Farm loan waiver to be daunting task ahead for TDP

According to conservative estimates, it could burden the exchequer by close to Rs. 47,000 crore
Even as euphoria over the party’s emphatic victory in the just concluded general elections in Seemandhra refuses to settle down, the Telugu Desam Party is faced with the Herculean task of fulfilling its promise of loan waiver to farmers and self-help group women.

The two promises which propelled the party to power after a decade-long gap are set to impose huge costs on the exchequer of the new State as and when they are implemented.

Farmers look forward to crop loan waiver by new Chandrababu Naidu government-Times Of India

GUNTUR: After voting for Chandrababu Naidu in large numbers, farmers in Andhra Pradesh are eagerly waiting for the new chief minister to keep his promise of a crop loan waiver, a major poll sop promised during the TDP’s campaign across the region.

The crop loan waiver is a risky promise, particularly in the wake of bifurcation of the state and especially at a time when Andhra Pradesh has a deficit revenue of nearly Rs 15,000 crore.

Experts say the crop loan waiver in AP alone might require up to Rs 70,000 crore and with the state budget expected to be deficit, Naidu might seek funding from the Centre to implement the scheme.


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293 responses to “Farm loan waiver to be daunting task ahead for TDP

  1. Ram

    A book is necessary listing chronology of events on AP split and role of each party, especially T Drohula P. How they deceived people on media with few clowns.

    Parallel work should be done gathering all historic facts of rule during 83 – 04, and what really led to T aspiration, how it was flamed and used by various sides.

  2. Not sure sakshi got this, but can be used (TDP causing issues in Tirumala)

  3. Ram

    Telugu Drohula Party (TDP), for dividing Telugus

    Telugu Dongala Party (TDP) for massive corruption they are planning and going to execute in days to come

    • Ram

      If any Journo call YCP as Jagan party, I never saw YCP member to hit back asking them to change their language.

      Will an aggressive stand on lines of SSena or TRS help being in opposition and media presentation?

      Will crisp, catchy, to the point press meets and replies make YCP team more attractive, compared to boring long conversations? Remember every one has less time now a days. People either get attracted to aggression or fun or pun.

  4. Ram

    May be YSJ, YSS over exposed themselves with 24×7 live coverage of the same speeches on same issues. things may have been different, had there been less TV coverage with the same speech at local levels to connect with local voters, and brand / image creation with print and electronic media. An aura should have been created around them with mild and polished and selective interactions. Defending A, B C media types using one channel may not have been the right strategy. I may be wrong in my observations. It is up to experts to change Sakshi’s strategic directions.

  5. vvreddy

    GUYS please send me all valueable suggestions to email id
    i will print them and hand it over to some one who can reach to pulivendula gangi reddy father in law of jagan from them it will reach jagan or bharathi
    hopefully it will reach jagan .

    • vvreddy

      please put them in a word or PDF format and attach them . do not put the content in the email . if possible try to reach to jagan if possible by other means as well .

    • Kumar


      No Matter if YSR Fans or YSRCP Party don’t YSR Seva Trust in 13 Districts. It will be hard to reach Voters

      Jagan has to Study Amit Shah Poll management in UP

  6. Ram

    If both T and SA Govts cannot meet people’s high expectations, it is easy to create conflict between both regions and make people focus on conflict. Same is the case with NM who potentially may go for an international conflict and polarise patriotic emotions. Initial NTRRao’s ‘83 hype could not be sustained in few months after a massive election win. This led to subsequent melodrama of NBRao RLal and the likes, making people believe they are restoring democracy. Similar incidents were MBabji etc. If you remember how T was given in broad day light you will appreciate those days without live tv. If one could successfully cut AP and divert people’s attention from division to development, make ycp scapegoat and emerge as winners, anything is possible. There will be several bubbles that will be busted as these media created tsunami waves will bust and people will come to senses, as their problems persist. YCP must wait for the right timing and give a master stroke and a grand come back. YSJ is very capable, looking at how he maneuvered against all odds single handedly in 4 years. Till then, it must all be strategic directions for next moves, realigning all resources, waiting for right time, and hit very hard when time is in favor.

  7. CV Reddy

    జగన్ మోడీ ని కలిసింది కేసులు కోసమే-బాబు అండ్ కో
    బాబు అండ్ కో ది నోరా తాటి మట్టా.

    ఎన్నికలకు ముందు, జగన్ ఎన్నికలయ్యాక కాంగ్రెస్ తో కలుస్తాడు అన్నారు బాబు అండ్ కో ఇప్పుడు మోడీ ని కలిస్తే కేసుల మాఫీ కోసం అంటున్నారు

    అంటే ఈ కేసులు పెట్టడం, కొట్టేయడం అంతా కోర్ట్ , సిబిఐ ల చేతిలో లేదు, అంతా సోనియా, మోడీ ల చేతిలో ఉంది అన్నమాట . మరి జగన్ మీద కేసులు అన్నీ కరెక్టు , ధర్మం నాలుగు పాదాల మీద నడుస్తుంది అని కదా బాబు ఇంతకుముందు చెప్పింది.అంటే బాబు పరోక్షంగా జగన్ మీద పెట్టిన కేసులు ఉత్తుత్తివే అని పరోక్షంగా అంగీకరిస్తున్నాడు
    మరి హై కోర్ట్ బాబు మీద సిబిఐ విచారణకు అదేసించినప్పుడు ,నిప్పు నారా బాబు నా మీద కేసు విచారణ వద్దు అని పరిగెత్తుకెళ్ళి స్తే తెచ్చుకొన్నాడు కదా.

    బాబు చీకల్తో అప్పటి కేంద్ర హోం మంత్రి చిదంబరాన్ని కలిసి , కాంగ్రెస్ కాళ్ళ మీద పది మీకు నా పరోక్ష మద్దతు ఉంటుంది నా మీద కేసులు లేకుండా చూడండి అంటే తప్పులేదు కానీ బహిరంగంగా కాబోయే ప్రధాని ని కలిసి అభినందించి ,విభజన వలన రాష్ట్రానికి అన్యాయం జరిగింది ,తగు న్యాయం చేయండి అంటే తప్పా?

    YS చనిపోయాక బాబు కాంగ్రెస్ కు మద్దతిచ్చి తన మీద సిబిఐ విచారణ రాకుండా ఎలా తప్పించుకోన్నాడో చదవండి

    [1.బాబు కాంగ్రెస్ కు గత 4 సం గా మద్దతిచ్చాడు అనేది బహిరంగ రహస్యం-BJP అధికార ప్రతినిధి కృష్ణ,(NTV చర్చ లో , March 30,2014).

    2.రాష్ట్ర ప్రభుత్వం పడిపోదు అని నమ్మకం కుదిరితేనే TDP అవిశ్వాసం పెడుతుంది- (“అన్నీ వచ్చే నెలలోనే” -ఈనాడు,May 24,2013).

    3.చంద్రబాబు కాపాడుతారు, పక్కా సమాచారం: బొత్స, JC,పాల్వాయి
    హైదరాబాద్: తెలుగదేశం పార్టీ అధ్యక్షుడు నారా చంద్రబాబు నాయుడు తమకు మేనమామ అని, వైయస్ పోతూ తమను చంద్రబాబు చేతుల్లో పెట్టిపోయారని, చంద్రబాబు తమను కాపాడుతారని కాంగ్రెసు సీనియర్ శాసనసభ్యుడు JC ఓ వైపు అంటే, అవిశ్వాస తీర్మానానికి తెలుగుదేశం పార్టీ దూరంగా ఉంటుందని తమకు పక్కా సమాచారం ఉందని పిసిసి అధ్యక్షుడు బొత్స సత్యనారాయణ గురువారం చెప్పారు. దీన్ని బట్టి ముఖ్యమంత్రి కిరణ్ కుమార్ రెడ్డి ప్రభుత్వానికి తెలుగుదేశం వైఖరే శ్రీరామరక్షగా మారేట్లు కనిపిస్తోంది.
    తనమీద కేసులు కొట్టేయండి అని చీకట్లో చిదంబరాన్ని బాబు కలవలేదా?

    4.ఈ వీడియో చూడండి ఇందులో బాబు తనను రహస్యంగా కలిశడు బాబు అని నిండు పార్లమెంటులో కేంద్ర హోం మంత్రి చిదంబరం చెప్పడం చూడొచ్చు.

    ( )

    5.నిప్పు నారా బాబు కాంగ్రెస్ రహస్య మిత్రుడు -India Today Cover page story.


    6.బాబు కాంగ్రెస్ కు లోపాయికారిగా మద్దతు ఇస్తున్నాడు -సిపిఐ నారాయణ చౌదరి, CPM రాగవులు చౌదరి

    బాబు మీద కేసులు ఎలా కొట్టేస్తారో చూడండి


    • Ravi

      CV Reddy garu, I dont think we need to even take this one seriously. But if our YSRCP people did not counter for these allegations then it wont be good.

      YSRCP media rep/Jagan should tell them that “if met BJP we will get allegations on cases and if not met BJP we will get allegations that we will join hands with Congress. We will never bother about these kind of allegations as Opposition leader we have to represent people issues and we will continue doing that”.

    • Ram

      Master of Lies! Two things

      1. Imagine NCBN means the exact opposite of what he utters. Try it next time you watch NCBN speak. It will be fun and makes exact sense. This fits so perfect to the situation, his personality and body language.

      2. Whatever the would be CM says and alleges on opposition or system etc., he intends to strategically build over this over the long run, repeating the same message over and over through his delegates and non-political associates.

      Do not hate him. Learn from him and beat him in his own game. In the meantime, present facts like how CVR garu does with proof and references.

  8. Ram

    As days progress…You will see NCBN back to his old game of propaganda with likes of J-Bhumi etc. To counter this Govt propaganda, YSR Seva Trust (or whatever the name will be) must implement parallel programs that are very simple, low cost solutions to real life problems be it agriculture, skill based training etc, to name a few. These must be show cased as we solved what Govt could not solve. Give us Votes next time, we can do much better with more resources. A parallel Govt can be run with all seriousness supported by pro-media and other NGO Organisations / UN and affiliates

  9. CVR Murthy

    We have had posts presenting various expectations and issues from YS Jagan’s perspective. Think of crores of people from Seemandhra . The economy of the state . Major issues, priorities. . What should be the role of YSJ and that of CBN and his government. . If Jagan plays his role as Leader of the opposition with constructive criticism and suggestions, he will win the hears of the people. He should not engage in wordy due. Should not disrupt assembly.

    • Ravi

      Agreed Murthy garu. Discussing about the past activities are waste as they happened and we cannot change and we have present as course of action and future as opportunity, Need to take this and hit the ball as accurate as possible.

  10. Ram

    Hope a clear message comes out, over and over, at every level on every forum –

    YCP is ready to work with NM or NCBN Govts as long as:
    1. AP, its strategic and its people’s interests are protected

    2. People are placed first before politics

    3. Development is placed before Corruption and favouritism of few related to ruling party

    4. Wellbeing of all is placed before Religion

    5. Regional imbalances are removed and there must not be one capital, but three in UA, CA and RS. These capitals should have assets, departments, employees equally divided.

    6. All investments and new plans are agreed upon by 67 MLAs (~40%) and Govt builds consensus before every decision. This is all important as number of people who supported YCP is equal to Party in Govt.

    7. No conflict is deliberately created with T over water, jobs and abicable solutions are worked upon

    8. Lokayukta screens Govt dealings

    All the above points can be used to fight if Govt policies and directions

  11. Ram

    If Hyd is still the Capital of AP, till a new capital is announced by consensus, why will NCBN take oath at a different location? Any legal ways to stop him from taking oath elsewhere? If he wants to do in SA soil, why is he having party in T, and why not he take a symbolic oath in a forest and a tent, gaining mileage?

  12. Ram

    I hope Sakshi does not show Bro Anil programs. Religion has no role in a news channel. Let Anil have his programs elsewhere. This is one of the causes for few Hindus to have aversion towards YCP. True or false, they associate him with YCP and conversions. Reality set aside, perception is all that matters. No space should be given any silly mistakes. Hope my comments do not lead to any different kind of debate. Hope you take my comments in a constructive way.

    • Ram

      My intention is to see Sakshi as a cutting-edge news channel that broadcasts news as it is and fights on people’s side.

      • Sakshi needs to do a make over…total change it has to pull audience to its side, increase viewership…then we can have a plan….till then it has to ensure even the Yellow channels/papers highlighting about jagan’s allegations should be discussed….if you see the headline show aired in morning it doesn’t have representation by good leaders….i think all parties will send their 3rd rank leaders to visit Sakshi (or) some days you wont see any representation from any party except Amar & YSRP member…and other channels have all party members, i don’t know why sakshi is not getting this message, if they already know it, hope they are doing something to correct it

  13. Sekar

    Looks like :
    Rajnath Singh is home minister
    Sushma Defence
    Arun Jaitley the finance minister

  14. Dear friends ,

    Let us all set some targets in our own life that will coincide with 2019 .
    Something related to our job / education / financial or goals for our children.
    Help as many people as possible wherever or whoever they are during this journey.
    This would make our journey and success less burdensome and more sweeter !!

    • Gopi

      It’s a good approach. I decided to cut down following news channels and focus on personal stuff more for the next 2 to 3 years. But I will not miss fun in cbn’s difficult times in implementing his close to impossible promises

      • Ram

        One thing that is missing here is Fun 🙂 Most are serious discussions. Have Fun and enjoy this journey building up each other, mitigating the conflict and any difference of opinion. Know each other out here and build strong relations.

    • nlr2019

      What a terrible shot !!

  15. Whn his ysrcp party meeting ?

  16. This is the Time to back our leader and to protect our party..Pls not ignore our posts in National media or any where else.
    Yes there was some mistakes we are finding now but we too don’t know earlier.I too feel now we can go with CPI(M) in the elections.
    We should Build some gud leaders in all sections who could have impact.
    My suggestion to the party and sakshi to keep calm for 1year.Now Sakshi should show all the news including CBN & govt. we will wait for the right time

    Our next test will be Allagada election and Few Corporation and municipality(ex: Ongole corporation,kandukur muncipality etc).

