CBN’s interaction with national media, a forgettable experience!

Rajdeep Sardesai, Editor in chief IBN 18 network, interviewed Naidu for about 10 minutes and had asked for Naidu’s clear stand on Telangana, but got no clear answer. Rajdeep commented on his Twitter account “Asked simple qs in 20 diff ways to Chandrababu Naidu; is he for or against Telangana. Got no clear answer!”.

ఏది ధర్మమో చెప్పకుండా బాబు దీక్షకు దిగారా!

జాతీయ స్థాయిలో వచ్చిన మీడియా ప్రతినిదుల ప్రశ్నలకు ఆయన సమాధానం చెప్పడానికి ఇబ్బంది పడ్డారని చెప్పక తప్పదు. కొన్ని సందర్భాలలో అసహనంగా కూడా కనిపించారు. ప్రతిసారి తెలంగాణ పై మీ వైఖరి ఏమిటి?మీరు చూపే పరిష్కారం ఏమిటి అన్న ప్రశ్నలకు ఒక తండ్రి , ఇద్దరు పిల్లల జవాబే చెప్పారే కాని నిర్దిష్ట అబిప్రాయాలను వెల్లడించలేకపోయారు.తనను రాజకీయంగా దెబ్బతీయడానికే కాంగ్రెస్ ఈ నిర్ణయం తీసుకుందని అన్నారు. అంటే ఒకరకంగా చంద్రబాబు తనకు తెలిసి అంటున్నారో,లేక తెలియక అంటున్నారో కాని, తాను ఓడిపోయే ప్రమాదం వచ్చిందని పరోక్షంగా అంగీకరిస్తున్నట్లుగా ఉంది.చంద్రబాబు తన వ్యూహంలో లోపాన్ని తెలుసుకోకుండా కాంగ్రెస్,టిఆర్ఎస్ , వై.ఎస్.ఆర్.కాంగ్రెస్ లను కుమ్మక్కు రాజకీయాలని విమర్శించడానికే ప్రయత్నించారు.


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35 responses to “CBN’s interaction with national media, a forgettable experience!

  1. JaGun

    Samaikyandhra Slogan of CBN:::::::::::::::::::::::”””””Three Slogans and Three Views, for Three Regions of Andhra Pradesh”””””

    This is the Avatar of CBN::::::::::::””””Three Headed and Three Tongues”””

    Achievement of CBN Deeksha:::::::::::::::Commencement of “””Simon Commission””” by Italians

  2. Sharmila should hit the roads as soon as possible.
    Travel every village , mandal and town.
    People need the moral support in their fight for justice .

    We are at the critical stage of the battle.


  3. JaGun

    CBN Match–fixing with Sonia Gandhi??
    Whats the Need for CBN to Match–fix with Sonia Gandhi??
    Why CBN Sold Telugu People to Sonia Gandhi by Giving Telangana Letter Unconditionally??

    Simple Answer::::::CBI. After Match–fixing Deal only, CBI replied that they Don’t have Staff to Investigate CBN (Only in Match–fixing Cases only, CBI gives such Beautiful Replies)

    No Match–fixing, then CBN would have been in Chanchalaguda Jail writing “”Manasulo Maata Part 2″” Book.

    Yellow Porn Media are dying to cover–up this Match–fixing of Sonia Gandhi/CBN by throwing Bullshit Stories of Reverse Match–fixing of Sonia Gandhi/Jagan. They will never Expose CM Ramesh of TDP sleeping with PCC Chief Botsa.

    Yellow Porn Media will never mention that Jagan praised Modi in National Media and Jagan has options similar to JD(U) or Trinomol Congress.

  4. nlr2014

    @ JaGun

    Sometimes my comments get deleted too. But I don’t mind.
    Bcs the person running the blog should not be held responsible for what we say .
    So as much as possible we maintain decency but we all can have occasional outburts .
    As u rightly said the Yellow blogs are full of filth and itch .
    We cannot stoop down to their level and that is why people trust us cutting across castes , regions and religions.

    • nlr2014

      The simple example is ..this blog would not have existed if any one of us here had the caste itch like the yellow gang.
      Reason ..why will we waste time on Jagan when KKR is the CM ??
      This is an indication of our clean mind but that does not mean that we should let the yellow gang get away with their indecent comments.
      We are all fighters here just like u and our Leader and we keep going till Justice (Not the same word Babu uses !! ) is done.

    • JaGun


      Yellow Blogs are like Porn Blogs.
      CBN sold the State to Sonia Gandhi, thats why I hate him. Look at CBN shameless Open Match–fixing with Congress/KKR/Shinde in Delhi Deeksha at AP Bhavan. Will Any Ruling Party allow its Main Opposition Leader to do a Deeksha against the Ruling Party’s Decision, at an Illegal Venue.
      Parachuri Ashok Babu, has wasted 2 months of Most Crucial Valuable Time of Agitation by Being Soft on Congress/TDP and playing to the whims and fantasies of the Same Parties (Congress/TDP), who are responsible for this Bifurcation Mess.
      What are you supposed to Call this Agent Ashok Babu, who doesn’t have a minimum decency to atleast issue a statement appreciating Jagan’s Deeksha for Samaikyandhra???
      What are you supposed to Call this Agent Ashok Babu, who keeps trusting KKR’s Double Games and KKR’s False Promises??

