Massive mandate for Modi

New Delhi: The 2014 Lok Sabha elections have proved to be historic, as it is one man, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, whose magic wand has created a tsunami-like situation in the country, decimating the Congress to its worst-ever performance

Naidu romps home on Modi wave

Successfully sells dreams of rapid growth, plentiful jobs
Pawan also helps pave way for TDP to power
But, YSRCP will be a force to reckon with in AP
It will keep Naidu on the edge over his promises

The TDP-BJP alliance swept to power in Seemandhra, disproving the predictions of pollsters.

మొనగాడు మోదీ
ఇది -ప్రళయ భీకర మోదీ సునామీ. దిక్కులు పిక్కిటిల్లే రీతిలో యావద్భారతావని అందించిన
చారిత్రక తీర్పు. సంకీర్ణ శకానికి తెరదించిన మహోన్నత ఘట్టం. ప్రాంతీయ పార్టీల అండ దండ లేకపోతే కేంద్రంలో సర్కారు మనుగడే ఉండదన్న రోజులకు తెరదించిన క్షణం. రాష్ట్రాలకు రాష్ట్రాలే మోదీ వశమయ్యాయి. రాజస్థాన్, గుజరాత్, మహారాష్ట్ర సహా ఆరు రాష్ట్రాల్లో మరో పార్టీకి సీట్లు దక్కని పరిస్థితి. యూపీలో మోదీది ఓట్ల కుంభవృష్టి. 80లోక్‌సభ స్థానాల్లో 70కి పైగా బిజెపికి దక్కడం కనీవినీ ఎరుగని రికార్డు. బిఎస్పీ, ఎస్పీలు తుడిచి పెట్టుకుపోయాయి. లోక్‌సభలో మరో పార్టీ నోరెత్తలేనంత సీట్ల ధీమా మోదీకి లభించింది. ఉత్తరాది, దక్షిణాది అన్న తేడా లేకుండా దేశ ప్రజలంతా మోదీ మంత్రం పఠించారు. నమో నమః అంటూ బిజెపికి, కూటమికి మూడు వందల పైచిలుకు సీట్లు కట్టబెట్టారు. ఇది దేశ భవితకు అందిన సుస్థిర ధీమా. మూడోసారి అధికారం కాంగ్రెస్‌కు కల్ల కావడమే కాదు, దాని రాజకీయ భవితవ్యాన్నీ ప్రశ్నార్థకం చేసింది.


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287 responses to “Massive mandate for Modi

  1. Ravi

    We lost in this elections and i dont think community or caste or Religion are reasons for them. We are losing our focus on the main aspect of seemandhra development. We should hope seemandhra should develop whomever their in the power. Our party should play a constructive role doing this aspect. From now 1.) jagan should mingle with senior people and talk to media freely, 2.)Get congress friends into YSRCP by giving them RS seat or etc.,, 3.)Sakshi should play a good media role from now should give some highlights on jagan but with very very less significance.
    Corruption cases will be there on many people in my perception that is not a big factor. So concentrate on party base improvement.

    • Gopi

      I am back and still having hard time to digest the result. But only solace I can find in these elections is my relatives in Mudukur and Sarvepalli constituencies have won and this will help us get over some of our personal problems.

      Look at how kamma and kapu along with Raju’s united to beat Jagan in WG… and Kapu’s united in EG as well. We need to split this and Jagan has to work smartly and he has to concentrate on leaving over all clean impression about himself too. If you talk to people like in Vizag and Kakinada, they comfortably think that Jagan is much more corrupt than CBN. Even if we try to tell them about MGR scams or filmcity lands etc., they would say Babu might have eaten some but not as much as Jagan. Its time to get some clean image as well and keep working hard. Good sign is, even in this Modi wave, Jagan fought singly and was defeated with just 1.96% less votes. This is encouraging point for us. CBN will have hard task for him and his age is his negative too. Jagan has to go all out and make every dubious deal of CBN public and tell the world that CBN is worse than me. With no other alternative in the state other than CBN and Jagan, if we can prove that CBN is no better, then 2019 is ours.

      @NLR, you are one of the reasons I am patronaging to this forum. I liked your commitment and I can understand how bad you would have felt looking at how bad I am feling about the result. I liked your new name now i.e nlr2019. Keep going like this. You will benefit with this kind of determination and your family will benefit and you will earn admirers like me.
      YSR amar rahe.. Jai Jagan.

      • nlr2019

        Welcome back Gopi !!
        Well done for your effort in Nellore. We did well there.
        Simhapuri prajalu….Babu gari ashalani nammaledhu…..Rajanna melu maruvaledhu.
        Hat’s off to them !!

  2. Sandani

    1. We shouldn’t have shut the doors for congress leaders completely.
    2. In the above case YSRC should have a strategy to allow them in need basis.
    3. If we should have been taken Diwakar reddy a district strong leader in ATP, we should have won easily 10 seats with Jagan wave.
    4. In rest of the three Rayalaseema districts YSRC strategy is perfect.
    5. In Nellore we should have pulled Adala prabhakar reddy, because of him only TDP is in a position of contest.
    6. In Prakssam YV subba reddy shouldn’t have contested. If we should have
    taken Magunta srinivasa Reddy for MP should have easily won Darsi, Ongole and Kanigiri.
    7. In Visakhapatnam we should have taken Ganta. Konatala is a good leader but not suitable for current power politics.
    8. Vivekananda Reddy has good administrative skills. He should have been used fully in ATP instead of Ravindranath Reddy.
    9. Muslims voted heavily YSRC but not Kapus. This is the main reason we lost. Kammas stood solid behind CBN and reddy’s splitted.

  3. Avinash reddy

    I knw this is not a right platform, but simply assuming that there would be many reddy community ppl in this forum, plz for god sake stop converting!! Miracles don’t happen coz u adopt some religion! It is ur dedication and hardwork that gives u result! Even god cannot heal diseases! Be proud to be a Hindu and be proud to be a reddy the warrior and the ruler class of hinduism! Good or bad, we were born on this religion and so we shall die in it! Learn it from Muslims ppl! Even though everyone are against them, all the world, they still are proud of their religion and puts religion first even b4 their country!! Save hinduism- save reddy community!!

    • vvreddy

      asalu reddy lanti oka pedda and samaja gouravam vunna kulam lo putti yemi avasaram . matam maradaniki .siggu leda . asalu ma area lo matham marina reddys lo pellillu kuda chesukoru .intiki ki kuda pilavaru.

      • Ravi

        Guys, Every individual is different. Who are we to tell this is right and this is wrong? Do we know that much? Anyway talking about these kind of sensitive issues is not good.

        • Yes , I think choosing Religion is a Human Right. That has been the case for thousands of years.
          I have now lost faith in GOD so would people blame me for that too ??
          I am Hindu and went to a Catholic school . Our maid for the last 30 years is a Muslim .
          Let me tell u that our maid has better human values than many Hindus or Catholics I have come across in life.
          I think it is the caste system that is the Weed in our state and not the religion because they are misusing it to come to power and loot the State.
          And also it might be a good idea to discuss these things once we open a private discussion forum than here.

  4. Avinash reddy

    Vv reddy: spot on analysis along with cvr murthy!! Jagan looks like an arrogant person to people who see him on tv, his reputation got spoiled by ppl like konda and sabbam who spoke against him! Frankly speaking, we were in fool’s paradise all these days! Start reading all the newspapers ! Sakshi misled us in many ways! It has to regain its credibility! They were jokes in fb and twitter abt the no’s being shown in sakshi when all other channels show a clear TDP majority in both muncipal, parishad and assembly elections! We were greatly misled! When we lost muncipal elections, the heading says, muncipals lo fan gali! What does it show?? We shld have views from all the sections of the society! Learn wt others are thinking of us! Then act upon it!!

    • vvreddy

      i know even YCP fans dont watch or beleive that chanel any more
      lost credibility . sakshi is not for people but YS jagan or YCP related
      there is positive side . sakshi dares to show other side of coin , where yellow media never shows to people .

      let him talk to media freely and through media only people are able to know about him and his character and mentality .
      walk with TV9 type of things , he is scared of telugu media .not national media . i dont know why his ego hurts to talk to local media .
      Prajalaku oka niyentha madiri kanapadagudadu

  5. CVR Murthy

    జగన్ ముఖ్యమంత్రి అవ్వడం ముఖ్యమా ?సీమాంధ్ర అభివృధ్హి ముఖ్యమా? . జగన్ లో లోపాలు లెవా . ఎన్నికల తరువాత వాళ్ళు తప్పుడు వాగ్దానాలతో గెలిచేరు అని అనడం పరిపక్వత లేని ప్రవర్తన కాదా జగన్ మారాలి పార్టి ఒక పార్టి లా నడపాలి సామాన్య కార్యకర్తలకి అందుబాటులో వుండాలి అహంకారం వదలాలి ఈ లోపాలు సరిదిద్దుకుంటే అతని కి ఉన్న పట్టుదల ధైర్యం తెలివితేటలు అతనికి ప్రజలకి ఉపయోగపడతాయి ఇది రజని కాంత్ సినిమా కాదు నా దారే రహదారి అని . చంద్రబాబు విఫలం అయితే ఇంకొకరు వస్తారు అంతే కానీ జగన్ ఆటోమాటిక్ గా ముఖ్యమంత్రి అవ్వడు .

    జగన్ మారకపోతే ఇప్పుడు సమర్ధించిన వాళ్ళు మళ్ళి సమర్ధించక పోవచ్చు . చంద్రబాబు విఫలం అవ్వాలి అని శాపాలు మాని జగన్ సమర్దవంతం గా తన పని చేయాలి అని కోరుకోవాలి

    క్రికెట్ మ్యాచ్ లో ఒక మ్యాచ్ తర్వాత మళ్ళి మ్యాచ్ లో సున్నా నుండే మొదలవతుంది మళ్ళి కష్టపడాలి

    • vvreddy

      mundu ahamkaram povali . no matter how much we hate chandra babu
      he is still democratic type of person . he does not think revenge mentality . it is EENADU who pushes him . first of off Jagan mundu media tho open gaa matladili . vallu adigay questions kee samadhanam cheppali .
      if he does not change , then there will no change in his poisition as opposition.
      why sakshi has to care about EENADU and CBN . we dont need Faction type pf rivalary . veedhana paranga poratam vundali tappa . personel paga laga vunda kudadu .

      • vvreddy

        let his talk to media freely and through media only people are able to know about him and his character and mentality .
        walk with TV9 type of things , he is scared of telugu media .not national media . i dont know why his ego hurts to talk to local media .
        Prajalaku oka niyentha madiri kanapadagudadu .

    • ysr123

      avunu sir, Jagan ki pattudala, telivi, kastapadam anni vunnayi….. athani loni lopalanu grahinchi sari diddukunte manchi bhavisyath vuntadi…

  6. Rakesh

    Many talk about religion did damage, but minority votes pulled Ysrcp to 44% vote share.
    Ysrcp gave 6 mp seats to kapus , none of them win
    80% of kapu votes favoured wolf Cbn over jagan.
    Please talk sensibly.
    Other thing is ap NGOs supported tdp, since Cbn promised to increase retirement to 60 years. Where jagan failed.

    • kalli

      people say vijayamma carrying a bible had negative impact…do keep fact in mind that there are divisions in SC and out of which madiga community which is having more christians were inclined to tdp…but vijayamma carrying bible gave most of thier voted to ycp…so there are both postives n negatives…


    MP pardha from MTM is a wrong choice, last minute entry, his candidature has resulted in atleast 2 seats, these kind of last minute changes has hit us to move in to tight contest zone

    • Ravi

      These things will happen and happened for TDP too. The main reason for our lose is about seemandhra reconstruction issue. We did not handled it properly and Anti-Congress/Congress votes polled directly to TDP. TDP did a very strategic decision to loop in MODI on this aspect. Even through pawan helped their victory the main reason for their upsurge is showcasing the development. Even though we know that this is main aspect our team failed miserably to project that our party can do wonders. We did not make people trust us on development end. Our party even though it is opposition, we need to showcase how effectively we implement the government schemes in our constituencies. Thereby people will understand we are effective in implementation.

  8. Sekar

    I think 45% is the highest voting percentage any party managed to get in the history of Indian politics.

    Don’t think even TDP got this high percentage.

  9. vvreddy

    Jagan Real Hindu ayvuntay aa paristhiti veruga vundaydi .
    lower caste vallu matham marchukuntunnaru antay atham vuntundi , because they dont have respect in upper class hindu society . but why OCs change their religion and they still want reddy status in the society .
    mottham ma reddys bad name from converted reddy christians tho . pulivendula talkuka mottham vallaey .
    either you be real christian or real hindu . 50 50 manchidi kaadu .
    sorry to bring this caste again but this what people thing .

    • Its not YSJ who is responsible for it, its his forefathers…so only thing they can do now is to keep low profile of religion and behave more of the majority religion

      • vvreddy

        thats fine with me . agree or disagree this is Hindu dominant country and
        people care about religion as well when it come to politics for public figures .
        inko vishayam meeku telusa .
        Kiran kumar reddy has christian belief too his wife went to medak church to pray several times. but they kept low profile .
        christian conversions maree ghoranga vunnayi any propaganda vundi since YSR period and more over YSR tried to reduce make 7 Hills to 2 Hills in tirupathi .
        This is Modi era , where Hindu word will be dominant so we have to be carefull .


