, and this lead to “”Bifurcation of AP”” conspiracy.

    Only One Dynamic Son of Soil, Telugu Pride, has to fight against all these Conspiracies Scripted by these Criminal Divisive Forces.

  26. JaGun

    Where is our Mask, Parachuri Ashok Babu??
    Ashok Babu please call an emergency press meet, and request Botsa/KKR not to press for President’s Rule and not to dissolve AP Assembly?? Because your so-called Warriors of Samaikyandhra, Congress/TDP MPs/MLAs need to vote on Telangana Bill in Assembly??

    Ashok Babu, its time for you, to shout from the roof-tops not to impose Presidents rule and KKR should not Resign?? You have already shouted that MLAs should not Resign.

    We all know your Mask Ashok Babu, we all know that your Remote Control is in the hands of KKR/Botsa/Lagadapati/CBN (Telugu Congress Party)

  27. Adnan

    Venkaiah NAIDU & Cherukuri RamojiRao are trying hard for TDP-BJP alliance

  28. CVR Murthy

    Bifurcation of state looks certain now. The bill can be passed in the parliament if BJP supports the bill. The only way it can be paused/stopped is,if BJP refuses to support on the ground that there is no consensus or SA concerns have to be resolved .

    Assume that CBN strikes this deal just in time so that it looks dramatic and BJP agrees to this strategy . TDP and BJP combine will sweep SA and TRS Telengana.

    I am sure strategists in YSRCP are aware of this and leave enough flexibility in their plans to accommodate NDA as well.

    The primary concern for SA is now UAP. The elections are no longer on Governance or Jagan , it is on Bifurcation. YSRCP should clearly state that they would do anything or align with anybody as long as state bifurcation is stopped . If they state that will support UPA if they give good deal to SA , may not cut the ice with voters.

    Just piece of info Sakshi TV ratings have touched all time low 0.50. There is a need to look into it. I guess problems with distribution

    • JaGun

      BJP will never support Telangana Bill in Parliament during President’s Rule. Congress will play Drama till the last minute of 2014, that it is seriously trying all options to give Telangana.

      2014 Elections will be in United Andhra Pradesh.

      CM KKR and Parachuri Ashok Babu are all part of a Script, NTV has taken on its shoulders to promote KKR and Ashok Babu Musical Concerts.

      Sonia Gandhi will be exposed big time at National Level, if she tries to divide States using President’s Rule.

    • NLR

      @ Murthy garu …

      I think otherwise.

      People of SA are well aware of the credibility of leaders as much as they like a united AP. Even if BJP stops T bill now there is very little chance of TDP/BJP or TDP+BJP winning more than a handful of seats in SA and T. People would vote for someone who has done something for their children/family rather than a piece of land that they never own. Minorities are also a major chunk of SA voters.
      It is too late for BJP to oppose the bill now. So let us see what happens.
      I wouldn’t worry too much about TRP ratings when people of AP don’t even know what it means. We never had a newspaper in 2003 and it was an individual credibility that brought cong to power against all yellow media hype.

      I am confident that we will sweep SA no matter what happens to the T bill.
      But if at all T does not materialise before the elections then we need work hard to get as many seats as possible in T region even though MIM will support us.

      • JaGun

        Telanana is not happenning, see the Writing on the Wall.

        • JaGun

          Telangana is not Happenning and 2014 elections are in United Andhra Pradesh.
          UPA is weak at Center, and also its elections time, UPA will not commit suicide to divide states during Presidents Rule.

          If TDP forma alliance with BJP, then YSRCP will question the Stand of TDP on United Andhra Pradesh and TRS will question the stand of BJP on Telangana.

          YSRCP+MIM+CPM is the only Credible Coaliton for United Andhra Pradesh issue.

          Any other combination will be exposed on their stands of United AP/Telangana during elections.

          YSRCP should work hard in South Telangana (Districts in and around Hyderabad) using YSR Welfare Schemes.

    • ysr123

      Murthy Garu,

      I disagree with you on this. BJP is the party saying that they will giv T on first day of power. BJP is the party which said 1 vote 2 states. BJP is as much responsible as Congress for this mess. So you think SA people have to believe BJP & CBN if they come together?