  17. Chiru

    ఫ్రెండ్స్ అందరికి ఒక విన్నపం ….ఫలితాలు రాక ముందు సెహబాష్ ,సూపర్ ,వండర్ఫుల్ జగనన్న అదర గొట్టేసాడు ,నో డౌట్ అధికారం మనదే అన్న మనవాళ్ళు కొంత మంది ,ఓడిపోయినా తర్వాత బ్రహ్మాండం baddlainatlu ..అలా చెయ్యటం తప్పు ,ఇలా చెయ్యటం తప్పు,జగన్ అహంకారం ..వాడిని కలుపుకోవచ్చు కదా , వీడిని దువ్వాల్సింది కదా….canvassing లో లోపాలున్నై,అంటూ పోస్టింగ్స్ పెడుతుంటే కించిత్ బాధ అనిపిస్తుంది …ఇంతలోనే అంత మార్పా ?అదే గెలిచి వుంటే ?ఆ వయసులో అన్ని కష్టాలు ,నిందలు రాజకీయం గ ఎవరికైనా వచ్చాయేమో ఒక్కసారి ఆలోచించండి …3 సం.పార్టీ పుట్టి ,అందులో 18 నెలలు కుట్రలు ..జైలు పాలు చేసారు …ఇంకెలా చెయ్యాలంటారు .ప్రత్యర్దుల విమర్శలను తిప్పికొడితే aggressive గా ఉందంటారు ,స్పందించక పొతే మౌనం vahinchadantaru …రెండు వైపులా అలోచించి నిర్ణయం తీసుకుంటారు …సూక్ష్మ లోపాలను వెదికి పట్టుకుని మనం కూడా అలా అనుకుంటే ………..మొన్నామధ్య మిత్రుడెవరో నాయుడు గారులా జగన్ కూడా చెయ్యల్సింది అన్నారు ..దీనిలోనే రెండు అర్దాలున్నై….1.ఇప్పుడే అధికారం లోకి వచ్చే వాడని …2.అలా నాయుడు చెయ్య బట్టే 10 యేండ్ల తర్వాత adhikaram లోకి వచ్చేవాడని.
    మనకే ఇంత బాధ అనిపిస్తుంటే ….పట్టుమని భార్య ,పిల్లలతో నలుగు రోజులు కూడా లేకుండా కష్ట పడిన అసలు వ్యక్తి ,కుటుంబం ఎంత షాక్ కి గురి అయ్యుంటుందో ఆలోచించారా…ఈ దశలో vuradimpuga సద్విమర్శలు చేసి అన్నకు ధైర్యం చెప్పేదిగా వుండాలని నా అభిప్రాయం ..ఎంతమంది ,ఏ విధంగా అణగదొక్కాలని చూసారో మనకందరికీ తెలుసు కదా..
    .*********నలుగురి కోసం ఒక్కడుగా కదిలి ,ఒంటరిగానే మోయ్యాలని చూశాడు ..******
    **********నలుగురు మోస్తే కాని కదల లేని వాడు గుంపుతో వెళ్ళాడు *******అదీ తేడా
    Gamaninchandi. Please……

    • truthonlywins

      Chiru garu.. correct.. agreed…
      We do the same thing when India loses a cricket match, we may have spoken high about them prior to match but when they lose, we will try to introspect & there could be difference in opinions.
      But, we don’t do it to hurt India, we do it for helping them win, same way somewhere everyone was feeling bad for the loss & good thing that is happening is, we are introspecting and we want our Anna to win.
      I take this as a positive sign & each one here knows what YSJ is.

    • Yes ….that is Human Psychology.
      CVR garu annatlu…..

      Cricket lo avaranna six kodithe…..What a shot !! Ani antamu.
      Adhe ball…..avaranna six pokunda catch padithe….What a terrible shot !! Ani antamu !!!

    • Really ture Chiru garu, Heart touching..

    • vvreddy

      frustration lo ala annamu lendi , manttery yemitanty okka avakasam kuda shatruvulaku ivvalsindi kaadu. all Donga babu naidu okka avakasam kuda vadalledu . evadyina gudsadu. this one mistake runa mafee can change fate of YS jagan for ever .

      • Yes, Jagan missed the thought of killer instinct , he felt if not now next time, not sure why he felt that CBN would give him chance to survive till 2019, i would have done following things in his place

        1. Raised “Jai telangana” issue of CBN made in Mahabubnagar & warangal and accuse him that CBN will favor telangana when it comes to resolving water allocation issues, since he has to take care of his party in TG…..if pawan raises doubt that TG formed becoz of YSR ….then we should have made CBN stand clear…assuming that people know everything & they will realize is like a saint mindset…if they know everything then they would have not allowed CBN to go on walkathon after submitting letter for division

        2. I’m sure people have doubt about YSR chopper accident….show doubt…and then say that within 3 months of chopper accident telangana resolution is made in Dec’09……link it to his arrest……and link it to the Gas price hike done for KG basin gas by Reliance…and then link it to Jaipal reddy portifolio change from petroleum to other ministry……say that i haven’t heard contents in black box……and then say we need to find out what is the link between all these chain of events……don’t conclude anything just raise doubt and leave it for people to think….., if Jagan raises that doubt then definitely certain section will think, election is sometimes about diversion of people’s mind to what we want them to think…..i guess he is under some pressure to not raise these doubts…..if an ordinary man can think all these, why not his think tank?

        That’s what CBN did, he made them forget about division, and made people think that only development should be the focus, plan is not punish TDP + BJP combination for division

        3. YSRP think tank should have realized that they can’t go on with sentiment for too long, i’ve seen few times they airing helicopter accident & YSR death scenes…..which as a supporter myself moved on to another channel…neutral viewer would not even think twice….instead they should have focused on showcasing few development projects like Outer ring road, IIIT’s, IIT in Hyd, PVR Express way, Hyderabad International Airport, NH7 development, they totally missed it…yeah i was not able to recollect this point during campaign

        4. YSJ should have studied the campaign of KCR, he responds fire with fire….allegation with allegation….

  18. Any idea why we lost Anaparthi?

    • truthonlywins

      Least of the reasons would be votes were split.
      Candidate Party Votes
      SURYANARAAYANA REDDY SATHI Yuvajana Sramika Rythu Congress Party 82025
      ADDANKI MUKTESWARA RAO Indian National Congress 2780

      • 2700 votes are traditional votes of INC…you cant remove them….they are like the 60+ yrs people who don’t vote for any other party come what may…you will find that vote percentage in any const…if it is not so then its surprise.

  19. Hi Everyone,
    I think we are getting a little overboard in our analysis about the debacle.
    We have enough reasons all over this blog & there is no need to demotivate ourselves further for the loss, instead we should discuss useful topics that could help our leaders overcome this struggle in an efficient way.

    So, as part of this exercise, I will try to open up a topic to all of you.
    I request each one of you to name five leaders in YSRCP who you think should participate in debates. If possible some reason as well.

    Thanks Guys, if I had been harsh, pls apologise me.

  20. Ravi

    I have fear on the state’s financial position in the future, With so many welfare schemes with very less revenue generating units. I think as opposition we have very huge responsibility to forecast the issues that may arise in the future. Our party members start talking about those issues.

    • truthonlywins

      @Ravi garu… Your fears will come true until the chosen one hasn’t lost his erstwhile mindset.
      I hope he has learnt a bit from our Dr YSR and thats the outcome of farm loan waiver.
      So, there is a glimmer of hope that he has lost erstwhile mindset, lets see what he does.

      • Ravi

        I am not even sure how jagan promised to remove Dwakra runam. Its very challenging for new state man. I verified 12th plan commision and they are expecting AP to be in 2nd position and very next to Maharashtra. With so much advantage as united the bifurcation was a real loser for us. We should had talked about just continuing the existing welfare and develop the state. Anyways as opposition we should play a good role to highlight and avoid states bankruptcy policies. Let us see.

        • truthonlywins

          I think its very much feasible, 20000 crores for it. Although, we are starting with a deficit budget, now we are accorded special status, which means that additional central funds would be diverted to us.
          TG now has to buy power from us, so thats a revenue now to SA.
          Special package will be given to us for building capital, do you think they will do it right away? No, they will divert the funds to welfare schemes by 2018 & will go into elections by 2019 saying we need another term to make it like Singapore.

          • Ravi

            Until that time banks wont keep quite buddy. Any party needs lots of debit from banks to do this which we will get not more than 12000 Crores. We already have 15000 Crores deficit and with the other promised items it will a big list man.

            • truthonlywins

              He already gave a statement on it, that he will waive all loans but would repay to bank during the end of the term, he clearly said in ABN interview.
              He is world bank’s andhra agent, he will do anything they want.

              • Ravi

                It is not his father’s bank to say that. You cannot take bank loan more than 12000 Crores in an year. If he says something then that mean nothing. These all are califlowers in our ears. He should now divert some of the states budget to the farmers loan and for remaining i dont know what he is going to do.

              • truthonlywins

                I’m sure he will not sell Heritage 🙂
                If 12000 crores is the limit, then we surely are going to have fun.
                Lets wait and see whats in store.

  21. nlr2019

    Some stories start with failure….End with Success.
    BJP ki 1984 lo 2 seats vacchinappudu…Padi padi navvaru kotla mandhi !!!
    Mari ippudu ??

    We are the only Opposition Party in the assembly now with a big responsibility. So we need to move on !!

    • nlr2019

      HOPE is the word that keeps Hero’s going.

      27 years in Prison only made him a LEGEND .

    • truthonlywins

      I think we started with huge success.. think about by-elections brother, it was huge success.
      Ups & downs are common in life but overcoming downs teaches lot of lessons, i think this is a lesson to us, we will learn, we will get back & We will fight back hard.

  22. Some journeys start with failure…but they only get Stronger.

    BJP ki 1984 lo India wide 2 seats vacchinappudu…Padi Padi navvaru kondharu !! Mari Ippudu ??

    What has happened has happened. I am sure the YSRCP team would have already analysed what went wrong ?
    If we who were just observing the battle felt so upset with the loss just imagine how it would have been for the Warrior who lived that role ??
    But is he crying ?? NO. He already went to Delhi, Congratulated Modi and requested him to do the best for the State !! Life goes on.
    We are now the only Opposition Party in the assembly and that is a huge responsibility. So let’s move on !!

  23. YSFan

    Guys, Can somebody explain,

    When our party is going to recognized by Election Commission? and What are the specific rules?

  24. rahul

    Jagan lost in elections due to 1.monotonous speeches 2.absence of frequent media conferences 3.not talking directly with party workers 4.his welfare oreinted advertisements but not development,failure to talk in advertisements 5.absence of a cotorie 6.failure to criticise pawan.. last point chala imp ,tidate karyakartalaki josh vastadi..7.failure to attack on those criticising him personally.

  25. bhaskar

    సైంధవుడు = పవన్..
    దుర్యోధనుడు = చంద్రబాబు..
    ద్రోణుడు = మోడీ..
    కర్ణుడు = వెంకయ్య..

    శకుని = ఈనాడు…..అభినవ పద్మవ్యూహం!

    • Kumar


      Its Not Modi Factor, PK factor, Jagan’s Corruption Facor, Jagan Christianity Factor.

      Voters difference of TDP and YSRCP is 6 Lakh Voters
      The Main Reason that Jagan lost 10 Lakh Voters

      1) Rytu Run Mafi
      2) Job for Home

      Hardcore Jagan Loyalists didn’t vote due to Runa Mafi

      • CVR Murthy

        This is over simplification. Wherever YSRCP lost, the margins were high. The TDP won all EG and WG seats by huge margin.

        • Kumar

          @ CVR Murthy

          I still Consider your point, YSRCP has Huge margin in EG/WG URBAN VOTERS due to MODI/PK factors

          But Rural Voters Dont Care. all the Stuff. They just need Freebies.

          Its going to be TN – AIDMK vs DMK Every 5 Years due to Feebies manifesto

          YSRCP LOST 25-30 Rurla MLA SEATS where less that 6k Votes Margin
          and 15-20 Seats Less than 10 K Votes

          Many Rural Farmers, In a Family there are 6-10 Votes all went to TDP. TDP did hard worked to Reach manifesto to all Voters

          TDP Gave Family Combo Offer and Hard worked to Reach Manifesto

          1) FREE LOANS
          4) UNEMPLOYMENT- 2000 Rs
          5) HARDCORE YSR Pensioner.Handicapped Voters changed mind for Rs 300 -500 More
          TDP- Rs 1000 /YSRCP- Rs 700 – WIDOWS/OLDAGE
          TDP -RS 1500/YSRCP – RS 1000 – Handicapped
          6) NTR CANTEEN – 1 Rs Tiffin/ 5 rs Luncj
          7)Free Electricity – 2 Hrs more to TDP(9 hrs TDP, 7 Hrs YSRCP)

          A combo Package for Rural Family Voters – That Moved Entirely to TDP

          • Rakesh

            Kumar said it write
            No need of over board introspection
            Jagan did his best efforts , no other can do in 3-4 yrs party.
            We lost be coz, voters were enticed with lots of free bies
            Giving by Cbn
            Even Cbn also not sure he will come to power, so gave all free slogan,
            After bifurcation people were desperate,,,…
            It’s a big head ache for Cbn to fulfill all..

            So wait and see one year,, real trouble starts
            Oppn need not worry, govt will collapse on financial burden…

    • ps

      ee blog lo mana winning race ela vundalante mana vijayam chusi satruvulu kulukovali, andharu aura anali. vijam sidhinche dhaka patuvidavadhu. pada vadu cheda vadu kadhu. okasari vijayam vasthe mana midha mankuna namakam thosand times peruguthundi. apajayalaki bayapadhodhu. manaki chala bavishathu vunadhi. praythniche kodhi panulu oka ragana purthi avuthayi. vemmu thinaga thinaga chedhu thipi avutundhi. kashtalu saswatham kadu. ekuva khastapada vadu ekuva suka padhathadu. tdp vallemi pedda pistalemi kadhu

  26. bhaskar

    గుంతకల్లులో BJP కి టికెట్ ఇస్తే TDP అభ్యర్తి గెలిచాడు..ఈ విషయం ‘మోదీ’ కి తెలిసిందో..లేదో..?

  27. bhaskar

    బాబు గారు ప్రమాణ స్వీకారం చేసిన మరుసటి రోజున సీమాంధ్రుల ప్రోగ్రాం ….

    ఉదయాన్నే లేచి అన్న కాంటీన్ లో ఒక రూపాయితో అల్పాహారం చేసి, AP సచివాలయానికి వెళ్ళి ఉచిత స్మార్ట్ ఫోన్ తీసుకుని , జాబ్ కోసం resume ఇచ్చి , నిరుద్యోగ బృతి 2000 రూపాయలు తీసుకుని, నాన్నతో బ్యాంక్ కి వెళ్ళి ఋణ మాఫీ చేయించుకుని, అమ్మతో వెళ్ళి డ్వాక్రా ఋణ మాఫీ చేయించుకుని,

    అందరం కలిసి మధ్యాన్నం అన్న కాంటీన్ కి వెళ్ళి 5 రూపాయలతో బోజనం చేసి,

    అవ్వా తాతల తో కలిసి పెన్షన్ ఆఫీసుకు వెళ్ళి 2000 రూపాయల పెన్షన్ తీసుకుని మరలా సాయంత్రం వస్తూ వస్తూ అన్న కాంటీన్ లో డిన్నర్ చేసి పడుకుంటే ఏమి హాయిలే అలా …

  28. Sarma

    I have two open questions for discussion
    1) If loan waiver is the sole reason, why the effect is more in EG and WG?
    Or was it just caste equations that caused issue in EG and WG? Farmers in telangana are far worse situation. It did not work in Telangana at all obviously.