    YCP should give equal coverage to such news both in sakshi newspaer & TV, we shouldn’t hide from truth point is we need to pull people to view these channels & paper slowly, gain there acceptance….and then drive the wrong doings of CBN…i’m not sure how many of 1.34 voters beiliev in the news being sent by sakshi?

    And fact is Anam was right in the way Jagan responded on 16th May evening, he said that people got mislead by CBN promises…better way of putting it is…”people trusted TDP+BJP agenda more than YCP’s, we will play constructive role to get the agenda implemented that was trusted by more people”, as simple as that, his PR team is really doing a bad job.

    He should soon go & wish CBN & KCR otherwise he will not shed image of self center, autocrat person….

  11. vvreddy

    some please open a website under jagan fans data base .com
    or chat room

  12. I decided to stop reading Sakshi
    Sakshi mislead all party workers and put them on over confidence

    Here is Krishna district anasysis where went wrong for YCP saying over confidence and religious stamp hit us hard

  13. Dear friends

    I think we should post our strategies only in a discussion forum that has some restricted access or needs registration of some personal details .
    We can post the rest of the comments here.
    I am sure there are more Yellow fanatics who peep into this blog than us as this blog is open to public. (Again Ethics is last on their list as I have heard about their blgs and what they do but never visited them).
    If we discuss what our strategies should be in a public forum then it is like handing over our weapons to the enemy before a war !!
    What do you all think ???
    Has our official party website got a discussion forum ??

  14. vvreddy

    anantapur dist lo TDP ki anni seats ravadaniki , TDP wave okkatey kaadu .
    ravindra nath reddy ( luccha na nakoduku) karanam . prativakka MLA nunchi 2 to 3 crores vasulu chesadu plus deposit for 5 or 6 crores .

  15. ysr123

    Thamballa Palli – Something wrong with our MLA candidate Praveen… He lost with 9000 votes where as MP Mithun got 13,000 majority…. lot of cross voting …

    • Lokesh gave special focus to beat praveen as he defected from TDP, might be strategy to defeat even Purandareshwari that MLA for TDP and MP for YCP

    • @ysr123

      Praveen ki chala negative image undi Thamballa palli lo…Maa friend cheppina prakaram ayitey thamballapalli lo andaru thidataru anta praveen ni waste fellow ani….I am not sure what are the reasons….. Kalicherla support chesinaka kuda gelavaledu ante entha negative image undo…..

    • Rajampeta MLA kuda anthe….Candidate ki chala negative undi…Prajalatho relations penchukunte gelustaru…lekunte kastam…Ikkada kuda MP ki majority vachindi….

      • ysr123

        ee 2 seats ayyithe easy ga ravalasinavi… kakunte Jagan kosam padavulu poyayi ani ivvaka thappinattu ledu… Nedd leaders like Mithun and Chevireddy

  16. Vishnu

    YS did not took the corruption done by CBN seriously. Now TDP argues that CBN is clean, Had he been corrupt what you have done in those 5 years. Its difficult to argue and win this. Janak Prasad garu doing his best… But TDP & Congress combine sent Jagan even before judgement. These guys dont have any remorse.

    • The same applies to TDP on why they haven’t gone to court during 5 yr rule of YSR 2004-2009, why they have gone to court along with cong govt only in 2010….this is where we have to be innovative & smart…CBN hasn’t gone to court till 2009 becoz he knows YSR will dig his doing before 2004…its a mutual agreement between them..our media speakers need to undergo lot of training…which TDP does nicely……

  17. vvreddy

    every ten years change is inevitable , no matter what
    equations does not work . they did not see YRSC congress as alternative . we have to wait probably 5 years if we are lucky or 10 more years .
    it all depends on how babus team work .
    vallu avuru avuru ani vunnaru padavi and daddu ku . lekka leni anni scams vastyee which CBN cannot control .

    • Yes, this is going to happen….and we have to fight hard to make people remind that CBN is the same one as in 1996-2004, young voters dont know about this , they thought in this system only YCP is corrupt….not sure how much modi will be able to control….point is the more development you speak the more corruption that happens….i mean it depends on the projection in terms of what do you mean by corruption?

      If quid pro quo is corruption then Ramoji geting film city lands falls in to saame category….

  18. Ram

    Additional points that may be of value to YCP. (Some may not be practical).

    1. Likes of YSR Seva Trust may be established as a non-profit organisation and led by YSS. The objectives are to do pure service to needy, distressed and keep Dr YSR alive and gain good will. This can as well be used to establish a feedback communication channel from the Voters to the local MLA, who will ask the same question in a transparent way in Assembly.

    2. Establish high rise Bill Boards across every Village, Town, City to present various Facts, not limiting poll promises not met, corruption in govt, what-if YCP is in power and not TeDePa and how things will have been done differently, lies of new Govt etc.. This can be a low cost, passive and constant Ad from day-1. To start with let YCP start with plain white boards that capture the attention and attract people. As we move into months, we add and change things.

    3. In line with #2, low cost canvassing using loud speakers reminding public every week.

    4. Blogs like this have a limited impact. With social media increasing every day and penetrating all ages and geographies, YCP needs a dedicated effort to coordinate and spread information and strategies to denounce false propaganda.

    • Absolutely fantastic ram.. Pls register to to come up with ideas how u can do that. You post ur comment how you want change the system. Thanks

    • for point 2, lets not make it aggressive, 1.34 crore who voted for CBN will watch it, they will conclude, in this 1.34 crore there are few lakhs who know of CBN record clearly but voted with hope that he might have changed. If he proves his promises then jagan has tough job to regain himself as the USP “credibility” will also become USP of CBN, only problem CBN has is the budgetary limitations…

      I think YCP leaders have to learn (speaking on TV Routu suryaprakash/janakiram) that we will play constructive role, we will align with CBN for building a better andhra…target is to gain people from the 1.34 crore by retaining existing 1.29 crore votes, YCP need to be dignified in its role, if they play any -ve role in initial days, they will loose some of the existing 1.29 crore also, which will have its impact on their existing MLA.

      When they speak they shouldn’t simply say Modi wave, they should be in self analysis mode saying , people trusted CBN/modi mandate better than us, we will analyse our methods, take necessary corrections, come back strong.

      Janakiram said that there is no need to listen to Anam….which is not good,we should welcome his opinion…we will analyse…but counter anam saying that at the same time they have bigger introspection to do than YCP… people will think that YCP leader hasn’t still changed its teams mentalities if we tend to be still trying to be too defensive of our results…6 lakh people said that YCP should learn to be in opposition. Lets respect it, and its a great job to perform.

    • For point 1, it should be done by a BC leader, YSS doing it might be seen as christian charitable trust (no offense to Christians), she got a stamp that she is propagating Christianity by participating in those meetings along with anil, she needs to undergo image makeover soon to gain more acceptability, she has to visit temples, let people accept that she is one of us, she needs to quote few instances of holy books like ramayan & mahabaratha to gain majority people’s confidence, be in media constantly , raising voice for peoples concerns

  19. ysr123

    Hope Jagan will build good team to fight strategically…. Also Jagan needs to address frequent press meets and defend himself and party…. He or his team never defended properly on his character assassination by media and leaders left from party… He should not miss any small opportunity & resource which helps to party….

    • venkat

      1.Jagan has not given seats on caste basis . in strong Kamma segments ,u have to give kamma only to divide their votes , any way we will get other votes and our votes. Like Kodali Nani , we need to identify few strong candidates in Guntur , Krishna & godavari dists..
      YSR did this in 2004 . Lot of kamma also voted (50-50%) to congress in 2004 and they voted almost 25% in 2009 . This time went (99%) to their home party . you can be biased upto certain level and not beyond that ..
      2.AP division made lot of difference . Congress screwed themselves and screwed YSRCP also . TDP started gaining from there only ,saying Babu can rebuild it . Before that,TDP doent have confidence.

      • Vishnu

        Congress divided state just to check Jagan will not come to power. In doing so they did not realize they are drowning too..

        what a bad luck, should have been CM to the state long ago.

        Division is a true loss to the party. Coastal area politics dominated by caste. Had Jagan stood for telangana would have been better, as there are lots of true YS followers all over. I may be wrong but we were not there just for standing up for unity of telugu

        • Initially i thought his plan was right to take up United AP which means telangana also , but by then total polarisation happened in telangana and i thought he will gain in SA, but only wrong thing he did is he hasn’t played his cards right, he should have put his arrogance aside and got people’s acceptance that he can fight KCR headon which unfortunately went to CBN…and made public by pawan…he failed to counter lot of such allegations….rememer his nellore speech and compare that with past 6 months ….his active aggression in 2010 is no more visible…in his speeches…..he lost some youth power in that…which is captured by pawaan in just 10 days….thats the magic of election campaign during peak days…last 10 days does matter…. only

          • ysr123

            Yes, after coming from jail for some reason lost the aggression. He could have targeted more on Congress & BJP rather on CBN… He could have listened to the leaders… For simple reasons he lost PVP, Raghurama & Sabbam… Raghu and Sabbam damaged Jagan’s character… He under estimated JC power in anantapur district.. Also could have taken Ganta batch into the party… In current politics money also key, looks like Party did not help to the candidates…

            And the BIG reason is not talking much about development….

  20. CV Reddy

    YSRCP,TDP కూటమి మధ్య ఓట్ల తేడా 1.96%

    1.96 % ఓట్ల తేడాతో టీడీపీ కూటమికి దక్కిన అధికారం
    వైఎస్సార్ సీపీ కన్నా వారికి అదనంగా వచ్చినవి 5.6 లక్షల ఓట్లు
    ఆ స్వల్ప తేడా కారణంగా 67 సీట్లకే పరిమితమైన ైవైఎస్సార్ సీపీ

    దేశవ్యాప్తంగా వీచిన మోడీ గాలులు ఈ ఎన్నికల్లో టీడీపీకి బాగా కలసొచ్చాయి. దాంతోపాటు గతంలో తానే ఆచరణసాధ్యం కావని చెప్పిన వ్యవసాయ రుణాల మాఫీ వంటి పలు హామీలను గుప్పించిన చంద్రబాబు మాటలను ప్రజలు నమ్మడంతో ఈసారి తీర్పు ఒకింత టీడీపీ వైపు మొగ్గినట్టు గణాంకాలు స్పష్టం చేస్తున్నాయి.

    ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్‌లోని 175 అసెంబ్లీ స్థానాల్లో మొత్తం 3,67,62,975 ఓట్లకు గాను 2,87,94,902 ఓట్లు పోలయ్యాయి. బీజేపీ-టీడీపీ కూటమి మొత్తం 175 స్థానాల్లో సాధించిన ఓట్లు 1,34,95,305. కాగా వైఎస్సార్‌సీపీ ఒంటరిగా పోటీ చేసి 1,29,31,730 ఓట్లు సాధించింది. కూటమి ఓట్ల శాతం 46.86 శాతమైతే వైఎస్సార్‌సీపీ ఓట్ల శాతం 44.9 శాతం!

    ఉత్తరాంధ్రలోని మూడు జిల్లాల్లో మొత్తం 34 అసెంబ్లీ స్థానాల్లో 52,25,240 ఓట్లు పోలైతే, వాటిలో వైఎస్సార్‌సీపీకి 21,86,012 ఓట్లు వచ్చాయి. టీడీపీకి 24,92,946 ఓట్లు పడ్డాయి.

    కోస్తా జిల్లాల్లో పోలైన 1,48,83,315 ఓట్లలో 66,47,276 వైఎస్సార్‌సీపీకి (44.66 శాతం), 70,73,038 ఓట్లు టీడీపీకి (47.52 శాతం) వచ్చాయి. అంటే రెండు పార్టీల మధ్య ఓట్ల వ్యత్యాసం కేవలం 2.86%

    రాయలసీమ జిల్లాల్లో మొత్తం 52 స్థానాలకు గాను 86,86,347 ఓట్లు పోలైతే వైఎస్సార్ కాంగ్రెస్ 47.18 శాతంతో 40,98,442 ఓట్లు సాధించింది. టీడీపీ 45.23 శాతంతో 39,29,324 ఓట్లు సాధించింది. మొత్తమ్మీద ఉత్తరాంధ్రలో మూడు జిల్లాల్లోని 34 అసెంబ్లీ స్థానాల్లో టీడీపీకి 25, వైఎస్సార్‌సీపీకి 9; ఆరు కోస్తా జిల్లాల్లోని 89 అసెంబ్లీ స్థానాలకు గాను టీడీపీకి 57, బీజేపీకి 3, వైఎస్సార్‌సీపీకి 27, స్వతంత్రులకు 2; నాలుగు సీమ జిల్లాల్లోని 52 స్థానాలకు టీడీపీకి 22, వైఎస్సార్‌సీపీకి 30 స్థానాలు దక్కాయి.

    • Statistics tell that even though cadre is not present in good amount of places….people simply voted for YCP….focus areas are godavari dist and above, where in party should be made strong, i’m damn sure if the cadre would have been strong it would not be difficult to move another 12 lkah votes next time to our side.

      When YSJ present manifesto on 13th April, we all thought that it should be taken effectively to village level, seems like that hasn’t been done….we should have learnt from Modi…and his campaign……

      YSJ should have spoken about Amma vodi in terms of the jobs it generates, with the requirement of new teacher requirements that come up through increased student population, which also leads to requirement of new shcools, thus resulting in jobs for construction of shcool’s..thus countering “jabu & babu” campaign….thus it conveys both welfare & new jobs are taken care of….

