Why Chandrababu Naidu’s TDP and the BJP have no choice but to partner?

Caught from all sides and badly isolated, Naidu is now going back to the BJP though his party is not much of a force in AP. Three factors have made the TDP and BJP come together. First, both have similarly lost out whatever base they had in Telangana. Second, both are seen as betrayers in the Andhra region for their letters of support for Telangana.


‘భయో’ డేటా : కులీ కు’బాబ్’ షా!



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  1. JaGun

    Before the Jagan’s YSRCP “”Samaikya Sankaraavam Sabha”” in Hyderabad, in order to build–up a “”positive enthusisam”” among the masses for the this Hyderabad Sabha, YSRCP should organize couple of meethings in which YS Sharmila garu will give hard–hitting speeches in Seemandhra. These meetings can be in collaboration with JAC also.

    Sharmila hard–hitting speeches in couple of meetings before “”Samaikya Sankaraavam”” in Hyderabad, will create the right atmosphere for “”Samaikyandhra” meething in Hyderabad and also build–up the anxiety in masses to attend in large numbers for the Hyderabad meeting and make it a Grand Success.

    YSRCP should draw out a plan, to make Hyderabad meeting of Jagan a huge show stopper for the entire Nation and Andhra Pradesh.

    “”Samaikyandhra Sankaraavam”” meeting Crowds in Hyderabad, should block the mind of National Media and also TRS KCR ((This Venom Snake, make Vulgar Comments on Death of YSR in that Telangana Sakala Janula Sabha)

    • sreechapan

      very true annai… as jagan is kind of house arrested, Sharmila should go into people to raise enthusiasm and prepare for hyd meeting. that sets the right tone.

  2. Vijay Nalabolu

    Jagan praising Modi seems to be taken positively. I do see lot of positive comments in national news channel forums.

    • JaGun

      Jagan wants to keep his options open. CBN and Congress, wants to corner Jagan, so that he is left only with the “”Dirty Option of Sonia Gandhi UPA””. Jagan also needs strong financial support from the Central Govt. in 2014, so he has keep his options open, as long as the Coalition at Center can support Andhra Pradesh Development Interests (Andhra Pradesh First Policy), just like Tamilnadu Political Parties (Tamilnadu First Policy).

      Jagan wants Peace and Development. Muslims/Christians also wants Peace and Development, in 21st Century Generation.

      Good thing happenning in Online Forums is that “”””Modi Fans are taking care of Anti—Jagan comments by Yellow Gang””

      Lets see if the BJP will fall into the Trap laid by CBN.

  3. nlr2014

    I think we should make the following moves as soon as possible without wasting time.

    Sharmila should attend every Samaikyandhra rally /meeting and prepare some strong speeches.
    JAGAN’s speech can be live telecast on Sakshi at these rallys and meetings using widescreen televisions.
    Jagan’s speeches on Samikyandhra should be shown in every movie theatre before every show.
    Hold Samikyandhra rythu rally, students rally , parents rally , employee’s rally etc in Hyderabad one after the other.
    Regular Press meets to say that we are keeping the options open at the centre.
    Apply for permission to travel the state in Supreme Court and at the Human Rights Commission both as an Individual , as an elected representative and as a leader of a party that has won the bypolls with a clear mandate.
    And many more ideas …

  4. NLR

    Words straight from the Heart.
    Not like Babu who has no connection between his brain and the mouth.

    Very good statement…Why cant Modi an able administrator bring all the secular party’s on one platform and do justice to every Indian cutting across caste’s and religion’s ?
    This will make everyone feel secure and help in the development of India.

  5. nlr2014

    Master stroke from Jagan by keeping the options open.
    Anything that works in the best interest of everyone in AP is our slogan.
    Pls post comments .


  6. PSK

    One more stroke….
    Dismissing the reports on his secret deal with the Congress, he said, “Instead of striking a deal with the Congress for my freedom, I would rather be in jail”.

    Read more at: http://ibnlive.in.com/news/jaganmohan-reddy-praises-narendra-modi-shocks-congress/425519-37-64.html?utm_source=ref_article

  7. RK

    Today’s press meet was good. Good going. Every bad publicity is giving us an opportunity for us to prove what we are..