    2) Jagan and sakshi thought polling was going one sided. I watched Chandu Sambasiva rao on NTV and he said that that was the case until 2-3 PM on election day. But from 3 PM to the close of polls, 16% of the total vote polled. Did YCP’s internal polling just ended at 3:00 ? That could explain their over confidence. They should hire better pollsters. And pay more attention to poll management.

    CV reddy, you probably were involved with polling. What went wrong with exit polling on election day?

  29. Dr.Krishna

    Sakshi media is one of the biggest culprits in the debacle 2014 elections for me . How can a journalist write whatever he thinks off in his mind to get good score from his employer ? Polling is not unilateral for YSRCP but the writings and stories in Sakshi media are unilateral for YSRCP . Really disgusting . To be frank , neutral voters stopped watching Sakshi long time back and though I incline towards Dr YSR always since my MBBS days , I too don’t watch this channel except way back in 2009 . From the day Dr YSR demised , it started all superlatives for Jagan to be in his good books. Change should be started from Sakshi first . Become more palatable for neutral voters if it has to help the party in long term .

    As an initial step , I advise to change the yellow colored tinge which is more prominent on Sakshi news paper at its logo .

    • ps

      your problem not sakshi etv, abn why because gudedhu kanche mesthe dhani pilla chelo meya kunda vuntundha. if people accept your tdp what score tdp got. another only kostha districts nearly half only accept your party what about remaining. illa rayataniki nuvu annam thitunava rodu medha dorike gadi thitunava. me tdp vallu gernalist ni kuda vadalu ra. but dont forget common man he will see yelloe gang end

      • CV Reddy

        DR Krishna is a supporter of Dr YS. Don’t suspect him.

      • Dr.Krishna

        @ PS

        I am sure you don’t know my association with this blog , no problems 🙂

        • PSK

          Dr Krishna gaaru,
          Atleast sakshi manalni boast chesi mulaga chettu yekkinchukundaa….pratyarthulanu vimarshisthe saripothundi….
          Endukante prtyarthula negative points Etv/ABN/TV9 yeppudu bayata pettadu…ikanunchaina mana gurinchi vadilesi coin ki rendo vaipu (As YSR always used to say) chupisthe saripothundi…

        • ps

          sorry i dont want critisise any one main problem is here with is tdp traditional voters and neutral voters. neutral voters any time they mainain secrecy and traditional voters are fighting with ours so this percentage of difference nearly 5% to 10% so definetly some what wrong estimatios will come i belive that for cbn god give last chance for another 6months. definetly this six months lot of differences will come regarding ruling a.p. why because funds are small. capital problem internatinally inflation. cbn up to 10 years in apposition he didn’t give small single suggestion. how now he will devolep ap. ok better to continue fight still win comes

        • ps

          failures are always steps of success. what ever jagans ideas are most corruption less. cbn monifesto there are chances to make more corruption. this not gives any one to self confidence just pain relief manifesto. i think development of ap delayed another 5 years. cbn ap ni rule cheyatamu two sides sharpness vuna khathi tho samu cheyatamu lantidi. just 18 mla majority not a easy task.

  30. Dr.Krishna

    An excerpt from Sakshi . It reminds me of my style while i pen a poem in support of Dr YSR / YSJ . A journalist must be a journalist , must never become an analyst / a poet . If these journos give such a feedback to Jagan , what’s there to get surprised if he thinks that the polling is unilateral and YSRCP is going to bag 150 seats out of 175 in Seemandhra ?

    “సాక్షి, ఏలూరు : కుట్రలు కుతంత్రాలకు కాలం చెల్లింది. విశ్వసనీయతకు పట్టం గట్టేందుకు ప్రజలు ఓటు అస్త్రాన్ని సంధించారు. జిల్లాలో బుధవారం నిర్వహించిన సార్వత్రిక ఎన్నికల పోలింగ్‌లో ఓటర్లు వైఎస్సార్ కాంగ్రెస్ పార్టీ వైపే మొగ్గుచూపినట్లు స్పష్టంగా కనిపిస్తోంది. అన్ని నియోజకవర్గాల్లో ‘ఫ్యాన్’ దుమ్ముదులిపిందని విశ్లేషకులు చెబుతున్నారు. జిల్లాలోని ఏలూరు, నరసాపురం లోక్‌సభ స్థానాలను వైఎస్సార్ సీపీ అభ్యర్థులు భారీ మెజారిటీతో గెలుచుకోనున్నారు. ఈ స్థానాల్లో ఏకపక్షంగా ఓటింగ్ జరిగింది. ఓటమి ఖాయమని తేలడంతో టీడీపీ ఏలూరు ఎంపీ అభ్యర్థి మాగంటి వెంకటేశ్వరావు (బాబు) ఉక్రోషంతో ఊగిపోయారు. వైఎస్సార్ సీపీ కార్యకర్తలు, అధికారులపై దాడులు, దూషణలకు పాల్పడ్డారు. ఆయన నైజం ఇంతేనని జనం సరిపెట్టుకున్నారు. నరసాపురం పార్లమెంటరీ బీజేపీ అభ్యర్థి గోకరాజు గంగరాజు రూ.కోట్లు కుమ్మరించగలిగారు తప్ప ఓట్లు రాబట్టుకోలేకపోయారు. ప్రజలు వైఎస్సార్ సీపీపై పెట్టుకున్న విశ్వాసాన్ని ఎంత డబ్బు కుమ్మరించినా కొనలేమని ఆయనకు తెలిసొచ్చింది.

    అసెంబ్లీ స్థానాల్లోనూ… : అసెంబ్లీ స్థానాల్లోనూ వైఎస్సార్ పార్టీ విజయకేతనం ఎగురవేస్తుందనే నమ్మకం ఆ పార్టీ నాయకుల్లో ఏర్పడింది. జిల్లాలోని 15 అసెంబ్లీ నియోజకవర్గాలు ఉండగా, 12 స్థానాల్లో వైఎస్సార్ సీపీ ఏకపక్ష విజయం ఖాయమని పోలింగ్ సరళి చెబుతోంది. మిగిలిన మూడు స్థానాల్లోనూ ఆ పార్టీ అభ్యర్థులు గట్టిపోటీ ఇస్తున్నారు. వాటిని సైతం కైవసం చేసుకునే అవకాశం ఉందని ఆ పార్టీ నేతలు భావిస్తున్నారు. మహిళలు వైఎస్సార్ కాంగ్రెస్ పార్టీని అక్కున చేర్చుకున్నారు. బడుగు, బలహీనవర్గాల ఓట్లు వైఎస్సార్ సీపీకే పడ్డాయి. ముఖ్యంగా రైతు రుణమాఫీ అంటూ టీడీపీ అధినేత చంద్రబాబు నాయుడు చేసిన బూటక హామీకి తలొగ్గకుండా అన్నదాతలు వైఎస్ రుణం తీర్చుకున్నారు. ఎవరినోట విన్నా ఫ్యాన్ గుర్తుకే మాఓటు అనే పదమే వినిపించింది. టీడీపీ కంచుకోటలుగా ఉన్న కొన్ని ప్రాంతాల్లోనూ వైఎస్సార్ సీపీకే ఓట్లు వచ్చాయి. ఈ ప్రాంతాల్లో సెలైంట్ ఓటింగ్ జరిగింది. వైఎస్సార్ సీపీ విజయం తథ్యమని తేలడంతో కొన్ని సెగ్మెంట్లలో ప్రత్యర్థులు అస్త్రసన్యాసం చేశారు.

    మరికొన్ని చోట్ల భారీగా డబ్బు, మద్యం పంచారు. యువతర నుంచి వృద్ధుల వరకూ, కార్మికుల కూలీల నుంచి వాణిజ్య వర్గాల వరకూ అందరూ వైఎస్సార్ సీపీకే ఏకపక్షంగా ఓటేశారు. వైఎస్సార్ సీపీని ఎదుర్కోవడానికి టీడీపీ, బీజేపీ కూటములు చేయని తప్పులు లేవు, తొక్కని అడ్డదారులు లేవు. కులం పేరుతో ఓటర్లకు గాలమేశారు. భవిష్యత్ ఉండదని భయపెట్టారు. ప్రత్యేక ప్యాకేజీలు పంచారు. ద్వితీయ శ్రేణి నాయకులను కొన్నారు. పవన్ కల్యాణ్ జనసేనను వాడుకున్నారు. ఇవేవీ కుదరని చోట ఓటర్లను బెదిరించారు. తమకు ఓటెయ్యకపోతే అంతు చూస్తామంటూ బెదిరించారు. పోలింగ్ రోజు సైతం భౌతిక దాడులకు దిగారు. రిగ్గింగ్ చేసేందుకూ వెనకాడలేదు. ఇన్ని కుట్రలు, కుతంత్రాలు చివరకు ఓటు అనే అస్త్రం ముందు పటాపంచలయ్యాయి. భారీ మెజారిటీతో వైఎస్సార్ సీపీ అభ్యర్థులు విజయ శిఖరం వైపు దూసుకుపోతున్నారు.”

    • Dr.Krishna

      You can write whatever you want in pre poll situation , but if one looks up at the above excerpt , its written post poll scenario. Really pathetic !

  31. Sarma

    Guys, it will not be a cake walk for Babu. He may be under the euphoria that their ally is in power at center. Modi is like hitler. He wants to make BJP powerful in AP. He will use pawan Kalyan as poster child for that. We may soon see babu being used and thrown in his life the first time. Lets suport pawala kalyan. We should praise him and create ego clashes with Bolli.
    Schemes and Ideas are one thing. Politics is another thing. Both should run in parallel. I think babus success is due to politics. Not schemes. Jagan did not do well with politics I think. Probably over confidence or inexperience.

    • ps

      ok powan is not a politicall leader. just compainer. he supports modi. not in issues blind spport. also supports tdp. but he deosnt know manifesto. i think by took money he supports above parties. once upon a time rajani supports aiadmk afterwords know one accept rajani support due to corruption charges.

      • truthonlywins

        Ps garu…. pls dont compare benz with nano, rajini is too good to compare with this filth called pawan kalyan.

  32. NLR

    I have been told by CVR garu that the messages / comments from this blog are reaching Jagan / Core team on a regular basis.
    So we are of the opinion that we do not need a separate one as this could only reduce our interest.
    If there are any particular suggestions which friends here think might be very useful for the Party but do not want to post here, you can forward it to my email and I shall make sure it reaches the appropriate people.
    You can also please Cc it to VVR so that we are covered from all angles.

    My email ……


    Constructive criticism of someone is fine but please avoid criticising in this forum as we all have Pros and Cons and we have to sometimes put ourselves in Jagan’s shoes .
    Keep the fighting spirit going. Yellow gang will have five more years of sleepless nights because their hearts very well tell them what they are

  33. Ravi

    My basis of 3% borrowing limit is as per the below link. This is 13th Financial commission targets.

    Click to access FinanceCommission-13th-2001008.pdf

  34. Can anybody setup a forum or can we ask party office to setup, so that our leaders can see the discussions in the forum.

    May be if anybody have contacts with party office, they can take this forward. Since our party has already tie-up with some s/w development companies, they can monitor better instead of taking ownership by some of us.

    Our current party forum is not good…may be we can try IP board forum s/w which is using by NFDB or some other better forum s/w.

    Discussing topics in this blog is ok but that wont reach our goal. Really we need better platform to discuss. We can ask all YSR/Jagan followers to come forward and we can discuss.

    • May be we can install forum s/w in this domain itself. something like

      Please somebody take initiative or forward this to party IT wing. in FB so many jagan followers are there, but we don’t have good platform to share ideas.

      • I have been told by CVR garu that the messages / comments from this blog are reaching Jagan / Core team on a regular basis.
        So we are of the opinion that we do not need a separate one.
        If there are any particular suggestions which friends here think might be very useful for the Party but do not want to post here, you can forward it to my email and I shall make sure it reaches the appropriate people.
        You can also please Cc it to VVR so that we are covered from all angles.

        My email ……


        Constructive criticism of someone is fine but please avoid criticising in this forum as we all have Pros and Cons and we have sometimes put ourselves in Jagan’s shoes .
        Keep the fighting spirit going. Yellow gang will have five more years of sleepless nights because their hearts very well tell them what they are.

  35. CV Reddy

    రైతు రుణాల మాపీ ఫైలుపైనే బాబు తోలి సంతకం చేయాలి-రగువీరా రెడ్డి యాదవ్
    80 లక్షల మంది రైతులకు రూ.80వేల కోట్ల రుణాలు మాఫీ కావాల్సి ఉంది
    రైతులు రుణాలు మాఫీ అవుతాయో,లేదో నన్న ఆందోళనతో ఉన్నారని ఆయన అన్నారు
    ఎన్నికల ప్రచారంలో రుణమాఫీ పైలుపైనే సంతకం చేస్తానన్నారని,ముందుగానే దానిపైనే సంతకం చేస్తానని ఆయన భరోసా ఇవ్వాలని రఘువీరా కోరారు.

    • nlr2019

      For a break ……..

      Chiraneejavaina pudu thune…….. Megastar ayipoldehayya…
      Theginche sathha chupandhe……..Swargham radahyyya .

      And when Brahamanandam is asked if he wanted to work hard and come up like Chiru or use family background and come up easily like Balayya..
      He prefers the Second route and that is exactly the route Babu has taken in politics !!!
      Killed father in law…….. CM …Simple
      Swept to the shore in Modi Tsunami…CM….. Simple..Looks happy to have even survived !!
      JAGAN had to take the First route of Hardships and that too with no make up on his face or a wig on his head….only then you become a Real Hero.

  36. CVR Murthy

    TDP won 13 Loksabha seats in SA by more than 5% 7 of them with close to 10%. These are difficult to win . 6 seats around 5% to 7% margin That means unless YSRCP manages to pull 2.5% from TDP it would not be possible to win 6 seats . There are 4 seats are below 2.5%. margin Though 2.8% between TDP and YSRCP may appear small in reality it is a formidable task

  37. PSK

    Naaku ee elections ayipoyina tarvatha Nagarjuna act chesina Majnu cinemalo oka scene baaga gurthuku vasthundi…..Oka pantulu gaaru meka pillani pattukelthunte …..kondaru donga vaallu naatakmaadi okari tarvata okaru vacchi meka pilla kaadu kukka pillani pantulu gaarini oka 4 to 5 times confuse chesestaaru….Chivariki telivi gala pantulu gaaru kuda confuse ayipoyi idi nijamgaa kukka pillanemo anukuni paapam daani vadilestaadu….aaa tarvaata aa dongalu aa meka pillani pattukuni emi chestaaro andariki telusu….Eenaadu/ABN/TV9 etc etc okari tarvata okaru same concept use chesi prajalni picchi vaaallaani chesesaaru….

  38. @ Chiru garu…Do u mean to say PK had no role in TDP win ??
    Are u confusing your fans or are you confused like PK ??

  39. CVR Murthy

    Lokayuktha with CM covered and with independent investigation agency under Lokayukta. Appointment by Collegium (CM LOP, CJ of HC, Independent person should be demanded

    • PSK

      This should be the one….CBN will never accept this…
      NaMo never accepted this either…

    • Good point Murthy garu. That will help the world to know if Babu and Yellow media mean what he says about corruption . I am sure he will say No to it. But worth demanding .

