Jagan petitions Pranab to stall bifurcation


Jagan to Prez: Need to delete 371-D



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7 responses to “Jagan petitions Pranab to stall bifurcation

  1. asalu aaa babu rajendra gadini state sarpach sangam president chesindi evaru…vadu vadi vedava behaviour

  2. babu rajendra prasad ki evadu ichado ap sarpanch sangam president wate fello gadu matladatam kuda radu

  3. nlr2014

    “Andhra Hazare …40 Dongalu”..title baguntundhi Babu & co ki.
    Donga vedhavalu…veeru corruption gurinchi matladatharu !!!

  4. Ram

    బాబు డాబుకు ఐటి ఉద్యోగుల చెక్..

    Way to go. Keep busting the yellow bubbles one at a time – with facts and figures, and with a sustained media campaign like this.

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