  8. PSK


    • JaGun

      Jagan gave a Master Stroke to National Parties and also TDP, giving an Indication that anything is possible in politics post election results and “”Peace and AP Development”” is the Mantra of Jagan.

      Jagan learnt the art of converting an adverse situation into an opportunity, very very critical skill in politics to survive, in the era of “””TDP+Congress”” political double games.

      • JaGun

        Put one question to Yellow Gang Fans of CBN::

        Imagine what would have CBN done, if he was in YS Jagan’s place, having lost his father YSR and fighting against very powerful Sonia Gandhi. Everyone will get the answer, who is the real political master brainy leader, is it Jagan or CBN???

        One threat of Chidambaram to CBN, that CBI will start investigation on CBN, had made CBN to give such a Blank Cheque Letter on Telangana ignoring Seemandhra interests and consequences.

  9. JaGun

    Wonderful and Perfect Definition of YS Jagan on Secularism
    “”Peace and Development and No Insecurity Feeling for Muslims/Christians””

    Good Going YS Jagan.
    Jai Jagan, Jai Samaikyandhra, Jai YSR

    • JaGun

      YSRCP Media Team and Whoever goes to Televison Debates:

      Stick to the Perfect definition of Secularism by YS Jagan:
      Wonderful and Perfect Definition of YS Jagan on Secularism
      “”Peace and Development and No Insecurity Feeling for Muslims/Christians””

      Many Idiots in this Country, have confused People on the definition of Secularism. So, YSRCP leaders, please stick to the above Clarity on Secularism while Conveying to People.

  10. JaGun

    Jagan’s Bail:

    So, the Bail of Jagan is not actually a bail but “””House Arrest in Hyderabad””

    Great, good going. Lets do one thing from YSRCP side, since YSRCP is party president, he need to convey his message to masses, so organize a “”Hyderabad Meeting”” and apply for permission “”Hyderabad police commissioner””. Since, Court told him not to leave Hyderabad and no meetings outside Hyderabad. So, what Jagan as Party Head, is supposed to do in Hyderabad according to CBI, go to Shopping at GVK Mall.

    So, “”Give Permission to Hyderabad Meeting””” or “””Bail Conditions need to be Relaxed””

    Fight it out, in High court or Supreme Court, regarding “”Bail Conditions Relaxation””……….These conditions are against “”Fundamental Rights””, “”No Freedom of Speech””

    Sonia Gandhi, has turned this Indian Democracy into Dictatorship (Institutions Run by Mafia)

    • this is ridiculous. let sharmila come to forefront again and tear these conspiracies.

    • JaGun

      I am relieved, Jagan informed about “”Samaikya Sankaraavam Sabha”” in Hyderabad.

      Wonderful Definition of YS Jagan on Secularism
      “”Peace and Development and No Insecurity Feeling for Muslims/Christians””

      Good Going YS Jagan.
      Jai Jagan, Jai Samaikyandhra, Jai YSR

  11. Kareem

    did he get permission to go guntur?

  12. Kareem

    దేనికి YSR ఫ్యామిలి ని తిట్టటానిక ?

  13. Once KCR is the trainer for most of the TDP cadre…..Now i don’t know who is the trainer..They required trainer who will tell lies with out fear they required trainer who can split venom on YSRCP/Jagan/YSR.

  14. JaGun

    CBN Training to TDP Leaders

    1)Great 2020 (or 420) Visionary CBN, I want to ask you, do you think this is the time for Training when whole Andhra Pradesh is on the Roads. CBN, aren’t you supposed to present Road Map for the future of “”Samaikyandhra””.

    2)I personally, CBN needs Training in the first place, not the Cadre.
    Why CBN needs Training??
    **Never align with Separatist Party like TRS, which is against he Founding Principles of TDP
    **Never Give Letters on issues like Telangana or Important Political Policies to Sonia Gandhi or Central Govt., without understanding the Consequences
    **Never Rush to Media at wrong time with Stupid Statements like “”Asking for Money for Seemandhra Capital in exchange for Telangana””. This will clearly expose that CBN knew many months in advance to July30 statement, that “”Telangana is a Reality and He was part of that Decision also””

    So, in reality, whats happenning in TDP party office is the “”Training of CBN”” but as a cover-up for Media, it is projected “”Training of the Party Cadre””

    By the way, Training is given only to the People, who are very Weak/Poor in the Political Subject Matter like an Apprentice Training Program. So, TDP, 30 years Industry, is of no use to solve the Current Political problems of Andhra Pradesh and CBN political strategies are all outdated. So, its time for TDP and CBN, to start Fresh from Scratch and undergo Rigorous Training to deal with a powerful opponent in the form of YS Jagan.