  29. JaGun

    My sincere request to YSRCP as a die-hard supporter of YS Jagan and Samaikyandhra .

    Please sincerely put one straight question to CM KKR

    1)Since President’s Rule is inevitable. KKR is going to step-down from his nominated CM job. So, atleast one last chance for KKR to prove if he is a sincere Samaikyandhra supporter, is “””KKR should convene an emergency Assembly session and pass a resolution in support of Samaikyandhra and sent it to Central Govt., before he steps down from CM position””

    2)Samaikyandhra Assembly Resolution is an acid test for CM KKR. And YSRCP should expose the lies and drama of KKR effectively.

    Please YSRCP immediately put these questions to KKR, since KKR has targetted Jagan in his stupid Press Meet.

  30. chiru

    జోగి జోగి రాసుకుంటే బూడిద రాలినట్లు ….
    6 కోట్ల మంది 60 రోజులుగా అక్రోశిస్తుంటే సమస్యలు తీర్చేవరేవారా అని ….అదే సమస్యలు పట్టుకుని అప్పుడప్పడు మీడియా ముందుకు వచ్చి తగుదునమ్మ అంటూ ఈ సమస్యలు ఎవరు అడ్రస్ చేస్తారు అని ఈ ప్రజలకే మొరపెట్టుకునే ముఖ్యమంత్రి వుండటం యెంత దౌర్భాగ్యం ..మద్య మద్య లో వీరుడిలాగా ఫోజు పెట్టి ,నేను మహా అయితే మల్లి ముక్యమంత్రినే అవుతా తప్ప ఇంకేం కాలేను కదా అంటాడు..మొదటి సరి అవ్వడమే కన్నాంబ కి ఎక్కువ కాంచనమాల కి తక్కువ …..చ ..చ… చ…వయ్యస్సు (YS ) నువ్వు స్వర్గంలో కూర్చుని …వీళ్ళ ద్వారా మాకు నరకం చూపిస్తున్నవయ్యా అని జనమంతా గగ్గోలు పెడుతున్నారు

  31. @sreechapan :
    They are playing Games to de-stabilise YSR Cong.If KKR wants United AP first he will resign from congress party but he is not doing so.This is all Congress high command game plan and they want to project KKR as Samaikyavaadhi.No need to sakshi Tv give Live for him…

  32. nlr2014

    At the age of 40 ..sending shivers down the spines of a 120 yr old cong and 30 yr old Tdp. How many individuals in Indian politics could do this ??


    His every move watched and every word counts.

    • Gopi

      Our yellow brigade has answer to this. They say, it was NTR who gave shivers to then 90 yrs old congress. But they comfortably overlook the fact that there was no established opposition in the state that time and people were fed up with congress.
      If NTR was alive abd contested like Chiru in 2009, I think TDP would have got 30 seats at the max and would have merged into congress by now.
      They will see what Jagan will do after 2014.

      • Ram

        Shivers!! Valla toti samasya ade. Charitra ’83 nunche modalindani prelapanalu. 1500 BC lo bhoomi puttindani anni charitra raasina tella moorkhulaku vellaku pedda teda ledu. IG ki NTRRao ki overlap 21 months. Anakoodadu kaani, nijamgaa tanu bratike unte, ongo petti undedi. No one will believe in this media savvy times.. if someone makes script based histrionics like in ’80.

        Not that I am comparing both individuals, one cannot compare NTRR revolting against IG Vs YSJ revolting against SG today. Unlike today, appudu prasara maadhyamaalanni IG ki against ga undevi. Inka gattiga chepte edustaru ani ikkadito apestunna

  33. Sakshi should live telecast KKR interview… our party should be sincere for United AP. sakshi vadi atyutsaham taggiste manchidi.

    • YS Fan

      We can’t be straight forward … You can’t allow credit to go to KKR

    • JaGun

      Lion Jagan is out, and KKR is trying hard to become Hero. KKR Interview is stop Congress MLAs/MPs jumping into YSR Congress. KKR got a call from Congress High Command, to stop immediate fleeing of Congress MPs/MLAs into YSRCP.

