Kiran Reddy to float new political party?

An interesting aspect of this is that Kiran is being reportedly encouraged by influential people belonging to a powerful community that he does not belong to.

The interest for this community is that the launch of a new party by Kiran Reddy would cut into the vote bank of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and thereby indirectly help the TDP gain power in the ensuing general polls.

Sources said  Kiran Reddy is now banking on the support of APNGOs to float the new party to cash in on the Seemandhra movement.


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54 responses to “Kiran Reddy to float new political party?

  1. Sharmila should hit the roads ASAP.
    It is not that difficult to relay Jagan’s speeches on large screens during Sharmila’s tour.
    She herself can deliver fiery speeche’s .
    We dont have much time left and we are on the winning side.
    At the same time YSRCP should look into the legal battle of stopping the division atleast till the elections.

    Go Sharmila …Go.

  2. ps

    If any worst case telangana state forms. Seemandhra people has to accept hyderabad only as a capital . This if only saves seemandhra people. Otherwise no central government institutes for seemandhra. No revune for seemandhra so no development for seemandhra people.water , looses some percentage only. But our people looses capital, development, revenue mostly. It will be pushes demanders people who leave power

  3. nlr2014

    Cyclone Phailan….hope people move to safe places.

  4. nlr2014

    Babu matalaku ………….ardhale verule
    Babu rogalaku………….symptoms verule !!
    Mare …water bottles lo antha juice thagado ??

  5. nlr2014

    Dabbu ….Gajji…Prajalanu mosam cheyatam.
    Chee …chee…veeri brathuku.

  6. nlr2014

    No matter what the outcome is we should fight till the end.
    Go Sharmila ….Go. Give the people the Hope.

  7. PFK

    In simple terms.
    Rahul gandhi’s future, AP’s doom.

  8. nlr2014

    For a break …..

    Farewell to Sachin ..entertained a Generation with his skills.

    Sachin debbaki ..Cyclone Phailan debbaki …Vilala vila kottuku poina Babu donga deeksha dabba.

  9. nlr2014

    Andhariki Pacha Kamerlu vuntai ani kalalau kannadu papam.
    Delhi lo tholu theesaru . Aina gajji podhu papam.

  10. PFK

    Looks like UPA and CONGRESS trying dilute the UAP movement focus by
    1. By asking SEEMANDHRA people to decide the capital.
    2. By making employees one by one calling of strikes.
    3. By supporting CBN during the deeksha
    4. By making SEEMANDHRA central ministers to focus on the after bifurcation issues
    5. Now and then declaring GoM report may get delayed
    6. Conflicting reports on whether telangana resolution/bill coming to assembly or not

    YSRCP should have clarity for all above scenarios and should lead the UAP movement even strongly.

    • PFK

      By saying the above things.
      YSRCP should be clear on how long to carry the baton of UAP movement ALONE in the context of everybody else focusing on after bifurcation issues.

      So YSRCP should have solutions ready for
      1. Capital
      2. Revenue
      – Hyderabad revenue sharing
      – Tax relaxations and holiday
      – Tax sharing ratio between central and state
      – Money to develop new capital
      – Heavy packages for areas like RAYALASEEMA and UTTARANDHRA
      – Money to complete the dams
      – Money to continue the current welfare programs
      3. Agriculture
      4. Employment and HRD
      – New institutions like Central university, IIT and IIM etc
      – Governament installations HAL, NAL, BHEL
      – Establishment of IT and BT companies
      5. Water sharing
      6. Increased share in the natural gases
      7. Electricity
      8. Infrastructure development
      – Airports
      – Ship yards
      – Roads etc

  11. YSRCP party should be Carefull for the next 6months.
    I think they want to corner Jagan to rayalaseema or kadapa dist alone.
    I read a news, sindhe stating Seemaandhra will decide where will be there capital.This will create one more problem with in seemandhra.Again they want party stand on seemandhra capital.

    I think at present Most of the people not yet all thinking of there next capital,If we continue this agitation for next 6months we are safe.

    • PFK

      Now that employees one by one calling of strike. YSRCP should intensify the UAP movement and should take it forward. We should not give KKR and TDP any scope.

      • PFK

        JAGAN has applied for the permission of the court. If he gets the permission well and good. Otherwise SHARMILA garu should lead the UAP movement. SHARMILA garu has done very good job during the SAMAIKYA SHANKHARAVAM. I think we should continue.

  12. PFK

    Need to expose members of GoM.
    SHINDE from MAHARASHRA and VEERAPPA MOILY from KARNATAKA to give justice to telugu people for KRISHNA water distribution. What to expect from these?

  13. Kareem

    Morning Water Night Biryani

  14. Kareem

    Yellow media was focused Cyclon Phailinwhen when jagan 5 day fast was going on , even it just started than. Now Cyclone is very severe but yellow media focusing CBN fast .