    Now, all the poor stupid TDP cadre will be Brainwashed with the Slogan, CBN vs Anti–CBN in 2014 elections. To get this slogan deep into Masses, TDP cadre will be Brainwashed with all Innovative Lies and Conspiracy Theories.

  15. Ram

    Who is training them?

  16. Ram

    I strongly disagree on the Patel-Patwari system they messedup with. It is not a boon, but a bane to our society:

    NTRR (knowingly or unknowingly) was a pawn in the hands of vested interests that removed powers at the local level. Acts like these were architecture pre-libaralised ’91, and finally, today we see one SG controlling all remotely!

    Reference Read, as to why I commented above:
    Globalisation’s Eclipse of the Nation-State: How Globalisation is Ovrriding the Autonomy of the Nation-State
    geography.about .com/od/economic-geography/a/Globalisations-Eclipse-Of-The-Nation-State.htm

    • Ram

      Among other economic changes surrounding villages, with that one law, NTRRao broke the backbone of Village autonomy and local leadership, further moving us towards a globalised system.

  17. PSK

    I also have a very serious concerns about this APNGOs strike and particularly this Ashok Babu. 60 days passed away….employees are out of salaries for two months (including my own sisters and brothers). What is the main purpose of this Strike and what did you achieve till now. A big Zero…..How long will continue the strike and how long my sisters need to go out of salary? What are you doing now…..getting praised in the useless Samaikya sabhas……What did achieve and what is your progress card??? You are not putting any serious pressure any political parties because you are getting money from them behind the doors.And some parties like YSRCP are proactively pushing you guys, but you won;t breing along them or encourage them. Mr Ashok babu, how long my sisters need to go out of salries? When will we reach the goal….Do you have any idea ……Atleadt now stop your back door dramas and PUT SOME SERIOUS PRESSURE ON POLITICAL PARTIES. It may be your caste mate Bolli babu or your dark buddy KKR. Please don’t take employees food out of their mouth. You will be cursed….

    • Ram

      He is making asses out of people. Who in the right mind will accept to suffer and make the other party realise their problem. They took the fraudulent gandhian approach. Public is suffering without transportation, electricity, services and transactions. In this play, how on earth is there any pressure on Delhi?

      How about strategies of making Delhi and the related politicians suffer? Few examples.. run RTC, but the drivers and conductors do not collect any money for tickets… Do all mee-seva transactions without accepting any transaction fee… Take all salary and do not work… Give electricity but make all meter readers defunct, so no bills can be collected… Pay no service Tax… Pay no Excise… etc

    • JaGun

      Who is this Ashok Babu to take whole credit for Samaikyandhra Agitation??

      Ananthapuram People are the Real Heros of Samaikyandhra Agitation. They are the ones who dragged the Rajiv Gandhi, Indira Gandhi statues on the streets like Saddam Hussein statue dragged in the streets of Baghdad. The way they dragged the Statue of Rajiv Gandhi, caught the imagination of the Media and Masses, thats how the Actual Samaikyandhra Agiation started.

      For the first 10 days after July 30 statement, it was the Telugu Common Masses who led the True Samaikyandhra Agitation.

      After the first 10 days after July 30 statement, then entered Conspirator CM KKR, into the picture and gave the first Fake Press Meet on Samaikyandhra against High Command

      After the CM KKR Press Meet, after the first 12 days after July 30 statement, only Parachuri Ashok Babu was Born from nowhere, backed by KKR and Lagadapati.

      Parachuri Ashok Babu non-political Colouring is just Bullshit. Top Leaders of AP NGOs like Ashok Babu are minting Money, and the poor bottom level APSRTC employees are suffering on a daily basis and some Contract employees of APSRTC have turned daily labourers to feed their families, during this Agent Ashok Babu Goal-less Agitation.