      Even job generation through belt shop ban should be have propagated very extensively highlighting the amount of jobs it will generate using the village level implementer’s…..this is again to counter “jabu-babu” campaign

      Wherever YSJ & YSS addressed meetings they are all semi-urban & rural -urban where youth would have played a role….we should have sent message of how new capital will be built….

      Well now we have to aim to keep MLA’s with us , and party cadre strong….we can to counter poaching that will be done by TDP…..being in opposition will be tough…..that while going gets tough, we should get tougher…

      Within 6 months if TDP doesn’t ban belt shops as promised, we should get ready for an agitation to energize 1.2 crore party sympathizers

  21. Sarma

    Has been tough to digest, but getting better. Thanks to the forum.
    Bolli’s promises that we already forgot- deputy CM for kapu and BC

  22. CV Reddy

    పోరాడి ఓడిన జగన్‌
    చంద్రబాబు నాయుడు మొదటి నుంచీ మోడీ మానియాను గమనించారు. గత పది నెలలుగా ఆయన చుట్టే తిరిగారు. ఆయనకు స్నేహహస్తం చాచారు. బడాబడా పారిశ్రామిక వేత్తలు మోడీ చుట్టూ తిరగడాన్ని గమనించి వారితో కూడా కుమ్మక్కయ్యారు. ఈనాడు అధినేత రామోజీ రావు అంబానీతో తనకున్న సంబంధాలను ఉపయోగించుకుని తద్వారా బాబుకు, మోడీకీ డీల్‌ చేశారు. మరో వైపు వెంకయ్యనాయుడు శాయశక్తులా కృషి చేసి ఈ డీల్‌ చెడిపోకుండా అడ్డుకున్నారు. ఒక బలమైన వర్గం కలిసికట్టుగా, ఈ ఎన్నికల్లో ఓడిపోతే తాము ఒక జీవించలేమన్నంతగా చంద్రబాబు, మోడీ కలయిక కోసం కృషి చేసింది. ఆ వర్గం పత్రికలు ప్రత్యర్థి వర్గాలపై లేనిపోని వార్తలు రాసి వాతావరణాన్ని కలుషితం చేసింది. అన్ని రకాల శక్తులతో వైసీపీ ఒంటరిపోరు చేసింది. జగన్‌, ఆయన కుటుంబీకులు తప్ప ఆ పార్టీలో చెప్పుకోదగ్గ నేతలెవ్వరూ లేరు. వారే చెమటోడ్చి గత రెండేళ్లుగా రాష్ట్రమంతటా తిరుగుతున్నారు. సంస్థాగతంగా పూర్తి నిర్మాణం కూడా లేదు.

    ప్రత్యర్థుల కుట్రలను గమనించి ఎప్పటికప్పుడూ తిప్పికొట్టేందుకు ప్రయత్నించే రాజకీయ దురంధరులు ఎవరూ జగన్‌ వైపు లేరు. మైసూరారెడ్డి లాంటి వారు అందుకు సరిపోరు. పైగా జగన్‌కూ కాంగ్రెస్‌కూ డీల్‌ కుదిరిందని తీవ్ర దుష్ప్రచారం చేయించారు. జగన్‌ విభజనను సమర్థించారని ప్రచారం చేశారు. తల్లి కాంగ్రెస్‌, పిల్లకాంగ్రెస్‌ అని గోబెల్స్‌ ప్రచారం చేశారు. కేవలం బీజేపీయే సీమాంధ్ర కోసం పోరాడిందని చెప్పుకున్నారు. ప్రత్యర్థులందరిపై దుమ్మెత్తి పోశారు. జగన్‌కు కూడా మీడియా ఉన్నప్పటికీ ఆ మీడియా ఈ ప్రచారాన్ని తిప్పికొట్టడంలో విఫలమైంది. ఏమైనప్పటికీ నరేంద్రమోడీ ధాటిని రాష్ట్రంలో కేసీఆర్‌తో పాటు ఎదుర్కొన్నది జగన్‌ మాట్రమేనని చెప్పక తప్పదు. పార్టీ ఏర్పడ్డ తర్వాత జరిగిన మొదటి ముఖ్యమైన ఎన్నికల్లో జగన్‌ గట్టి పోటీనిచ్చారు. చంద్రబాబు, మోడీలకు కంటికి నిద్ర లేకుండా చేశారు. నిజానికి భారీ ఎత్తున ధన ప్రవాహం చదంద్రబాబు, మోడీలే అయినప్పటికీ, జగన్‌ పార్టీయో డబ్బులు, సారా ప్రవాహం చేసిందని ప్రచారం భీభత్సంగా చేసింది. అన్ని ప్రతికూల కారణాల మధ్య, దుష్ప్రచారాల మధ్య, జగన్‌ ఒంటరిపోరు చేశారు. ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్‌ అసెంబ్లీలో చెప్పుకోదగ్గ సీట్లను సాధించారు. లోక్‌సభలో కూడా బడాబడా పార్టీలకు రాని సంఖ్యను సంపాదించారు. ఈ పోరాటం ఇప్పుడు ప్రారంభం మాత్రమే. అంతం కాలేదు.

    – హరీశ్‌

  23. sridagg

    what was the Voting % difference b/w YCP & TDP in WG and EG?

  24. sridagg

    I want to congratulate the YSRCP Fighters…
    1) Kodali Nani
    2) Ponguleti & Co in Khammam
    3) Chevireddy
    4) Kurnool YCP (Gouru + Bhooma)
    5) Kakani & Kotamreddy

  25. I though to buy Eenadu & AJ paper today..This was my Dream 2days back.
    Hmm Now in home i did’t go News channel from past 24hrs..even iam not interested to listen Modi speech’s.
    Now i feel the Samaikandhra momemt is just a bluff..If it was real our people should’t vote who divided the state.
    First i want to open Manajagan instead of sakshi to see how our People feel it.
    Jagan will not bow his head until he is having our support.Now iam coming to the Point…
    Iam not much interested on other dist’s now.I want to understand and Postmortem on Prakasam dist…
    1)Ongole: we know Ongole town having more Vysa & Balija votes…Up to now they have voted Congress and why they voted TDP now?why Balineni don’t have answers on ongole development.
    2) Kanigiri : I have doubt on reddies in this consitency..they have equal vote share with yadavas..why did’t we get reddies vote bank completely here?
    3)Kondepi: I have Heard Lot of Rumours on Jupudii how he is not giving respect to the OC Farmers in this consitency..even it is a Rumour why can’t we cross check and give counter feedback???
    4) Darsi:we are Totally dominated here from last 10years..If our candidate having anti incumbancy here why can’t we change this guy..

    Remaining seats as Expected……..

    • Jagan had some compulsions (or) not committed ,in not taking United AP to its peak level, the day he is released on bail he should have garlanded telugutalli statue , he never did it..he had opportunity to take the agitation to peak stage…which he hasn’t done…TDP had only one agenda…to malign jagan’s stand on united ap, every move of his is shown to people by suspicion….which he failed to counter…he not criticizing KCR…he not countering pawan’s statements….he not participating with NGO’s…saying NGO’s are inviting TDP who haven’t withdrawn their letter, have made NGO’s think that Jagan is behaving like dictator…indirectly supporting an opposition candidate in NGO election has made NGO’s suspect Jagan…..thats where he lost NGO votes in town’s to an extent along with the thought that since NGO’s wont have budget for salaries then combination of TDP + BJP would be better.

  26. truthonlywins

    Need of the hour…. We need to search for a solution in the place where we lost it. We lost both in SA & TG. Although, we have strong presence in SA, it is high time we get into TG atleast now to regain our position.
    In (TG), almost all the places we contested, average votes were few hundreds & lost deposits.
    In (SA), we lost atleast 10 seats because of Congress vote split.

    Action item is –
    In TG, we should wash out Congress & get those leaders into ours.
    In SA,for 2019, no one should dare to take b-form from INC.

    Also, if there are allegations against YSJ by TDP about corruption, we should start pulling them to court legally.
    We have to convey this message to opponents & be strong about it.

  27. Kareem

    First thing there is no unity in reddys

    • truthonlywins

      You nailed it. in addition
      1. They are gentle & humble.
      2. Mostly, they are dumb too (Ex: They don’t care until something happens to them).
      3. They are not as eager as C batch are in their caste.
      4. Their mindset isn’t tricky but usually they are the bravest.

      Most of them I know are like this, so its not necessary every Red’s like that. so dint mean to offend anyone.

    • nlr2019

      Kareem bhai …

      Personally I discourage caste politics but I think the time has come when I have to talk about it.
      I see atleast 90% of these yellow caste fanatics vote for Babu in all elections despite knowing that he has backstabbed NTR. No ethics.
      Unfortunately they cannot see good in any leader that is from another caste so they don’t vote for them . No ethics.
      They cleverly misuse leaders from the other castes to abuse others of the same caste in other party’s and later give them a hand.( For eg: they used Nagam to scold YSR all the time, they are now using Revanth and Somireddy to scold Jagan and they were nearly given a hand in the recent polls). These fools (sorry!!) don’t realise that !! No ethics.
      The same is done in Telangana area as well and the Reddy’s there have no idea of caste fanatism .
      The yellow media cleverly interviews leaders from all other castes to hide their own caste fanatism but in reality they help each other at the back no matter where they are !! No ethics.
      TDP doors are always open to these people when in need (Rayapati ,Lagadapati will be followed by Kavuri and Daggubati)
      KCR recently mentioned …Ee Naidu(Babu)…aa Naidu(Venkaih) kalasi Telangana lo BJP ni muncharu. This is true bcs this alliance was formed against the wishes of T Bjp leaders !! No ethics .
      How can one caste own 90% of the media in AP if they don’t help each other ? If there was no Sakshi then people just have to believe that Babu is GOD !! No ethics.
      I don’t have to say much about Tollywood where they crush Brahmin actors or singers .
      They tried to crush Chiru all through his career but he went on to be a Megastar . Now they cleverly roped in PK to destroy his career and then will give him a hand !! No ethics.
      How can we expect people who take the caste feeling from womb to tomb to have ethics? This is destroying our state.
      They also label the few good people from their caste who are not fanatics as Mental !! ( Eg ; Posani garu and Nani garu )
      Unfortunately they have taken this weed to other countries as well. The first time you land in a foreign country and you come across these guys. They ask you…”what is your caste ?” and not “what is your state?” !! No ethics even on foreign land . And they talk about racism !!

      I think Reddy’s lack unity because of Ego problems. Everyone wants to be a leader but no one want’s to be a soldier !!

      I am ashamed of writing all this but at the same time it is important that everyone in our State gets to know what exactly is happening.
      This should be exposed in all blogs and at every opportunity.

      It might not be a good idea to plant another Weed to destroy a Weed .
      We need to think of ways to pluck the Weed out in the first place.
      Again this article does not apply to all of them as there are some wonderful Human beings from all castes and religions.

      • Rajesh

        Just to add to what nlr said – i am from chittoor and did my btech from kakinada.
        all the days i did my education in tirupati – never me, my friends talked about caste, the first day i entered college in kakinada – the first question what is your caste.
        this caste fanaticism

      • kalli

        this is high time that reddys must show some caste feeling to counter caste fanatics..

    • vvreddy

      every ten years change is inevitable , no matter what
      equations does not work . they did not see YRSC congress as alternative . we have to wait probably 5 years if we are lucky or 10 more years .

    • kalli

      only 55% reddys supported ycp where as 95% c batch supported tdp…

      • Ravi

        Whenever we bringup this aspect we will lose. Change is inevitable so instead of these pity things need to see how to grow the party by bringing in congress party people.

  28. vissu

    మనోళ్ళు ఎందుకు వోటింగ్ పర్సంటేజీ ల తేడా గురించి మాట్లాడుతున్నారు… ఓడిపోయాం హుందా గా ఒప్పుకొని మల్లి ప్రయత్నించాలి తప్ప.. తెదేపా మాదిరి వాడి వల్ల వోడిపోయినాము.వోట్ల తేడా ఇంతే మాకు వాళ్లకు…ఇలాంటి పనికిమాలిన కారణాలు చెప్పుకోవడం వల్ల ఎవరికీ ఉపయోగం…

    • Ravi

      I agree man. In the history of seemandra no one got this much split mandate. We need to honor the voters thinking and act accordingly.

    • Sarma

      It helps so that cadre do not get demoralized completely. On the face it may look like cheap statement

    • Hi Guys.

      I request each one of you, Lets honestly accept the defeat, we should not blame the people for the defect on caste/religion/regional basis. I have seen many people posted/commented on social media that Rajus, BC’s/brahims etc. cheated us, its going to harm us more.
      Had any one observed jagan’s speech after results, jagan said that we will give another 5 years time for people..I think jagan would have congratulated Modi and chandra babu for their won, that would have shown lot of maturity instead of blaming chandra babu immediately after the results.

      Lets not use words like Tiger, Lion all that crap, for a neutral person it looks wired, it will damage us.
      Sakshi has to change a lot, its so boring for a hard core supporters of Jagan/YSR itself, then imagi
      e about neutral people.

      Sakshi should stop publishing all the crap like: people attempted suicide for jagan’s defeat. I am not saying that its not true.I don’t understand what king of management sakshi has….really ridiculous.

