Jagan seeks to storm Naidu’s bastion




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13 responses to “Jagan seeks to storm Naidu’s bastion

  1. Lokeshwar

    పాల్ : నేను మా అన్నని మర్డర్ చేసి బయట తిరుగుతున్నాను
    బాబు : నేను మాత్రం మా మామ ని చంపలేదా బయట తిరగటం లేదా ?

  2. nlr2014

    I thought Babu has only built Charminar but now he claims that he built the Golconda fort too !! In his previous life ??


  3. For a break ..some facts about India.
    53 % – do not have toilets !!
    In Bangaladesh only 7 % don’t have toilets . China – 4% !!
    Madam could u pls think about this before giving new states to India ?


  4. Kareem

    Keko Keka kevvu………… keka

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