Jagan keeps options open but praises Modi



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23 responses to “Jagan keeps options open but praises Modi

  1. i somehow get feeling that, out of no choice TDP is going to diversify. since, the situation is hopeless, CBN may opt to go for center (BJP has bright chances & CBN may be hoping for plum post and can dictate CBI case on jagan etc). in state, he may want to project 2 BC faces for both TG & SA. I hope YSRCP has counterplan for that. we should make sure that, we dont get labeled as family party.

  2. Kareem

    నేను చంద్రబాబు ని ….
    నేను తెలంగాణా కి అనుకూలం లెటర్ ఇస్తాను , సీమంద్రలో బస్సు యాత్ర చేస్తాను , అటువాళ్ళ చేత అటు అనుకూలంగా , ఇటువాల్లచేత ఇటుఅనుకులంగా మాట్లాడిస్తాను, లెటర్ ఇచ్చి విభజనకి ప్రధాన కారణం నేనేఐన వేరే వాళ్ళమీద అపాదిస్తాను నేను ఏమి చేసిన నాకు అనుకూలంగా చూపించటానికి నా దగ్గర మీడియా ఉంది .

  3. NLR

    Pulivendula Pulibidda ki ..Brahmaradham.

  4. He is defending YSRCP very well in this discussion though the moderator tries to irk him

  5. srini

    YSRCP media managers have to unmask CBN point by point retaliation with evidence
    Starting with
    1. Supreme court order about bail conditions
    2. Match fixing with Cong ( Show Home minister statement in Parliament )
    • FDI voting
    • Assembly Wipe
    • By Elections voting pattern
    • MLC Election understanding
    • CBI not taking up his case due to less staff
    • U Turns
    • Alliance

    People will sell the above and tell who is genuine and who is playing dirty game
    Ask some tough questions
    1. Ask them to show the evidence about match fixing for bail
    2. Show the evidence of 1200crs withdrawn on bail day

    • Naku Yellow gang entha setruvooooo allaney ii telugu jathi chilchalani chustunna TRS kudaa setruveyyyy
      TDP & Co ki setruvvu ayinaa matranaa manaki TRS Mitrudu kaadu kaaraduuu.

      • Lokeshwar

        శత్రువు మిత్రువు పక్కన పెట్టండి యెల్లో నైజం చుడండి, చంద్ర బాబు ని బతికిన్చటానికి నీచాతినీచంగా జర్నలిసం విలువలు తుంగలోతొక్కి,

  6. Ram

    నా దగ్గర బూడిదనే ఉంది, అన్ని వదిలేసి కాషాయం వేసుకున్నా అని నమ్మబలికి, ముచ్చటగా మూడు ఏళ్ళల్లో మూడు సార్లు మరలా ఖాఖీ, తెలుపు వస్త్ర వేషం మార్చి, వదిలేసాను అన్న ప్రసారమాధ్యమం లోనే మళ్లీ విస్వమిత్రుడిగా నటించి, చివరకు మళ్లీ పెళ్ళాడి, హైందవ కాషాయ ప్రతిష్టను మంటకలిపిన ఆ పెద్దాయన పార్టీ ఒకవైపు… మనో నిబ్బరం కోసమో, దైర్యం కోసమో, మతం విశ్వాసం కోసమో తను నమ్మిన గ్రంధాన్ని చేతులో పట్టుకున్న పెద్దమ్మ ఇంకోవైపు.. చూడాలి ప్రజలు ఏ పార్టీ చిత్తసుద్ధిని నమ్ముతారో ఈసారి..

    • Ram

      Śrīmad Bhāgavatam
      netthaḿ puḿsāḿ virāgaḥ syāt
      tvayā kevalinā mṛṣā
      manyase yady upaśamaḿ

      If you think that simply awakening the sense of renunciation will detach one from the material world, I must say that unless full knowledge is awakened, simply changing dresses as you have done cannot possibly bring detachment.

      The sannyāsīs of Kali-yuga who change their robes from white to saffron and then think they can do whatever they like are more abominable than materialistic gṛhasthas. This is not recommended anywhere.

  7. JaGun

    President’s Rule is the Game Plan of Congress to solve the problems of both Seemandhra and Telangana.

