Congress, TD okays AP bifurcation, likely to lose votes in Seemandhra region.

BJP may champion United AP stir

Congress, TD okays AP bifurcation, likely to lose votes in Seemandhra region.

Rajahmundry: Following the prevailing political stalemate with both the ruling Congress and the principal Opposition, Telugu Desam, are losing their support among the voters in Seemandhra region as they supported the proposed bifurcation of the state, the BJP intends to champion the cause of the people from Seemandhra region to establish itself as a potential force to reckon with, in the ensuing polls in the state.

AP Non-Gazetted Officers divided on Jagan’s Hyderabad rally

Under Fire, Kiran Mulls if Discretion is Better part of Valour-Indian Express

Surveys conducted by the CM’s office in both Andhra and Rayalaseema are understood to have revealed that he has hardly emerged a hero in any of the two regions not withstanding the the efforts he made to espouse their cause.

This is also have dampened his spirits.




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68 responses to “Congress, TD okays AP bifurcation, likely to lose votes in Seemandhra region.

  1. Kareem

    థూ మీ బతుకు చెడ ఇంత నీచమైన రాజకీయాల బయట తిట్టుకుంటారు లోపల కలుసుకుంటారు

  2. Kareem

    Friends we have only one channel to fight against TDP and Congress , no one channel showing that yesterday CM Ramesh met with botsa pls post this in all social media and all print and electronic media websites

  3. nlr2014

    Gajji kukkalu ..nijaya theega appudu brathikaru ??

  4. kreddy08

    What Jagna can do stop bifurcation:

    Declare that he will support the party that stops bifurcation. He has to send party emissaries to meet all national party MPs whom may vote.

    All dharnas, strikes, meetings, assembly resolutions will be no use.

  5. Few things that might stop the bill …

    Bringing the country to a standstill by blocking all the trainlines and national highways passing through Seemandhra. If they use police in one place people should block in other places.
    Closure of all govt and private offices in SA and Hyd and stop the revenue for the govt.
    Encourage police from SA to be a part of the agitation bcs their families will be affected too in the long run.
    Senior lawyers from SA meeting up and coming up with a writ in SC
    Stop all forms of transport in and out of Hyd to SA and vice versa.
    A big meeting in Hyd and call the National media
    Resignation of all SA MP’s in one go and ask UPA to prove majority
    Do not let the SA MP’s who dont resign set foot in SA
    Keep demanding Babu to resign
    And many more ideas.

    Ordinary agitations will not stop the division.

  6. nlr2014

    Ee Dongala muta ata katinchakapothe..veeri Gajji Telangana ki kuda pakuthundhi. These rogues should be exposed.

  7. Ram

    TV9 RP unnattu undi malli tera piki vacchadu. Malli enti vella media game plan Along with APNGO thinktank, how will they control or channel the agitation in a way they want to?

  8. chiru

    జగన్ ని ఓదార్పు యాత్ర చెయ్య ఒద్దని సోనియా చెప్పినప్పుడు ,ఆత్మ ను చంపుకుని యాత్ర విరమించుకుంటే,ఓపిక పట్టి వుంటే రోశయ్య తర్వాత జగన్ cm అయ్యేవాడు అనేది కాదనలేని సత్యం ,జగన్ పట్టుదల ,ఆత్మగౌరవ ఫలితమే ఈ నష్టం .ఐయనా సరే ఆత్మద్రోహం చేసుకుని బతికే కంటే ఎంతటి kondanyna డీ kottagalananna ధైర్యం ,తెగువ చూసి ఒక్క మనిషి విమర్శించిన ఆత్మద్రోహం చేసుకున్నట్లే ….న్యాయం వైపు వుంటావా ,ధర్మం వైపు వుంటావా అని అడిగితె …న్యాయన్యాలలో ఏది విజయం సాధిస్తే దాని వైపు ఉండకుండా ధర్మం వైపే ఉంటానని చెప్పిన ధీశాలి జగన్.120 కోట్ల మంది ఒక విదేశి మహిళా ,పైగా సంప్రదాయాలంటే ఏమిటో తెలియని దేశానికి చెందిన వనిత ముందు 6 కోట్ల మందికి జరిగిన అవమానం భరించలేనిది ,జీర్నిన్హుకోలేనిది ….సిగ్గుతో తలదిన్చుకోవలో రేపటి నుండి ప్రతి ఒక్కరు తేల్చుకోవాలి .