      How long will Ashok Babu continue this Goal-less Agitation?? Till he, gets the Green Signal, from his High Command, KKR/Lagadapati/CBN (Telugu Congress)

      Lagadapati/Gazal Srinivas/Ori Telugu Vaada is the Official Song of this Agent Ashok Babu Agitation. Even the song is also sponsored by Lagadapati.

      My personal opinion “”Maa Telugu Thalliki Mallepuuvu Dhanda”” and “”Telangana Naadhi Sarkaar Naadhi Nellore Naadhi”” (penned Dr.C.Narayana Reddy) are the best songs for a True Samaikyandhra Movement.

  18. JaGun

    Sonia Gandhi Gift to the Telugu People of Andhra Pradesh

    1)Made Sure that YS Jagan, resign from Congress Party and declared Dec9th Statement.
    2)YS Jagan, found YSRCP and is still popular among masses due to Odarpu Yatra and love for YS Family. No effect of Sonia Gandhi conspiracy on masses.
    3)YS Jagan was put in Jail, to take him away from masses, to remove Jagan from people’s hearts.
    4)While Jagan is in Jail and Modi coming to Hyderabad, July 30th statement made.
    July 30th statement of CWC never made to give “”Telangana–Really”” in the first place but made to create Hungama that “”Telangana is Given”” by Sonia Gandhi.
    July30th Statement Targets:
    **Modi not to become popular in Telangana
    **Jagan should be limited to Seemandhra Only
    5)Atleast 3 months before KKR/CBN/Botsa/Lagadapati/Congress Ministers, everyone clearly knew that “”Congress will give Telangana Statement””. KKR and CBN, planned together a strategy so that, Jagan will not be given credit or participation in “”Samaikyandhra” Movement. Thats how, Parachuri Ashok Babu was born.
    6)Sonia Gandhi is day dreaming to get MP seats both in Telangana (Pretending that Telangana is Coming) and Seemandhra (KKR is the real macho Hero fighting against Sonia Gandhi’s July30 statement).
    7)Lets watch the Remaining Conspiracy of Sonia Gandhi and CBN. I am pretty optimistic that Jagan will carefully expose the conspiracies of Sonia Gandhi and CBN, and emerge as Victorious.
    8)Jagan should make moves to take full control of Samaikyandhra Movement in Seemandhra, and also in South Telangana Regions.

    Best of Luck to YS Jagan.

  19. PSK

    While watching KCR speech live last night, my blood was boiled to the core.
    Such people should be burried LIVE 500kms deep into the earth. Actually YSR buried him 5kms deep in 2009 itself. Ee Congi daddammalu, cheta gaani vedhavalu, Bolli baabu gaadu brought him up. Wait till 2014, Jagan will do that for SURE

    • Ram

      He is surviving on creating hatred and creating an Abyss among us. Delhi is using him when necessary post YSR era, not allowing YSJ to come to power. Now they plan to even split the state.

      • Ram

        NM will turn to be a fraud like NCBN.. people do not see through him. He is doing the same piching like NCBN during his hay days about ‘deveopment’

    • JaGun

      KCR ki “”Nizam Prabhuvu Korada Debbalaithene, KCR Nijam Nijaayithikaa Matlaaduthaadu””

      Sonia Gandhi vacchi KCR Car ki Diesel posthaa vunte, inka KCR Bhuuthulu kaaka Neethulu Matlaaduthaada??

      KCR, nuvvu yekkada thaggaku, Telangana Amaayakapu Prajalni nuvvu Thagali pette dhaaka nuvvu Vaallani Vadhalavaddhu………..

      KCR No other option::::::::::::::::::”””KCR anna Telangana Vaallani Thagali Pettaaali…………Lekapothe Telangana Vaallanna KCR ni Thagali Pettaali………….Kaani Yevuru Mundhu Kaali Bhuudidha Avuthaara……….Vechi chuudaali””””

  20. RK

    yes! Let’s stop caste based discussions. Let’s try to fight for a cause and I strongly believe YSR never encouraged any one caste. Let’s walk in his foot steps and make a difference.

  21. JaGun

    Parachuri Ashok Babu Kurnool Sabha Yesterday:

    1)From the audience response, I felt that they came to the meeting, just for the sake of it. Audience are not that excited about Ashok Babu anymore. Its like a routine boring speeches from Ashok Babu, without any Goal or Direction.

