Samaikyandhra party, a castle in the air

Surprising it could be, but the ground reality is at variance with the feedback that the coterie surrounding Kiran seems to be carrying to him — that he has become a hero in Seemandhra for the manner in which he took on the Congress high command on the issue of division.

“What has he done to keep the State united, except holding a few press conferences and making some statements?” asks Mehboob Basha, sipping tea outside the bus stand in Kadiri town of Anantapur district. Obul Reddy of Pamidi town, does not even believe in Kiran’s deeds. “Somehow, we don’t get a feeling that his efforts to keep the State united are genuine.” Venkatesh, a businessman of Gooty town, points out that if at all, Kiran Kumar Reddy should have resigned the moment he got wind of the Centre’s intention to divide Andhra Pradesh. “He knew it much before the CWC resolution was adopted. Why did he not step aside then itself? May be, it would have halted the division process or at least, forced the Centre to rethink.”


Decline of Chiranjeevi: From mega star to a big zero in Andhra Pradesh

The YSR Congress Party led by Jaganmohan Reddy is decimating the Congress in Seemandhra.





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8 responses to “Samaikyandhra party, a castle in the air

  1. Sekar

    Look how Babu treats poor elderly people. He behaves like a rowdy by slapping him. aikyandhra-supporter-5812

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