Keep AP united: Jagan to President

Telugu Desam chief to meet party leaders today on GoM


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6 responses to “Keep AP united: Jagan to President

  1. Difference between Naidu & Kiran Kumar Reddy…….

    Kiran……..:Says wrong information as a STRONG INFORMATION

    Naidu:…….Says strong information as a WRONG INFORMATION

  2. Anil

    Seems JP is poking YSRCP cadres.. Just to get the beatings from them so that he can get some sympathy for his party and for him.. I really dont know what journos are doing without asking for his opinion on CBN’s stand…Everybody has understood his intentions when he was conducting moral classes to the college students with CBN an year back.. What ethical qualities in Babu made him to express his love for Babu.. If someone from YSRCP has to condemn this a.h, it shud be Somayajulu garu.. Let Somayajulu garu rip him off in the pressmeet.. !

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