  15. Sharmila should hit the roads and give the Hope for people’s agitation.
    Go Sharmila ….Go.

  16. JaGun

    Miracle by Sugar Patient Chandrababu doing Indefinite Fast to enter Guninness World of Records.
    How this Medical Miracle Happen??
    Chandrababu does a new Breathing Technique called “”NTR Pranayam”” to maintain Sugar Levels.
    How to do “””NTR Pranayam”””?
    Chandrababu Imagines the “””NTR Viceroy Hotel Episode”” by closing his Eyes and Concentrates on that Hotel Episiode for nearly 2 hrs daily early morning.

    60 year Old Sugar Patient Chandrababu, has thrown a challenge to the “””Science of Human Body”” Many Drug Companies like Pfizer are experimenting on Chandrababu to make the next Big Drug Discovery to permanently cure “”Diabetes””.

    Chandrababu, Yes You Can!!!!!
    Chandrababu, You are the Right Leader to Lead “””””Yellow Dongala Party (YDP)”””

  17. JaGun

    Article 371(D) is to be deleted before the passing the bill on Telengana without which the whole process of formation of telengana will be stalled by the constitution bench of Supreme court and the reason is pretty simple because of the Article 371(D) zonal system came into being and the employee tranfers are limited to the zone they are working but if the bifurfication with out ratifing this then what about the transfers of the employees they can be transfereed any where in the state?. Employees will be agrevied party to and they have every rigth to knock the doors of supreme court and definetly it is case to reckon. So there is every possiblity that constitution bench may ask to ratify the 371(D) first and go for bifurfication

  18. RK


    Article 371D didn’t speak about anything special wrt state bifurcation. Can you what exact Article Number provides clarifies how state can be bifurcated.

    • JaGun

      “”””””””In the 32nd amendment to the Constitution, two new articles — 371 (D) and 371 (E) — were inserted with the header, ‘Special provisions with respect to Andhra Pradesh’.

      Article 368 clearly states that if any change is to be made under the 7th schedule, then it has to be adopted by a special majority. Both houses of Parliament have to pass the Bill with a two thirds majority. Such an amendment also has to be ratified by state legislatures.””””””””””””

      Separate State of Seemandhra can be formed out of Andhra Pradesh Under Article 3, but Article 371(D) needs to Amended. We need clarity from Constitutional Expert, is it ::::::Amendment of 371(D) Followed by Division Under Article 3 (OR) Division Followed by Repealing 371(D).

      KCR Gang is saying that Once Telangana is formed under Article 3, all the “”Special Provisions with respect to Andhra Pradesh”” are Null and Void. My feeling is that, as long as the State Entity of “”Andhra Pradesh”” remains Before Division or After Division, this Article 371(D) needs to be Amended Before Division itself. But Sonia Gandhi, can do anything to Make Rahul as PM.

      Recently, some guy P.V.Krishaiah filed a PIL in Highcourt, on the grounds that >>>State Cannot be Divided under Article 3, while 371(D) is in Place. Highcourt, rejected the Petition on the grounds that its Parliament’s Jurisdiction.

  19. Ram

    Does the UPA Govt fall, if all SA MPs (all parties) resign in LS and RS? What is the Math around this?

  20. JaGun

    CWC Resolution on Telangana >>>>>>>Kicking Out and Throwing Out, 6 Crore Seemandhra People from the Existing State of Andhra Pradesh, with a New State “”””””””Seemandhra”””””””””

    Thatswhy Sonia Gandhi is saying to Seemandhra People, Take Packages and Get out of Andhra Pradesh.

    Sonia Gandhi, you are Creating another “””””””KASHMIR–Like Problem””””” in South India.

    Chandrababu, You sold 6 Crore Seemandhra People to Sonia Gandhi, by asking 5 Lakh Crores Package.

    Only in Banana Republic of India that a New State “”””Seemandhra””” is formed, by oppressing the 6 Crore People Voice.

    Sonia Gandhi, Manmohan Singh and BJP, have declared that 6 Crore Seemandhra People are not Indians. Then Give us a Separate Country.

    • JaGun

      According to Constitution:::
      Whichever consists of the Existing Capital is the Residuary State. So, CWC Resolution Telangana with Hyderabad, according to Constitution is the “”Residuary State Andhra Pradesh””

      But Cleverly, CWC/T-note is calling this “”Residuary State of Andhra Pradesh”””” as Telangana. And the New State “”””Seemandhra”” is being called “””Andhra Pradesh”””. According to Constitution, the New State is “”Seemandhra”””

      So, in that case, if Telangana alias Residuary State of Andhra Pradesh, remains as it is, then Article 371 D needs to be amended. So, definitely, Constitutional Amendment of Article 371 D needs 2/3rd Majority in Parliament.