      KKR is going to get “”Film Fare Award”” for best Actor in Andhra Pradesh Politics.

      KKR is shitting in pants, because Jagan is out and changing Andhra Pradesh political equations.

  34. nlr2014

    SPY meeting Jagan ..


    Good if he joins us as he has done few good things to the poor.

  35. Kareem

    విషం కక్కుతున్న ABN కమ్మ జ్యోతి
    ఢిల్లీ వెళ్లి కాళ్ళు పట్టుకునే సంస్కృతీ చంద్రబాబుది, ఆ పేటెంట్స్ చంద్రబాబు సొంతం.
    16 నెలలు జైల్లో ఉండి 3 సంవస్తరాలుగా సిబిఐ విచారణ ఎదుర్కున్నోడు కాళ్ళు పట్టుకున్నట్ట లేదా అసలు విచరనే జరగకుండా మేనేజ్ చేసుకున్నోడు కాల్లుపట్టుకున్నట్ట ప్రజల కి బాగా తెలుసు .

  36. Ram

    Inni paperlu, inni 24×7 prasaara maadhyamaalu unna, patta pagale innesi abhaddalu cheptunnarante asalu 82-84 madhya ennesi cheppi untaro. Asalu RG nijamgane cheppulu moyinchi untada anna anumanam bala padutundi. Asalu NBR adindi dramana, IG meeda burada challi padipotunna NTRR image ni malli nilabetadaniki anna vadana balaminade emo anipistundi.

    • JaGun

      Media Management is the foundation of “””TDP/CBN”” party

      Look at the desperation of “”Kamma Batch”” whenever there is online poll surveys (ex: indiatoday virtual election online) or online public voting for their “”NTR”” or “”CBN”” or “”TDP””. They take it so seriously, and make it as a community affair, and if they can manipulate these online survey results and they want media to believe that “”TDP/CBN”” are really very very popular. TDP is never a “”Vudhyamaala Party”” to fight for people’s rights and issues.

      “”Sakshi”” was the real Bullet, which went deep into the hearts and minds of “”Kamma Batch”” and exposed them and exploded their Media Management Foundation forever.

    • Ram

      All medium is propoganda, Sakshi nor print media of pre indipendence era are excluded. Question is what are they propogating, and what are its effects on creating a public opinion.

    • Ram

      All medium is propaganda, Sakshi nor print media of pre independence era are not excluded. Question is what are they propagating, and what are its effects on creating and shaping a public opinion. What do they stand for, and whom are they siding with.

      • JaGun

        Sakshi is a medium which is exposing “”Kamma Yellow Media”” propaganda in Andhra Pradesh in current Andhra Politics.

        Sakshi is exposing very effectively “”Kamma Yellow Agenda”” to make CBN as CM at any cost.

        As long as “””Kamma Yellow Agenda”” is exposed, nothing else matters. If “”Kamma Yellow Media”” has got balls, they can always expose Sakshi.

        In the end, Ultimately, Andhra Pradesh Telugu People will decide, “”Which Agenda”” has truth or justice in it.

      • Ram

        At the end of this dog fight, both will make AP as a UP or Bihar! No value added to any side, nor the apolitical common man.

        • JaGun

          “”Kamma Yellow Dogs”” started this war on Telugu People. Only when Kamma CBN is ruling, then Andhra Pradesh will look like Singapore, in the eyes of “”Kamma Dogs””.

          I appreciate Sakshi, in driving these “”Kamma Yellow Dogs”” forever out of these Andhra Pradesh Politics. So that atleast in future generations, Caste shit will not be used as an agenda to become CM of AP.

          When War is going, some Collateral damage is inevitable. Its OK.

      • Ram

        When the dust settles, all the propaganda media from Telugu’s hands will be lost, and consolidated with Delhi and outside. Recent examples Enadu and DC stakes sold, and Sakshi aligning with NDTV. This is just like how the bottom-up power structures from Village Panchayat was systematically eliminated.