  29. Chiru

    యుద్ధం ముగిసింది …ఇంకా ఇప్పడు అనాలసిస్ పేరుమీద ,పోస్టుమార్టం పేరుమీద….ఆవేశ పడి ఆ వర్గం మోసం చేసింది ..ఈ కులం వోట్లు వెయ్యలేదు …అనడం ఏ మాత్రం మంచి పద్దతి కాదు ,యెవ్వరూ వెయ్యకుండానే ఇన్ని వోట్లు వస్తాయా ?అర్ధం చేసుకోండి ప్లీజ్ …మన ప్రతి negative comment పరోక్షంగా మన లీడర్ మీద పడుతుంది …ఇలాంటి అంతరాలు జగనన్న కి లేవు …అన్ని వర్గాల ప్రజలు ఆదరించారు కాక పొతే కొంచెం ఎక్కువ ,తక్కువ అదీ 1.96% వ్యత్యాసం …అదిగ మించడానికి positive గ మన వంతు బాద్యతను ఎల్లపుడు నిర్వర్తించాలని న కోరిక …
    ఒక చిన్న example ..2004,,2009 ఎలక్షన్ లలో పబ్లిక్ లో తొడలు కొట్టి ..మీసాలు తిప్పిన వాళ్ళ బ్రతుకు …కూల్ గా ఫ్లైయింగ్ కిస్ ఇచ్చిన వాళ్ళ fate ఎలా మారిందో చూసాం ….కాని 2014 లో ఆ ఏ ఒక్కడు వాటి జోలికే పోలేదు …ఎందుకని ?గతంలో ఫలితం అనుభవించారు కాబట్టి తెలుసుకున్నారు ,బుద్ది తెచ్చుకున్నారు ….జాగ్రత్త పడ్డారు ..నేనైతే ఎవడు కొడతాడా వాడి పతనం జరిగి పోయినట్లే అనుకున్న ….కాని బాగా గ్రహించి జాగ్రత్త పడ్డారు…కాకపోతే దారుణంగా tongue స్లిప్ అయ్యారు of course ఇవన్ని ఈ సారి ప్రజలు పట్టిచుకో లేదనుకోండి …రుణమాఫీ ,మోడీ ఫాక్టర్ కి తోడూ ఎన్నో కారణాలు ….మంచి రోజుల కోసం ఎదురు చూస్తూ ,సుదూర లక్ష్యం వైపు దుసుకుంటూ ,saaaaagi పోవడమే

    • Ram

      Spot on.. Every move should be towards the objective:
      “Retain existing Vote(r)s and regain lost Vote(r)s”

      It will be very boring and difficult to bare team Yellow Lie Masters for another 5 Yellow years

  30. underhill

    It is not people chose CBN for development but Jagan gave him a chance since he failed to recognize what people want. My friend from TG one day called me to ask why Jagan is not saying anything about development while CBN is talking about corridors etc like he has more understanding and knowledge for the SA. Then I have to send him some national news links about Jagan roping in consultancy etc. Point is he did not speak his mind on development and failed to project atleast in telugu media incl Sakshi.

    Coastal corridor is very vexed up with religious conversions but Jagan did not try to rectify or chooses to ignore.

    If possible it is better to remove the congress from the party’s name.

  31. Kareem

    Jagan anna You dont worry we are with you, we will fight another 5 years

  32. Papam JP garu….lost the opportunity of brokering for Industrialists even with the itch factor in play !!

    He can now officially join Tdp.

  33. @ Gopi …

    I have not seen ur comments ?? Are u ok ??
    Dont worry , U have done your best and we had a good result from Nellore dist. Well done !!
    We just have to keep fighting brother !!

    • truthonlywins

      Nellore ppl stood by YS family in turbulent times, I feel proud about them. I hope people from other districts are noting this effort to stand by someone in troubled times.

  34. Madhuri

    I regularly follow this blog. Though i dont know the depths and dynamics of politics much, we love YSR & YS family and wished for jagan becoming CM. But its really painfull to accept the truth. After reading all the coments and suggestions here i felt YSJ need to transform himself to become a better leader like YSR and may be its not the right time for jagan considering the financial situation of the state. I now feel God had the same purpose too.

    A small thought which came to my mind is.. Do YSJ need to have a twitter account?? because most of the top leaders like modi, kejriwal, even CBN and others interact with people through twitter. Saw modi tweeted thanking pawan kalyan. YSJ too can tweet on some important issues which also catch media attention.

  35. truthonlywins

    To those of you, who are not aware of the schemes that were promised by CBN.
    1) Runa mafi for farmers 1,20000
    crores ,
    2) dwakra runa mafi
    3) kg to pg free education ,
    4) 20lit mineral water for 2 rs ,
    5) 3crores of jobs ,
    6) espicially seemandhra to make
    singapore ,
    7) Anna canteens ,
    8) 1000rs pinchan for old people ,
    9) mahila rakshna with in 2 min ,
    10) 10 hrs free current for
    farmers ,
    11) ntr health scheme

    I personally think every other promise mentioned here is possible but not right away, he has good 5 years to do it.

    • truthonlywins

      The very reason I believe that this could be done is, most of them mentioned here are successfully by someone in other states.
      So, it is nothing but COPY CAT bolli batch.

    • Ravi

      I dont think these are possible atleast in another 10 years in seemandhra. Why to fool people? People elected with a hope and if not done it is obvious to understand the result.

      • truthonlywins

        2,7,8,9,10 is possible right away.
        For 1 – he would utilize special package that would be given for SA development.
        Now, when he completes no.1, he will have no huge promises left behind, so he will ask for another term to complete everything.

        • kalli

          where will he get the required funds…the SA is starting with a deficit of 10000 crores…if he is fullfilling the runa mafi…how will he construct the capital and pay the salaries…even bjp won’t give such huge funds cos tdp lost the bargaining power…

          • kalli

            even central govt has gone for runa mafi of total 60000 crores after so much of dilly dally…now state with a deficit of 10000 crores…how will he do it…all drama by eenadu will start…

  36. bhaskar

    Mission Accomplished, Going Home, Says NRI Campaigners for Modi

  37. Chiru

    1983 Congress ki.
    1985 thammudiki
    1995 NTR Ki.
    1996 Hari Krishna Ki.
    1996 Thodalludiki
    1999 Prajaliki
    2009 Jr NTR ki chesina parabhavam……Eenadu ki idi NEWS kadata..
    YS family ghora parajayam…………………..” “. “NEWS ataa..
    1983 lo Chandra Babu MLA ga vodipoyinappudu,kuppam paripoyinapudu
    1989 lo NTR Vodipoyinappdu.
    1996 lo Hari Krishna vodipoyinappudu.
    2004 lo 40 seat lu Vachinappudu
    2009 lo 90 seat lu vachinappudu.

    NTR puttina gadda ni Gudiwada pulibidda tana adda chesukunna NAA NEE teda leni NAANI…
    Naidu garu puttina Gadda CHANDRAGIRI gutta meeda jenda egura vesina
    CHEVI REDDY….idi matram news kadata… Emi journalism ra nayana…potavurareai…potav….

    • Ravi

      Can we try avoid the puli bidda analogy? Atleast until next elections.

    • truthonlywins

      Chiru Garu… Superb… and this is exactly the way our PR team should counter those allegations.
      Someone from YSRCP should take up the issue in court pulling up the editor for naming YSR Family and causing disrepute to them. In 2004 or 2009, did they mention anywhere CBN & his family were losers, if not they should not do it now?
      We should start it now.

  38. vvreddy

    here is what rajnath singh said

    With enough seats to take power on its own, the party does not really need its allies. But Mr Singh said, “We will invite our allies for an NDA meet on the same day and thank them for their role in the win.

    asalu 71 seats from UP and many more norther state ki dabbulu ivvakunda . manaku istadu anukovadam murkhatvam avutundi .
    chev lo puv petti .

    • Ravi

      We should hope that we(AP State) will do good. The disadvantage the CBN have now is too many poll promises which may hit the states performance. Anyway we should play a very good constructive role.

  39. vvreddy

    Tineki tindi ledu meesalaku sampangi nooney annatu

    bullet trains anta , ee Nandamuri Pandulu maree dreams lo vunnaru

    • Ram

      If you meet my old friend cyclist annai, ask him to add an additional question ‘When will NBK remove his wig’. Not sure if he is still around and a changed human after Amarnath yatra or still the same old gentleman writing gentle comments on opponents.

  40. siva Reddy

    Let us watch., Modi mana CBN ke Mudi chupistha du.,

  41. siva Reddy

    Hi Boos,

    Let us stop speaking about our negatives. The wining percentage is minute where YCP got 28.9 and TDP got 29.1 as per following website

    I believe whatever is happen is good for us.

    As people are mentioning there are lot of impact due to following points,

    1. There is bible impact
    2. There is Jagan Christianity Impact
    3. Thrimuala Incident
    4. Proper Selection of Candidates
    5. Jagan not showing aggressiveness., etc

    I don’t believe this all are reasons. If this are the issues what others are speaking we should have not even own 20 Seats throughout AP.

    Let us believe that whatever is happen it is for our good sake.

    Note this points my strong belief is

    1. TDP cannot manage their Leaders, because of their leaders over expectations(Minister Seats, Projects etc)
    2. These people will fight them self, let us see and enjoy.
    3. Funding problem where its is very difficult for him to get Central Funds.
    4. CM Ramesh, Sujana Chowary, Kesineni Nani, Rayapati etc will act like a jokers. Let us laugh by seeing them.
    5. Naidu will definitely fail in implementing the welfare schemes.
    6. He does not have a heart like YSR. He cannot take care of poor people.
    7. CBN gadu kuka chavu chavadam chudali boss. I want to enjoy that situation.
    8. TDP and Cho batch has to left without any strong leader.

    I kept myself silent this days. I openly support YSJ.

    Johar YSR and Jagan Anna.

    In any future elections, i want everyone who stays abroad come to India and Vote for Jagan.

    Love you Jagan. You are my leader until my death.

  42. Sandani

    The district level alliance with CPM in Khammam did wonders. The same kind of strategy YSJ should have been applied in Krishna district with CPM by leaving Vijayawada Central to them. We should have been won 2,3 seats extra.

    • PSK

      I was on the same impression for quite a sometime… Vijayawada Central traditionally belongs to Left parties….Even Goutham Reddy was previously from CPI..

  43. CVR Murthy

    Looks like YSRCP forgot to officially congratulate MODI and BJP

  44. who will punish this guy cbn.
    today he was telling that the loan waiver is for the loans taken in 2012. Now a days banks do not give the crop loan without paying the previous year loan. God alone save Andhra Pradesh and India

  45. ps

    thapakonda cbn ki vathirekamga viplam vastundhi. paean kalyan lanti rakshasudu dakuntadu. vedu chese saida poratam idhe. ysr dhushinchatam thapa ee rogue, stupid idiot ki inka emi radhu. entha tearaga alliance erparuchikunaro anthe past ga vedi potharu. god jagan vypu vunadu

  46. truthonlywins

    Should we have a forum seperate for us than having a public one like this, where our thoughts and views are shared?

  47. Ram

    The greater challenge for us is to focus our energies more on the next balls opponent player is going to throw before the dust settles down, while still analysing past defeat of a brave person who fought a war against so many united-opponents.

    • Now the team size is 70 + 9, we are ready to face it, we need to be better prepared….Jupudi & Ambati should be given MLC to create enough noise over there.

  48. Pls have a look at the Indian map of 2009 and 2014 clearly showing the Modi wave ….like a Tsunami from the West coast !!
    Well done to Modi for kicking out the Pseudo Gandhi’s !!

    • CVR Murthy

      This is ridiculous. In 2009 it was just 1% or so. The gap in Coastal AP is 5% . Accept defeat gracefully . YSJ should earn the good will of the people. As good gesture he should go and wish CBN and KCR. It will change his image in one stroke That shows Maturity of a leader

      • Yes congratulating others is a good gesture.
        We should not be like Babu who refused to shake hands with YSR in 2009.

        • Jagan meeting CBN & KCR, Yes an amazing idea , which will be a great gesture…. to gain all our critics applause…..take the role of statesman…..the more & faster image makeover we do the better it is……

          And Sakshi should stop these kind of finding excuses of showcasing the vote difference, those are Yellow journalism tactics to show their leader in good lime light , we waant to fight straight, we want to shouw courage in defeat, we have age/energy/youth brigade on our side..we should NOT stoop to low levels in journalism

        • And hope YCP should not do any stupid stuff like not accompanying the speaker to the podium after election…which CBN did in 2009 when Kiran was elected….as he is from the same dist and getting a bigger recognition than him

      • Ravi

        In 2009 in Seemandhra the difference is more than 4% sir. Just giving a perspective.

  49. truthonlywins

    YSJ should now concentrate some time in Telangana. I think there are lots of people who have lost from Congress, we may want to tap them & we have to recover our lost ground there too.
    Knowingly or unknowingly, our leaders have showcased our team as pro-poor people in many discussions but it should have been pro-people party. So, soon we should lure all classes of public than targetting one single class.
    We should build youth cadre soon, first time voters & in universities/colleges we should have our units present like TRS did.

    • It will work good in mahbubnagar, Nalgonda, khammam dist for sure, target is to gain foothold in these dist. Now that CPI(M) is a natural ally in khammam atleast, it will work in NLG & Mahabubnagar and section of warangal.

