Jaganmohan Reddy’s support bait to Cong, BJP


చీలిస్తే .. చెండాడుతాం


జనమంత.. జగన్!



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59 responses to “Jaganmohan Reddy’s support bait to Cong, BJP

  1. Sekar

    Look at how TDP guys are cheating the people and caught red handed to TV cameras.

  2. We better to use the term yellow gang,yellow fellows instead of using kamma,chowdary and all that,because same community in our party may hurt,ee site veekshinhe Kamma varu kuda vunnaru vallela feel avutaro manam ardham chesu kovali…vijayawada MP ..PVP ani….ELURU sentini hospitals (vja) owner ani…GUNTUR. Narne ani vartalu vastunnayi…I think YSRCP is not limited to some casts it is for all….if ours is such path ,in by elections Mekatoti Sucharitha would have not win by a huge margin…recently I came across the situation on my own experience in Vijayawada…before kodali nani,vamsi,vangaveeti Radha krishna..while chit chating they pointed out pain fully..NO PARTY SURVIVES ONLY ONE CASTE…..OKA KULAM VALLU MARO KULAM SAHAKARAM LEKUNDA JEEVINCHA GALARAA?Kodali Nani join aiynappudu…yvb Rajendra prasad,Nani ni nuvvu kamma vadivi ayyundi Jagan to veltava?NTR ante swantha mama kabatti tdp lo join ayyadu…Nuvvu Jagan ki amma vypu chuttama,abba vypu chttama ani media mukamgaa adigite Nani guba guyyi mane samadhanam cheppadu…we welcome those people with red carpet irrespective of caste&creed….

    • Lokeshwar

      Your 100% correct we better use yellow guys instead of that word, they are all blaming because of some ones, my freind also told me same thing

      • NLR

        I agree with you.
        The society should move on from caste fanatism especially people like JP who are well educated.
        Yes may be it is better to use the “yellow” than caste as it might hurt some of them who support Jagan.
        My question is – why should one support a party that is going to ruin the future of their family and their children by dividing the State just because it is led by a caste fanatic ?
        Do they know that there are wonderful Human beings in other castes and religions too despite coming from a very poor background.
        The maid in my house is a Muslim from 40 years and the workers in our field’s are SC’s for the last 40yrs. I can say that I have not come across such honest , hardworking and grateful people in any other caste in my lifetime.
        There were many Muslim’s who gave up their life after the death of YSR who followed Christianity. Has this ever happened before ? Why ??
        If caste and money make people good then there would have been no need for temples/mosques/churches.
        There is good and bad everywhere. It despond’s on what one chose’s.

    • Gopi

      I agree with that. Please please do not directly mention or hate a caste directly. Everybody has respect for their own caste and we have Kamma’s in our party and we have to respect them.
      Word “yellow” is what YSR coined-in and lets use this word. I am sorry if I am hurting anyone here.

    • Kareem

      watch 4:55 time he said తుంగలో తొక్కుత మీరు మీ మీడియాని

      • Kareem

        లగడపాటి – కాంగ్రెస్
        కావూరి – కాంగ్రెస్
        రాయపాటి -కాంగ్రెస్
        రేణుక -కాంగ్రెస్
        వెంకయ్య నాయుడు -కాంగ్రెస్
        జయప్రకాశ్ నారాయణ – లోక్సత్తా
        రాఘవులు – సిపిఐ
        నారాయణ – సిపిఎం
        వీరంతా వేరు వేరు పార్టీల్లో ఉన్నప్పటికీ అందరి ఉద్దేశాలు ఒకటే , ఒకరికి ఒకరు సహకరించుకుంటారు

        • Kareem

          sorry venkayya naidu – bjp

          • They all belong to KDP.
            4% of people with a mutual understanding looting the remaining 96% .
            We need to expose these fellows to all Telugu people and to the Nation.
            Dramapati ..nuvvu mundhu nee vela kotla appulu gurinchi matladu. Mee yellow brothers kuda inka Lanco invest cheyaru.