  9. NLR

    Dear friends …My opinion is slightly different.
    Pls forgive me if I am wrong here. My affection for the YS family is stronger than my personal opinion so I would continue to support Jagan wholeheartedly in whatever decision he takes.

    I am as much sad as the rest of you here are about the division.

    What I think the Pro’s are ..

    The division will put an end to the Yellow caste fanatics in the Telangana region . Otherwise people like Babu, Dramoji, Dramakrishna, Dramapati etc etc would have continued to loot Hyd and surrounding areas.
    Our party will totally dominate the SA region.
    It is not that difficult for YSRCP to regain people’s Trust in the T region even after the division. Bcs people will believe more in someone who really can do something for them rather than give them a piece of land that they don’t really own.
    It might be better to divide now rather than these continuous fights for years and years affecting everyone’s daily life.
    What if there is continuous investment in Hyd only and then they divide after 10/ 20 yrs ? It could be worse.
    How long will people tolerate uncertainty ?


    Sad day for everyone in Seemandhra and many in T region as well who don’t like the division.
    We have to really work hard to gain back the trust in the T region.
    We need to identify a strong leader for the T region in the future. May be Jagan for SA and Sharmila to lead our party in the T region. But this can take time.
    Millions of familie’s from SA will be really worried today about the future prospects for themselves & their children in terms of education / jobs etc etc and this is the problem if all investments are allocated to one city.
    There could be ongoing fights between the regions for generations about water , jobs, power, finances etc etc . So not sure how this will be handled.

    Whatever it is …it is a very SAD day in Indian history that a lady born in Italy could divide the Telugu people for the sake of a few MP seats just 6 month’s before the elections and failed to act when hundred’s of T students killed themselves.
    Mahatma will cry in heaven wondering why he fought for Indian Independence to transfer the rule from the British to the Italians.

    Let us see how this story unfolds.


  10. hydfirst

    Great injustice: Jagan; calls for 72 hours bandh; demands MPs, ministers to resign

  11. Ram

    SG is in control of the entire situation. Telugu jatilo unna Magavallu andarini ongo pettindi. Swalabham kosam ammudu poyina nayakulu, Prantalu, kulalu, matalu, fan clabbulu ga vidipoyina prajalu moola karanama, leda inkemanna unda?

  12. Lokeshwar

    CM Ramesh met with Botsa at his house in Delhi

  13. PSK

    YSJ Press meet in 10 mins

  14. bhaskar

    please see sakshi live boosta and CM ramesh meet and discussed before cabinet meet?

  15. Don’t dissapoint with the Note..There are lot process to complete…

    పోరాడితే పోయేది ఏమి లేదు కామ్రేడ్ బానిస సంకెళ్ళు తప్ప
    ప్లీజ్ మీ పోరాట పటిమని వధలదూ కడదాక చివరి మజిలి దాక ………ప్లీజ్ ..

  16. Till the Other Day Jagan was in Jail….. being Jailed also Jagan did Hunger Strike for 7 days…. Vijayamma did Hunger Strike for 5 days….. all MLAs have resigned before the T announcement…..

    Vijayamma went to Delhi….and meat President….PM and wrote letters to HM and PM……

    YSRCP is organising MASS HUNGER STRIKES in 175 Constituencies…..

    Jagan had talks with CPM and MIM leaders and is going to conduct a HUGE MEETING in HYD…..

    a 17 MLAs and 2 MPs party…….wat all can do other than this?????

    Ruling party and Main Opposition party in State and Ceter are willing to bifurcate the STATE……..

    What a New Party……can do???? what should do??????

    JAGAN ki kevalam Power maathrame kaavaali……ani yevarainaa ante….vaaalla GNAANAANI ki NAMASKAARAM chesthaanu…….

    JAGAN ki power vundi vunte…..intha scene vundedi kaadu yevarikiii……

    JAGAN…HYD lo meeting announce chesinaaka maathrame…T-NOTE ni sidham chesaaru…..inka intha kante yem cheyagaladu JAGAN??????