    2)Slowing people are realizing that Ashok Babu didn’t achieve anything in these 60 days of Agitation. He couldn’t put pressure on MPs to resign, when Parliament was in session to vote for Food Security Bill. People are realizing that Ashok Babu is leading an agitation without achieving any positive results by not applying any pressure on political leaders.

    3)This is the danger of any agitation, when it is started by Dummy leaders, who doesn’t set Goals, and who doesn’t design strategies to achieve those Goals. Now MPs are resigning at their Will and Wish. Now MLAs are pretending to resign at their will and wish. CBN is holding press meets on topics totally unrelated to Samaikyandra Agitation. This itself tells a lot, that , no one really has any pressure from Ashok Babu agitation.

    4)Crowds are realling coming to listen to Ashok Babu, expecting him to give a Road Map, how he actually wants to Use this Samaikyandhra Agitation to achieve the Goal of “”Samaikyandhra””. But Ashok Babu, is playing the same Cassette, “”Paadindhe Paadara Pasipalla Daasaraa””, that he is willing to continue this agitation for another 100 days, but no Goals, no Targets, and no Pressure.

    Ashok Babu Agitation is “”””Hundreds of Agitation Days, No Goals, No Targets, No Pressure and No Results””

    Please someone stop this Ashok Babu. Otherwise Ashok Babu Brothers like CV Mohan Reddy (ex-Adovacte General of Congress Govt.), will grow. These that all the Ashok Babu Agitation JACs are strategically controlled by Congress/TDP sympathizers.

    I hope Jagan stops this Ashok Babu Gang, effectively. Otherwise very dangerous for Samaikyandhra Agitation.

  22. JaGun

    Chandrababu told the media that “”TDP is the Rama Baanam””

    YSRCP should tell the media, CBN told the truth that “”TDP is the RAMoji Baanam””

  23. JaGun

    YS Jagan/YSRCP should add some points to “””Why Samaikyandhra””

    1)Telugu people need to Respect the Sacrifices of “””Endharo Mahanubhavulu”” Potti Sreeramulu, Pucchalapalli Sundarayya, Ravi Narayana Reddy(Telangana), Burgula Ramakrisha Rao leaders, who have sacrificed their personal and political lives for “”””Telugus Unity as One Telugu State””

    2)Sri Krishna Report says that “”TG” is the most developed because the Hyd Capital is in the center of TG and had development spill-over effect on several TG districts.
    Had the Capital remained in Rayalaseema, all the Rayalaseema districts would have developed. Since, Rayalaseema sacrificed the Capital, Rayalaseema remained backward till today.
    So, to develop Rayalaseema and pay tribute to the “”Capital Sacrifice”” of Rayalaseema people, State needs to be kept United

    3)In order to avoid Water Wars. “”Samaikyandhra”” is the best option. New dams cannot be built overnight. Some dams even take hundreds of years, before they get completed.

    4)Till the time, backward areas like Rayalaseema, Uttharandhra are developed on par with TG. Samaikyandhra is the best option.

    6)In order to avoid, Hyderabad becoming Union Territory, Samaikyandhra is the best option

    7)Since TG developed a lot, compared to TG before AP formation. (Sri Krishna Report), Samaikyandhra is the best option for TG.

    8)TG agriculture lands are not fit for Gravity Irrigation, since all the TG landscape terrain needs Lift-irrigation, compared to Costal Andhra, where the terrain benefits Gravity irrigation, Water to flow by Gravity to the sea-level.
    Heavy power consumption for Lift–irrigation of TG, can be Compensated with Low power consumption for Gravity–irrigation of Seemandhra. So, to save Power Consumption Costs, Samaikyandhra is the best option.

  24. nlr2014

    A pity state of affairs in AP.
    Looks like Telugu people will end up fighting in the streets for pieces of Indian land distributed by Italians .

    If this is the situation even before the distribution just imagine what could happen for the generations to come.

    Fights for water, jobs , industries , power , etc etc .
    Only Amul boy and his mummy will have the last laugh.
    Good luck AP.


    And a massive public meeting in Kurnool on the same day.