  3. Kareem

    JC Divakar Reddy joined in TDP officially has to announce

    • NLR

      He has no other choice except to move from a sunk boat to a sinking boat.
      There will be some more choice less rogues who will board it and that will be their End.

  4. Lokeshwar

    కాంగ్రెస్ వాళ్ళే కాంగ్రెస్ తో కుమ్మక్కయ్యాడు అంటారా ప్రజలెమైన పిచ్చోళ్ళనుకున్తున్నర లేదా జగన్ మిద ఏది చెప్పిన నమ్మటానికి ప్రజలెమైన yello guys అనుకుంటున్నారా

    • Lokeshwar

      సమైక్య శంఖారావం సభ సక్సెస్ ఐతే కాంగ్రెస్ , TDP నాయకులు కల్లు తగిన కోతుల్ల ఎగురుతున్నారు అంటే వీళ్ళ కి సమైక్యం గా ఉండటం ఇష్టం లేదు .

      • Jagun

        Samaikya Dhrohulu Congress-TDP Kallu Thaagina Kothulu

        Kallu Brand::::::::::”””Sonia Gandhi”””
        Kallu Thaagadam Sonia Gandhi Kaalla Meedha Padadam

        Kallu Thagina Kothi Prasna:::::::::KCR ni Jagan Yendhuku Thittadam ledhu, answer me I say
        Orey Kothi, KCR ni Dec 9 mundhara Deeksha lo Kurchopettindhe Sonia Gandhi ne Kadharaa………….YSR Helicopter Maranam Enquiry Divert Cheyyadaaniki………..Mee Kothula andhari Kanna Amma Soniamma Ne Jagan Target chesi Thuppu Vadhala Kodathaa Vunte…………..Meeru Mee Kallu Paithyam

  5. Kareem

    సిబిఐ సుప్రీమ్ కోర్ట్ అదేస్యాలు కాకుండా TDP అదేస్యాలు పాటించటానికి అందరు JD లక్ష్మీనారాయణ లాగా ఉండరుగా

  6. Jagun

    Questions to Lagadapati:::::::

    1)You claim to be Andhra Octopus, you want to make Telugu people Fools, by saying that you are not aware of the Telangana Decision well in advance to July 30??? Are you a Fool or Idiot to ignore the fact that 9 central minister jobs were given only to Seemandra Congress leaders, doesn’t ring a bell about what was coming regarding Telangana??
    How many Delhi trips CM KKR/Botsa made to 10 Janpath before July 30?? In every Delhi trip, you were next to your buddy CM KKR and were updated with full information on Telangana well in advance??

    2)How much package did you receive from Sonia Gandhi to bail out your Lanco company from ICICI Bank Fraud with Australian Mining Companies?? For how many Crores of Rupees did you sell Vijayawada people to Sonia Gandhi??

    3)You are already Sold-out to Sonia Gandhi. Isn’t the main reason for withdrawing your Delhi high court petition on Speaker??

    4)Do you balls and guts to reveal all the business transactions of Seemandhra MPs, who sold Telugu people for Packages to Sonia Gandhi??
    Isn’t true that 90% of Seemandhra MPs and Central Ministers are Businessmen with huge Road/Mining/Real estate Contracts, which need clearances from Central Govt.??
    Isn’t true that Seemandhra Congress MPs Sold Telugu People to Sonia Gandhi for their Business Contracts and Packages??

    5)If you have any credibility left in you, can you dare to expose the Truths and Scams of CM KKR and his brother Santhosh Reddy as revealed by ex-DGP Dinesh Reddy in Press conference????

    Lagadapati, you are Political Broker, who is in Politics to protect Lanco Business and every common politically aware person knows your history.