    NGO leader ok COVERT…completegaa MISLEAD chesaaadu….65 DAYS of agitation is invain…….

    inkaaaa JAGAN ni vimarsisthe…..yem cheyyagalam???????

    KONDA SUREKHA laanti LOYALIST ye velli poyindi……

    Thokka lodi…BLOG lo POSTS cheyyanu….ani bediristhe…bhayapadipothamaaa????

    ilaanti vaallani chusi PARTY petta ledu……. cheyagaliginantha MELU chesthaadu JAGAN….


  17. PSK


  18. JaGun

    Finally Sonia Gandhi Declared War on Telugu People, in the Form of Telangana Note.

    Every Telugu should fight like a Warrior Soldier for his Telugu Motherland

    Wake up and Fight and show the Italian, that never mess with Telugus again in their lifetimes.

  19. kreddy08

    As far as CVR Murthy comments, there is no point in blaming politicians either. The response from people of AP came too late after the fact. If only they had organized the agitation when T-movement was going on……

  20. Kareem

    అదే చంద్రబాబు బోడిమల్లయ్య తో కలిసిన ఉవ్వెత్తున చూపిస్తాయి పచ్చ పత్రికలు

  21. Shinde signed on TG note and will be circulated to cabinet colleagues today or tomorrow.

  22. hydfirst

    Why can’t the Cabinet note on Telangana be torn to pieces and thrown out?

  23. Kareem

    16 నెలలు జైలు జీవితం గడిపి నిన్నగాక మొన్న రిలీజ్ ఐన జగన్ తెలంగాణా అపలేదంటే ఎట్లా , మీరన్నట్లు అతను బయటే ఉండిఉంటే అప్పుడు మీ కామెంట్ కి విలువ ఉండేది , కనీసం హైదరాబాద్ దాటి పోవటానికి కూడా అవకాసం లేదు అతని మిద నిందవేయటం భావ్యమా ,
    తెలంగాణ ప్రక్రియ మొదలైన దగ్గరనుండి YSRCP పోరాడుతూనే ఉంది మనం చూస్తూనే ఉన్నాం.

  24. JaGun

    YSRCP should hold a Press Meet to address on “”Telangana Note”” and whats the action plan of Jagan, to give direction to the People of Andhra Pradesh.

    YSRCP should not let Ashok Babu to set the “”Stupid Agenda””

  25. PSK

    రాష్త్రంలొ ఇంత జరుగుతుంటే ఈ బొల్లి గాడు ఢిల్లీ లో మోడి ని కలవటం దొంగ రాజకీయాలు చేయటం ఎంత దారుణం???? ఇది అవసరమా…… పచ పత్రికలు ఎందుకు అడగవు???

    • venkat

      Pachapatrikalu adagali emina ante adhi mana amayaktewamu ,avi undhedhe pacha bajana cheyataniki

      ayina ee roju T note vastademo ani andharu kangaru paduthunte vadevado ranjith sinha anta aa konkiska diggi ni kalisthe mana meedha padi edavataniki press meet pettadu vadi talakaya vadi sradhamu ,vadi pindakoodu,aa chetta fellow gurinchi entha tiitinna thakkuve dorbagudu ,rastraniki pattina elina nati sani vadu

  26. CVR Murthy Garu,
    Miru Kuda TDP laaga Burada Vesi Tudusukondii annadhuuuu.
    YSRCP 18MLA’s resigned first and all YSRCP cadre participated in United agitations.we are the first started in Rayalaseema after that APNGO’s get in to this picture.
    Only YSRCP Party cadre arrested in agitations up to now.

    we already met Most of the secular national leaders.

    You tell me what else you want from YSRCP?You can’t put your personal opinion as general opinion.

    Iam sure we are 100% on our words

  27. JaGun

    YSRCP leaders, if you are reading this blog:

    At this critical time, YSRCP should start targeting Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi.

    YSRCP will improve its credibility only by Targeting Sonia Gandhi, and stop an end to the TDP’s Bullshit match–fixing campaign.