  40. Sandani

    The whole world know the capability of Mr. Diwakar Reddy.

    Though he won 6 or 7 or 8 times from Tadipatri never dared to be in the race of CM post or never been considered.

    He always tells the Bavishyavani of others, he don’t know his Bhavishyavani.

    Our memories fresh, he begged Jagan for ticket to contest from YSRCP, that is the stature of him.

    Mr. CBN have real problems with him going forward. Jagan has to groom or indentify a strong leader in this district to counter him. This is an immidiate necessity.

    • I think we have to bring back Raghuveera . It will sound good too when the media says the PCC president joins YSRCP !!
      Coming to JC everyone knows how he speaks as if he just recovered from a head injury so we don’t have to give him much importance to him.
      May be we can say JC will soon go to jail in the Volvo bus deaths case and demand Babu to investigate this ? Again two birds with one shot !!

      • Not sure if Raghuveera will join YSRP, unless & untill he is offered some senior post in party….but if he joins nothing like it….we can also look at Sailajanath…not sure about his cadre worth in ATP, but he has good oratory skills & will add to the community equation also….

        Anantapur, Godavari & UA are the areas that need to be focused on……to attract leaders, like Malladi vishnu (krishna), Vatti vasantha kumar (West), kanumuri bapiraju (less chances)… jagan has to approach them personally to strength him and show that he is easy to work with.

        The message that has been doing rounds is Jagan is not easy to work with, he needs to work on this image..and send repeated feelers through media……he needs to invite media for lunch…chit chat sessions….

        • Our latest Ex MLA from Congress is in a apprehension about Jagan’s character to join the party. He tried through many channels to join the party but in vain. We lost this seat just because over confidence.


    Its time we give it back hard now, we have taken enough of this shit till date by keeping silent for all character assassination attempts, YSJ was like people know it , they will decide….seems like people thought that since YSJ & team are not responding they might be true……

    • nlr2019

      @ Uday…I agree with you.

      We have to take an aggressive stand against the allegations. We should not keep silent . Look at KCR and Botsa how they respond to allegations bcs they care a foot for these fellows.
      We need to put the ball back in their court and expose each of these crooks in Sakshi . They have a big list of corrupt people that will last us till 2019 !! They themselves behave as Innocent otherwise proved and treat others as convicts otherwise proved to be innocent.
      We need to take the same stand.
      What if we demand KCR to take back the lands of Ramoji film city and distribute them to the poor in Telangana from whom Dramoji looted ??
      as a Starter !!

  42. PSK

    It’s as simple as this:
    What Peddireddy did for a constituency, Jagan should do thhe same for the state.

  43. CV Reddy

    బాబు గెలుస్తాడని నాగ్ కూడ అనుకోలేదు
    నటుడు నాగార్జున తన మనసులో ఏదీ దాచుకోరు. ఉన్నది ఉన్నట్లు మాట్లాడేస్తారు.

    ఎన్నికల ఫలితాలు ఎలా వచ్చాయని మీడియా అడిగితే చాలా చిత్రంగా సమాధానమిచ్చారు.

    మోడీ ప్రభుత్వం రావడం ఆనందమన్నారు. కెసిఆర్ ప్రభుత్వం వస్తుందని ముందే ఊహించామన్నారు.

    సీమాంధ్రలో మాత్రం సర్వేలకు భిన్నమైన ఫలితం వచ్చిందన్నారు. అంటే అర్థమేమిటి? బాబు అధికారంలోకి వస్తాడని అనుకోలేదనేగా.

  44. I would say, if there is anything more important that we have to learn from this election its is BJP miracle in UP….worth emulating every party ….ofcourse works only for a party having charismatic leader..fortunately YSJ has it, he needs to retain it. BJP has increased its vote share from 15% in 2012 to 42% in 2014, inspite of heavy weights like Mulayam &

    I would encourage everyone to go through this article and note down the learnings , pass it on vvreddy regarding action points for future…(

    “” –> Request everyone to read this

    1) Important to know why we lost elections, we lost 11-15 sitting MLA’s
    2) Strengthen party at grass root level by dividing areas in to multi-layer structure
    3) Cross check people feedback through call center & NOT through party workers, as they have tendency to
    give +ve news (false). This is what made YSJ feel that there is a wave for him, where in it was opposite

    4) Consolidate certain caste votes across other constituencies by giving ticket to a particular caste, even though that candidate caste votes are not majority in that particular const, it will have impact on other const
    This is the same as TDP did by having , TG Venkatesh contest from Kurnool, but it had impact of consolidating his votes in various other const, it does matter. Even though TGV lost, it has ensured YCP
    loss in other const in andhra and like Ananda gajapathi raju having impact in West Godavari…not sure how come sujaya krishna & prasad raju hasn’t got the same impact, need to be analysed.

  45. Dear friends,

    Please do not post our future plans here until we sort something out about the private discussion forum which should happen soon. And also avoid criticising our own Party / leaders in a Public blog like this as it would hit their morale. Look at the Yellow guys who always see Babu as their GOD in the blogs even though he killed the Hero in their heart.
    We just have to be positive. We can start the constructive criticism in the discussion board.

  46. Harish Reddy

    To get back in 2019 we need to perform well as an opposition. It comprises of the many roles to be played by YSRCP and mainly Jagan.

    MOST IMPORTANT : How YSJ performs in assembly as an opposition leader. We used to love Ysr speeches in assembly.The way he handles everyone including cbn is perfect. All our MLAS should get ready with the data required to counter tdp. Some Mlas who are good orators should be feeded with facts to counter the ruling party. Some senior MLA’S who are experienced like balineni, dharmana lost the elections. So we should be grooming some MLAs for the assembly..

  47. Strategy by CBN for 2019, is to ensure incumbency vote will be divided between 2 opposition parties in SA….so that he retains power again in 2019 elections……i guess you all know who will the 2nd opposition party … the mean time aim will be to weaken YSRP as much as TDP can…..same scenario happened in 2009……

    • Don’t worry Uday. These things are bound to happen in every state. But fortunately there are many jobless strong Cong leaders whom we can attract.
      Even Babu himself is in shock to know that he is in Power so it is not worth commenting about 2019.
      There are bound to be many headaches with implementing his manifesto in the first place. Power centres in the form of Balayya and PK will be a thorn in his flesh. In addition there will be two deputys who will be eagre to sit in the chair one day. So they have bigger headaches in the coming years than us.

      • If i read babu correctly he would cut down everyone to size, he had experience of doing this in 1995….don’t underestimate our opponent, his focus will be YSRP….

    • Uday garu – There will be 4 parties in opposition altogether.
      ours, Cong, JS, BJP – it would work for TDP well.
      We should kill INC in AP in next 3 years, if we do it we may have higher chances in 2019.

  48. I’m sensing that some leaders from YSRP might move to TDP, we shouldn’t be surprised of this, as YSRP has used same technique against CBN between 2010-13 & tactical support will be provided to TRS in telangana by YSRP MLA’s…..get ready for the game, next 3 yrs will be interesting to see…if YSRP remains intact for next 3yrs…then we have chance to fight back

  49. CV Reddy

    రుణ మాఫీపై అనుమానాలు
    రాజమండ్రి, మే 18: రైతుల రుణ మాఫీ పథకం కోసం అటు అసలు రైతులు, ఇటు కౌలు రైతులు ఆతృతగా ఎదురుచూస్తున్నారు. తెలుగుదేశం పార్టీ అధికారంలోకి వచ్చిన వెంటనే రైతులు, మహిళా పొదుపు సంఘాల రుణాలను మాఫీ చేస్తామని తెలుగుదేశం పార్టీ అధ్యక్షుడు చంద్రబాబు పదే పదే ప్రచారం చేసిన సంగతి విదితమే. ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ అసెంబ్లీ ఎన్నికల ఫలితాల్లో తెలుగుదేశం పార్టీ ఆధిక్యతను సాధించటంతో ఇపుడు రైతులు, మహిళా పొదుపు సంఘాలు చంద్రబాబు ఇచ్చిన హామీ ఎప్పుడు అమలవుతుందా? అని ఎదురుచూస్తున్నారు. గ్రామీణ ప్రాంతాల్లోని రైతుల్లో ఇప్పుడిదే పెద్ద చర్చనీయాంశంగా మారింది. రైతుల రుణ మాఫీ పథకం పరిధిలోకి ఎలాంటి వ్యవసాయ రుణాలు వస్తాయి? వ్యవసాయ యంత్రాలు, బోర్లు తవ్వకం తదితర అవసరాల కోసం తీసుకునే టర్మ్ రుణాలు ఈ పథకం కిందకు వస్తాయా లేక కేవలం పంట రుణాలు మాత్రమే దీని పరిధిలోకి వస్తాయా అనే అంశాలపై రైతుల్లో చర్చ సాగుతోంది.

    తెలంగాణ, ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్‌లో కలిపితే టర్మ్ రుణాలు, పంట రుణాలు కలిపి సుమారు లక్ష 27వేల కోట్లను వివిధ బ్యాంకులు, సహకార సంఘాలు రైతులకు అందించాయి. ఇందులో పంట రుణాలు ఒక్కటే సుమారు రూ.78 వేల కోట్లు ఉన్నట్టు అంచనా.

    ఇందులో సీమాంధ్రలోని రైతుల పంట రుణాలు సుమారు రూ.50వేల కోట్లుపైనే ఉంటాయని తెలుస్తోంది.

    మహిళా పొదుపు సంఘాలైతే రుణ మాఫీ పథకం ఎప్పుడు అమలు జరుగుతుందా? అని కొండంత ఆశగా ఎదురుచూస్తున్నారు. సీమాంధ్రలో మహిళా సంఘాలకు ఇచ్చిన రుణాలు సుమారు రూ.24వేల 500కోట్లు వరకు ఉండవచ్చని అంచనా. ఈ రుణాల మాఫీ ఎలా ఉంటుందోనని మహిళల్లో కూడా ఉత్కంఠ నెలకొంది.

    • Sree

      Ninna open Heart chusaaaa …. Runa mafiiii clear ganeeeee cheppaduuu… Pade pade deniiiii highlight chesi… Adhi valluuuuuu successful ga chesthe Manam noruuuuuu kuda tervaledhuu… Let’s forgot about them.. Think about our stand … Wr we are how we are.. This present crises for our party

      • Ravi

        If we know the states budget and existing debits the runa mafi is very very challenging which cannot happen without dent in some other form. Any government in power will not have inifinite resources in the world. After 2004 any state cannot take more than 3 % of GDP per year, This is different compared to Babu’s time from 1994 to 2004. Anyway even if he do runa mafi it will affect our investment environment. Please mark my words on this, Do you think Tamil nadu or Karnataka are stupid enough to leave the investors to AP? If we give free lands then they too will do the same. And they have more industried for anxillory units for easy access. I hope the government should be more aggressive in its strategy and innovative to pull the investors. Very tough time ahead. This may happened even if jagan as CM. But our challenge are that we are having more welfare schemes than revenue generating ideas. Its a dounting task for any CM for this state. Good luck.

  50. Vishnu

    Just watched Katam Sridhar Reddy talking in NTV. He did exceptionally well, he was calm and replied effectively. Why he was not in the tv shows before. ( At least I have not seen him before)

    • Sridhar used to come now and then for the TV shows because he was very busy working hard in his won constituency. He has good communication skills and a good composure and will be a good asset for us in the assembly.

  51. Sekar

    Below leaders should be effectively used in the assembly:
    Kotam Reddy
    Chevi reddy
    Kodali Nani

  52. Rohit

    Modi did not achieve success in a year, it took 10 years for him to achieve this.
    He was criticised by vajpayee after 2004 debacle, if anybody remembers.
    He could not succeed in 2009.
    This time with a huge help from corporates he succeeded in creating tsunami ,
    and finally dig vijay Singh with his daily statements helped to polarise voters in west and north India which gave huge advantage to bop, this penetrated to South and east side also.

  53. Yellow gang already started there politics…this is what they did for PRP in 2009, they would go all out to attack YSRP to win few ZP elections….

  54. I’m sensing that Kotam sreedhar (Nellore MLA) will become a good MLA and will be an asset to showcase YSRP voice in assembly.

  55. Sekar


    These are the mind games played by Eenadu & Co. They did this to PRP. They will do this to us. Some weak hearts may fall prey to these tactics .

    We can read all news and decide ourselves which are correct and which are not.

  56. Sekar

    What’s the exact vote percentage difference between TDP-BJP and YSRCP for assembly election ? How many votes difference ?

  57. Inspired with our tirupathi MP.

    Mana MLA,MP lu ila eppudu prajalatho undali…..Lekunte bi-election results repeat avutayi….

  58. Below article helps to analyse & correct ourselves, we shouldn’t under estimate ourselves at the same time not be hypocrites

  59. mekonking.

    I see a lot of negatvie news about our party , that our guys are looking towards other parties in TG and Seemandhra. Is that a correct news
    Even there is a news getting circulated that Mysura talked bad about jagan, is that correct.

    • @ mekon king .. Pls stop watching the yellow media.
      They will come up with lots of cock and bull stories for the next 5 years. What are the other parties in SA ? Tdp is already sleeping with BJP and there is no space on that bed for them to go .
      Coming to T we don’t have many MLA’s anyway at the moment.
      Don’t worry…if One goes…two will come back. They all know that Power keeps changing.

      • Reading only our media will not do much good for party…..We should read yellow media also…check what is that happening…..identify loop holes in their programs…build strategy to counter it…..might be YSRP cadre/leaders till date read only Sakshi and not able to get the pulse of people…..i’m not saying that we need to believe it blindly, …..but make yourself attentive

      • Kumar

        @ NLR 2019

        Can we Unite and Start YSR Seva Trust in Villages & Town
        And we need to follow for Better Management Skills to Reach Youth and Urban Voters

        • vissu

          Nice Idea… If NRIs(YSR fans) all over the world can come together ,raise funds and establish Mineral water plants in each mandal head quarters of all constituencies through out the state ,and supply each bottle at the cost of 2/- will bring good name to our party..

          • Kumar


            Let Start by Talking to Any of the Senior Member by Reaching YS Jagan Directly ,

            • vissu

              Yep Sure… Our MLAs & MPs has to help us in this process…
              Each MP will get 5 crores MP LADS… & MLA will get 50 Lakhs per annum… For each mineral plant .. 1 bore or 2 bores , machinery and getting ISI certificate for plant will be required…Over all plant cost will not exceed more than 5 Lakhs… Instead of spending crores of rupees during election time, they can spend on some useful activities much before elections..It will be good for them and for party also…..

    • Its bound to happen, that’s why building party while they are in opposition will be difficult.