    “”””Nee Veedhi Bhaagotham aaparaa Lagadapati……………Telugu Samaikyavaadhanni Sonia Gandhi ki yeppudo ammesaavu………….Murder chesi malli nuvve Savam daggara yediche nee chillara chestaalu chusi Vijayawada prajalu Vummesthunnaaru…………..Nee Ashok Babu Gang ni venakesukoni Malli Samaikyandhra musugulo Business chesukondi”””””””””””””’

    Guruginja ki ****** kindha Nalupu Theliyadhu anta!!!!!!!!!!

    • PSK

      Veedi “Brokerpaati” gurinchi yentha takkuva maatlaadithe antha manchidi.
      Veediki Tara Choudary ki difference yemi ledu.

      • Jagun

        Kamma Kampu ni Kadigi Pareyyaali 2014 Elections lo………..
        Veellu Veella Veedhi Bhaagothaalu

        1)Penta Congress KKR prabhuthvaanni Kulche Dammu leni Chavata Kamma Babu…………veedoka Main Opposition Leader
        Ee Chavata Babu antaadu, Telangana Iccheyandi nenu vocchi Laksha kotlo commissions thini Rajadhaanni kaduthaanu antaadu Thaapimesthri la
        Ee chavata babu ki theliyadhaa………Varadhalu/Cyclone victims ke Funds ivvani Central Govt………veedi mokhaani Laksha Kotlu Funds isthundhi ani guarantee leni packages Sonia Gandhi ni adukkovadam chuusthe veedi desperation Telangan ivvamani ye Range lo vundho ardham avuthundhi.

        2)Kamma Ashok Babu addam pettukoni Kamma Kesineni Private Travels, JC Diwakar Travels, Congress and TDP gand leaders, Samaikyandhra Movement addam pettukoni Kotlu Business chesukoni Savaala Meedha Chillara dabbulu champadinchaaru gaa

        Samaikya Sankaraavam Sabha Jagan chesthe antha Kadupu Manta naa………….Acidity Fellows…………..Kamma Desam Vedhavallaara Dhammu Dhairyam Vunte Direct aa Adagandi Maaku Separate State kavaali Memu Vijayawada—Guntur capital pettukoni Real Estate chesukuntam, Maaku Dabbulu Vyapaarame Mukyam, Samaikyandhra anedhi Musugu Maathrame.

        Most Desperate People to Form Telangana State before 2014 Elections are Kamma Desam Party people. Kamma Desam Dharidhram Vallane Telugu Prajalaki Inni Kashtaalu. Samaikya Rashtram lo Elections face chese Dhammu Dhairyam leni vaaru ee despos Kamma Desam Party…………..vallake oke okka aadharam Vijayawada—Guntur Kamma Belt.

        Yevatho Italy Murkhuraaluki Telugu Jaathi Charithra Theliyadhu ante Sare.
        Chittoor lo Putti CBI Cases laki Seemandhra Rajadhaani Commission Packages ki Kakkurthi padi Telugu Jaathi Italy ki Ammesina Ganudu ee Kamma Desam Chavata Babu kaadhaa???

        Vandha Janmalu Yetthina Hyderabad lo YSRCP chesina Samaikya Sankaraavam Sabhani Chese Dhamma Dhairyam Kamma Desam Vallakanna Kallu Thaagina Congress Kothulakanna Vundhaaa???? Open Challenge!!!!

    • Kareem

      వాడు పెద్ద లంగా గాడు వీడి గురించి మాట్లాడుకోవటం టైం వేస్ట్

      • Jagun

        Langa Gaadu No.1::::::::Kamma Desam Head (KammaBabu)
        Langa Gaadu No.2::::::::Utthara Kumara KKReam Boy (KKR)
        Langa Gaadu No.3::::::::Bocchu Sattigadu (PCC Chief)

        Ee Langaalanu Anni Kalipi Kuttina Langaane Italy Sonia Kattukunedhi

  7. PSK

    It’s a beautifull photo……we need to circulate this…..Samaikya Tadaakhaa…..Hyd nadi boddulo…..