  28. venkat

    Why people here just blaming YSJ.

    he has so many restrictions to do any thing due to court orders.
    if you think he should meet all national level leaders how can he go any where w/o court permission.
    He is doing what ever he can do.
    he want to enlight UA moment in telangana also particularly in HYD with samikya sankharavam on 19th of this month as he thought center will not go head for some time on T note,
    but they afraid of this act of jagan forcing note in a earlier stage.
    that to yesterday CBN went delhi and gave assurance to sonia on all possible things

    so what jagan should do more than this ,he just came outside and doing exercise in all possible ways

    don’t blame him with a single point agenda

    that crook ashok babu is a broker of he is acting like a leader of seemandra JAC internally supporting KKR-CBN not encouraging our acts,
    but we wil know soon all this dirty politrics and will teach a lesson to him

  29. PSK

    It’s a shame ponting finger at 40year old YSJ…..What he can do as Ruling Party and Oppsotion Party supporting each other and most UPA partners are determined to devide AP. VERY IMPORTANTLY NATIONAL MEDIA IS FULLY SUPORTING CONGRESS AND UPA GOVT NOT HIGHL:IGHTING SA AGITATION.

    • CVR Murthy

      If he is good enough to be CM at 40 years . He should act.

      • PSK

        Sir Murthy gaaru,,
        I am sure, YSRCP leaders will be aware and reading this blog. With due respect to you… could you please mention 3-things YSJ could have done differently to STOP this CRUEL ACT OF BIFURCATION. B’cos to my conscience I am not getting really what we could have done differently.

        • PSK

          Sir, one more thing, Both Ruling party and Oppostion party(Including Yellow media) diverted SA people’s attention on the issue of Jagan’s bail successfully for the past couple of weeks. Instead of strenghening the movement they are working so hard to dilute the UAP movement day by day including CM/CBN/Yellow Media/Ashok babu & Co. Tell me one thing straight what these APNGO’s acheived for the past two months other than Aaradagula andagaadu Ashok babu tappa…!!!

    • Do u sincerely think, YSJ is doing all he can to take UAP movement forward?

  30. JaGun

    Where is CBN??
    Is he Absconding??
    Please someone file a Missing Complaint of CBN in Police Station??

    CBN is a disgrace to the Position of Opposition Leader. Before YSRCP was established, CBN sold the Telugu People to Sonia Gandhi.

    What YSR told about CBN in AP assembly is correct ?? “”Asalu Chandrababu nuvvu nee Amma Kadupulo nunchi Yendhuku Puttaana ani Bhaadhapaduthaavu”””

    CBN, neeku dhammu vunte ippudu raa, “”Atmagovravam Yatra”” ninnu Guddalu Vuuda Theesi Kodathaar. “”Thappinchu koni Thiruguvaadu CBN””
    CBN nuvvu oka Political Leader ye na??

    • CVR Murthy

      What about YSRCP and its leaders…. YSRCP is again caught with its pants down. The cabinet Note is ready there is no response from YSRCP leaders including YSJ either condemning the attitude or appealing to people or what would YSRCP do apart from routine agitation. Why are they not meeting other national parties seeking support .

      • Lokeshwar

        He is doing best what jagan can do from his side , YSRCP 16 MLA’s and 2 MP’s has given resignation and Party conducting campaigns in all 175 constituencies for samaikyandra, he is not key role person in central government and here state government so what can he do nothing is in his hand he is doing best of his level , vijayamma did fasting for samaikyandra, Sharmila did samaikya sankaravam for samaikyandra

        This is a political game plan for votes and seats already CBN managed to all central parties to split the state

        • CVR Murthy

          YSJ wants power thats all . This is my last post bye

          • JaGun

            Please be Realistic in Politics. When the Ruling Party (Sonia Gandhi) and Main Opposition Leader (CBN), have both decided to work together and Give Telangana, even before YSRCP was formed, what are the Options Jagan has???

            First question those political parties who are directly responsible for this Mess, Sonia Gandhi and CBN. There is no point in targetting YS Jagan.

            Where is the Honesty in Samaikyandhra NGOs Leader, Ashok Babu?? For 60 days, Ashok Babu misled the NGOs and innocent people, as if nothing is going to happen regarding Telangana Note. Ashok Babu will not put pressure on Congress/TDP leaders, but at the same time, he wants to bring pressure on Central Govt…………this is the stupid logic of Ashok Babu.

            Before questioning Jagan, first question the Honesty of Sonia Gandhi, CBN and Ashok Babu. When everyone is playing Double Game, YS Jagan has only limited options.