      • In Nalgonda dist, 2 of our old candidates “jitta balakrishna ” & “sankineni venakteshwara rao” have stood in 2nd position ,both contesting as independents, staying ahead of congress candidates loosing to TRS, who knows we could have won one of them, so in net net summary, YCP was in loose/loose situation by giving up telangana stand…anyways its time to start fresh

    • There are millions of people in Tealnagana who still admire YSR and we should not lose them. Attract all the important cong leaders and promise them seats / posts. Give the T Leadership to Sharmila and form alliance with MIM and the communists . Sharmila padyatra in T might be an option ??
      All this should start now. No point leaving it to the end.

      • vvreddy

        i am ok any one but not MIM , it is terrorist organization. YS gave free hand to those bastards who want to wipe out hindus .

        • Wiping out Hindus is a political gimmick talk, like KCR saying andhra lo vunnavallanta….kind of statements…..just to ignite people

          To your surprise MIM gave tickets to Hindu candidates this time and they are in the image change makeover…point is to build a coalition like Lalu & SP…yeah it needs to be analyzed as its double sword, YCP already got a tag of minority party kind of….

        • ps

          what about bjp. it is rgagnisef terrorist organisation.with police protection.

    • Ram

      Ever wonder why RK of ABN used to interact college students for the past several years and pitch for anti-corruption and playing high moral ground with his award winning grin? They very well knew the number of young voters from that will be at polls now and infuture.

      Same with saints JP of LSP, PK, JD-LN interacting with students and youth for above strategy. These are all calculated moves and backdoor team efforts. They seem to have a well-oiled win-win systems in place.

      I saw YSS only once going and doing a meeting in a college during padayatra.

      There will be a vacuum and an opporturity to fireup youth through YSJ after initial failures of NCBN not able to match people expectations with poll promises of capital and jobs for every house.

      • truthonlywins

        Let me tell you, why youth is needed in politics….
        A youth compared to an seasoned politician can mingle with anyone to grasp the pulse of the public.
        You teach youth whats good & whats bad politically so early in his life that most of them would align themselves to the party. (again, there could be changes down the line).
        Social work gets expedited swiftly & ideas that they bring in is really innovative & that’s where changing dynamics come from.

        • truthonlywins

          Not only students union… YSJ should tap all possible unions like Auto Drivers, Workers, RTC, BSNL, Thermal, Railway Employee, Farmers, Weavers, etc… all unions should be formed soon and they should be groomed to bring issues to the table.
          They should be aired on channels & we should have certain leaders assigned to oversee solutions being provided to issues.
          Our corporations should bring out the best, we will start with what we have, slowly everyone will see the progress and come to us.

          • I’m foreseeing that APSRTC might soon go in to privatisation in next 2-3yrs, as both Kesineni & Diwakar might be eagerly waiting for that pie of share…if i’m not wrong Eenadu will start articles in next 1yr. YCP as opposition should be innovative in their agitations.

            • truthonlywins

              Visionary at work!!! 🙂 anything is possible…
              We should ask people to travel for free then 🙂

      • Yes well captured point, we need to have atleast monthly kind of discussions slowly from now with various unions from all walks of life…mission 2019 should start now…..we have all the time to get in to grass root levels…the faster we move the weak congress chances…we shouldn’t give room for congress to even think of gaining roots.

  50. Why sakshitv suddenly changed ,it is difficult to read the breaking news colume became very small.people who have eye problem cant see it.How long they will keep ysr photo ,atleast they should remove ysr photo while telecasting violence,sex content,crime stories etc.

  51. Dr.Krishna

    ఇక నుండి ‘ సింహం సింగిల్ గా వస్తుంది ‘ అనే పడికట్టు వాక్యాలు వదిలేయడం అభిమానులకు కూడా మంచిది . వై యస్ ఆర్ ఎన్నో ఢక్కామొక్కీలు తిని , అనేక యుద్ధాల్లో ఆరి తేరిన తరువాత సాధించిన ఫీట్ ని , జగన్ మొదట్లోనే సాధించాలని కోరుకోవడం అత్యాశే అవుతుంది – అది జగన్ కు కానీ , అభిమానులకు కానీ . ఒకవైపు ప్రత్యర్థులు ఫుల్లీ లోడెడ్ వెపన్స్ తో ఎదురొస్తూంటే , కనీసం కవచం కూడా లేకుండా వెళ్లాలనుకోవడం సాహసం అనిపించుకోదు.

    దానికి ఇంకా టైం ఉంది . ముంబయ్ తీవ్రవాదుల దాడి ఘటనలో ఇలాగే కింది స్థాయి అధికారుల కాల్ రాగానే , ముందు వెనుకా ఆలోచించకుండా దొమ్మీ కేసుల గొడవలకు వెళ్ళినట్టు , బయలుదేరిన పోలీసు అధికారులు అక్కడికక్కడే ప్రాణాలు విడిచారు .

    లోకమంతా మోదీ మోదీ అని మొత్తుకుంటూంటే దాన్ని కౌంటర్ చేసే స్ట్రాటజీ లేకపోగా , చివరాఖరికి మళ్లీ మోదీనో , ఎల్లయ్యనో , పుల్లయ్యనో అప్పుడు చూసుకుందాం అంటే ఎన్నికలయ్యాకైనా (రాష్ట్ర ప్రయోజనార్థం ) మోదీతో కలుస్తాను అనే అస్పష్టత అందులో ఉంది. ఈ అసందిగ్ధతకు తావు లేని నిర్ణయాధికారం ఈ సారి దేశమంతా ఉంది ఓటరు మదిలో .

    అసలు ఏ పార్టీ అధినేతకు లేని మంచి అవకాశమొకటి జగన్ కు ఉంది , మీడియా రూపం లో. కానీ యథా ప్రకారం శక్తి వంచన లేకుండా సాక్షి దాన్ని నాశనం చేసింది. పేపర్ బాయ్ మొదలుకొని , డిస్త్రిబ్యూటర్లు , ఏజెంట్లు జర్నలిస్టులు అంటూ ఎంత నెట్వర్క్ ఉంది చేతుల్లో . సగటు మనిషి నాడిని పసిగట్టడానికి అంతకు మించిన థర్మామీటర్ ఎముంటుంది ? కానీ , సాక్షి అత్యుత్సాహం ఈ దిశలో సరైన ఫలితాలనివ్వలేకపోయింది .

    మళ్లీ మొదటికే వస్తే , జంతు శాస్త్ర పరంగా చూసుకున్నా సింహాలు సమూహంగానే వేటాడుతాయి , అవి వేటాడే అడవి దున్నలని కార్నర్ చేస్తూ , అంతే కానీ ఎప్పుడూ ఒంటరిగా వేటాడవు . కేవలం పెద్ద పులి ఒక్కటే ఒంటరి జీవనాన్ని ఇష్టపడుతుంది , తన బరి ఇదీ అన్నట్టుగా కొన్ని రకాలైన రసాయన పదార్థాలని ఆ పరిసరాల్లో వెదజల్లుతూ ఇది నా సామ్రాజ్యం అని ఇతర పులులకి తెలియజేస్తాయి , ఆ ప్రదేశంలో తాము మాత్రమే వేటాడుతాయి .

    రాబోయే కాలంలో , వామపక్షాలో వేరే మిత్రపక్షాలో , ప్రజాపోరాటం లో ఎవరు కలిసొస్తే వాళ్లతో కలిసి పోరాడాలి , ఎన్నికల కురుక్షేత్రం లో కూడా కలిసి పోరాడవచ్చు. సింగిల్ గా వస్తుంది అని మడి కట్టుకు కూర్చోనక్కరలేదు .

    • Well said, dialogues are created by fans to their nerve satisfaction…..but from idealogical perspective our natural allies are communists and majlis in telangana. that will be a very good combination.

      I have a idea that as a friendly gesture offer Allagadda seat to CPI(M), i know it might hurt sentiment of family, but worth checking it out, new people …new strategies…that’s the mantra….some time you need to go with a big heart to gain friends…..

    • PraveenReddy

      Hi Krishna ,
      This is Praveen .. I am watching this website since last month onwards ..
      I have add some more points ..
      1) sakshi newspaper and channel should be neutral .. Should give party feed back on every quarter
      2) JAGAN has gone alone is good . If he had won it could be have been failure in long term .
      Now he can concentrate on what he has lagged .
      3) This election won by TDP was not luck .Because we didn’t project our leader as like NCB . Because of cases filed in court . That gave TDP more advantage .

  52. vvreddy

    one more suggestion to sakshi paper important one .
    whe we see in news paper all we reddys name in the content
    people here atp BCs who does not like that much reddy domination .
    i advise them change names even though they are reddys or give oppurunity to BC sc st or any other caste. i know reddys are back bone of the party but getting a name reddys party is not good sign .

    and also take congress out of partys name . what do u think

    • Taking out congress out of the name not sure how feasible it is now, might not be difficult since it is still not considered as registered party, if it is feasible why not?

      Yes and dont mention the caste tag name …..keep it simple 1st name (or) ensure it is more inclusive team

  53. Ravi

    My advice then to increase friends bring in all YSR friends and other friends whomever left YSRCP. Join hands with CPI and CPM, They are reluctant but we need to take progress. We need to concentrate on an image to project that in time of difficulties we are adding more friends instead of fear for our party members to move to other parties.

  54. vvreddy

    journey is more interesting or enjoyable than destination .
    i am happy with what we got for now .ysr ku CM padavi yenni yellaku vacchindi .this is not right time at all .
    dams purthy cheyala, runa mafee , dwakra loans etc
    chanthadantha list vundi . failure ayyaekantey opposition ye melu.

    ee 5 years aa chandra babu gadi lo pedithey manam akkanudi chusukundam , yelavundi .

    • I spoke to my dad today and he said exactly the same thing.
      Jagan will need some political experience first and being the Oppositional leader is the best position to get that exp.
      I am hoping he will dominate in the assembly as YSR did being the leader of opposition. Fortunately we have enough numbers in a smaller assembly when compared to the past.
      Jagan should watch the videos of his dad and use similar strategies.
      YSR use to bring paper clippings from the yellow papers and torture Babu.

      Wind up people…..but never get winded !!!

  55. Dear friends ,

    I am planning to take printouts of the useful comments / advices from our blog and post it to Jagan directly on a regular basis if you are all happy with it ??

  56. Chiru

    ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ అసెంబ్లీ లో ఇక నుండి రెండే రెండు జట్లు (మూడు పార్టీలు tdp +bjp /ysrcp ) పాలక పక్షం -ఒకే ఒక్క ప్రతిపక్షం .ప్రజాసమస్యల మీద పోరాటం చెయ్య వలసిన బాద్యత కేవలం ఒక్క ysrcp కి మాత్రమే స్వంతం …మరొకరికి అసెంబ్లీ లో ప్రాతినిద్యమే లేదు…అది ప్రజలిచ్చిన మహద్భాగ్యం కాదా?
    సుదూర లక్ష్యం చ్చేదించాలంటే ఆచరణ సాద్యం కాని హామీలను ప్రభుత్వ మెడలు వంచి అమలు చేయించే బృహత్తర బాద్యత తలకెత్తుకుని నిర్మాణాత్మక పాత్ర పోషించాలి ..అదే ముందున్న కర్తవ్యమ్ ..
    3 ఇయర్స్ పార్టీకే గెలవలేక పోయామని బాధపడితే …30 సం. కష్టపడిన YS ని ….13 సం.బాధపడిన KCR ని….9 సం.అధికారం రుచి చూసి 10 సం.జనం తిరస్కరించిన నాయుడు గారిని ,2 దశాబ్దాల నుండి పడుతూ లేస్తూ ,పడుతూ లేస్తూ తమిళ తంబి ల మనసు చొరగొన్న పురచ్చి తలైవి ని,వాళ్ళ పోరాటాలను ఏమనుకోవాలి ..పోల్చుకుంటే మనమెంతో అదృష్ట వంతులం..

    • Sekar

      Jagan should take a leaf from Mamatha Benarjee. She does not have any properties. She is a real fighter.

      • Ravi

        Please do not compare West bengal with Andhra pradesh. We are not that moral and work. But need to take the fighting spirit.

    • Exactly you snatched word from my mouth, now YSJ is in a position where in he will get to question CBN directly and all channels have to relay it, can you imagine we getting free publicity in yellow channels…..that requires some training which he has to undergo as he is not good at handling criticism ( you need immense self composure..he will be ridiculed…he will be tested …his self respect & self control will be tested to the core)…people will be watching their future CM live…imagine CBN saying “Honorable opposition leader…..Jagan”…thats a good position to have, jagan has to pose questions, put allegations…only CBN has to answer…not Jagan

  57. Had to change my user name as the new target has changed !!
    I have now lost faith in GOD and will now wait till 2019 for him to restore it.
    Our Fight will continue with the same spirit .
    There were only a handful of supporters in this blog in 2010 but this gradually increased when we had glimpses of happy moments during this incredible journey of hardships.
    And now it makes me feel so happy that the number of like minded people here have increased to a great extent despite us not achieving our target.

    This is the spirit we need …
    The harder they hit us ……The Stronger we grow.

    YSRCP…..2010…….1 MLA and 1 MP
    YSRCP…..2012…….15 MLA’s and 2 MP’s
    YSRCP…..2014……..65 MLA’s and 8 MP’s

    We are on the right track and We Will reach our Goal with some better organisation at ground level and some new tactics from our Leader.

    • Ram

      I admire your fighting spirit.. You take care of yourself first.

    • All these stories started with a failure….but they never looked back after !!

      • Ram

        The reality is aligning with the system that wins, aligning with the powers that be. Establish a win-win situation for both parties. That should be the frame of reference. Team Yellow has been doing this successfully for the last few decades.