        • JaGun

          Eenadu and DC, these two media channels have no Substance. If these two channels are driven out of Competition, then it is due to Sakshi only. Sakshi succeeded in exposing Yellow Eenadu.

          Sakshi, made a good decision in aligning with NDTV, because this gives excellent platform to expose “”Kamma Yellow Media”” at National Level.

          Good going Sakshi

        • Ram

          DC Enadu Sakshi T media houses have their own flavors and strengths, each selectively target separate customer segment. Barring, twisted Yellow aligned News, Enadu has an excellent ground stinger reporter system, outside affiliation, and has good coverage on wide topics. Their backbone is this pioneered system. In this regard, Sakshi has a long way to go to catch up Enadu in wide coverage. Unfortunately they cannot as they have use all the space and energies to do this dog fight against the malign campaign against them.

          • JaGun

            Sakshi is winning and is successfully killing “”Kamma Yellow Media”” effectively.
            Sakshi newspaper, is progressively increasing number of print newspaper circulation, every year rapidly. Sakshi is now a every household newspaper. Eenadu lost its credibility.

            Sakshi TV, is giving shivers to “”Kamma Yellow Mafia Media””

            Ofcourse, this success of Sakshi, within such a short time, is giving sleepless nights and heartburn to some “”Yellow Fans””

            Many people read Eenadu for generations, and got brainwashed. Sakshi is giving tough time to those poor brainwashed brains of Eenadu. Only solution, watch more Sakshi.

          • Ram

            In a way, it is good for the democratic system and people of AP to see the other side of the coin. It was the need of the hour to create this balance then. People attracted naturally towards this new media that filled this space. Both now have 50-50 share. Bwashing occurs everywhere starting at school and with history, at work and in daily life. Among us, who realised the absolute truth? Or who is seeking a path towards that end goal in life? We are all like men in a dark room touching a big fat elephant and deriving our own perceptions and logic. No doubt, the hype created for NTRR and NCBN during 80s and 90s was well calculated. Media selects one having intrinsic characteristics and aura and makes him a Hero, and pull him / her down the next moment when their mutual objectives do not match; a very clear example is during ’94-’99. One who controls the monetary system and media, controls democracy.

            • Ram

              Enta cheppinaa ekkadu. Chinna nati nunchi chadivina Enadu mahima adi. AP janaalu chesukunna paapam ante, padalsinde. Only time has to cure them. Hope someday, we stop this dog fights and vote based on candidate merits, not based on parties like how we used to post independence.

          • Ram

            Having said that, a YSRR is much different, not a straw man made by media. A born leader who established himself against the media tide, and against all odds. Same is happening with YSJ now. With or without Sakshi, he can appeal to people with his physical presence. Sakshi is just a tool to counter the propaganda of team Yellow, nothing more than that. Time for YSJ and supporters to look into other aspects of media management of giving messages that appear neutral but with a twist like Enadu and TV9. That will be the ultimate death knell to the base of yellow empire.

            • JaGun

              YSRCP should dedicate one team exclusively to deal with Online/Social Media. Recently, Online/Social Media is also Infested with “”Yellow Mafia Parasites”” and started maligning YS Family.

              YSRCP Social Media should post all videos exposing CBN Mafia, especially NTR “”Jamaatha Dasagraha”” exposing Criminal Nature of CBN.

              I accept, YSRCP team is little behind “”Yellow Gang”” on Social Media.
              Yellow Media is filled with Hatred and Venom towards YS Jagan, that itself exposes to what extent, Yellow Gang is shitting in their Pants, since Jagan is out.

          • Ram

            Why is this happening on neutral Net media? Are they insane as maligned by team Yellow?

  37. JaGun

    Request to YSRCP cadre:

    If YS Jagan doesn’t get permission to participate in Guntur Raithu Rally on Oct 4th, please bring the Raithu Rally from Guntur to Hyderabad. Plan on this.

  38. Ram

    What happened to Sridhar Avuthu.. no updates for several weeks

  39. JaGun

    What is the stand of Ashok Babu on YSRCP Proposal on “””Samaikyandhra Assembly Resolution””???