  25. seshblogger

    Few points here about religion..
    Christianity and Islam are Abrahamic religions. Their fundamental faith derives from ‘Universe as Creation of God’ and there by a code/method of life for human species.

    Hinduism, in true sense, is a way of life which regards intellect (Buddhi) as highest in reason and consciousness (soul) in existence forever. Vedanta is highest form of metaphysics because it was a conscious effort of intellectual generations. God exists everywhere if you can see (matter is built upon God-particle). Likes of Aristotle only touched upon them.

    Newton and Einstein were determinists. They believed that clock is set in motion for billions of years and everything is predetermined/destined (God doesn’t play dice with Universe). Hinduism tried to address this issue through astrophysics and astrology. But the interpretations are hardly scientific. And for hundreds of years, people of zero intellect had taken to the profession of astrology/vaastu etc and reduced people to perform rituals, which many of us follow even today. This resulted in a civilization which thrives upon past and have less regard for their own thinking.

    Now, theory of Genesis is rendered obsolete and hence a death knell for Abrahamic religions. But pagan religions like Hinduism, Judaism etc are not doing better. In actuality, in the name of religion, we are fighting for something which is completely meaningless.
    Caste system in Hinduism is nothing but racism. If people believe in genetic theory, there is certain amount of truth in it. However, if freewill (dharma) has to be upheld, let there be no discrimination on the basis of caste. Omen!

    • nice analysis. Unlike abrahamic religions which area based on belief system, the foundation of hinduism is not based on belief, but on bunch of traditions and culture.

      • Ram

        @ NLR, anna, with due respect, they are normal people who just have ‘that itch’ more than others. Otherwise they are all normal people and most devout Hindus, though several converted. They probably started to behave this way after ’83. Things should set right after ’14. Post ’14, I hope YSJ followers do not behave the same way after tasting victory, and respect every one else like how they do now.

      • Ram

        @ krishna, foundation for ancient indiands (sanaatana dhaarmis, not hindus of the present) is not based on faith, but on absolute truth, the eternal dharma. Their Vedads were and are the most scientific among religions. The foundation of which is unshaken sofar. There is also a very strong belief, most of the indian technologies, philosophies etc were stolen and are the very foundation of our present modern life base don patents.

        • Ram

          FYI. There is a version among Indians that Newton’s works were not his original, and were based on ancient calculus etc from Kerala schools of thought.
          The modern way of thinking, a skewed science, cannot answer the fundamentals of life and its creation, and what occurs after death.

        • Ram

          Just a tip of the ice berg – The number system 0-9, is the contribution of Indians to the world, passed to Europe through Arabia. Even now, the arabscall this as hindu numerical system, while the europeans call this the arabicsystem. Just see the similarities in script and phonetics:

          ० 0 śūnya (शून्य) sifr (Arabic)
          १ 1 éka (एक) echad (Hebrew)
          २ 2 dvi (द्वि) dva (Russian)
          ३ 3 tri (त्रि) tre (Italian)
          ४ 4 chatúr (चतुर्) katër (Albanian)
          ५ 5 panch (पञ्च) penki (Lithuanian)
          ६ 6 ṣáṣ (षष्) seis (Spanish)
          ७ 7 saptá (सप्त) şapte (Romanian)
          ८ 8 aṣhṭá (अष्ट) astoņi (Latvian)
          ९ 9 náva (नव) naw (Welsh)

    • Ram

      Please research Subhash Kak, Stephen Knapp etc

    • Ram

      Anna, ever thought about OMmm and AMEN or OMEN or AKBARR.. when recited, all have the same vibrations on the frontal part of your face

    • Ram

      On Caste.. never mentioned in any of our ancient texts…

    • Ram

      ajitvadakayil .blogspot .com/2012/11/gotra-system-khap-rules-y-chromosome.html

    • Ram

      Look at the depth of thought..

      • Ram

        7 Mothers:

        To all TeDePa supporters who frequent this blog. Please watch carefully starting 6:00. Per Vedic tradition there are 7 Mothers
        – Aadi Mata (your biological mother)
        – Guru Patni (mother of your spiritual master)
        – Brahmani (priest’s wife)
        – Raja Putrika (wife of king, queen)
        – Dhenu (Cow)
        – Dhatri (Nurse)
        – Prithvi (Earth)

        Please stop commenting on YS Vijayamma per #4, as you are committing a sin

    • JaGun

      Whatever Religion………………First be a Responsible Patriotic Indian First.