      • Well we are in opposition all these 4 yrs, if we achieved this much it is becoz people expected/invested hoping that YSRP will come to power, so there will be cash crunch now….and tough times lie ahead….but if the ideology is strong then party base will increase naturally

  60. I am slowly coming to my senses.

    I think Jagan should work out an understanding with Anam Ramanarayan Reddy, Raghuveera Reddy , DL Ravindra Reddy (yes, you read it right), Gade Venkat Reddy, TSR, Kotla etc.

    The Congress cannot by itself come to power in 5 years even if they try to renew in whatever way they try. We cannot afford to create enemies. Remember that these people are our Congress men. Some people might abuse me if I say this. Our blood is Congress blood.

    Jagan needs to mix well with these so called biggies. They might be egoistic and not have strength, but I realized that they can at least cause damage to us. See Anam and DL comments for the past two days. Time baaga lenappudu, ilantivi tappavu brother.

    I am beginning to afraid that Reddies are loosing their sheen in both the regions post division. Assembly lo YSR unnappudu,manam entha tala ettukoni tirigey vallamo.

    Jagan plays straight game very well. He is very brave and dynamic. But koddiga sarduko povali. Em chestam, YSR garini kooda VH, Palvai etc ibbandi pettevaru. Time vachinappudu thata teeyali. Lopala vesi pidi guddulu guddali. Bhayata baaga undali. Loukyam nerchukovali.

    We should regroup ourselves. We cannot support NDA because, TDP has locked their position. Their relationship is very deep. Venkayya Naidu gadu central lo link baaga pedatadu. Our only options are third front which only exists post elections and UPA.

    I hope God gives wisdom to both Sonia and Jagan to come together so that we can have our days back. I am sorry if I spoke anything wrong or hurt any of you.

    YSR lo chusina heroism, nenu marchipolenu. Aaa navvu, aaa rajasam nannu aayanaku ankitham chesayi. Yes, ayana vasthunnadu…hopeful of 2019.

    • ysr123

      I think we should invite good leaders in congress..
      Kanna babu
      pallam raju
      raghu veera
      botsa gang
      and some financial strong candidates….

      • kalli

        what about chiru???/once chiru comes ecpect pawan everybody will come…if pawan can join with tdp..why can’t chiru with us…it is only my idea…any comments on this…

        • I am strong admirer of Chiru as an actor but not sure as a politician if he will do more good or bad to the Party. But worth looking into or at least we need to be in good terms with him and that will send good signals to some of the voters. We can use Bhooma for this as he has a good understanding with Chiru.

  61. Hi friends after 2 days nannunenu samudayinchkoni ee blog open chesi comments chadavatam start chesyanu I thinks menu almost okka 400 – 500 comments chadivyanu I am a regular follow to thus blog from almost past 5 years 1. in past 5 years nobody discussed about Jagan caste now I saw lot of comments about this 2. About sakshi I read lot of negative comments about this also yes accepts but not all it is because sakshi still people of AP came to the other side of CBN otherwise by 2010 everything may have gone out of control and there will be YSR no Jagan and no YSR Congress party 3. About Jagan till 15th May 2014 everyone in this blog were telling Puli… singham….. etc…. about jagan now the same people are telling arrogant ahankatam ego…. etc stop this guys….. 4. Yes we have lost the elections not because of Jagan because of local candidate’s these guys were over confident and did not do the election camping and tdp have given minimum 1000 in every constituency but our party has not given money 5. From past 3 day I spoke to at least 200 people across the state friend relatives colleagues and others in kurnool nellor prakasham vizga rajamundry ananthapur kadapa Vijayawada tirupathi chittoor hindupur rajampeta adoni yemmiganur kavali ellur and some other place 90 out 100 told that the only reason for winning tdp is farmer loan waiver so friends in ap there no modi wave no CBN wave there is only loan wave 6. Friend finally just I want to tell you there stop taking negative about sakshi jagan vijayamma and sharmila yes we need to discus about our defeat but this not the right place as mentioned in comments by NLR and cbr there should be a closed forum for that

    Manalani manam takuvachesukovatam manchidikadu and one more thing stop discussing about caste and religion I saw lot of comments from vvreddy and avinash….

    I am sorry if my comments have hurt anybody here

    • CV Reddy

      U are right Nawaz..Farm Loan-waiver caused lot of damage to our poll prospects and Modi factor to some extent ..
      Pavan influenced Kapu youth.

      • CV Reddy

        I spoke to nearly 100 people in last 2 days.
        Farm Loan-waiver is the main reason for TDP’s victory.
        Modi, Pavan .. are also damaged us to some extent.

    • I agree with you, Most of the damagae is done Bcoz of 2 reasons.
      1. Yes we have lost the elections not because of Jagan because of local candidate’s these guys were over confident and did not do the election camping and tdp have given minimum 1000 in every constituency but our party has not given money..All these leaders never worked hard and always doing jagan bajana..
      Best example is Chevi reddy, Muthun reddy..they worked very hard and won.
      2.runna maffi

      Please stop discussing about caste, religion..

    • NLR

      @ Welcome back Nawaz bhai ..

      Not to worry. We cannot change what has happened but we can surely change what can happen in the future.
      We are fortunate to have a Warrior leading our Party. Which other Party in India has got someone like him ?? Anyone who has left his wife and children for four and half years and fought against all odds in scorching sun and pouring rain day and night ,despite being jailed with no evidence proved ??
      Leave alone in India I can’t find even a handful of such personalities in world politics !!
      I thought GOD should atleast punish the crooks for the Sin of separating him from his children. Those years are very important for both father and the children. Will they get them back ?? But this did not happen hence I lost the faith in GOD which is a different story.

      If the difference of votes between JAGAN Vs (Modi + Babu+ Cong+ KKR+ Yellow media+ Loan waiver ) was less than 2% !!
      Just imagine what the difference would have been between
      JAGAN Vs Babu ??
      No you decide whom people in SA actually trusted.

      We have the passion and the commitment and we just need a change in tactics which we will learn in the coming years.
      Second thing is Power keeps changing. It can’t be with the same people all the time.
      The caste and religion weed is sown and grown only in the Yellow blogs so , friends please avoid it here.

    • @ Nawaz :- Appreciate your spirit, great going, send in your suggestions to VVreddy –>

      I agree that we should control our frustration, control ourselves, channelize our energies properly, rebuild it again & should aim to build party cadre exactly in the lines of TDP…..i think next 5yrs should be fine to achieve it

      I’m sure/guess YSRP team knows that crop loan waiver is working like wild fire…and they took a calculated risk of speaking out on how CBN will not be able to implement it…i’m sure YSRP is aware that this might give more coverage to TDP policy, but they have to counter it, so they did it, but i guess YSRP team should have provided another option as a solution rather than saying CBN will not implement it…people will appreciate providing alternatives…otherwise their option is clear…..anyways its time to regain people’s confidence…..need to retain existing 1.29 crore supporters and gain atleast another 12 lakh people to our side, going to be a huge challenge…….we just need to keep fighting having strong contingent of 67 MLA…..9 MP’s is a blessing.

      But seriously PR team of YSRP should be revamped….a total image makeover is required.

  62. CV Reddy

    అవినీతి రహిత భారత దేశం చూడాలనేదే నా కోరిక.
    – సిబిఐ విచారణ వద్దు అని పరుగెత్తికెల్లి కోర్ట్ నుంచి స్తే తెచ్చుకొన్న నిప్పు నారా బాబు.

    బాబు లాగా నేను కోర్ట్ కెల్లి స్తే తెచ్చుకోను, విచారణ ఎదుర్కొంటాను -బొత్స.

    • nlr2019

      I like the way Botsa responded to the corruption allegation’s.
      We need to pick up those statements from others and put the ball back in their court.
      Babu cannot deny running to court’s to stop the enquiry .
      This is the strategy we need to use in the assembly.
      Well done Botsa !!

  63. Ravi

    I think we should take Kanna from Guntur(Give MLC), KVP as strategic advisor and bring all or as much as possible YSR friends including vundavalli. This will gain grounds for sure. I think this will help us a big deal.

    • truthonlywins

      I think first we should concentrate in TG area first. In TG, we have performed worst than BSP or independents.
      We have lot of YSR friends who have lost in TG, if we can get them on board, we will give back Congress a shock and we will also gain ground, if not in first place atleast we will be in second place.

      • nlr2019

        Yes we need to take in Kanna , Raghuveera , Vundavalli ,Cong leaders from T and few others from each district. Akarsh programme district wise.
        May be we can even have Lagadapati back (hope people in this blog wont hit me for this !!)
        We need to shed egos and that is what YSR did after he lost in 1999.
        He used to say “naku kopam naramu tegipoyindhi”

    • Gopi

      Undavalli will be an asset to us. Not sure if things are amicable for Undavalli in ysrcp.

  64. truthonlywins

    We have spoke enough about the loss & possible corrective measures but who is taking the action of passing it onto leaders?
    We should channelize our thoughts, comments, feedback & have it passed onto right people. It should not be wasted.
    1. Foremost action item for this forum owners is to make it access restricted and our comments are not open to the world.
    2. Next one is we need to build a team and possibly a leader from our team will work with YCP leadership team.

    Win would have made NOT given us this learning, so lets not put our heads down, buckle up & lets progress together.

    YSR Amar rahe.
    Johar YSR.

  65. bhaskar

    The golden rule for ticket distribution came next. Only candidates who lived in their respective constituencies were allotted tickets. “My entire strategy is aimed at reconnecting the UP BJP to the roots taking advantage of the charisma of Narendrabhai,” says Shah.

    His yet another contribution was to rope in people at the lowest rung to become a part of the Modi wave. He made sure that every village in the state sends at least one jeep filled with local people to attend a Modi rally. This helped him in connecting at least 70 per cent of the UP villages, directly with Modi.

  66. bhaskar

    Jagan need this kind of people in his team to work and win the people hearts..

    How Amit Shah helped Modi sweep Uttar Pradesh

    Singh’s brief to Shah, who waded into the mess, was simple: Restore the old grandeur of BJP. The party gives you full freedom to take decisions and act.” Having been appointed as the party general secretary in May 2013, Shah travelled 9,300 kilometres by road and rail, spreading Modi’s message and developmental vision to almost 33 per cent of the 80,000 villages in Uttar Pradesh. He started by holding meetings with the losing MPs and MLAs in nine different zones of the state, which he himself decided, and read out the causes of their defeat.

  67. vvreddy


  68. vissu

    ఫైనల్ గా చిరంజీవి – పవన్ కళ్యాణ్ ల డ్రామా సక్సెస్ అయింది.. అన్న కాంగ్రెస్ లో తమ్ముడు భాజపా లో… ఏ పార్టీ అధికారం లో కి వచినా మన ఇంటి పై జెండా ఎగరాల్సిందే అన్న సిద్ధాంతాన్ని చక్కగా పాటించారు…జగన్ ని అధికారం లో కి రాకుండా పూర్తి స్థాయి లో విజయవంతం అయ్యారు…రాయలసీమ లో రుణ మాఫీ.. కోస్తా లో పవన్ కళ్యాణ్ ఫాక్టర్ లు వైకాపా కు పూర్తి స్థాయి లో దెబ్బ వేసాయి..అయినా కూడా రుణ మాఫీ చేయలేం అని ఎన్నికలలో జగన్ చెప్పిన మాటను నేను సమర్థిస్తున్నా…

    • nlr2019

      Babu gari game lo….pavulu Pawan and Chiru.
      Pawan and Chiru gari game lo….pavulu…vari Fans.
      Those who have fought against the yellow caste fanatics all their lives to support PK and Chiru have been forced to lose the battle for protecting the personal interests of the brothers.
      This is Tollywood beating Hollywood in acting !!
      Well done to both !!!


    Now you know that majority of NGO population voted against YSRP, atleast in coastal dist….

    • Ravi

      Employees like to protect their interest and if have proper contacts with center will do good for them. I do not see a problem in that. Let the time pass and we will see what happens :). Things change every season so people be dynamic and enjoy the show.

  70. Sandani

    1. Luckily since there are no elections of any kind till next five years except Allagadda by election Cader may be intact with YSRCP.

    2. Jagan need to put lot of efforts on district wise reviews and in identifying strong leadership at district level

    3. Need to focus on organisational setup with fully loyal brigade

    4. In this election even though he know we going to loose Rajampeta and udayagiri he continued the candidates. Need to replace with potential candidates by conviction.

    5. Need to focus more on former related issues in unique style like YSR as opposition leader.

    6. Since we are in opposition need to be reachable to the leaders and patience to listen them.

  71. Sakshi should be very alert this five years.Cbn came after ten years so corruption will be more in 5 years period because they spent more money on elections which is accepted by cbn in eenadu interview. Pls do some string operations.I think obulapuram mines will go to keshav relative.Every one know cbn done lot of corruption in his period but to counter cbn no media was there but this time if he done corruption he should not escape.

  72. Just come out of this politics and laugh for some time

  73. CV Reddy

    నలుగురైదుగురు కలిసికట్టుగా వెళ్లి ఒకరిని గాయపరిచి మేము గొప్ప వీరులం అని జబ్బలు చరుచుకొంటున్నారు, కాసింతైనా సిగ్గులేకుండా.దీన్నే రాజకీయ గూండాఇజం అంటారు.

    YSRCP,TDP కూటమి మధ్య ఓట్ల తేడా 1.96%

    [పోరాడి ఓడిన జగన్‌

    చంద్రబాబు నాయుడు మొదటి నుంచీ మోడీ మానియాను గమనించారు. గత పది నెలలుగా ఆయన చుట్టే తిరిగారు. ఆయనకు స్నేహహస్తం చాచారు. బడాబడా పారిశ్రామిక వేత్తలు మోడీ చుట్టూ తిరగడాన్ని గమనించి వారితో కూడా కుమ్మక్కయ్యారు. ఈనాడు అధినేత రామోజీ రావు అంబానీతో తనకున్న సంబంధాలను ఉపయోగించుకుని తద్వారా బాబుకు, మోడీకీ డీల్‌ చేశారు. మరో వైపు వెంకయ్యనాయుడు శాయశక్తులా కృషి చేసి ఈ డీల్‌ చెడిపోకుండా అడ్డుకున్నారు. ఒక బలమైన వర్గం కలిసికట్టుగా, ఈ ఎన్నికల్లో ఓడిపోతే తాము ఒక జీవించలేమన్నంతగా చంద్రబాబు, మోడీ కలయిక కోసం కృషి చేసింది. ఆ వర్గం పత్రికలు ప్రత్యర్థి వర్గాలపై లేనిపోని వార్తలు రాసి వాతావరణాన్ని కలుషితం చేసింది. అన్ని రకాల శక్తులతో వైసీపీ ఒంటరిపోరు చేసింది. జగన్‌, ఆయన కుటుంబీకులు తప్ప ఆ పార్టీలో చెప్పుకోదగ్గ నేతలెవ్వరూ లేరు. వారే చెమటోడ్చి గత రెండేళ్లుగా రాష్ట్రమంతటా తిరుగుతున్నారు. సంస్థాగతంగా పూర్తి నిర్మాణం కూడా లేదు.