    Where is Ashok Babu, I didn’t see him in today’s News Analysis TV Debates??

    May be Ashok Babu is waiting for a Phone Call from Telugu Congress Party.

    • JaGun

      Finally Parachuri Ashok Babu revealed:[of Telugu Congress Party]

      1)We believe that MLAs should not resign.
      2)We will provide financial support to Striking Employees and wants to drag this Agitation for another 4 months. Ashok Babu has got so many funds, can he reveal a white paper on the financial donations he is receiving to do all these things.
      3)Ashok Babu instead of writting a Letter addressing to the Party President, he will write letters to Individual MLAs asking their support to Samaikyandhra Movement.

      Intermediate Ashok Babu is the Thotthu of Telugu Congress Party. Ashok Babu ni yevaraina nammithe, Samaikyandhravaadhulu neethina Matti vesukunnatle.

  40. Ram

    Yato Dharma Tato Jaya…

    ..all the speeches and videos of Dr.YSR, YS Jagan and of their family members with download facility

  41. JaGun

    Please think about this Script:

    1)During Panchayat elections, in all YSRCP strongholds, TDP and Congress openly did match–fixing, almost like a “”Telugu Congress”” party

    2)So, in Seemandhra, a new game has started to fix YSRCP by both Congress and TDP. So, in all strongholds of YSRCP, TDP and Congress will match–fix in 2014 elections, under a new party called “”Samaikyandhra Congress””, may be founded by Kiran Kumar Reddy (match–fixed by TDP)

    3)Post 2014 elections in Seemandhra, “”Samaikyandhra Congress”” will support TDP. Parachuri Ashok Babu may be the Mask of “”Samaikyandhra Congress””

    Thousand Scripts are being planned by TDP and Congress, to face one Lion, Jagan, The Telugu Pride.

  42. JaGun

    Parachuri Ashok Babu “”U”” Turn:

    1)To “Save Andhra Pradesh””, MPs and MLAs need to create “”Constitutional Crisis”” and “”Collapse the Delhi UPA Govt.””

    2)MPs should resign and Collapse the UPA Govt.

    3)MLAs need not resign, in order to oppose “”Telangana Resolution”” in Assembly. Ashok Babu, forgets cleverly that “”Only Assembly Views on Draft Telangana Bill”” will be asked and “”No voting””

    4)What if MPs brings the argument, that MPs need to present in the Parliament, to oppose the “”Telangana Bill”” during Parliament Voting process.

    5)Ashok Babu is supporting only MPs resignation, and opposing MLAs resignation. What is this Double Standards?? If MLAs are needed to oppose Telangana Bill in Assembly, then by that Logic, MPs are also needed to oppose Telangana Bill in Parliament

    6)What can we Conclude from this?? Ashok Babu stands exposed, he is clearly hijacking “Samaikyandhra Movement””, to protect CM government from collapsing.

    7)Moral Story: Congress and TDP match–fixing is exposed in this MLAs/MPs resignation Drama, to protect Congress/TDP interests.

    • Rakesh

      Once jagan is out, match fixing by teliugucongress will fall flat
      People are more clever now a days, they can see through all drama by teliugucongress

  43. vissu

    సమైక్యవాద క్రెడిట్ జగన్ కు దక్కకూడదని చావు తెలివితేటలూ చూపిస్తోంది ఎల్లో మీడియా.. కానియ్యండి.. మీ ప్రతాపమన్తా కూడా జగన్ జనాల్లో కి వేల్లెన్తవరకే ..తరువాత మిమ్మల్ని పట్టించుకునేవాడే ఉండడు కాని

  44. NLR

    Kavuri dramalu aputhara ?? Ninna ami chepparo ivala gurthundadhu meeku. T vasthe Hyd ni loot cheyatam kastma mee gajji gallaki ?


    • Ram

      K Sambasiva Rao gariki okappudu manchi peru undedi, evaru vellina kulalaku, partylaku ateetamga sahayam chestadani. Mari ippudela unnaro.. juttukite rangu maarcharu sir garu. Monna WG lo flexi “Nuvvu asalu Manishiva Kavuriva”

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