      Every Proud Indian say “”India First””

      What can we do to make, “”India First””?? Lets work on that.

      Religion is a Tool of Rich to Control Poor People and Distract Poor People and To Make them Stay Poor Forever.

      21st Century Religon:::::::::::::::””JOBs” and “”Community Development””

  26. Sharmila should attend every Samaikyandhra meeting/ rally till Jagan gets the permission from the Court. As our party stand is clear there will be no problems with this and it will give a boost to the agitation.
    The speeches should be fiery.
    Every minute and meeting counts. Cannot waste time at this juncture.

  27. At Present Situation Praveen Kumar reddy and roja are the best choices as a spoke persons.
    Shoba and vasireddy padma are so polite in there diction while attacking TDP and congress.
    Even as Samikya party we should attack KCR and TJAC.
    Just this is my feeling…..

    • JaGun

      YSRCP should have one Team to counter–attack, who attacks “”Samaikyandhra””……….. This Team should include, Praveen Kumar Reddy, Roja, Kotamreddy Sreedhar Reddy, Dadi Veerabhadra Rao, Shoba Nagireddy

      YSRCP should have one Team to attack Yellow Mafia Gang, This Team should include:::::::::::::Ambati Rambabu, Vasireddy Padma,

      Media needs Sensationalism, they need Punch Dialogues, so YSRCP should select Leaders, who can give Punch Dialogues,and also Good Knowledge of the Subject they are speaking like Samaikyandhara, Yellow Gang Tactics, Exposing Congress/TDP Matchfixing, Exposing Congress High Command, Exposing Taliban KCR.

      Please do not send people like Baburao (Payakaraopet MLA) to Media Debates, this guy cannot open his mouth properly and cannot form one proper political statement in mind.

  28. JaGun

    Every YSRCP Leader should put one question to himself, why YS Jagan became such a Big Hero in Andhra Pradesh Politics and National Politics…………..what is that one and only one Reason???

    Jagan is the only Leader in the Entire Country, who fought Sonia Gandhi (Most Powerful Woman in India) with such Vigour and Aggression.

    UPA/Congress is a Gone Case for 2014 Elections. No way Sonia Gandhi/Rahul Gandhi will make it and form Govt. in 2014.

    So, Fighting Against Sonia Gandhi/Congress will give 100% benefit to YSRCP.

    Local YSRCP leaders/Second Rung Leaders should attack Sonia Gandhi very aggressively in their speeches and in Media.

  29. PSK

    I think, the way politics are going in the national level, Congress may not even reach 100 mark, then there is no point arises in YSRCP supporting UPA. So keeping that in mind why can’t we publicly declare the we won’t support UPA in one single line, if not by Jagan at least the senior YSRCP leaders should do that. It’s knife’s edge now. Yellow media will increase it’s negative campaign and with congress brush. May effect the neutral voters.

  30. hydfirst

    Survey: YSR Congress party likely to win 140 seats in Seemandhra, 20 in Telangana


  31. RK

    Sabbham Hari was not comfortable when he attended NTV discussion and he said YSRCP will support UPA. I felt he is not the one who is talking. I am glad YSRCP distanced from his words.

    Andhra People are sick of congress and India is sick of UPA. We should be very very careful when we talk about Congress or UPA. We should never ever support UPA or Congress.

  32. Kareem

    1. Congress and tdp both parties could not get votes in both areas they have to lose two areas telangana and seemandra
    2. Even congress want to stay telangana, otherwise bjp ready to give, than congress has to lose this forever.
    3. CBN won’t ready to sit in opposition when jagan will become cm it is very shame for his
    4. Jagan must start legal inquiry against yellow gang illegal assets; in united andra they couldn’t escape if telengana will be separated they can hide here.
    this is already sketched by both parties tdp and congress and pre planned determined to divide state , but see how is acting both party leaders kiran and CBN like innocents.

  33. PSK

    Sobha Nagi Reddy Live….
    YSRCP has nothing to do with Sabbam Hari. He is neither member of YSRCP nor an agent….Jagan was deeply hurt with Hari comments

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