      If you all remember the Dumb Digvijay Singh’s Press Meet soon after CWC Resolution, he slipped his tongue, and revealed that New State Formation needs “”””Constitutional Amendment””

      If New State of Telangana is formed without the Existing Capital Hyderabad, then there is no need for Article 371 D Constitutional Amendment, since Telangana without Hyderabad is not “”””Residuary State of Andhra Pradesh””””

      YSRCP Please hold a Media Briefing by a Constitutional Expert on all these Issues.

  21. Madhu

    Yes. I agree. We should make the letters as posters, pomplets and distribute them to every house, village and colony. Based on my interaction at ground level, people are believing that YSRCP has struck a deal with Congress. Party should comeup with strong action plan to counter this campaign. Otherwise it will be counter productive to party in next elections.

    • Pavithra

      we should clarify and distribute both parties stand….that is I recently posted the comparison given in the

  22. JaGun

    My Sincere Humble Request to YSRCP

    Please immediately Hold a Press Meet Exclusively to Explain Constitutional Process for a New State Formation. In this Press Meet, Please bring the Best Constitutional Lawyer in the Country to explain the Constitution to the Telugu People. There is no point in YSRCP leaders, themselves, explaining Constitutional Process. Constitutional Lawyer Addressing Media adds Credibility and Confidence in the Minds of Telugu People and Will remove the Confusion forever.

    Please kindly Remove this Confusion about the Constitution Technicalities in the Minds of Telugu People and Expose the Lies of Sonia Gandhi.

    Constitutional Lawyer Expert should address the below questions in the Press Meet
    1) Is the New State Telangana or Seemandhra?? As per the CWC Resolution Proposal, it seems in Reality the Actual New State being formed is Seemandhra without Capital and Telangana with Hyderababd is the Residual State.
    2)Does Article 3 has the Power to Form a New State Telangana with the Existing Capital Hyderabad??
    3)As per CWC Resolution and Cabinet T-note, New State is Telangana with Capital Included. But in Reality isn’t the New State getting Separated is “””Seemandhra””” without Capital. What does Article 3 say??
    4)Can a Capital be Shared for 10 years without being made Union Territory?? What does Constitution say??
    5)What about Article 371 D?? Does it need to be Amended in the Constitution or not??

    Please YSRCP hold a Press Meet with a Constitutional Expert Lawyer Addressing the Media. Anyways, YS Jagan declared that YSRCP will explore Legal Options. I think its a good idea, to educate the Telugu People about the Constitution to remove the Confusion created by Sonia Gandhi.

    • JaGun

      Did 6 Crore Telugu People of Seemandhra, ask Sonia Gandhi for a New State, Seemandhra??
      Who gave the Power to Sonia Gandhi, to form a New State Seemandhra in the Disguise of Telangana, by Oppressing the 6 Crore Telugu People Voice??

      29the New State of India is “””””””Seemandhra””””””””” in the Camouflage of Telangana.

      How is Telangana, a New State, By Taking Existing Capital Hyderabad with it??

      This is Complete Non–sense of Sonia Gandhi ((Rahul Gandhi, are you Listening??)

  23. JaGun

    Yellow Porn Media, is Releasing Only Half–part of the YSRCP Letter Cleverly and happily ignoring the Second–half of the Letter, where YSRCP mentions that “””””””””Justice should be done to all the Stakeholders like a Father”””””

    YSRCP should Distribute the Complete Letter to all the JACs to Expose the Yellow Porn and Italian Porn.

  24. JaGun

    Telugu People Wake–up [Traitors are Confusing Everyone Using Media]::

    1)Only Telangana Draft Bill will be Coming to Assembly and there will be No Voting and Only Views can be Expressed on the Draft Bill.

    2)Central Govt. will not be sending T-note to Assembly Resolution and there will be No Voting

    Whats the Game Plan of KKR:::::::::::::To avoid President’s Rule and Create Telangana for Sonia Gandhi

    What Options Left for Samaikyandhra
    1)Convene Assembly Resolution Immediately and Send a Assembly Resolution For Samaikyandhra to Central Govt.
    2)Collapse the Congress Govt. at State Level

    Otherwise, KKR and CBN will the help of Ashok Babu will Create Telangana for Sonia Gandhi.

    • JaGun

      KKR is Lying to Telugu People that Central Govt. will send T-note and Telangana Draft Bill, TWICE to Assembly.

      Central Govt. Shinde clarified that Center will Send Telangana Draft Bill, Only Once to Assembly.

      KKR and Ashok Babu are playing a Drama, that MLAs should not Resign and Vote against Assembly Resolution on Telangana, which is ””CHEATING””’

  25. ys fan

    If kkr is particular about united ap, he could have dissolved assembly by now…. It seems he would move the resolution in assembly. As per the rules it doesnt matter even if resolution is defeated in the assembly.