    ప్రత్యర్థుల కుట్రలను గమనించి ఎప్పటికప్పుడూ తిప్పికొట్టేందుకు ప్రయత్నించే రాజకీయ దురంధరులు ఎవరూ జగన్‌ వైపు లేరు. మైసూరారెడ్డి లాంటి వారు అందుకు సరిపోరు. పైగా జగన్‌కూ కాంగ్రెస్‌కూ డీల్‌ కుదిరిందని తీవ్ర దుష్ప్రచారం చేయించారు. జగన్‌ విభజనను సమర్థించారని ప్రచారం చేశారు. తల్లి కాంగ్రెస్‌, పిల్లకాంగ్రెస్‌ అని గోబెల్స్‌ ప్రచారం చేశారు. కేవలం బీజేపీయే సీమాంధ్ర కోసం పోరాడిందని చెప్పుకున్నారు. ప్రత్యర్థులందరిపై దుమ్మెత్తి పోశారు. జగన్‌కు కూడా మీడియా ఉన్నప్పటికీ ఆ మీడియా ఈ ప్రచారాన్ని తిప్పికొట్టడంలో విఫలమైంది. ఏమైనప్పటికీ నరేంద్రమోడీ ధాటిని రాష్ట్రంలో కేసీఆర్‌తో పాటు ఎదుర్కొన్నది జగన్‌ మాట్రమేనని చెప్పక తప్పదు. పార్టీ ఏర్పడ్డ తర్వాత జరిగిన మొదటి ముఖ్యమైన ఎన్నికల్లో జగన్‌ గట్టి పోటీనిచ్చారు. చంద్రబాబు, మోడీలకు కంటికి నిద్ర లేకుండా చేశారు. నిజానికి భారీ ఎత్తున ధన ప్రవాహం చదంద్రబాబు, మోడీలే అయినప్పటికీ, జగన్‌ పార్టీయో డబ్బులు, సారా ప్రవాహం చేసిందని ప్రచారం భీభత్సంగా చేసింది. అన్ని ప్రతికూల కారణాల మధ్య, దుష్ప్రచారాల మధ్య, జగన్‌ ఒంటరిపోరు చేశారు. ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్‌ అసెంబ్లీలో చెప్పుకోదగ్గ సీట్లను సాధించారు. లోక్‌సభలో కూడా బడాబడా పార్టీలకు రాని సంఖ్యను సంపాదించారు. ఈ పోరాటం ఇప్పుడు ప్రారంభం మాత్రమే. అంతం కాలేదు.
    – హరీశ్‌]

    • Sir, lets not do any hypocracy of hiding our loss, at the same time lets not underestimate our responsibility , the more we show petty reasons the more we will ridiculed….i’m sure this is what we said to TDP in 2009…right, so lets do more inner search while accepting the result and do it with dignity.

      I appreciate your comments in GA site and various other forums….but at the same time sometimes when we provide weak arguments we will loose our ground and we will not win many people to our party side. Now the only things we can do to help jagan is by winning more people to our side, and it will be possible only when we do it with dignity & responsibility. We will not loose anything if we appreciate methods/work of CBN. When we do that people will appreciate our sincerity….and they will think that ok this guy is making sense to me….we need to reach that stage now as immediate goal……later than people will be ready to hear our voice…..right now they will see YSRP supporters with suspicion that these guys haven’t still changed….so for a moment take thier side….temporarily…get them on our side slowly…….and then present a case for them to decide……

      Apologies if i’m bit blunt, this is the only waay we can help YSRP team.

    • avunu anna correct ga chepparu. kani oka sakshi chanel vunte saripodu. jagananna kuda tana anukulasthula chaytha media channels yekkuvaga pettinchi tana gurinchi, tana family cheysina manchipanulu, prajala kosam kasta padina vidanam gurinchi, ysr chesina abivruddi gurinchi yekkuvaga chupinchali. chandrababu + ramoji rao tdp partylo vunna avinethi parula gurinchi yekkuvaga chupinchali. inka sakshi chanelnu prajalu yekkuvaga chusevidamga manchi manchi stories chupinchadam, turiost places gurinchi chupinchadam, cinema patalu,inka prathi vudaya sayantralu devulla gurinchina patalu, slokalu,gullu goparaluku sambandinchina vishayalu cheppadam chupinchadam lantivi cheyali. ila news madhya madhya lo programulu chupiste prjalu yekkuvaga sakshi chanel chustaru. kani cheppinavi pade pade cheppi chupisthe janalu visugukoni ye tv9, tv5, ntv no chusukuntaru. okto rendo jaganku faverga vunna chanellu kuda ippadu jagan ku full opposite ga chupinchadam modalupettaye. kabatti teliviga chinna chinna techniques upayoginchi yekkuva karchu lekunda ilantivanni chesukovachhu. national chanella nunchi local chanalla varaku andaru chandrababu ku anukulamga varthalu rase valle. mari local lo ithe oka sakshi thappinchi chalavaraku anni kamma chanalle. kabatti reddiesni kuda chanels yekkuva pettadaniki encourage cheyali.

      • abimanulu etchay salahalu suchanalu seemandhra pranthamloni aya niyojaka vargalalo prajalu yemi cheppukuntunnadi yemi alochisthunnadi telisi etche salahalu suchanalu. kabatti jagananna kanisam rojuku 1 hour ee news antha chadivi mukyamina vishyalu grahinchi aya paristithulaku thagattuga vyavaharisthu povali. leka pothe party lo vunna vallu ina ee news ni jaganannaku cheravesthu vundali.

  74. I seriously miss to understand what kind of team is working for YSJ to present an agenda in front of them. YSJ did not talk about how capably law and order issues were handled & how naxlism was erradicated by YSR in comparison with incompetent CBN.
    Had YSJ during SA agitation ordered for a rail roko, he would have got a better face & it would have given different impression instead a softened agression raised too many doubts.

    Just because result was negative I’m not saying this, I had serious doubts if YSJ is under some kind of (external)pressure/threats because of which he is not opening up & whatever issues we spoke are not of bigger magnitude which YSJ would have missed.

    • Ram

      I think so. They may be trying to arm twist. Listen to veiled threats the opponents are giving.

      • Ram

        If the above is not true, YCP may be taking time towards working for next steps.

        • truthonlywins

          Listen to Sabbam & Anam’s comments post the results, they sound a bit happy as if that’s they expected from YSJ to give it to CBN.

          • Again we are loosing track….an enemy knows our weakness better….than a near by friend praising our efforts till date & creating false impression……respect your enemy ….atleast act that you respected him…..satisfy his ego…….slowly win him too….politics is an art of winning even enemy……if we turn our friends in to enemies then it might be something else.

            Forget what happened in past one year between sabbam & jagan, Just imagine this situation, Sabbam & Undavalli as official spokespersons of party , dont you think it would give you satisfaction that yes we have people who can defend our party agenda in press? Thats what we need now….we need good spokes person who are acceptable in UA & godavari dist…..YSJ should focus on building such battery power, during some unforeseen circumstances……

            I understand that sabbam has done damage to YSJ reputation….thats where maturity should come in… politics there are no personnel enemies/friends…..

            CBN did lip service that he would not dare Modi enter in HYD during 2004 /2009 etc…after few failures he has to kill his ego in 2013 and get on to his side…otherwise he knows YSJ would close his chapter…..

            • truthonlywins

              No, we are on track, I was just checking if YSJ had been any sort of pressure/threat, because for sometime now I had this feeling.
              From, the opponent’s speech it appears so, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try and progress but it was just a introspection.

      • truthonlywins

        @nlr 2019, This guy isn’t clean, he is chamcha of congi & he has made quick bucks.
        Until, they are caught, they can be known as clean.
        Majority of the country is not clean, so I just pity herds of people talking about other being corrupt.
        When a salaried employee tweaks his taxes, businessmen tweaks his taxes, purohits/teachers (tuitions)/Doctors/Lawyers dont pay taxes thats fine, but if a corrupt politician craving for power exposes another politician’s small/big business houses not following rules, then he is tagged “corrupted”. I leave this to our population who just are born from genes but claim to be clean.

        • please understand what kind of corruption works in inida… …CBN does it ramoji…abn…lagadapati…kavuri…rayapati they all do this….but when you showcase to people ensure you dont showcase the huge bungalows…palaces….etc…keep it out of india..etc….its new to AP people that you do corruption and you project huge mansions…gold (Gaali janardhan) etc in front of us…..then it is projected as intolerable…and common man gets it quickly… no need to project your corruption..(or) package it nicely… ramoji film city, ofcourse its in loss…..jagan staying in sagar society would have done lot of good in terms of not so neo rich kind of image…..if you stay in a middle class area then nothing to beat it……even if you want to tell CBN is corrupted by showcasing a duplex house…its hard to convince youth who are just in their 25’s as they haven’t seen CBN rule…TDP targeted these youth who are in 18-25 who haven’t seen CBN rule…jagan have to do the same in next 5yrs, people in 18-22 age by then should be our target.

          • truthonlywins

            I think that’s what exactly I said too… “Until, they are caught, they can be known as clean.”.
            what I’m trying to say is, Corruption is used as an weapon by opponent to portray one as untouchable.
            Point is opponent is also corrupt & even the audience is also corrupt, So, doesn’t it mean we are following sheep herd methodology than being human beings?

      • Winning election is an art…having clean image is not necessity to win elections…..even in the elight circles of blore south,…..i’m sure one single allegation would have demolished nilekani’s reputation.,…..that here is the guy who made getting a subsidized gas cylinder an horrible experience then thats it….people would vent all their anger on him…..nilekani would have no face saving argument to counter that allegation…..

        • You are right. Our country is too corrupt at all levels to understand the meaning of the words “viluvalu viswathaneeyatha”. So we need to chose other words.
          For example : recently we registered a Will written by my grandmother and I was told that they took a bribe of 15000 rupees to do this. Bribe even to give your own property to your grandchildren !! Now if I go to this fellow and say …pls vote for Jagan because he stands by principles …he will laugh at me and say who wants principles ? I just want my money.
          This is the current attitude of majority of the Indians whether you believe it or not.
          For eg : Ramoji has been screaming that Jagan is corrupt …but does he ever tell the people how he earned thousands of crores or how he looted hundreds of acres that belong to Telangana people from starting his life as serving tea to Kondapalli Seethramaih in Vijayawada ??
          Radhakrishna from being paper boy to owning ABN ??
          Babu from two acres to thousands of crores ??
          Tv9 Raviprakash from journalist to hundreds of crores ?
          Rayapati from selling damaged tobacco to China ??
          Lagadapati by grabbing Wakf lands in Hyd ?
          Kavuri by damaging Indian credibility in Africa with in completed projects ??
          Sujana chowdary from benami companies and hyping share prices ??

          This list can go on for many pages.
          But the trick these guys play is something called a Defence mechanism in Psychiatry. Which means if we know that we are thieves we can divert the peoples attention on us image to someone else by calling them a thief !!
          This is how they are all surviving . But unfortunately they all have to fie one day no matter how many crores they earn so they being caught by Death .

          They have to be exposed first.

  75. Ram

    టీడీపీ పొత్తుతో బీజేపీకి నష్టం జరిగింది: కిషన్

  76. CVR Murthy

    ఇక్కడ వ్రాసి వ్రాసి విసుగువస్తోంది రెండు మూడు సంవత్సరాలుగా వ్రాస్తున్నాను జగన్ కి రీచ్ అయ్యేటట్లు ప్రయత్నించెను ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ జగన్ అభివృధి చేస్తాడని అనుకున్నాను అతను వినడు ఇప్పుడైనా విని మారితే ఓకే . ప్రస్తుతం చంద్రబాబు కుల తత్త్వం అశ్రీత పక్షపాతం వదిలి బాగా పాలిస్తే బాగావుంటుంది . ఆంద్ర రెడ్డి కమ్మ కుమ్ములాటలో నలిగిపోకోడదు కోట్లమంది జీవితాలతో ముడుపడి వున్న అంశం గెలుపు ఓటమి ల క్రీడ కాదు

    • Ram

      Murthy garu.. I am with you. I did learn a lot from saner minds like you. Your rational and experienced comments are immensely valuable. Hope you receive feedback from YCP and see real changes. Hope people over here help you to gain direct access to YCP leadership.

      I write here to counter the opponent’s irrational and undignified comments on various forums so that they see and change their attitudes. If that does not help YCP, I can change what I present here.

    • Sir,

      you mean you had direct access to someone within party circles (or) you are assuming someone from this forum to pass on the message?


  77. Ram

    Alas… Had 2 out of 100 did not fall prey to Maayaa Kootami’s maaya maatalu… history would have been different… Just ~2 of 100!

    • We need to learn from this and change.
      We don’t have to be crooks but we might have to be flexible rather than saying …Viluvalu…Visvathanneyatha all the time . Most people themselves don’t have those two characters so it doesn’t matter for them.
      Atleast this is what I have learnt now in life.
      In one way it is hood that we did not win this time because it would have been a herculean task to get the funds from the centre especially when BJP has got majority on its own.
      I am sure Modi will treat Babu and Jagan the same bcs he knows that he might need either if their help next time but neither of their support this time.
      Modi has already got in touch with Jayalalitha which says that he is preparing himself for the next polls.
      Babu will have a rough ride in keeping his promises so let us just watch and see how the story unfolds.

      • Babu has great influential tactics ….no body can match him…imagine his skills of getting things done during 1999-2004 without knowing hindi so much. He is amply supported by Venkaiah in BJP…for the betterment of AP its good they work jointly …and YSJ focus on people issues and behave as responsible opposition and don’t act as arrogant leader. He has to understand that now that state is divided he doesn’t have community support of south telangana behind him…he has gain confidence of godavari dist people who are psychologically different from rayalaseema. YSR managed it well.

  78. The lament of Cong in T …once again tactics of KCR worked better than screams of Cong leaders that they brought Telangana .

  79. Ram

    NCBN and Team back to Faction politics?

    Sad but true.. it all started by NTRRao.. continued by NCBN and crushed by Dr YSRR who established harmony.. These foxes will never change

    • Ram

      Atleast T people were aware of the Naxl imbalance created and used by Team Yellow for political gains for two decades.. Hope SA people will wakeup soon..

      • If they do these things. Then they need to be told that they will get it back.
        If we don’t change our style from passive aggression to aggression then the yellow crooks will take advantage.
        YSR should have locked up Balayya permanently for the attempted murder !!
        Power is not permanent. If they hit us below the belt ,we will hit them twice below the belt when we come to power. Simple.

      • Ram

        Vaalla viluvalu veru.. Paapa bheethi undadani prateethi.. May not apply to all but applies in general to most.. You can gauge this by their attitudes and comments.

