Congress biggies eye BJP route back to Lok Sabha

Daggubati couple may join BJP, says Venkaiah Naidu

Ahead of its association polls, APNGO split on political lines


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10 responses to “Congress biggies eye BJP route back to Lok Sabha

  1. NLR

    Dear friends and YS admirers …

    Wish u all a Happy New Year.
    2014…will bring back smiles on millions of faces under the dynamic leadership of JAGAN.
    We are here to stay.

  2. Rajasekhara

    Hi All ,
    Wish you a happy new year to all manajagan team & followers .
    Please put some efforts to counter yellow gang propaganda ..
    this year 1st half crucial to us .

  3. Day 7 …Samaikhya Shankharavam…Madanepalli..Prabhanjanam

    Dhummu reputhunna….Dhammu vunna Magadu….Pls dont miss the speech.

  4. nlr2014

    Venkaih Naidu garu …BJP meedha prema kanna…mee gajji minna …
    ani malli malli prove chesthunnaru. Good luck.
    Prajalu four months lo …mee gajji vadhilistharu.

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