  8. Sharmila should now hit the roads .
    Travel every village , town and city .
    Speech from Jagan should be played on a large screen in every meeting till the bail restrictions are removed.
    We have less than six months to go and we need to keep the momentum going.
    Fight….Fight ….Fight and Fight for the People’s Plight .
    We will have the last laugh.
    Go Sharmila …Go.

  9. NLR

    For a break…Where there’s a Will there is a Way.

  10. Ram

    As the drama unfolds, it appears as if its nothing to do about Party, Caste, Region, Religion, Language etc… but more about System of thinking, and fight between people supporting these Systems!

  11. Ram

    Vasireddy Padma garu, handles opponents in an excellent way.

  12. Jagun

    All the Congress Leaders, who are telling blatant lies about Sonia Gandhi and Jagan Match–fixing have certain characteristics

    1)These congress leaders are by birth anti–YSR, JC Brothers/Harsha Kumar/Kotal Suryaprakash etc etc
    2)They have no–entry into YSRCP like Lagadapati/KKR/Botsa/Chiranjeevi/Anam Brothers/Puradeswari
    3)They are very old leaders with lot of Ego, who cannot survive under Jagan like Kavuri/Rayapati etc
    4)They are about to form a New Party with Sonia Gandhi and Kamma Desam Funding.
    5)Many of these leaders are Coverts of Kamma Desam Party

    If these leaders need to survive in Politics and get MLA/MP tickets, they have to Sing the Song with Lyrics written by Sonia Gandhi and Kamma Babu.

    Arey JC nuvvu cheppindhi okati correct:::::::::::::::::::””””Yedu Adugula Gothilo lo Congress Party ni Seemandhra lo Puudchi Pettaarani”””” Mee Gothi Meeru Theesukunnaaru…………..Kaani Mimmalni Gothi lo Matti vesi next 30 yrs varaku Puudchi Petti Samaadhi Kattedhi Jagan Mohan Reddy.

  13. Jagun

    Kamma Lagadapati Samaikya Sankaraavam Meedha Veedi Kadupu Manta. Lagadapati outbursts on Sakshi Media.

    Veedi Kadupu Manta exposed that Parachuri Ashok Babu ni Lagadapati Chankalo Pettukoni Vunnaadu ani. Lagadapati attacked Sakshi Journalist that why Sakshi didn’t cover AP NGOs Meeting. Sakshi journalist replied that Sakshi had covered AP NGOs meeting, but Lagadapati Kadupu Manta didn’t stop at that.

    Tomorrow Somireddy Chandramohan Reddy or Mellakannu Babu Rajendra Prasad, will hold a TDP press meet on Lagadapati outbursts. Sonia Gandhi and Chanda Babu Match–fixing at its peaks.

    Johar Jagan anna, Samaikya Sankaravam Sabha tho Kamma Kampu Media Mind Block chesaavu. Sonia Gandhi and Chanda Babu Yellow gang are behaving like “”Kallu Thaagina Kothulu””

    Orey Lagadapati, yevadu annaadu raa nuvvu “”Samaikya vaadhivi ani”””…. Lagadapati yevadu icchaadu raa neeku “”Samaikyam”” meedha Patent right. Ashok Babu ni chankalo vesukoni , Gajal Sreenivas tho Paatalu paadisthe, Lagadapati Samaikyavaadhi ayyipothaada???

    Lagadapati Ashok Babu ki icchina Agenda::::::”””””Seemandhra Congress and TDP leaders meedha Eega Vaala Kundaa Chuusuko. At the same time, YSRCP vaallani Samaikyandra Movement lo Dhuram pettali””””

    Lagadapati/Ashok Babu/Chanda Babu:::::::::::””””Telugu Prajalu Ante Gorrelu Anukuntunnaara……….Mee Veedhi Naatakaalu Maaku Theliyadhaa???”””