            One day before July 30 statement, all YSRCP MLAs resigned, then why didn’t Congress/TDP MLAs come along?? Where is the honesty in Congress/TDP parties. With just few MLAs, Jagan cannot do Miracles all by–himself.

            Did Ashok Babu, attack Congress/TDP Politicians??
            But Ashok Babu, is feeling Jealous of YS Jagan.

            We, the people of Andhra Pradesh are also responsible for this Mess. We, thought that Sonia Gandhi will never dare to give Telangana, because Congress/TDP Politicians will do the JOB. We, the Seemandhra People, never questioned CBN, when he gave the First Letter to Pranab Mukerjee on Telangana. But after waking up lately from a deep sleep, all of a sudden we Seemandhra People cry for help and put all pressure on one man Jagan.

            So, Please be Fair to Jagan.

          • Lokeshwar

            Murthy gaaruu your most sincere for us please don’t leave this blog

        • here are few actions, that i wish our party should have taken or should take.
          1. our team should meet all parties in country and request them to support UAP.
          2. wtever anyone says. fact is congress splitting state for few MP seats and all other parties including TDP/ysrcp are for namesake. we should do our bit to take this point deep into public so that, delhi congress should panic of people anger & secondly it should fear that jagan may not go for post-poll support to congress.

          • 1. if not jagan, our party team should have done that.
            2. for second point, I agree that, Jagan didnt get min support even from CPM & MIM. secondly, Ashokbabu,tdp,cong are working against him
            Jagan should go all out on congress/sonia/rahul & voice his support for 3rd front, even though it means loss of power at center.

  31. JaGun

    If we follow Gandhi Style, British took 200 Years to give us Independence.

    Need of the hour for Telugu people. Subashchandra Bose Style.

    YSRCP Take up Bose Style.

    Even now, Look at the reactions of Ashok Babu, this guy is reacting like Joker in a Comedy Show.

  32. Pls ask or post when u r discussing BJP TG stand….

    1) Separatists for many years have been alleging that their jobs have been looted, river waters are stolen, and revenues are misused. Hence, give us a separate state. Are you in agreement with these allegations?

    2) While your party supports division of Andhra Pradesh, why doesn?t it support division of Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, West Bengal, and Maharashtra with the same vigour?

    3) Your party stands for small states? If Telangana state is formed it would be the 12th largest state in the country. What is your barometer for a small state?

    4) Is BJP taking cognisance of 60 day old spontaneous, non-political agitation that is going on in the state, where millions of people are on the road every day?

    5) Why does your party want to donate nearly 15MP seats to the Congress Party?

    6) Why has your party gone back on the stance taken by the then Home Minister Advani?

    Vishalandhra Blog………

  33. venkat

    pls remove that post jagun bhayyaa at least modify.don’t take risk

  34. JaGun

    YS Jagan anna, please do something, to stop this wholesale Rape of Andhra Pradesh in the hands of Sonia Gandhi.

    What non-sense is this, is this Indian Democracy or Indian Dictatorship??
    T-note will be same as CWC resolution, that means Sonia Gandhi, doesn’t give daman to Seemandhra People and its People’s representatives.

    Are you happy now Ashok Babu, having wasted 60 days of Movement without any Pressure on Sonia Gandhi and CBN. During these 60 days of Movement and during this Critical Time, the Great Yellow Gang/TDP people spent all their energies to make a hate campaign of “”Jagan’s Bail””. For TDP, Jagan’s Bail issue is Bigger than Andhra Pradesh Bifurcation issue.

    Finally, Sonia Gandhi and CBN, sold Seemandhra People and Gave Telangana, to destroy Jagan Politically.

    I am disgusted at the way things are being run by Sonia Gandhi and CBN, this is a Big Puppet Show.

    • PSK

      Gandhi Jayanthi ayipoyindi……It’s time to go on Bose style….Now or Never….
      These are the last few days which we have NOW to stop this CRUEL ACT of Bifurcation……..

  35. sreechapan

    CVR anna,

    I appreciate your positive postings to keep up motivation levels. At the same time, Please encourage debate on critical analysis and fast changing dynamics. Posts of CVRmurthy garu etc. should be highlighted and debated.

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