        When VMRanga is forgotten in KG – WG and EG… and young people tilted towards the Maayaa Kootami… anything is possible. The younger minds no longer are aware or emotionally attached to history… This was a master stroke they played very well through PK and Dy CM…initially denouncing kula sangam through PK and later baiting for DyCM. Not that I support any of the above divisive politics.. Hope going forward it is a new age politics where everyone can live in harmony keeping AP betterment ahead of politics… With PK and NBK gone back to movies, hope voters hear their hearts soon like in T.. removing the Cinema Maaya Pora and illusions

    • It happens both sides….check below URL , yellow gang claims it is done YSRP….i wouldn’t say happens every time but it does happen…and might increase ….but YSJ should handle it carefully…..protecting cadre is important now…..yellow gang will open all ideas to crush YSRP…like they did for PRP…..only our elected representatives should save this party (assuming YSJ might be around all the time).

  80. Bhaskar

    ఈ పోరాటం ఇప్పుడు ప్రారంభం మాత్రమే. అంతం కాలేదు..

    చంద్రబాబు నాయుడు మొదటి నుంచీ మోడీ మానియాను గమనించారు. గత పది నెలలుగా ఆయన . బడాబడా పారిశ్రామిక వేత్తలు మోడీ చుట్టూ తిరగడాన్ని గమనించి వారితో కూడా కుమ్మక్కయ్యారు. ఈనాడు అధినేత రామోజీ రావు అంబానీతో తనకున్న సంబంధాలను ఉపయోగించుకుని తద్వారా బాబుకు, మోడీకీ డీల్‌ చేశారు. మరో వైపు వెంకయ్యనాయుడు శాయశక్తులా కృషి చేసి ఈ డీల్‌ చెడిపోకుండా అడ్డుకున్నారు. ఒక బలమైన వర్గం కలిసికట్టుగా, ఈ ఎన్నికల్లో ఓడిపోతే తాము ఒక జీవించలేమన్నంతగా చంద్రబాబు, మోడీ కలయిక కోసం కృషి చేసింది. ఆ వర్గం పత్రికలు ప్రత్యర్థి వర్గాలపై లేనిపోని వార్తలు రాసి వాతావరణాన్ని కలుషితం చేసింది. అన్ని రకాల శక్తులతో వైసీపీ ఒంటరిపోరు చేసింది. జగన్‌, ఆయన కుటుంబీకులు తప్ప ఆ పార్టీలో చెప్పుకోదగ్గ నేతలెవ్వరూ లేరు. వారే చెమటోడ్చి గత రెండేళ్లుగా రాష్ట్రమంతటా తిరుగుతున్నారు. సంస్థాగతంగా పూర్తి నిర్మాణం కూడా లేదు. ప్రత్యర్థుల కుట్రలను గమనించి ఎప్పటికప్పుడూ తిప్పికొట్టేందుకు ప్రయత్నించే రాజకీయ దురంధరులు ఎవరూ జగన్‌ వైపు లేరు. మైసూరారెడ్డి లాంటి వారు అందుకు సరిపోరు. పైగా జగన్‌కూ కాంగ్రెస్‌కూ డీల్‌ కుదిరిందని తీవ్ర దుష్ప్రచారం చేయించారు. జగన్‌ విభజనను సమర్థించారని ప్రచారం చేశారు. తల్లి కాంగ్రెస్‌, పిల్లకాంగ్రెస్‌ అని గోబెల్స్‌ ప్రచారం చేశారు. కేవలం బీజేపీయే సీమాంధ్ర కోసం పోరాడిందని చెప్పుకున్నారు. ప్రత్యర్థులందరిపై దుమ్మెత్తి పోశారు. జగన్‌కు కూడా మీడియా ఉన్నప్పటికీ ఆ మీడియా ఈ ప్రచారాన్ని తిప్పికొట్టడంలో విఫలమైంది. ఏమైనప్పటికీ నరేంద్రమోడీ ధాటిని రాష్ట్రంలో కేసీఆర్‌తో పాటు ఎదుర్కొన్నది జగన్‌ మాట్రమేనని చెప్పక తప్పదు. పార్టీ ఏర్పడ్డ తర్వాత జరిగిన మొదటి ముఖ్యమైన ఎన్నికల్లో జగన్‌ గట్టి పోటీనిచ్చారు. చంద్రబాబు, మోడీలకు కంటికి నిద్ర లేకుండా చేశారు. నిజానికి భారీ ఎత్తున ధన ప్రవాహం చదంద్రబాబు, మోడీలే అయినప్పటికీ, జగన్‌ పార్టీయో డబ్బులు, సారా ప్రవాహం చేసిందని ప్రచారం భీభత్సంగా చేసింది. అన్ని ప్రతికూల కారణాల మధ్య, దుష్ప్రచారాల మధ్య, జగన్‌ ఒంటరిపోరు చేశారు. ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్‌ అసెంబ్లీలో చెప్పుకోదగ్గ సీట్లను సాధించారు. లోక్‌సభలో కూడా బడాబడా పార్టీలకు రాని సంఖ్యను సంపాదించారు.

  81. Bhaskar

    Poor public … become the fools yet again!

    sometime back when Pawan Kalyan along with Nagendra Babu met Chandrababu Naidu at the latter’s official residence, rumors flew thick that Pawan Kalyan was about to join the TDP. But it was dismissed by the mega brothers though the actual reason for the meeting was never revealed. Many felt that Pawan and Naga Babu met Naidu to request him to close the case related to Ram Charan’s brawl with the techies. A video of the brawl was reportedly available with a journalist from ABN Andhra Jyothi, a channel of the TDP. But the truth might be something entirely different. Alarmed over the poll prospects of the TDP in the wake of the ‘Jagan wave’ then and realizing the need to consolidate the ‘Kapu’ vote bank, in the State, Chandrababu had roped in the mega family for assistance and specifically was in favor of Pawan Kalyan’s support as Chiranjeevi’s image had taken a complete beating in the market. There is every possibility that a deal had been finalized between the ‘mega family’ and Pawan Kalyan then itself and that whatever Pawan Kalyan did had the complete blessings of Chiranjeevi. With Chiru in the Congress, Pawan supporting TDP and Modi and Allu Arjun’s father-in-law, in the TRS, the mega family was completely covered on all sides. The so called rift between Pawan Kalyan and Chiru can easily be the result of a well-orchestrated drama which they managed to successfully play out in public and have their community vote for the TDP. Those who know Pawan Kalyan say that there is absolutely no way in which he can go against the wishes of his elder brother even in his wildest dreams. Pawan was almost in a financial crunch for a celebrity of his stature, it is believed after his divorce with Renu Desai and now the mega family and Pawan have been handsomely rewarded, it is believed for Pawan’s support.

    • Pawan has put a lot at stake for taking that role, there are high chances that CBN might miss in his poll promises in this process and his credibility has taken a hit, already he lost some of his viewership in his own community and others too….ofcourse few new viewships will come in but nothing like his core group …our entire family is part of it…and he lost it now.

  82. mekonking.

    Any way party has to really work hard to counter CBN in UA and coastal.
    We got only one MP and 30 plus MLAs in these districts. We are strong in Nellore prakasam and 3 RS districts. Even though we did not win seats we are equllly strong in GNT , some extent Krishna .
    The only problem is UA and Godavari. Have to really concentrate on thoese districts.

    • Sometimes in politics you don’t need to do wonders, they just happen…from CBN point of view. in 2009…..YSR death, YSJ arrest….division……people started looking for hope….CBN used it to his advantage……YSRP has its USP… we keep our fight going and things do happen…in favor of YSRP, patience is key in politics…things wont happen just becoz we are in hurry….we shouldn’t force things to happen but at same time wait & give a bang.

  83. mekonking.

    What ever we lost a golden opportunity. We are so close and in the end we lost. I wonder the people around jagan are real politicians with some political knowledge. Though the total vote difference 2 percent . In reality it is much bigger in coastal districts. We badly fared in that area. I don’t know how jagan will come up to counter this loss in coastal.
    The points i see 1) Christianity. People thought there are more conversion if jagan comes becase of anil and vijayamma carrying bible annoyed a lot of hindus.
    2) Corrupt image over the party …a lot of middle class and upper middle class and rich people and youth voted for CBN (mainly be. modi) and they felt CBN is the best to build new state.
    3) Never concentrated on how we build the state with development idea and etc ..vukadampudu and boring vupanyalatho kalam gadipamu..talked about only saksheman (majority of time )
    This list will go ….

    • truthonlywins

      Life is about changes, change is inevitable. Today, we lost, we will not be in loss ever, someday we will win. That’s the fact.
      It is time to put some effort again than just thinking & bogging our self down for the loss.

    • Ram

      Gorre kasayi vaadini namminattu, AP ni chelchina mayala phakeerlake votesarante… Hope those who voted for Maya Kootami gets a wakeup call soon…

      • @ Ram :- Even if YSJ wins, yellow gang will think exactly same, remember the famous dailouge from “Leader” movie by Gollapudi? That scene will tell the entire scenario…..of both the parties……only thing is people will swing to either sides for every 5-10yrs, in tamilnadu & kerala it is for 5yrs , might be in AP it is 10yrs….we shouldn’t ridicule people’s wish they have a choice they choosed…..they will take a call next time based on deliverable’ s…..only thing is how opposition projects ruling parties failure and how they offer more hope….thats the rule of the game

  84. vvreddy

    The Reason why Jagan said no to RUNA MAFEE is
    he thinks he is still young and if he fails to keep all false promises his political career will be finished in one term .he would rather stay in opposition then giving false promisies.
    But Donga babu Naidu is not like him , he is 60 and he is desparate to get back to power and his Cotary and Caste Business man gave Ultimatum to him .either you get back to power or get off from the Seat

    • Sandani

      Jagan stand is fine.

      But Jagan shouldn’t have campigned saying it is not possible in all his meetings. Since jagan has campigned in more meetings than CBN, it negatively impacted Jagan saying he is against to it.

    • truthonlywins

      Atleast in this case, I’m with YSJ, he is a modern day politician & he has a vision in place.
      Free money to people would make them lazy, instead if they use it for education or health care at least that would be useful.

      • You are right. Most educated people think in those lines but unfortunately the vote bank is dominated by uneducated poor who are least bothered about other things than freebees !!

  85. CVR Murthy

    S No Constituency Congress TDP YSRCP Others
    P A P A P A P A
    1 Narsannapet 31 34 28 23 41 39 0 4
    2 Payakarao Pet 25 20 36 34 37 42 2 4
    3 Ramac’Puram 37 50 15 4 44 42 4 4
    4 Narsapuram 34 47 24 7 42 43 0 3
    5 Polavaram 21 11 26 30 53 54 0 5
    6 Prathipadu 17 9 41 40 42 49 0 2
    7 Macharla 15 11 37 38 43 47 5 4
    8 Ongole 19 15 26 31 51 49 4 5
    9 Udayagiri 15 22 23 27 58 47 4 4
    10 Rajampet 14 15 24 26 60 52 2 7
    11 Railway Kodur 12 28 28 14 60 54 0 4
    12 Rayachoti 18 16 21 21 59 57 2 6
    13 Allagadda 24 31 19 12 50 53 7 4
    14 Yemmiganur 22 22 34 28 44 42 0 8
    15 Rayadurg 17 21 34 27 45 46 4 6
    16 Anantapur U 19 8 27 33 48 53 6 6
    17 Tirupati 29 30 27 22 41 43 3 5
    18 Nellore 17 25 23 16 54 55 6 4
    bye election 2012 proj actual. There was a clue that if congress is dead YSRCP would be in trouble. That is what happened

    • CVR Murthy

      P projected A actual

    • truthonlywins

      Murthy garu, how we are in trouble if Congress is dead? You mean that congress votes are captured by TDP?

      • CVR Murthy

        if u look at those numbers cong+TDP is > YSRCP in most cases . Ramachandra puram and Narsapuram we lost , because of consolidation of Anti YSJ vote . TDP lost deposits there.

        • CVR Murthy

          Now that game is over , the party needs good Administrative team at central office and at each mandal. Organisation has to be built. Very expensive affair. YSJ has to be in the office and review periodically . CBN is excellent if organization . Good adminsitrator

        • truthonlywins

          I think it has 3 possibilities…
          1. TDP + Cong as u said in above case (Anti YSJ), yes, you are right.
          2. YSRCP + Cong, as many think that its logical for a traditional Congress men to vote for YSRCP, in that case I expect it would benefit us. Check out Vizianagaram & other results, INC hurt us.
          3. Or there could be a possibility that Cong doesn’t make any difference to any one at all.
          In 2014, atleast in handful of places we have lost due to INC, JSP where I think those votes would have been for us and not to TDP.

          • CVR Murthy

            Use the time to build party (professionalise) , We lost by huge margins in several seats, if we have to win those work hard there. clear doubts about his 100000 sft house (perception) Bangalore estate and change over to simpler life style. This helps him to win over middle class speak to Media and young indians informally. develop patience. In case convicted have a clear plan of action . Show the team allow others to speak in the assembly .When we had good speakers YSVijayamma was forced to speak.

            • Yes i always used to tell myself that if we say we are pro-poor then our life style should reflect it…..that house in lotus pond hasn’t done good to his image…that always raises a simple doubt in ordinary common man…change over image is what required now…he has better communication skills than CBN / lokesh, he has conviction all that is required is change over of image… feeling is he should stay in godavari dist for few months….and work it out over there….living a simple life……some time you have to take drastic step to bring good results….it enables him to understand lifestyle/mentality/habits/thoughts of UA & godavari dist , which are totally different from rayalaseema, you need to get slang of those dist which is also important.

              • In 2009 Rahul humiliated Akilesh Yadav by putting a strong candidate against Akilesh yadav wife Dimple yadav, where she lost. Akilesh took it as a challenge and comes out with a bang in UP MLA elections, by touring across UP on bycycle…….and shows the results….

                YSJ should plan something of this sort, a walkathon some where in 2017 ending till May 2017 across the 5 dist in UA & Coastal, he should ensure that he covers every nook & corner of these 5 dist, i’m sure we will win atleast half the seats. The only way to win people’s hearts is to be with them…their is no other way…only challenge is will he be allowed to be in people till then….

  86. Hi, Good Afternoon friends…
    Although, we had lost in achieving our ambition, it is in a way rather good to us at this point of time.
    If you take the pulse of the people, not only in AP across the country, they are looking for some Modern day development like – Infra, Transportation, Health Care, Insurance, Employment & Innovation than just mere freebies.
    Our country has poverty but that poverty is just because of laziness & lethargy and gone are the days of real poverty.
    Our manifesto that was articulated day in & day out was more targeted at bigger vote banks but somehow we missed to gain people’s confidence on above mentioned categories which is one of the major reason’s why we lost.

    Now, we should put our thinking hat & work on all this aspects in places where we won. I know the question would be – “Where do we get the funds from?”. I think thats a question to be brain stormed but I dont have a straight forward answer.