        While all of YCP’s policies, except English education, are all against WB guidelines and goals. Unless YSJ changes and tunes to this new reality, I do not see a hope for him. People and Votes are immaterial, sorry if this hurts anyone at an emotional level.

        • Well in that sense all the manifesto of CBN right now will be totally ridiculed by WB, right

          We should follow a middle path, find out some path like that.

          • Ram

            Apart from loan waiver, what else is against WB? Every NCBN promise is pro for them. May be bankers can give a correct perspective, loan waiver is writing-off loans, i.e., paper money, which is nothing, as it is not a real asset, when compared to the massive opportunities corporations and insiders have rebuilding AP. At the end, it is a winning situation for banks, corporations and NCBN and Team Yellow. It is a different situation if they do not waive and go back on promise.

            Manasulo mata will be implemented now. Till ’04 NCBN moorkhamga velli veerudu soorudani mokaalla debbalu tinnadu. His success now depends on how smoothly he can transition agriculture workforce into a new industrial workforce. A task achievable, with new jobs that will get created in new sectors unknown to SA. This will be their new pitch going forward like how they did post NTRR episode and making everyone focus on hitec-c

            • I’m damn sure YSJ is good at selling dream of new jobs & new infra and question how it is mishandled by CBN during his next 5yr rule…..i still remember the presentation he did on April 13th for manifesto presentation……he has good communication skills, he can spell bound people when it comes to speaking development…in 2019 people will not be worried about how to build new captial…it will be what next from here….the guy who sells more dreams wwill catch peoples attention…CBN cant say that he will do it beyond 2019…he will be questioned on why he didn’t do till 2019…..YSJ will sell some big scheme which will be hitting across every family…..thats the way to go…might work..might not work…..more mistakes committed …more advantage for YSJ, if they dont put some infra in rayalaseema then it is for their benefit which will be exploited….CBN should go for decentralized development if not it will be again accused…game goes on

              I’m damn sure that YSJ plan for capital city is much better than CBN’s….once YSJ focuses on a task he will go through it in & out…conveyed good number of times by YS Bharathi….its just that law should allow him to be people…..hope BJP will allow it, to control CBN and keep him in his limit.

          • Ram

            If I remember pre-elections Sakshi was interviewing people like va ra vara rau etc (no offence to people who like him and his critical analysis of facts) and pitching them with comments against NCBN and WB. This will take YSJ nowhere, and on the contrary is riding against the tide and main stream thought.

    • Ravi

      Yes We have to remember how YSR regained the grounds from 1999 to 2004. Take the other lessons and if possible resolve them.

  58. PSK

    Sorry for the Interruption.
    I have a simple suggestion…
    Jagan should get the following elected members and arrange a lesson learned classes for the YSRCP cadre. There is nothing wrong in it. We always do the when we complete a project.
    Peddireddy should be the Maser
    Kodali Nani,
    SPY Reddy
    Vishweshwar (Uravakonda)
    Kotam reddy
    Chevi reddy
    And of course Jagan should foresee…

    • I strongly feel that there is lot of intellectual information coming out of so many brains to keep YSR legacy live…we should find out some contact in YCP who can hear to us…filter out our inputs and pass on the message….i’m sure there are thousands of such people…but this shouldn’t go waste

      @ CV Reddy/ CVR Murthy sir,

      Do you have any such contacts within party (level doesn’t matter) to whom we can meet for some 5mins share the inputs, and build brand new Jagan.

      By 2019, CBN will be in a thought process of promoting Lokesh…and i’m damn sure Jagan we can build brand new YSJ/YSS with all our like minded thoughts.

  59. CVR Murthy

    YSRCP should set up party central office in Rajamundry /Eluru and Rayalaseema office in Tirupati. They should appoint office bearers. There should be a constitution/bye laws. for functioning.

    • PSK

      Murthy gaaru,
      Your points are very reasonable and very accurate
      Why don’t you come out with a document with your opinions and suggestions…We will all SUPPORT and put our signatures so that some can forward it YSP Central committee.

  60. Power is not permanent …
    It was only last year Bill Gates praised Nitish as one of the best CM’s !!!

    And he is going !!

  61. truthonlywins

    Guys.. One question to all of you…
    Is Sakshi TV “self dabba” channel?
    What would be your answer to this question and whats the reason behind your answer as well.
    I’m not raking up a controversy but trying to give you some insight on ppl’s mindset.

    • Ravi

      We should have that perspective but the essence should not cross a limit. But recent times yes that limit crossed mile ahead and we should hope sakshi to act norrmal and support Jagan few times. This makes people to see the channel and not just for YSRCP people.

    • Yes, the content should change….it should reflect more of peoples issues, debates, act as forum for people to represent their issues…..i think TV9 did it with “Nigga Deesi adugu”, sakshi shouldn’t hide certain facts, which it is clearly doing, i would like it to be honest in relaying what others are criticizing about should gain people’s confidence…it should be treated as a channel which is no more biased with YCP/YSJ, it should undergo a make over…the sooner it does the better it is.

      Going by the mandate it should give fair coverage to CBN for next 5yrs , treat him with respect as he got people’s mandate to be CM.

    • Ram

      The trick is to appear neutral to common eyes while being tacitly supporting your cause appearing to be on a high moral ground, like how Tv9 and Enadu do.

      My opinion is Sakshi’s substandard presentation should be more appealing to all sections. Copy Enadu paper / tv approach and presentation style, and they should be fine. Need to know how to cook up and present facts in a way that benefits you. Enadu does this slowly into people’s minds days, months and years ahead. Today’s Sakshi is more a knee jerk reaction to opponents pulling the strings on the prior day.

      • vishnu

        Agree, eenadu and others have a strategy. sakshi should make a wholehearted effort to publish the news without any prejudice. And there should be good content and analyses to keep the readers plugged in. Being a Jagan supporter also, I find more content in andhrabhoomi than in sakshi.

        • Ram

          I think they will hitback and bring the standard back. But the problem seems to be elsewhere.. a lack of intelligence of what is the ground reality through stingers. The opponents have different strategies and access to current and historic information which we do not have. A mere tieup with NDTV seems not sufficient.

      • truthonlywins

        Thanks to each one of you who had answered my question candidly.
        Change is need of the hour, I agree too.

        But, I would have been happy if atleast one of you had justified why it had to become biased. I feel that it had a reason to become so, because entire media was bought out and colluded to project YSJ badly, isn’t it true?
        If same question was tweaked “Is eenadu & other channels self dabba of TDP” to TDP fans, you all know what they would have said unanimously? It will be a big NO & they would justify it as a neutral TV supporting neutral parties. Agreed?

        Point I’m trying to make is – we are bit gentle but the other side isn’t gentle & they are crooked people. We need to match them & we should not lose our ground trying to be gentle. We need to counter allegations with facts & this should be propagated to our PR team.

        I understand that, We expressed this views because we lost, had we won, we would have hailed Sakshi for being mouthpiece of YSRCP & articulating our welfare schemes. So, its just an aftermath of loss, its natural but we need to revamp a bit too, agreed.
        Its only a perspective and not trying to be personal.

  62. Even though we might like YSj being criticzed, there is no better time to learn from opposition, go ahead & read it with all openness you will know few points for YCP falling short of majority

    Mainly YCP seems clearly neglected municipal & local body elections, actually these unit tests should tell us the preparedness for main tests, party & cadre paid price for them.

  63. Ravi

    I think we should pull KVP, Raghuram raju and all others whomever went out from the party to show that we realized our mistake. Corruption charges are bullshit and no one cares. It is all relationship that matters. I hope we need to increase our friend base very solidly.

  64. CVR Murthy

    Relax you just undo anything now . Accept the facts , concede defeat .

    • CVR Murthy

      *just can’t undo

    • Ram

      Murthy garu, I do not know much, but respecting every ones thoughts over here, I am expressing my sincere views. I may be wrong here.

      I think people over here have two choices –
      1. follow NCBN’s post defeat approach in 04 and 09 or
      2. with no ego, accept mistakes and be naked looking at facts in black and white.

      The approach should be somewhere in between – not lessening morale and accepting facts to build a solid foundation for a stronger tomorrow.

      I do not think NCBN conceded defeat in ’04 and ’09. He always positioned and made his followers believe being on high moral grounds. And his followers meticulously manufactured reasons for every defeat, backstab and negative mistake NCBN made. They covered his ass all along on social media. If I remember correctly, NTRR would not even come out for a press meet after defeat.

    • Ram

      While I fully agree with your earlier views that YSJ should present himself differently to be able to connect with all middle class and educated, apart from masses.

      If one looks at NCBN’s old pictures in 80s and 90s, you will never get a good feeling, serious, never blinking, never smiling etc. Anakoodadu kaani donga kodulu patte vadila undevadu. Look now, he transformed smiles, appears different. He worked on himself with good feedback and guidance.

      • Ram

        Ah.. And he groomed himself as well. Form a full beard to a French beard! This helped a makeover while covering the B fact that is always hidden!

  65. CVR Murthy

    Politics are dynamic. See the contrast from 2009 to 2014. Juse see what happened post July 2013 . Past few months it is modi wave. So strengthen party , respond to the situations.

    • Ravi

      Yes, I think that is kalikalam. We need to be with time instead of policies. Our principle needs to help others and make your party into power and do whatever needed. No more sticking to a word. I am serious about it.

      • Nopes, i disagree….aashaparudu modata sukha padavachu taruvata kashtapadatadu, manchivadu modata kastapadavochu taruvata sukhapadatadu…..our party USP is credbility…we will go by it…..people have to realize again whose USP is credibility…it might take 10yrs…we
        already lost becoz of changing our stand on division of AP, overall on this matter, CBN gained more credibility more than Jagan…ofcourse media supported him to good extent….YCP doesn’t have that luxury…..

  66. I’m not sure if i’m saying this after despair , but i sense some sincerity in the voice of Sabbam towards Jagan, he could have been a better spokesperson than any one in the party…might be next only to Konathala….we should wait for some time and if he is inclined we should pull him in….

    Your enemy can analyse your weakness better than your friends…..also some suggestions from lagadapati will help…this is the time to kill egos and go all out to reach people….if CBN after 9yrs CM and 10yrs opposition can go to Pawan whats wrong in YSJ reaching out to these guys for honest analysis.

  67. YSRCP …….2010……1 MLA and 1 MP
    YSRCP………2012……15 MLA’s and 2 MP’s
    YSRCP………2014…….65 MLA’s and 8 MP’s

    We are on the right track but needs better organisation and tactics by 2019 and that should start from Now.

    • Ravi

      That happened because farmers believed with help of center CBN can do runa mafi. Even though i am against it the damage happened. I am concerned about states performance because of huge promises by CBN. Its huge challenging time and I hope it will not bankrupt the states economy.


    There is more to it, than the simple analysis being done by this website, i if vote bank is what CBN did by pulling in congress cadre it hasn’t worked in Kurnool/Nellore/kadapa/chittor

    We pulled in dharmana, Pardha,mopidevi,burgadda veda vyas etc but they all lost :-(, how do we answer that point? we should say that their corruption image hasn’t worked well. Then does JC has clean image? Seems like JC can win irrespective of images/waves? He won even during NTR wave.

    I think it might have worked in Anantapur/ godavari/

    • I think it might have worked in Vizag, but here we are seeing that policies worked and not candidates (or) it seems like policies worked because candidates won? There is a thin line i guess.

      I thought Ganta & gang have got -ve image becoz they haven’t participated in United AP agitation, they change parties and surprised to see that they dont carry any incumbency factor? this could happen only i case of a their faults hidden behind a strong leader…thats what happened to konda surekha in TRS, once she is on the side of KCR she won just like that and many others in the shadow of KCR…so its leader/policies and some amount of +ve buzz

  69. CVR Murthy

    Loksabha Vote percentage for SA TDP+ 47.73% , YSRCP 45.35% , congress 2.80% others 4.12% . diff ySRCP and TDP 2.38%

    • CVR Murthy

      Costal Andhra Y44.70% T49.96% C1.62% O3.72%
      North Andhra 42.06% 47.28% 4.97% 5.69%
      Rayalaseema 48.26% 44.60% 3.32% 3.82%

      • CVR Murthy

        There is no change from ZPTC and MPTC 5% gap in CA and NA , No modi wave it is chandra babu wave

        • Statistics always hide some obvious things…assuming from 8th April if YSJ picked voters percentage the only way that could have been negated is through Pawan & Modi…till pawan entered the scene i dont think kapu youth vote bank would have shifted to TDP…. CBN knows it otherwise there is no point of him paying a personnel visit on 23rd April….and from 24th April onwards Eenadu started Editorials on jagan till 7th May…….connect the dots you will get it

      • truthonlywins

        Numbers here just say one thing, NA – Congi & others have hurt us a lot. JSP was specially formed for this purpose. They succeeded in their effort but we should stay high with this single handed effort.

        • CVR Murthy

          JSP has negligible. Others are all independents ets. Any election that is common. Nielsen mislead YSRCP. The wave was evident from local elections .

        • when i have gone through some of the votings of kurnool, this dist has got max votes for congress , still we won 11 seats, i think in a 3 way contest YCP always wins, thats what happened in bye elections.

          • Ravi

            Hi Guys, CBN gave indication that he going with NDA from February. In March it picked up and how can we say that it did not worked? CBN had strong party but more than that their should be trust and that was built with BJP.