      Self-boasting of Ashok Babu:
      1)We will stop T-Note at any cost, and CWC is only a Party Stand. T-note is now a Reality.
      2)We will Reverse T-note Stand of Govt. Group of Ministers (GoM) is a Reality.
      3)Now, Central Govt. is in the Process of Sending T-note to President in 1 or 2 Days and T-note will be sent to Assembly on or before October20th

      Now, Decide what are we supposed to do with Ashok Babu, who has created False Hopes and Misleading Poor Employees and People???

      Telugu People, should have long time back seen the Dummy Leadership of Ashok Babu and should have Replaced him with a Better Leader leading the Samaikyandhra Agitation.

      Huge Conspiracy Master Plan was designed by Match–fixing of Congress/TDP to Hijack Samaikyandhra Agitation.

      Favourite Statement of Ashok Babu:::
      At any cost, we will keep the Agitation away from Political Parties..Indirectly, it means, he cannot Anger his Political Bosses in Congress/TDP by allowing YSRCP directly into the Agitation.

      KKR and CBN (Chittoor Chettha Brothers) are Slaves of Italians.

      Only Right Answer to Italians is “””Egypt Style Revolution””

  5. JaGun

    Jagan Impact::::::::::After YS Jagan Exposed Sonia Gandhi in National Media, that she is bypassing the State Assembly Resolution Unilaterally, I think the Center is forced to send T-note to Assembly for Resolution before Oct20th.

  6. nlr2014

    Dear friends …pls be proactive with the comments.
    Click report abuse link for negative comments from the yellow gang.

  7. Ramana

    I went to meet Jagan today @ Lotus Pond…somehow managed to meet and talk to him. There was a huge crowd and It was heavily raining but no change in love and affection towards Jagan and his family …people who were there to see him are very honest and genuine…Way to go Jagan …I was BIG fan of YSR but ..Jagan….you’ve changed my perspective…Good are the leader for next generations

  8. vissu

    Very happy to see that delegates of YSRCP led by Honorory president have met with top leaders of all the national parties
    and requested to keep the state united.Atleast now ,the National party leaders should think in constructive manner and vote for United AP in parliment.

  9. JaGun

    Power of Jagan, The Telugu Pride

    ***Yesterday, NGOs Leader Ashok Babu, gave leaks to the Media that Strike will be called off. But presence of Jagan has worried Ashok Babu and Electricity JAC and forced them to Continue the Strike and Talks with CM were force to fail.
    Imagine, had Jagan been in Jail itself. By this time, Ashok Babu would have surrendered the Agitation and called–off Strike.
    Presence of Jagan is 1000 Elephants Strength for the Agitation and Samaikyandhra, and will keep Ashok Babu on his Toes.

    *****Bolli Naidu also Rushed to Delhi, and begged KKR to do the Deeksha illegally in AP Bhavan. Presence of Jagan, even forced CBN to change his Venue from Jantar Mantar to AP Bhavan

    Eventually, All the Samaikyavadis and Samaikyandhra Movement will be Lead by One and Only Jagan, the Only Credible Leader.

  10. Lokeshwar

    Lokesh is training from Anchor Omkar

    • JaGun

      Omkar Training ante “”””Lokesh Janaalaki Lokuva Ayyipothaade Yelaa???””

      Better for Lokesh to get Training from his Standford Pellam.

  11. JaGun

    Lies of Bolli Naidu Team on Match–fixing between Congress and YSR Congress, was exposed in an interview by Barkha Dutt with Digvijay Singh.

    Barkha:::: Will Congress align with Jagan post elections in 2014?
    Diggy:::: Jagan is also admiring Modi publicly. So, Jagan has to clarify if he is going with Modi or not.

    Barkha::::: Did Congress give Bail to Jagan??
    Diggy::::: How can we Match–fix with the Court. Naidu is also a good friend of mine.

    So, Bolli Naidu, stop your lies that Jagan did match–fixing with Sonia Gandhi. So, Bolli Naidu, your friend Digvijay Singh is giving clarification that Jagan got bail only through Supreme Court.

    I know that, Bolli Naidu will not stop these Lies and he needs Treatment. Thats why for the Welfare of Bolli Naidu’s health, Jagan will be his Doctor to Cure Bolli Naidu and will give Bolli Naidu Political Liberation Forever.