  26. JaGun

    Many Telugu People are Banging their Heads against the Wall to find Answer to One Million Dollar Question::::::::::::::::::”””What is the Secret of 60 year Old Chandrababu’s Energy during Delhi Deeksha???””” Is it:::RedBull or Dabur Chavanprash

    Behind the scenes, Many Multi-national companies are approaching Chandrababu to find out the Secret of that Product. I hope , Chandrababu, will not be like an another Fraud Ramar Pillai, who boasted to Produce Petrol from Plants.

  27. JaGun

    YSRCP should Boycott the Group of Ministers (GoM) and shouldn not Recognize that Group. Even if there is Pressure to send a Report to that GoM, ”””’Send a Samaikyandhra Report””” by Fax to GoM and also Release that Report to Media.

    Whoever Attends the GoM, whose Terms and References are ””Creating Telangana””’, will be Branded as ”””Separatists”””.. So, YSRCP be Careful about this Sonia Gandhi’s New Trap (GoM).

    YSRCP, should demand that Unless the T-Note Process is stopped, YSRCP cannot attend or discuss with GoM.

  28. PFK

    In my understanding ASHOK BABU wasted 2 months of agitation time of employees by not creating any pressure on political parties and no impact on high command.

    • JaGun

      CM—KKR successfully Used Ashok Babu. Ashok Babu Successfully Used Employees. Employees Unions are successfully Using Agitation to Make Govt. Agree to their long–pending Demands like ”””’Merging APSRTC with Govt.””” Everyone is Happy except Poor Bhakra Telugu People.

      Every Group is working with their own Hidden Agendas to Use this Agitation to their Benefits. Thatswhy Credibility of Leader is Paramount, YSR is known for that Impeccable Credibility and YS Jagan is the Only Political Leader in Andhra Pradesh Politics.

      Even Today, Ashok Babu was more Focussed on his Build-up Sabha in Bhimavaram, Even God is not Happy with this Ashok Babu and poured Rain again and again in Vijayawada and Bhimavaram Sabhas.

      Ashok Babu, new Slogan::::::::::::::”””’Strike Will Continue till 2014”””” [[[[Already RTC/Electricity/Teachers Employees are Discontinuing the Strike, and Only Bribe–Taking Ashok Babu Govt. Employees will be Left]]]]

      There is one common Similarity in these New Species of Dongalu in Andhra Pradesh Politics::::::::::::::::This New Species of Dongalu, Releases Unlimited Self–contradicting Press Statements on a Daily Basis to create Confusion. This New Species of Dongalu include:::Digvijay, Chandrababu, Shinde, Chako, Ashok Babu.

      Confuse Telugu People to Divide Them and Rule Them.

      • PFK

        Why nobody targetting BJP as part of the UAP movement. People should start targetting BJP since it is national party, agreed for the bifurcation, requires BJP support to clear the bill in parliament. Need to include MODI in the loop so that he also needs to take a stand on bifurcation. If BJP is aligning with TDP it also gives us advantage.

        • JaGun

          YSRCP leaders had a meeting with Rajnath Singh, and we should keep building pressure on BJP. Already BJP Venkayya Naidu, is feeling the Pressure from Seemandhra.

    • JaGun

      Its Yellow Porn. Its a Psychological Disease. Their Porn Star is CBN. Their Addiction to Yellow Porn is due to their Caste Affiliation. Many of this Yellow Porn Maniacs are Highly Educated People.

      They don’t have Balls to question CBN
      why CBN Humiliated NTR??
      Is it Ethical to back–stab the Party Founder and Popular Mass Leader NTR??
      To which Zamindar Family CBN belongs to, before CBN entered Politics, and what is Current CBN’s Wealth??
      Is it Ethical for CBN to Sleep with Every Party on the Street for Electoral Gains, irrespective of their Ideologies??

      They have Successfully Converted Film Industry also into a Porn Industry.

  29. JaGun

    YSRCP Should Issue a Statement that ”””””Samaikyavaadhulu should be careful with some NGO leaders acting as Coverts of KKR, and any association with the Separatist CM (Agent of Sonia Gandhi) will bring Bad Reputation to the entire Agitation””””

  30. JaGun

    I am expecting a Vizayanagaram Incident on KKR in Chitoor shortly.
    People have Realized that KKR and CBN are Separatists with the Same Agenda in the disguise of Samaikyandhra.
    KKR and CBN are Making Love Openly in AP Bhavan in Delhi

  31. PSK

    I challenge that this Kir Kir Reddy doesn’t get his deposit…. forget about other contestants from his party…. anywhere they contest in SA, Any doubts???

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