            • truthonlywins

              Although, we add salt to our food, we don’t call it by name.. i.e. we dont call chicken biryani as chicken salt biryani.. but salt is also an important substance.
              Sameway in our debacle, modi is like salt, but there is much bigger reason for this result than modi.
              do you think people believe modi is bigger in stature than ysr (although he is dead)?

              • Yes people believe in today , they believe in hope, past is gone as per them…everyday when people rise they would like to see a hope…they would like to know whom they have to follow…people find out their answers in their voting

  70. CV Reddy

    ధర్మ యుద్ధం చేసిన జగన్ -తణుకు లో ప్రజలు భావం

    కొద్దిసేపటి క్రితం కొంచెం పరిచయమున్న ఒక కాపు సోదరునికి ఫోన్ చేసి అడిగాను ఏమనుకొంతున్నారు అక్కడి ప్రజలు అని.

    రాత్రి నేను బార్ లో ఉన్నప్పుడు అక్కడ “జగన్ ధర్మ యుద్ధం చేసాడు, బాబు ఒకవైపు మోడీ ని ఇంకో వైపు పవన్ ను వెంటేసుకొని వెళ్లి అధర్మ యుద్ధం చేసి దెబ్బతీసాడు. బాబు ఎప్పుడూ తొండి గేం ఆడుతాడు ” అని మాట్లాడినారు అని చెప్పాడు

    • Ravi

      This is good sign but we cannot miss an opportunity and say that is immoral. Few times we should do it for the sake of Party.

    • maa office lo collegues yemi cheppu kuntunnaru ante 1. vijyammanu vizag lo jagan nilabette chala thappu chesinadu ani. yendukante vijayamma nonlocal kada yemini gelipisthe maku andubatulo vuntundo ledo ani prajalu votelu veyaledu antunnaru. local candidateni nilabetti vunte kastha geleche chance yekkuva vundayde ani anukutunnaru. 2. jagan ku vunna payrutho jagan kosam vachhina janalaki, ye payru layni chandrababu naidu gurunchi jagan padhe padhe athanu chesina mella gurinchi cheppukuntunnadu antu, cheyaboye mellagurinchi chepputhu avi sadayam kadu antu yekkuvaga target chesi mari yekkuvaga prajalaloke thesukelladamtho, telani varki kuda ye vishayalu telesi discuss chesukone paristhithe thesukochhadu, deni valla jagan chesthanu anna abivruddhi kante chandra babu chesthanu anna apaddapu hameelu yekkuvaga prajalaloke vellaye. 3. ika party lo cherina mla’s gurunchi aya niyojaka vargala prajalu valla gurinchi yemi anukunttunnaru, prajaluku varu andubatulo vunnara, leda prajala samsyalanu varu yemina pariskaristhunara, leda ani ground survey chayenchukone. akkada yemina mla,s ki chedda payru vunte vallanu thesivaysi munchi cadidateni prajalo peru vunna nayakuduni,prajalaku nithyam andubatulo vunde nayakudini select chesi vundalasindi. 4. jc divakar reddy brothers ni party lo ki chayrchu kuni vundalsinde. 5. jagan ku valla fathere pedda role model. valla father ni fallow aye vunte saripoyede. peddaga chandra babu naiduni vimarsincha kunda prajala daggara me premalu abimanale maaku maa party ke mukyamantu jagan prajalaku peddaga hamilu ivvakunda yevo prajalaku vupayogapade konni hamilu itchi vundalsindi. 6.ika jagan valla father chesina mellanu chusi thanaku vunna perunu chusi nayakule avasaramunna vallu na daggaraku vastarule anukokunda manchi cader, manchi pattu, kanda balam, dabbu balam vunna nayakula gurinchi telusukoni valla daggaraku jagane velli party loke ahvanichhindalcindi. 7. yekkuva methhaga vunde nayakulu vunna akkada cader balamga vundadhu. manchike manchi, chedu ku chedu unnatluga vundali. inka ila cheppukuntu pothe chalane vunnaye.

      • Agreed that JC could have been admitted, but my personal opinion is he is of bad image for party any day, already we had lot of additional baggage in terms of Koneru, ramky, Pardha, dharmana, Mopidevi…list goes on…its time to think of alternative to JC in ATP and ofcourse rest of the other dist

    • we cant say its not fair to go with a group to fight, this is not a show of machismo….there are hundreds & thousands of lives attached to it…so go with full amunition ..all is fair in love..war…politics…i’m sure YSJ got it by now… all 5yrs of effort goes off in just one day of voting…its as simple as that

    • CVR Murthy

      యుద్దం లో ధర్మం అధర్మం ఉండవు నిజమైన ధర్మ యుద్ధం అంటే ఆమ్ ఆద్మీ పార్టీ వాళ్ళది. తప్పులు సరిదిద్దుకోవాలి .తప్ప పులిబిడ్డ అలాంటి విపరీతమైన వ్యక్తీ పూజలు వదిలి నిజాలు మాట్లాడి ఆత్మవిమర్శ చేసుకుని పార్టి ని నిర్మాణం చేయాలి YSR ఎన్నికల ముందు మీడియా కి పూర్తి స్థాయి ఇంటర్వ్యూ ఇచ్చేవారు జగన్ అలాంటి ప్రయత్నం అసలు చెయ్యలేదు . తను ముఖ్యమంత్రి గా ఎన్నుకోబోఎవాడు ఎలాంటివాడు అతని మీద వచ్చిన ఆరోపణలు రుమోర్స్ గురుంచి మాట్లాడబోతే ఎలాగా ఇప్పడికైన ధైర్యం గా మీడియా తో మాట్లాడాలి

      • Totally agreed sir..we followed YSR …but faulted at crucial stages….not sure why YSJ is so negligent in to give media interviews…i just feel its so easy when he can handle thousands of people.. i understand he cant withstand allegations…he cant take even a small remark on him when it is put in an indirect reference by media people….this is what even konda surekha mentioned in her ABN call…big folly but already paid the price…

        I remember Adala mentioning in one interview that he is fine with YSR but not YSJ and remember some other do mentioning it. I think YSJ got disturbed by the tag of pilla congress and hasn’t thought of pulling in more congress leaders, but took them where ever he felt there was a vacancy.

      • Ravi

        I agree, This is best time for him to mingle with press and people. I mean talk to them with open heart. I think he is very good in remembering numbers and information. Next time no party will have dare to talk about Jagan’s experience. The only problem is with his charges and he should efficiently handle them until next elections. If he handled until next elections then we will have a weapon that their is nothing to prove even if TDP is in power.

        • As media is saying that all congress leaders moving to TDP has lead to YCP loss, i remember most of the TDP cadre being jittery that this might lead to disaster for them as people might see them as real congress….it could have been only if YSJ could have projected TDp that way, he hasn’t.

          • Ram

            On the same note, NCBN should agree to and give an interview to Sakshi and be able to answer to all unbiased questions. Sakshi should go and meetup with ChRR in RFC and have a candid interview. Will they agree?

            • CVR Murthy

              NCBN does’t need sakshi. Let YSJ give interview to sakshi atleast

              • Ram

                Yes sir.. That is the sad story.. a news paper not started by him is his, and a party not started by him is his.. and they are dictating terms.

                Hope YSJ is working on his media strategy meticulously not allowing for any mistakes this time. Hope he connects to all sections and strata now with specific sections. Hope he appears humble for some sections to relate to, yet aggressive at times when needed. Hope he could connect to their aspirations and works being a watchdog to protect people’s interests over TDP/BJP corporate interests being in opposition.

  71. vvreddy

    ippudunna wave nu chusi peddaga ascharya povaddu .every 10 years there will be a change in govt .except for exceptional leader like mode won three times. chandra babu ki 2004 lo mind block ayindi .
    people still see jagan as Congress DNA . it will take some time to forget congress .

    • Ravi

      Who knows? people have very huge expectation on Modi on development and quality of life perspective and which is really really difficult to match. If in next elections UPA may pickup and people will see us as natural alternative. But we need to play the way that CBN did this time. Its a real master stroke man.

      • People will not accept congress in andhra unles CBN & modi does some major blunders, knowing Modi, knowingly he wont do it… you can’t say abut accidental stuff…high chances CBN might do it

        For eg major water shortage stuff (or) water release issues…..if CBN is not able to build neither good capital nor welfare schemes….CBN is doing a tight rope walk….every single wrong step counts

  72. Ravi

    I think YSRCP should concentrate on how to handle and improve the party moe than concentrating on government policies for few days. The reason for my statement is that TDP themself dig their grave for their prospective because of the promises that they made. This will for sure make the state government to a level that they will not able to pay the salaries for government employees. People did not understand the process between central and state government. They thought if modi will provide funds for welfare and development which is a ridiculous thinking but they did it. Anyway YSRCP concentrate on party cadre development, Get more Congress people into their party. Mainly the Kapus, Our next target is the village president elections which will happen after appr. 4 years. Need to show our real strength. And again CBN outplayed us by joining hands with Modi, that is a masterstroke.

    We thought people are angry but CBN caught an aspect of fear in that anger about development and welfare. Nobody will accept CBN and that is the reason he quickly grab the opportunity to tie up with Modi and changed the political situation in andhra pradesh. Anyway Our party is very strong in numbers should able to convert all congress sympathizers to our hold from now. They have very good base in godhavari and people are angry on congress but still have soft feeling on them and we should atleast make that effort to turn to our side instead of TDp, Which they already did.

    • truthonlywins

      Ravi garu… I disagree with you or YSJ on the part Modi was the reason for our debacle.
      Here is why… Nellore population is far more educated in comparison to UA but still we kept our flock together in Nellore during this so called modi wave.
      TN, WB, Odisha, KL – classic example of no Modi wave.
      Our failure was primarily due to reasons I had mentioned earlier in previous post. No Second rung leaders are known, weak PR team, failure to counter allegations instantly etc…

      • Ravi

        Do you think we did not had fight in Nellore? If TDP did not had Modi then their vote percentage will be around 35 or less than 40. People went to TDP opposing Congress because BJP is coming to power so that their interests will be protected. If we took TDP’s route then we could have swept Seemandhra with more than 150 seats. But unfortunately our party policy said no initially which is a very bad political calculation. Anyway looking forward for better future.

        • truthonlywins

          We always expect fight from opponent but what is really important was the outcome?
          All 4 elections, we always were ahead in Nellore than TDP as people did not believe in credibility of TDP’s campaign.
          Why public did not believe in credibility of TDP’s campaign was primarily due to presence of good local cadre and second rung leaders who were able to take our agenda into public and convince them.
          Modi did hurt us to negligible extent but it shouldn’t be showcased as primary reason, instead we should look at actual reasons within.
          If today some person Modi was able to convince our own people, then tomorrow some Bodi will come and convince, which also means that our people are looking for someone better than us.
          In that case, we need to read & raise upto public’s expectation.

      • We countered Modi wave only where we have caste equation right & proximity to kadapa dist(cant answer why it didn’t worked in Anantapur)….so the hidden message is coastal andhra atleast from godavari dist haven’t still accepted there affinity towards YSJ.

        Modi is a combined factor and NOT the only factor, when modi says me & CBN are for development , we make a good combination” that works. When modi says that pawan has provided some suggestions & solutions that work magic for caste & fan followers, imagine a candidate of PM stature comes & appreciates pawan, Imagine the euphoria in their caste & fans, this has added its power in godavari dist.On top of that messaage from pawan that “YCP hatao, seemandhra bachao” that will have its impact, only ignorance our leaders did is we thought we shouldn’t be actively aggressive we retarded with passive aggression.

        Just imagine if Modi says these words on Jagan ” I Appreciate Jagan’s fighting spirit in taking head on with countries most powerful person, he is of my DNA since we both are showing the same fighting spirit and we both are good combination to take congress head on” , those words work like magic & will create fire. He created that magic with pawan & CBN, might be TDP workers will be able to tell if that is true or not.

        Yes on top of it PR team, media interaction, pushing our manifesto & agenda more aggressively, now onwards you will get to know a euphoria kind of atmosphere by TDP & media team with all kinds of statistics, we should be ready to point the loopholes.

        Failure to counter back end agreement with congress has tilted neutral voter towards TDP, since he is not sure about YCP which took the same devil head on and got the necessary heroic image all got busted with just few strokes.

        I also think the jagan image assassination done by Konda surekha, Raghuramaraju, had done some damage on his leadership skills. I see it like this, its always going to be challenge when you have regional party leadership head in early 40’s leading seniors aging between 45-70 yrs, that has created some problems within party top leadership. Jagan being autocratic might not go well, this is called gaining maturity and it will come only after YSJ receives few jolts. All that happens, happens for ones own good, only if we are willing to lern our mistakes, change our style swiftly and come out strongly. A whole army is ready to stand by him, if he comes out as a better learnt person.

        of late we haven’t seen much of konathala ramakrishna , dadi , umareddy etc, not sure what is their contribution (or) they were restricted in their communication to media…? One of these should regularly interact in media discussions.

  73. I had numerous discussions on the debacle with friends/relatives etc.
    One thing everyone say in common is – “YSJ is corrupt, inexperienced & crooked vs CBN is a good administrator, capable & experienced to rebuild SA”.
    I strongly believe all these were tags attached by his opponents successfully without not much truth in it.

    What clearly emerges out of this result is – people believed in the propaganda by the opponents & we did NOT (except YSS) have bench strength to tackle efficiently this propaganda, hence the defeat.

