Tilt towards BJP costs Naidu invite to Left-supported meet




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58 responses to “Tilt towards BJP costs Naidu invite to Left-supported meet

    • sai prabhakar

      Chinnareddy, former minister from Telangana clearly said today in V6 channel ” We told Y.S.Rajasekharareddy that we would be giving a representation to Sonia about the problems in Telangana. But we wrote in the letter that we need Telangana which Y.S.R. did not know”. Also he said that YSR was always against Telangana state.

  1. nlr2014

    This is how Daggubati Chinnamma will manage any cases against her in the future …Good planning.


  2. Atchyut

    The rumor of Pavan Kalyan joining TDP is a big trick to divert the people’s attention from “Samaikya Sankaravam” and “SA” movement. They fear that Jagan would become the champion of SA cause and they want to create sensation by dragging the Mega brothers…even if they decided to join the TDP they wouldn’t do it now..they would wait until the last minute..this is the mind game they are playing..

  3. Gopi

    I have been laughing my ass off by seeing TDP’s desperation lately.. Naidu is doing his last attempts to save himself.. he can not escape this time.

  4. Ram

    NCBN garu: Aa tommidi samvatsaralalo, leda ee padi samvatsaraalalo, WB vadidi pattukuni veladakunda.. Prajalaku ‘nijayiteega’ meelu, seva chesi unte gadapa gadapa tiriki enadu adukkune kharma tappedi kadandi. Mee bhajana brundam fans ’83lo manchi vallaina prajalu ’04nundi ela gorrella ayyaro ane meemamsa lo kottu mittadutu undevaru kadu kadandi.. Ardham chesukoru…

  5. ps

    Chiru has to play second innings in politics by joining into ysrcp.

    • nlr2014

      @ ps garu

      I always admired Chiru as a Reel hero who fought against yellow caste politics/ fanatics in tollywood.
      But then he turned out to be a Zero in politics for selfish reasons .
      What about those lakhs of people who admired him and voted for him and then he suddenly closes his party and merges with cong for a minister post ? There are many people who have sold their properties and lost their livelihood.
      My wife’s uncle contested from PRP and ended up with a divorce !!
      So it is hard to believe even if he now claims he has changed .

  6. ps

    We have to invite megastar chiranjeevi into ysrcp. With in very short time cheranjeevi Kent that how tdp and Congress people carried worst and stupid politics. How they influence other family members for getting power. How they are tendence their political college by using help of good and nice persons. How insult their thoughts.actually I am a fan of chiru but not pawan. I am hating chiru politics till today.I am pray the god please give to chiru good mind like that he has to join ysrcp for gretest development of AP. Ituvanti marpu stability vastunadani assisting. Prajala kide Athanu chupiche marpu

  7. Kareem

    This week Yellow channels supporting rating for TDP
    1. ETV-2
    2. ABN
    3. CVR
    4. TV9
    5. Maha
    6. NTV
    7. TV5
    8. HMTV
    9. Janata News
    10. 10tv

    • nlr2014

      Anni Gammathuu channels vachina..anni Kammati varthalu rasina.
      Anthima Vijyam manadhe.
      Only few more months for many of these channels to shut down.

  8. NLR

    If this is the situation in a well educated and green Kerala
    I wonder what it might be in AP ?


    • Ram

      Dr NLR: Nothing to do with education. Food we eat and how it is grown has changed over decades. Water we drink is polluted either with chemicals or plastics. Milk is adulterated with vitamins and chemicals to increase shelf life. Air we breathe is polluted. Space we live in is polluted with several electromagnetic waves of varying wave lengths that has subtle effects on our thinking and hence body.

      Oncology was not a sought after profession at least 10-15 years ago. Now it is because it pays big bucks. This indicates there is rapid increase in the number of causalities.

      Ancient cures like govu mutram, pacchi pasupu are not thoroughly researched or published or credited. Many hope future scientific advancements will find cures, while on the contrary, root cause is already known, with much simpler remedies.

      • nlr2014

        @ Ram

        U are right. I think people are undermining the influence of environmental factors on health and are just crazy about earning money.
        They don’t realise it until it affects them personally.
        This can only change with education, awareness and responsibility.

    • Ram

      “Palle kanneru pedutundoi kanipinchani kutrala… Natta gullau yaadiki poyinavi… patti mandula gattara vasanaraa ee panta polalalla…” The person who sung the above movie song passed away few weeks ago with Cancer. The drug discoverer and eminent enterpreneur Dr.R passed away recently with the same.

      Quoting from the above NDTV article “Eminent cancer specialist VP Gangadharan said the need of the hour is to start more number of oncology centres across the state”… “Another medical professional, Sanal Kumar pointed out – what the state lacks in is research institutions to tackle increasing incidences of cancer”….”We have to set up institutions to meet the needs of cancer patients because research and development are of prime importance. Also we should have centres where training is given for nurses and medical professionals to treat cancer patients”

      For some this is a business with imported and patented medicine, for effected person and the close family it is life!

    • Ram

      Ask your grandparents about the rice fields of their days. They were taller, abundant with varieties (chosen by climate, soil type and rainfall conditions of that location), the cycle time was longer, the yield was smaller, and the people eating those grains were stronger, disease free, healthier and had longevity. The shorter hybrid grain varieties have shorter cycle time, high yields, and the seeds did not have any strength in them. Pests can easily attack them, and hence the need for supplemental petro-based pest control. This is the real root cause. Today, the young generation does not know what to eat and what not to eat. This is how educated we are. Some call this progress and prosperity.

  9. nlr2014

    I sometimes feel that this Ashok Chowdary is playing mind games with SA people.
    The leaders will have to catch the feet of the people begging for mercy and not the other way round.


  10. prabhakar NJ

    NLR Garu,

    RIP for your Grand mother.

  11. Ram

    Is APNGO team throwing a spanner again? Just few days ago they publicly stopped the agitation temporarily, and indicated to start a flash agitation when bill comes to AP Assembly! Seems they want to resrtict employees coming to Hyderabad sabha on 26/10. What else explains their U turn announcing flash agitation agenda starting 23/10 at mandal levels? Don’t they really want a UAP? Are they not participating on 26/10 to air their voice?

  12. nlr2014

    I think our stand in the Samaikhya Sankaravam should be ..

    United AP at any cost.
    All employees who participate in the agitation will be paid for lost days after we come to power
    All students who participate in the agitation will be supported
    All parents should hit the roads for their children’s future
    All farmers will be provided free power for …hours after we come to power
    All YSR policies will continue in Telangana and SA after we come to power
    All police cases against agitators will be lifted once we come to power
    We need to take an aggressive stand

    So the slogan is …IT IS NOW or NEVER

  13. sridagg

    ram,Pls explain in detail for your comment
    “mistakes committed by some in culture, history, arts etc”.

    I did’t understand

  14. Ram

    పైడి జైరాజ్.. Dada Saheb Phalke Award Winner.. sad I did not know him sofar.. hope YSJMR does an appropriate job to connect with all bros in T with his open appeal and agree to the mistakes committed by some in culture, history, arts etc. Hope he gives measures to rectify these to have an all inclusive growth of all 3 regions. Hope he starts his address like how Vivekananda did ad Chicago more then a 100 yars ago “Sisters and Brothers…” that gave a rousing welcome

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