  12. JaGun

    Eureka………….I found the Truth Behind Bolli Naidu Deeksha in Delhi

    Bolli Naidu is Asking for Justice in Delhi.
    What does Justice Means??
    Somewhere Deep in Bolli Naidu’s Heart, he knows that 2014 Elections will be in United Andhra Pradesh. In that Scenario, Mukkodu will Murder Bolli Naidu in Telangana, and Jagan will Murder Bolli Naidu in Seemandhra.

    Thats why Bolli Naidu is shouting in Delhi, Do justice to me??

    Bolli Naidu:::::::”””Naaku Nyayam Cheyyandi. Naaku Mukkodu Nunchi Jagan Nunchi Nyayam Cheyyandi””””

    Finally Bolli Naidu ki Skin Treatment cheyyadaaniki Two Specialist Doctors, vunnaaru Jagan and Mukkodu

    Bolli Govindhaa Govindhaaa

  13. JaGun

    The Damage done by Agent Parachuri Ashok Babu to Samaikyandhra Agitation and to lakhs of innocent genuine Low-salaried employees of Seemandhra is immense.

    In the words of Crook Digvijay Singh to National Media::::::::::::””What kind of Genuine Samaikyandhra Agitation is this, when Private Transport, Private Schools, Private Establishments are fully functional and working??? This is an agitation bringing profits to Private Transport Players by collecting huge amounts of money for transport and making common people to suffer””””

    Right from the beginning of this Agitation, I was shouting from Roof–top, that this Guy Ashok Babu is totally non–serious to Lead such an important Agitation and this guy will bring a bad name to the Agitation and will sell the Agitation to Vested Interests. Parachuri Ashok Babu thinks that leading a Genuine Agitation means Only Throwing Parachuri Brothers Cinema Dialogues by Organizing Huge Meetings and dupe innocent employees and crowds.

    Questions to Idiot Ashok Babu::
    1)What was the logic, in allowing Private Establishments to function, and intentionally Running the Agitation Partially, when the Agitation should have been sending Very Serious Signals to the Central Govt. to generate Pressure??
    2)What was the Logic in holding frequent press meets and giving namesake Ultimatums for Resignations from Central Ministers and MPs and later conveniently forgetting to continuously put Genuine Pressure for Resignations??

    Parachuri Ashok Babu without any Leadership Skills and without any Serious Commitment for Samaikyandhra Cause and full of Satires has caused lot of damage in creating an image that this Samaikyandhra Agitation is Non-serious and Non-genuine.

    Ashok Babu , You are a Traitor who sold this Agitation to the Congress Party who is responsible for this Division of the State.

    CM–KKR wants No Resignations of Ministers/MLAs/MPs and Ashok Babu Delivers it.
    TDP–Bolli Babu wants No Commencement of Assembly Session and Ashok Babu Delivers it.

    Now, Educated Employees, you take a step back and put some genuine questions about Ashok Babu leadership and his achievements, and one will get the Answer that Ashok Babu has misled the Agitation only to Suit Congress Party and TDP.

    Dongalu Dongalu Vuullu Panchukunnaaru!!

  14. JaGun

    Open Challenge to Rajdeep Sardesai
    “”Try Asking Simple Questions in 100 Different Ways to Bolli Babu Naidu on Telangana Issue or on any other Uncomfortable Issue to Bolli Babu and Try Getting a Clear Answer”””???

    “””Yevadu Ayithe Vandha Nalukalatho Cheppina Vishayanni Marukshanam lo Maarchi Maarchi Mind Block Chesi Mental Theppisthaado Vaade Bolli Babu Naidu”””

    Bolli Babu Naidu Peddha Lolli Babu Naidu
    Bolli Lolli Kalisi Peddha Oosaravelli (Inspiration to Jr.NTR Movie’s Title)

    Andhukane Bollodu ante Buddodu Ki Cheedram

  15. JaGun

    Media Questions to Bolli Babu (Vitiligo Skin Disease Babu)

    1)What is TDP’s Ideology
    A)Our New Ideology:::: Fight Jagan by Any Means
    2)What is TDP’s Stand on Telangana
    A)Protect TDP from Jagan
    3)What is TDP’s Stand on Samaikyandhra
    A)Protect TDP from Jagan
    4)Why are you doing Delhi Deeksha
    A)To Distract National Media from Jagan
    5)How you want to Solve Telangana Issue
    A)By Dissolving TDP
    6)Can you become of CM of AP in 2014
    A)I will become a Central Cabinet Minister in 2014, to Protect Myself Once Jagan becomes CM of AP in 2014
    7)What is your Election Strategy for 2014
    A)Blocking TDP Cadre from Fleeing to Jagan
    8)Does TDP still Depend on Aatmagovravam Slogan
    A)No, Jagan Already Took Aatmagovravam Slogan
    9)Does TDP still Depend on NTR’s Image
    A)No, Jagan Already Using NTR’s Image
    10)Does TDP still Stand for Anti–Congress Party
    A)No, Jagan Party already got the Brand of Anti–Congress
    11)What is the Future of TDP Cadre
    A)I am not Sure about my Own Future.

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