    • Ravi

      Now YSRCP should work to rebuild its image by solving the problems locally and also should try to get out atleast one case to prove the cases were false. As this is not congress government few people will really believe that this looks like a false case.

      • truthonlywins

        I wash people apart… by asking this question… Why was not YSJ allowed to odarpu? Where is the black box? Why there was no follow up from AP Govt on conclusion of YSR death? When CBI can leak info on YSJ cases, why they dint leak info on YSR death?
        They just remain silent often knowing the truth.

        • We seriously dropped the ball by not linking YSR death in sep’09 to Dec’09 telangana statement, YSJ was totally passive in his “explain only schemes’ to people, you have to learn it from KCR.

          • truthonlywins

            Exactly.. YSR death, YSJ’s fight with cong & coming out of Congress, YSRCP formation & jailed for 16 months & telangana formation all of a sudden were not well articulated by YSJ. All this had only one reason, thats the secret behind YSR death.
            May be YSJ is being pressurised not to talk about it.

            • Yup my reading is he is under some pressure…given the kind of opportunities he had …he could have flared up emotions just like that both on YSR death…United AP stand by hitting out at KCR & Sonia…CBN always saays that division was aimed at be frank that aptly applies to YSJ…since community & caste euqation wise it works for him to abandon portion above Guntur and own south telangana. He overestimated the love of coastal people, i would bet south telangana would have given him bigger share, check for Khammam 3 MLA & 1MP, what is that he got in both godavari dist, just 5 MLA?

  74. CVR Murthy

    I am expecting some changes in the political canvas

    1. BJP will try to be on their own at some point of time in the next five years
    2. Some MLAs/MPs and Leaders may leave YSRCP particularly coastal belt leaders
    3. TDP may have some sulking leaders ,who may join BJP.

    • truthonlywins

      I’m just speculating/imagining – There is a bigger chance down the line (may be after few years), TDP could merge with BJP (as part of larger campaign to have two major parties in country).
      I’m just sensing because Venkaiah acts as spokesperson of TDP most times. 🙂

    • MLA might leave only if the image of YSJ takes further hit due to CBI investigations…depends on what portifolio Sushma gets, i guess they have soft corner for each other….

  75. Vissu

    Godavari people are very sweet I don’t know why our party rejected by them …

    • snreddy

      yes they are sweet but most of them are film fan-tics what my feeling is they don’t have depth in understanding cunning politics they get carried away with films that’s why there are no great leaders from that part .They are rich only because of their land.

    • snreddy

      one more thing Godavari districts didn’t haven shown minimum courtesy,when we got single MLC in earlier period we have given to them,frankly this is difference between this people and other parts,Any way i am not against them we have to win them back by moving more closer to them

      • snreddy

        Adding to above what ever MLC’S we get in future i strongly want most of them should be given to godavari people and win them back

  76. CV Reddy

    According to Election Commission of India for Lok Sabha, the YSRC has a vote share of 28.1 per cent, the TD 28.2 percent, the TRS 14.9 percent, the Congress 12.1 per cent and the BJP 8.9 per cent.

    • CVR Murthy

      That is including Telangana .It is not apple to apple comparison . TDP and BJP had alliance and YSRCP has better share in SA

  77. Sekar

    Kodali Nani….what a fighter he is. Party should take care of the people who lost. They should be given chance in the MLC elections.

    • We need encourage him to counter CBN from now onwards, time to recognize his efforts by asking his candidates to lead the dist and take his recommendation for MLC candidate.

  78. Vissu

    My all time favorite political leaders Sri Neelam Sanjeeva reddy,Sri P.V.Narsimha rao,Sri Manmohan Singh, Sri Pranab mukherjee,Sri Yedugoori Sandinti Rajasekhar reddy….. I hope Jagan will surpass these people in coming days….

  79. PSK

    Forget about other promises..!
    I am waiting for the names of 2-Deputy CMs on June-2.
    The CBN’s day-1 start with VENNUPOTU politics…

  80. CV Reddy

    సీమాంధ్ర సారీ సింగపూర్ ప్రజలకు బాబు చేసే తోలి సంతకాలు గుర్తున్నాయా?
    1.సీమాంధ్ర ను సింగపూర్ చేస్తా
    2.రైతులకు రుణమాఫీ (50 వేలు -4 లక్షల వరకు ఉంటాయి)
    3.9 గంటలు పట్ట పగలే ఉచిత కరెంటు
    4.నిరుద్యోగులకు నెల నెల 2 వేలు
    5.ఇంటింటికీ ఒక ఉద్యోగం

    • Yes. We need to make sure he implements these. We need to tell people everyday through media and in the assembly that we will fight on behalf of the people for him to implement these.
      Babu will also have problems with power centres in the assembly with Balayya thinking that he is the CM and PK thinking that he is the Deputy CM ??
      Now who are the two deputys for Babu ??

  81. CVR Murthy

    It would be interesting to look at vote share

  82. Rakesh

    Poll management failed us more than modi wave
    Tdp gave 10000 for family in a span of 1 month, municipal, zpt, general election
    Lot of sitting mlas, took it for granted.

    • Seriously how come none of our media spokes persons spoke about it? I’m really surprised when CVR Murthy sir saays that in HYD employees got 5000 to travel back to andhra for vote and you say 10,000 my goodness, fantastic master stroke by CBN & team.

  83. Modi factor worked for BJP in urban areas & MP seats. If people wanted welfare schemes they would have trusted YSJ, since people wanted to build a new state they trusted the brigade Modi + CBN than inexperienced YSJ, its nothing wrong, YSJ needed more exp and as long as he fights for peoples cause he will be remembered by people.

    Imagine a situation where in the stalwarts of NCP (maharashtra) all are decimated in Maharashtra . I stay in Pune and the kind of work NCP did in Pune suburbs is fantastic. They habe built nice infrastructure where in situation like Lakdikapool – Miyapur has single underpass without a signal interruption in that 10-15kms stretch, people boost of CBN for development, but NCP in Pune will put CBN very low down from infra development perspective, but still they lost big time.

    So sure there is a +ve buzz for Modi if not for wave in AP (he has credentials to show & even CBN), YSJ also had his dad’s work to showcase (Airport, ORR, development of IT etc),but at the end of the day its not his work but his father legacy.

    In TG they have gone through lot of agitations/suffering in past 4yrs, where in Modi was no where visible during the agitation, TG people achieved their task and are happy to accept that KCR is their leader. Modi is not identified with running a revolution, he is identified with development and TG has more than 15% muslim population in all the MP const

    In SA, people are shattered and shell shocked by the loss & the way partition is done, they are so forgiving for any person who can show hope that even though they know BJP is equally responsible for division , they have accepted BJP becoz BJP was showing hope. Politics is alll about showing hope. YSJ was showing hope of reviving popular schemes, where as CBN was showing hope for development with BJP mask. In this clash of means/methods for providing better life people choosed one of them. If not for Modi , CBN for sure wouldn’t have won few of the MP seats like Vizag & kakinada.

    KCR’s heroic image built as the elections approached & jagan’s image got deteriorated as they approached since KCR achieved TG on his own & andhra is looking for someone who has to achieve it. jagan had plans but he doesn’t want to project it too much as hasn’t sensed the people pulse rightly in terms of what they are actually looking for. In fact he had roped in Accenture consulting to take up consulting of building a new capital city.

    The problem with AP people is they will take you to heights and dump to dustbin that quick , only if there is a strong opposition leader to show them another hope. My reading is CBN promises are all heavy budget items, its going to be tough walk, if jagan can expose CBN’s double face (its not that people dont know of CBN double face, its just that in the hope of modi they agreed to compromise).

    If you observe still Modi wave hasn’t worked in Tirupati, rajampet & Nellore const, it worked only in Guntur, Narsapur & Vizag. I think it is due to 2 factors one muslim population + Rayalaseema would rate pride higher than anything else, they wont forgive people of division so easily + YCP is strong in these bastions… so its a mix & match of lot of these things.

    But still there is more to search for this loss, than above mentioned points, i would say that the whole let down is by sitting MLA, that had made all the difference, if not for those 10-12 MLA then its a whole different hung assembly picture.

    • CVR Murthy

      There is a need to train Ms.Sharmila in running party. I am sure she would be required before the next election. remember CBN /TDP got elected twice . YSR got it twice. TDP may also get one more chance

      • Right, aim should be to gain people’s confidence in one or the other state. My sincere request is to tie up coalition with MIM & CPI(M) for telangana atleast, that would work good for them. When YCp is in opposition it can’t go on its own, when its financial resources will be cut to size. YCP will not be able to make it in telangana without coalition.

      • sreechapan

        Murthy Garu,
        True that, Sharmila should be given real active role in party and not just mere campaigner. she showed lot of promise which should be tapped.
        I think, being humble, attending to people problems and grooming right leaders and putting some intelligent and honest people as faces of the party are the need of the hour.

        secondly, this welfare image of ysr and dev-image of cbn are results of years of conscious effort of image building. Its just that, this election was fought on CBN strengths & jagan couldn’t have done any better when it comes to development angle.

        I agree with you about promises to middle class. I dont see any reason, why middle class & uppermiddle class should vote for ysrcp.

        • CVR Murthy

          The biggest threat to YSRCP is not CBN but cases against. If he gets convicted before 2019,(likely in couple of years). he would be disqualified like Lalu Prasad Yadav. The only person who can carry on the YSR Legacy is Ms. Sharmila. She is good at speeches and punches but Managing political party needs so many other important things.

          • CVR Murthy

            *cases against him

            • nlr2014

              If Babu and co work towards convicting him with no evidence against him till now . Then they need to know that we will work in the same manner to Convict Babu with evidence against him and Balayya for the attempted murder. We need to take an aggressive stand like KCR and passive aggression style from Jagan will not be enough in this matter.
              They very well know that Power keeps changing.
              That is the reason Jayalalitha nad Karunanidhi stopped harassing each other as it was a headache for both of them !!

            • snreddy

              sir,jagan can be convicted only if CBN manages judiciary as CBI it self told there in no evidence in most of charge sheets in their final charge sheet,and also there are always upper courts to challenge wrong decisions of lower courts.Actually if one sees chargesheets and observes it’s very difficult something wrong happened

          • Sir,

            Just an honest question, just to check if everybody thinks like me? If YSJ gets convicted why do you all think we should still support YSJ, need very honest searching within innerself

            1. Is it becoz all the political systems are corrupted, so you just choose with whom your thinking matches?

            2. We choose YCP becoz we love YSR for his vision, guts to dream big project , i became his fan only after reading a full length page article in eenadu in 2005 i guess, regarding requirement of multipurpose agriculture projects…thats when i became his supporter, otherwise i was fine with CBN, inspite of his not so clear image

            what other reasons will call for we supporting YSJ apart from our affiliation to YSR, assuming he gets convicted, apart from the caste equations?

            • sreechapan


              jagan corruption case is well presented by both sides (eenadu and sakshi) to common public. each one of us can be good judge, no matter what SC judgement is. I personally want gradual cleaning of corrupt system & if YSJ becomes victim of that. I feel sorry for him but im fine with that. still, that doesnt influence my political affliations.
              YSRCP is built on objective of carrying legacy of ysr. leader has to be the most capable of lot available at the time.

            • CVR Murthy

              Honestly , we can choose what is available not what is the best.

  84. Vissu

    My sincere request to sakshi team is that please don’t start any negative propaganda on Chandra babu for first 6 months then later they can

  85. If Modi wave worked in SA why not in TG?
    How KCR successfully subsided the Modi wave? Jaya, Mamata, Naveen,..etc
    It is clear people did not see Jagan as able to rebuild SA. Jagan failed at projecting him in the development front where people are hopeless after they lose Hyd and many others added to that. Modi factor, false promises by CBN are just excuses nothing else, If so how come TDP performed very well in local elections when no tie up with BJP is announced.

    • CV Reddy

      I partially agree with you.

      Media projected Modi and Babu as icons of development.
      Jagan should have spoken more about development in his speeches.
      Jagan always stressed more on welfare schemes successfully implemented by Dr YS.

      We failed to show Babu as the main culprit for state division in AP.
      Local Body polls are different from assembly polls and even results proved the same.

      Modi wave in towns and semi-towns, Farm Loan-waiver helped Babu a lot.

      • Learning Never ever say that a person can’t do it when he is aiming for big, even though his previous credentials are weak. You don’t know when people will forget past and vote for leader with low credentials.

        Its our chance next time to promise big which will be recognized every common man and hook or crook implement it.

      • I remember Sabbam Hari saying to ABN y’day regarding YSJ, even thought he is our opponent, he spoke elegantly , he says “Sad, that YCP lost, but jagan fought it hard, worked hard for past 3yrs, dont want to say anymore on this result, as its not fair to rub more insult on the wound”. I somewhere feel that both YSJ & Sabbam had a ego clash becoz of sabbam statement on NTV regarding support to congress. More than anyone else statement its Sabbam’s statement that made lot of impact.

        I’m sure if Sabbam was on our side, we would have secured Vizag MP by thin majority. I’m not sure it could be that Sabbam was a spy put in by sonia, CBN & gang. Good luck next time, we will be more wiser, more energized, with new tactics, with alarming speed & better equipped.

      • Sir,

        you were saying in your previous post that female people are not ready to accept abolishing of belt shops, but even TDP did that promise i guess…was it neglected by people under other promises (or) people thought CBN never had that credibility to implement atleast this promise 🙂

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