    1)They will convince KCR that to speed-up Telangana State formation, President’s Rule is imposed
    2)KKR/Lagadapati/Botsa/Chiranjeevi/Anam/CBN will convince Seemandhra people that it is Impossible to Divide Andhra Pradesh during President’s Rule, without taking the Opinion of the Assembly.

    CM KKR, The Seemandhra Drohi, if he wants, he can convene the Emergency Assembly Session even now, he doesn’t even need Governor’s permission. CM KKR is full of dramas. CM got full powers to convene the Assembly session, anyways its time for Winter Session of AP Assembly.

  8. JaGun

    Seemandhra Congress is being made into Prajarajyam Party.

    Botsa/Chiranjeevi/Anam have swung into action to Take Over Seemandhra Congress Leadership role and Turn it into an another Prajarajyam Party.

    These Congress Leaders are worst than Terrorists.

    Sonia Gandhi is sponsoring Terrorism on Telugu People using KCR.

    CBN wants to become the CM of AP by forming an alliance with BJP. But CBN pretends as if he doesn’t know the stand of BJP on Telangana. Role of CBN in Andhra Pradesh Politics is like an “”Impotent Man””

  9. 200 Crores Deal Between TDP and TRS during 2009 Elections., Lets use this.

    In Mothkupalli Words.,


  10. I strongly believe, Sharmila is much more aggressive and effective in public meetings compared to jagan.
    As jagan is kind of restricted to Hyd. We should utilize sharmila again for going into people, where as jagan can focus on party affairs, forming JAC, consulting parties etc.

  11. JaGun

    YSRCP YS Jagan, should hold one more “Press Meet”” exclusively to address “”Telangana People””
    YS Jagan should present the Development Road Map for Telangana People.
    1)Schemes for Telangana Farmers like Free Electricity, Building Projects like Pranahitha–Chevella
    2)Schemes addressing Fluoride–content Water, Migration of Labourers from Palamuru, Siricilla Textile Sector problems.
    3)Jagan should declare some innovative populist schemes to win the Hearts of Telangana People.

  12. JaGun

    KKR/Lagadapati/CBN Agent is Parachuri Ashok Babu with a “”Non–Political Mask””. According to Ashok Babu, Non–political Agitation means Non–YSRCP Agitation.

    If any harm is going to happen to Congress/TDP MLAs/MPs, within no time, Ashok Babu will hold a Press Meet and give a call that “”Any Harm to Congress/TDP MLAs/MPs is actually Harm to Samaikyandhra””

    1)Now, Botsa/Anam have clarified that there will be no Voting on Telangana Draft Bill in Assembly?? Now, How long will Ashok Babu will protect Congress MLAs without resigning?? If there is No Voting, whats stopping MLAs to Resign??

    2)Where are all those Educated JAC people, who are being misled by this Intermediate Education Agent Ashok Babu. Why are they not questioning Ashok Babu, that why they need to wait till the Telangana Draft Bill comes to Assembly??

    Is it logical to “”Stop Bifurcation”” in Preliminary Stages (Before sending Telangana Bill to Assembly) or in Advanced Stages (After sending Telangana Bill to Assembly)?? Why Ashok Babu is so scared of YSRCP, what is stoping Ashok Babu to take help of YSRCP?? What are the vested interests to whom Ashok Babu is working??

    YSRCP should put Pressure on JACs to fall in Line without taking the name of Ashok Babu. YSRCP should not give any publicity to Ashok Babu, but expose him by taking control of the support he is getting from Neutral non–political innocent common people.

  13. Kareem

    ఒక నాయకుడు మాట్లాడితే అది ప్రజల కి భరోసా కావాలి
    ఒక నాయకుడు మాట్లాడితే అది ప్రజల్లో విశ్వాసాన్ని నింపాలి
    ఒక నాయకుడు మాట్లాడితే అది కార్యకర్తల్లో మనోనిబ్బరాన్ని కలిగించాలి
    ఒక నాయకుడు మాట్లాడితే అది రోమాలు ఎక్కిపోడిచే విదంగా ఉండాలి
    ఒక నాయకుడు మాట్లాడితే అది శత్రువు గుండెల్లో వణుకు పుట్టించాలి
    That is Jagan
    – He is God Gift to AP

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