  87. Chiru

    ఈ రోజు మా గ్రామానికి వెళ్లి అడిగాను …..ఏందిరా ఇలా చేసారు మీరంతా 3 సం.నుండి Jaganreddy కి హార్డ్ కోర్ ఫాన్స్ కదా ..ప్రచారంలో విరివిగా పాల్గొన్నారు కదా..డబ్బులు కూడా మీ చేతులతో పంచారు ,తీసుకున్నారు కదా..మరి వోట్ వెయ్యకుండా ఎందుకు మోసం చేసార్రా.అంటే ..మా బల హీనత అన్న …నాకు tractor లోన్ 4 లక్షలు వుంది ,వీడికి 2 లక్షలు crop లోన్ వుంది,దీర్గ కాలిక రుణాలు (పొలాలు mortgage చేసినవి)మా ఒక్క ఇంట్లోనే అందరి పేరు మీద కలిపి 11 లక్షలు వున్నాయి …అవన్నీ పోతాయి కదా అంత కంటే ఇంకేం కావాలన్నా …2004 లో ys పుణ్యమా అని బయట పడ్డాము ..ఇప్పుడు కూడా ఆశ …మోడీ దగ్గర తెచ్చి బాబు గారు తప్పకుండ చేస్తాడు అని…….నేను అక్కడ discussion పెడితే ..నీకేన్తన్నమీరు డబ్బున్నోల్లు అని విరుచుకు పదేట్లున్నారు…నాకు నోట మాట రాక నిస్చేస్తుడై వెను దిరగాల్సి వచ్చింది …మీరైతే ఎలా స్పందించేవారు బ్రదర్స్ ?

    • nlr2019

      @ chiru…

      That is exactly the selfish world we are living in at the moment.
      All people want is temporary free bees . They are not bothered how that can happen. They are not bothered that the prices of other things in their day to day life will increase bcs of the free bees and this could be a bigger problem than the loan.
      I would have said to them…..”u are right and don’t worry ..Jagan will do it next time” !!
      That is how it works in India.
      Manamu….Viluvalu…Visvathaneeyatha…ani kurchunte..Pani jaragadhu.
      That is the fact.

    • Stunning facts…..really puzzling…now you know how hard it is to predict pre poll (or) exit polls…i guess Jagan campaing not only changed neutral people to vote for CBN but also his own fans…sad….learning the hard way..we will come back with a bang in 2019….yeah response wise i would have retunred silently…but a cleaver person should say better luck next time…its all about gaining people’s confidence…

  88. vvreddy

    gelichi 2 days kuda kaledu appuday . DONGA BABU NAIDU
    showing his true color . BANKRUPT BABU IDEA .

    vorey pachha kamarla yedavallara . chudandi raa mee Donga babu state ni
    Bankrupt chestadu 5 years lo .

    As per Chandrababu’s interview with Eenadu Yesterday, it is clear that he is going to give loan waiver.. But he is not going to repay the amount of approx 1.5 lakh cr to banks right now. He is going to request banks to collect the amount after 5 yrs along with interest. I.e with 10%pa compound interest, it will be approx 3.5 lakh cr which will hit on the back bone of state by 2019 December. Cunning babu with cunning thougts.. it took 3 yrs for YSR Govt to recover from 2003-04 carry forward payments done by CBN which has badly hit state economy those days. The same thing is going to be repeated again.. RIP AP Economy.. — feeling exhausted.

    • vvreddy

      what the fcku how much money man . where will be the development part

      1) Runa mafi for farmers 1,20000
      crores ,
      2) dwakra runa mafi
      3) kg to pg free education ,
      4) 20lit mineral water for 2 rs ,
      5) 3crores of jobs ,
      6) espicially seemandhra to make
      singapore ,
      7) Anna canteens ,
      8) 1000rs pinchan for old people ,
      9) mahila rakshna with in 2 min ,
      10) 10 hrs free current for
      farmers ,
      11) using helicopters on behalf of
      12) ntr health scheme
      13) 1 dept c.m for kapu (caste ) , 14) unemployed students ki 2000 permonth
      1 dept c.m for b.c (caste)
      so on ………. e.t.c let us see..

    • nlr2019

      Good point. …

      Chee veeri brathuku . Anni donga chestala thappa . Nijayathee anedhi ledhu . Mari ippudu theesukune loan mee variki antha distribute chestharu Babu garu ?? Why don’t you get your savings from Swiss bank instead of a loan??
      That is why they go to temples everyday to pray to forgive for their sins.

      Sakshi and our party spokesmen should highlight this .
      Expose these rogues.

      The Capital issue should be highlighted.
      YSRCP should demand for two capitals. One in Rayalaseema and one in Coastal/North Andhra.
      If they use the caste tag. We use the regional tag.

      • vvreddy

        worst part is building a new capital , swyanga DONGA BABU NAIDU
        said he need 3 lakh crores
        where do you get the money from
        total 10 lak crored kavali anni samasyalu teeralantay baasu

        • On 16th May itself when CBN gave TV interview he sounded clueless rather than confident kind of , there was huge difference between how confident modi was that he will resolve issues and how confused CBN was to resolve those, since BJP govt doesn’t need any allies, he cant do arm twist. CBN has to rely on good books of Venkaiah naidu, Modi sees Venkaiah as from Advani school & will not entertain beyond certain extent.

    • Since banking is central agency, If BJP does it then they will have Karnataka in the line, since BJP has good amount of their MP’s, Karnataka congress govt should corner BJP central govt and push for it, similarly all cong govt like Kerala…Maharashtra etc, that’s a game which congress has to do to corner CBN, then fun will start.

  89. Is it possible the new state having 2 capitals like vizag(which covers 6 distrcts) and Kadapa(7 districts)????i thing J&K have two capital(leh,srinagar).

    • nlr2019

      Yes I think YSRCP should demand for having two capitals for Seemandhra. One in Rayalaseema and the other in Coastal/North Andhra.

      We don’t want a Hyd situation in the future !!.We will also win over the Hearts of Seema people (especially Kurnool & Anantapur) by doing that.

      This is exactly what the Yellow media would have done if Babu did not come to power.

      • We need to assess the risk involved….we shouldn’t sound like YCP is not for Seemandhra and don’t want to sound like rayalaseema party and dont want to sound like we are for divison. We need build case for that currently the distance to Vijayawada from kuppam or Hindupur is 600kms , if it is kadapa which is central for rayalaseema it will be 250kms max, show case the amount of time/money saved for travel of people/govt officials/ and requirement for growth of infra in similar lines to vijayawada…etc….presenting the case should be strong.

  90. nlr2019

    From 2 seats in 1984 ….to….280 seats in 2014 !!
    Our journey started with 2 seats too !!
    If they did it …….we can do it .

    We have the commitment and passion but we need the tactics .

    • Nothing is impossible, all that is required is proper team, vision, catching people pulse rightly and work with people…always opposition party have bigger responsibility and ability to reach people than ruling party….if every MLA & Ex-MLA works like Jagan, nothing is impossible.

    • snreddy

      This is exactly the strategy of yellow media,they highlighted all this people by making them heroes who are actually zeroes i.e kiran kumar reddy,rajagopal etc yellow media fully knows they are also zeroes unless they are in any political party,initially their game plan is to split votes between them and ysrcp once they realized people not taking bifurcation as serious issue they changed strategy of building capital,modi etc

  91. Sakshi should follow the SMS option being used by other channels to find out what they feel is the reason for YCP not doing good

    1) Farmer Loan
    2) Manifesto not development oriented
    3) In-experience of YSJ compared to CBN

    People will appreciate honesty not hypocracy…we need to learn from mistakes of CBN in 2004….we failed to learn from strategy used by CBN against YSJ in 2014, its exactly same as YSR used against CBN in 2004 “Free Power Supply for farmers”, in 2004 CBN did more campaign for this scheme than YSR, ofcourse bad situation of farmers helped them believe it.

    • kalli

      plz don’t compare the cbn strategy with ysr…ysr strategy is from heart but cbn thinks from mind…and free power is feesible whereas loan waiver is next to impossible…

  92. YSJ shouldn’t commit the mistake like CBN did in 2004, i’m more worried that he shouldn’t take this loss as personnel and behave with that mindset , even ABN mentions that CBN committed this same mistake in 2004, as a man in hurry to replace YSR and went on to put no-confidence motion iwth just 40+ MLA.

    People asked YCP to play a role of Honorable opposition for 5yrs, we shouldn’t do any harakiri with this democratic verdict.

  93. Vissu

    Sakshi media ku,management ku naa vinnapam DAYACHESI FIRST 6 MONTHS CHANDRA BABU PAI ETUVANTI NEGATIVE PROPAGANDA CHEYODDANDI…Mancho chedo prajale nirnayinchukuntaaru

    • snreddy

      I also want to see sakshi to become more neutral media but if one understands deeply the cbn has around dozen channels each channel highlights and comes up with variety of bad propaganda on YSJ to defame him,and YSJ has only one channel to counter attack all this things, in this process sakshi has becoming more one sided,so YSJ is no where in playing media game with CBN ,imagine if we have another 3-4 news channels we can also try to project and highlight negative shades of CBN during bifurcation things would have been different .
      I strongly think unless we have 3-4 channels its very difficult to counter attack and survive in this difficult times.

      I agree with the most of the people that sakshi has to improve lot,but still i feel with out sakshi YSJ would have been crushed long back by yellow media

      One more thing where CBN is excellent is he good in attracting various caste based leaders like krishnaaih,Ashok babu etc we have to understand this is possible for him because of only media power.

      All CBN coterie or his core team have all different news channels,

      this clearly shows we are no where nearer to them hard work is waste unless it is intelligent

      • nlr2019

        Yes we need to attract the media like Sanghi , DC, Surya and few others on to our side. Shed the Egos and bring back some of the Cong leaders like Kanna and Raghuveera .

    • Chiru

      Exactly … need to negative propaganda,report exactly what is happening on record….reporters and news readers should take care of their voices and body languages ……what ever the subject of news should be present with same feelings….

  94. vvreddy

    i want to see jagan as matured politician .

  95. PSK

    Biggest Challenge…We should keep all our flock together now….trouble times are ahead….Any shrewd politician in the power will try to disintegrate the opposition….

    • Sandani

      I agree with you.

      Two things might happen:

      1. Since strong BJP in the center and no dependancy on CBN, BJP try to grow on its own. In this process they will try to disturb YSRC

      2. Since Kamma and Kapu voters strongly supported CBN in this election BJP try to own this combination of vote bank through Pawan Kalyan and Purandhareshwary, Kavuri.

      3. One more possibility is if Pawan not joining BJP, they will try to have an alliance with Pawan party.

      4. In telangana BJP try to grow independently. They may take the support of TDP for some time.

      In the above combination if Kamma and Kapu votes get split and if Jagan hold on to his traditional votes, then he will have very high chances of becoming 2019 CM

      mean while he has to prove himself as an exceptional opposition leader just replacing CBN.

  96. Sandani

    1. Though YSRC has taken the decision to support united AP, failed to do agressive campagn.
    2. Atleast they should have contested Rajyasabha elections or should have supported Adala Prabhakar Reddy to bring some kind boost to the above decision irrespective of winning or loosing
    3. Regarding CBM farm loan waiver and jobs Jagan did more campaign to CBN. He should have ignored.

    4. In this election Dharmana became very passive, no where seen as if a district level leader.

    • Ravi

      I think we do not need to talk about what went wrong but discuss about what we can do to improve the party. That will be more healthy conversations. This time we should provide accurate information and not hyped conversations. Until next time everyone please critical on their comments.

    • Kareem

      asalmlekum where r u from

  97. Ravi

    Nice decision to conduct the Party plenary meeting in rajamundry. I think we should conduct this meeting at different venues other than kadapa hereafter.

  98. PSK

    Seemandhra is the worst place in the whole universe, which is completely sub merged with caste politics. I’ll be blunt to say this, YCP got votes only from 60% Reddys, 90% SC Mala, 10% SC Madiga may be 10% of the other existing castes. How can we win?? CBN successfully divided SC by category, so all Madigas will vote for him by default. Malas will always vote for YCP/Congress….Jagan too much depeneded on PEOPLE…who has very sort memory…All of SA, YCP did not even spend 10% of money when compared with TDP…..Finally CBN nailed it….We should REALLY CONGRATULATE the Peddireddy’s, Kodali Nani, Kakani, Kotam, Vishweshwar (Uravakonda)…..HATS OFF TO THEM…

    • Ravi

      I don’t believe this is caste politics and this happened mainly because of bifurcation and seemandhra development. We clearly did not mentioned much about seemandhra development. We should not blame caste groups on this. Our frustration shouldn’t give a wrong analysis.

    • Peddireddy nijamga chala hardwork chesadu…. Chittoor west side manamu strong ayyaam ante Peddi reddy reason…. Piler,Puthalapattu manamu gelichamu ante peddi reddy reason… Madanapalli lo kuda chala baaga support chesadu…We need atleast two leaders like peddireddy in every district.

  99. Avinash reddy

    I thought, NTv and tv5 along with sakshi as our channels! Now I am wondering, ntv and tv5 changed sides? I am pretty sure ntv was clearly our side even during elections! Same with tv5

  100. vvreddy

    again wrong info from sakshi
    50 percent vote share to tdp and 41 ycp percent ani ntv
    sakshi 44 ycp

  101. CV Reddy

    Don’t be too harsh.After poll debacle, people say lot of things.
    There were some mistakes from out side and I am not denying that.

    Babu’s toll promise Farm Loan-waiver, Modi’s wave, Babu can build new capital with his vast experience …, systematic Character assassination of Jagan, anti-hindu campaign,Pavan,1 L Crore etc ( CBI filed charge sheet to the tune of 1233 CR( 1.2% of TDP main allegation), Yellow media’s hate campaign are the main reasons for poll debacle.

    Except Very Few leaders, Other spokespersons are not effective in countering TDP’s allegations/arguments.

    We failed in poll management due to lack of experience, money, lack of strong base at grass root level.

    Other factors are not important.

    We lost polls with 1.9% less votes against TDP+BJP+Pavan….
    We have done reasonably well in first attempt against big Alliance and fought well against all odds.

    Jagan fought well and lost due to big alliance and tall poll promises.
    No need to press panic button and take the poll debacle in our stride.

  102. Vijayamma gaarini party lo active ga kakunda intiki parimitham cheyyadam best…..i feel we don’t need her services to party. Vijayamma gaaru rest teesukovadam best….

  103. CV Reddy

    Vijayawada-Guntur may be Naidu’s choice for capital

    Experts feel that Naidu would prefer Vijayawada-Guntur as the area is not only centrally-located but also well-developed. The new government need not spend much time and money on building the capital from scratch.

    Moreover, it is a Kamma heartland and there is strong pressure from the community leaders to locate the capital in the region. The area beyond Guntur and nearer to Ongole is dominated by Reddys and analysts feel Naidu may not prefer it for obvious reasons.

    The financially strong Kamma community has been solidly backing the Telugu Desam Party since its inception and Naidu may not do anything that would go against them. By locating the capital in the Kamma heartland, he will keep the local landlords happy,” said sociologist V Satyanarayana of Vijayawada.

    • Here we go …this is how they misuse the power to favour their caste .
      Now they are planning Vijayawada / Guntur as Capital for the obvious reason. So we need an explanation why not other towns or city’s in the state ??
      This is what needs to be exposed by our media.
      V6 channel from T does this well.

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