    Kamma Kadupu Manta:::::::::::::Sulfuric Acid ante Powerful.

    • nlr2014

      Aripoye deepalu …chitapata mantai ….veeriki idhe last Diwali .
      Atlagu business lo Divala teesadu kadha ..mari Dramapati ki inka pani emundhi ?? May be his brother can make movie with him.
      Title …Kallu thagina …Gamma thoo Kothi.

    • Jagun

      Kamma Media ki Suuti Prasna:::

      1)Congress MLAs Vaagindhe Kamma Desam MLAs Vaaguthunnaaru… Appudu Match–fixing Congress ki Kamma Desam ki Vunnattu Kaadhaa??

      2)Jagan ni Telangana lo Enter ayyetappudu Railway Station lo KCR gaadiki Raallu andhinchindhi Kamma Desam MLAs ye kadhaa?? Appudu Match–fixing TRS/Congress ki Kamma Desam ki Vunnattu Kaadhaa??

      3)Samaikya Sankaraavam ni addukomani Kamma Desam MLAs TRS ni adukkoledhaa?? KCR gaadu Rain God chuusukuntaadu le ani Ignore chesaadu…………… Kaani Rain God andhari Box lu Baddhalu Kottaadu gaa Samaikya Sankaraavam Sabha ni Success chesi.

      4)Simham Jagan Sonia ni Fight Chesinatlu Kamma Desam Vaallu Sonia ni Fight Chesi vunte………..Eepaatiki Kamma Chanda Babu Jaillo Cut Drawerllu Kuttukuntu Vundevaadu. Kamma Babu needhi Oka Janma raa………….Kaaki Kudaa Bhathuku Thundhi……….Veedhi Kukka Kudaa Bhathuku Thundhi……….Gori Kaada Gunta Nakka Kudaa Bhathuku Thundhi………Adhi Kudaa Oka Janma Yenaa Thaapimesthri??

      OKe Okkadu Simham Jagan ni Yedurkovadaaniki Inni Kamma Veedhi Kukkalu Inni Kallu Thaagina Congress Kothula Thippalu??? Simham Veta Modhalu Pettindhi.

  14. Ram

    ‘సమైక్యనినాద బలం ఢిల్లీకి చూపిన శంఖారావం’ – కొణతాల రామకృష్ణ

  15. Ram

    T S and Uma Sudhir – hope they write and report more about YCP

  16. Ram

    Cool answers from a level headed Jupudi Prabhakar garu educating biased and smart acting NRIs. Comparing her earlier episodes, this otherwise sweet host appears to be envious too. One can clearly see this in her eyes, facial expressions and questions.

  17. Kareem

    రాష్ట్రమంతా సమైక్యాంద్ర కావాలని జగన్ కి support చేస్తుంటే ఒక్క yellow guys మాత్రం వ్యతిరేకిస్తున్నారు వీళ్ళకి ఒక separate స్టేట్ ఇచ్చి పంపించేస్తే బాగుంటుంది.

    • Seperate state vasthe …vijaywada/guntur ni capital chesi malli dochukundhamu ani choosthunnaru ..ee yellow rogues.
      Mekapati garu annatu..”.meedhi oka jenmena ? Mimmalani mee pillalani kuda kshamnicharu telugu prajalu”
      Next elections lo tholu theesi gajji vadhalagodatharu.

  18. Jagun

    KCR:::::::::”””Telangana Vacche Varaku Nenu Kaapala Kukka Laga Vunta””

    Kamma Desam Babu::::::::::”””Telangana Thondaragaa Isthe Nenu Seemandhra Rajadhaanni Kattadaaniki Thaapimesthrini Avuthaa”””

    Okadu Kaapala Kukka, Okadu Thaapimesthri:::::::::::Baagundhi Mee Wholesale Ammakam Italy ki.

  19. Jagun

    Chittoor jilla nunchi Chandra Babu ni Rajakeeyalu loki Prajalu Pampinchindhi, Telugu Jaathi ni Vibhajinchadaanika??

    Chandra Babu, nuvvu yekkada paadham pedithe akkada Masi ayyi pothaaru janaalu. Nadamuri vamsam lo Chicchu petti, vaallu Masi ayyi poyaaru. Rosayya CM gaa vunnappudu, Telangana ivvu ani Kallu thaagina Kothi laaga yegiri, Telugu Jaathi lo Chicchu pettinaavu.

    Pacchani Panta polallo adugu peduthaavu, Karuvu kaatakaalatho Aathmahatylatho Raithulu Masi ayyi poyyaru kadharaa nee palanalo. Vyvasaayam Dhandaga anna vaadivi, Raithu Runaalu maafi chesthaanu 2014 lo antunnaavu……….nuvvu nijamugaa Raithula kosam Runaalu maafi chese Mokhamenaa needhi??

    Chanda Babu, Yemi Chandaala Janma raa Needhi??
    Chanda Babu, Nuvvu SVU Student politics lo kudaa Kula Kampu ni vaadukuni paiki vacchaavu kadharaa. Noru theristhe abbaddhaalu, yemi janma raa needhi??

    Ippudu, nuvvu Telugu Jaathi lo Chicchu petti Telugu Jaathi joliki vasthe, nee Kulam vallu kudaa Ninnu Bangaala Kaatham lo puudchi peduthaaru. Vamsaaniki Kulaaniki Jaathiki Pilla nicchina Maamaki kudaa vennupotu podichevaadivi, yemi janma raa neddhi??

    NTR ni nuvve Murder chesthaavu, malli nuvve NTR-ghat daggara NTR Samaadhiki puulu vesthaavu, nee vuddesam yemitiraa. Chanipoyina tharuvaatha kudaa NTR ni kshobhaki gurichesthaavu kadharaa…….Yemi janma raa needhi??

    Yemi raa Babu, nuvvu ee janma ki nee Chandala janma ki inthe raa…………Nuvvu Maaravu………Telugu Jaathiki Nuvvu Oka Saapamu…

  20. Jagun

    “”nANDAMuri”” ane padam lo “”Andam”” theesivesthe Migilindhe “”Nara””

    Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, Telugu Desam Party tho Telugu Vaariki Andam Thesthe……………..Nara Chandra Babu Naidu vacchi Telugu Desam lo Nadamuri Vamsam lo Andam Aanandam lekunda chesi Telugu Vaarini Puurthi Andakaaram loki Netti vesinaadu.

    Finally, Telugu Prajalu, 2014 elections lo, Nara Chandra Babu Naidu, Rendu Kallu Peeki Vesi, Chandra Babu ni Forever Guddi vaadini chesthaaru.

  21. Jagun

    YSRCP 2014 Target::::::::::::30 MP Seats.
    Plan Samaikya Sankaravam Meetings in Telangana also to win the hearts of Telangana People with Famous YSR Welfare schemes.
    Dump Congress and TDP of Seemandhra in Bay of Bengal. No Deposits for Congress and TDP in Seemandhra. Complete Sweep in Seemandhra for YSRCP.
    Target TDP Chanda Babu, till he supports Samaikyandhra. Expose, Double Games of Congress and TDP on Samaikyandhra issue.

    Launch a powerful well–designed multi–sided all–out attack on the Opponents to win the hearts of Telugu People to win 30 MP Seats, to retain the Glory of Telugu Pride.


    “””Telugu Valla Joliki Sonia Vasthe Italy ki Pampisthaam””
    “””Telugu Valla Joliki Chanda Babu Vasthe Singapore Malaysia ki Pampisthaam””
    “””Telugu Valla Joliki Modi Vasthe, Modi ni Advani laagaa [Forever PM-in-waiting] Chesthaam”””

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