Jagan vows to fight for cause of poor



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  1. http://www.suryaa.com/andhra-pradesh/article-182409 (Read this Article)


    There was a huge plan from the beginning. Very systematic – Well planned by ONE community
    Once again. They achieved what they wanted.
    Rayalaseema guys– only crude fighting.
    Jagan was surrounded by stone wall. He could not listen to any one because of that.
    He surrounded by local leaders — local thinking suited for mandals.
    It is like
    Mind Vs Muscle.
    Pen Vs Sword.
    Obviously Mind & Pen won.

    They got all statistics from every village.
    They know the Coastal dt guys, who are working in Hyd/ Telangana dts & some Vice Versa guys.

    Kammas & TDP party workers registered the votes of those employees and also their Kamma Cine studio workers and also others from original Krishna district, Godavaries, Vijag, (North Coastal districts), who are working in Hyd or Telangana districts registered their votes in both places — in Hyd/ Telangana and also in their native places on Coastal dts too. The vice versa also true. The number goes into many thousands & lakhs.
    They voted in Hyd / Telangana dts and then went to their native places and voted.

    They were taken by Free buses.
    The TDP Neni etc buses ran 32 free buses to Vijag and 26 free buses to Vijayawada, Godavaries — made multiple trips on many days between the election dates of T & SA by the TDP guys. During the journey they were shown Video recording that Jagan/ YS are Cruel – Corrupt– Rigid — Dictators- Killers etc — Kadapa = Kabja = Bombs – etc.
    They occupied and did Kabja on sites in Hyd — Ring road etc. They would do Kabja and grab all their lands if they are allowed to Vijag.
    Every one given Rs 1000 when they got off the buses.

    Each Kamma has multiple votes. Supplied ink erasers.
    Some Kamma dt villages — Only they were there. They chose Villages to register these false – bogus votes


    In all villages 10,000 Kammas NRIs went and stayed there in Godavari districts for >1 year and spread bad and did bad propaganda on YSJ.
    Brain washed. all around the world. NRI’s were supported by TDP financially.

    They implanted one Kamma guy in every group in AP, T & all countries around.
    Knew the secrets and fed TDP head Quarters.
    They worked very systematically.
    They guessed how every family votes and influenced them thru proer channels and proper way in a convincing way.
    Brahmins—> Get topic of spread of Christianity of Vijayamma, YS Jagan etc… mistakes of YS Jagan etc.
    Vysyas- Topic of Rosaiah replaced by YS Jagan etc…..

    That happened in every village of Northern Coastal district.– Threatened with Kabja of their land by Jagan men
    This bogus voting and multiple votes by a single person — had been there from NTR’s time.
    Naidu won like that with bogus Karnataka votes in previous elections in Kuppam.

    Now it is not going to be Kammandrapradesh. Every nook & corner will be purchased by their community & upcoming Capital & Industrial

    areas will be given where their community is primarily located.

    Seemandhra Voters back stabbed VISWASANEEYATA. Kapus were virtually isolated by Kamma till Dr YSR came , They were never a respected community in the eyes of Kammas after Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga’s episode. In spiteof loosing so much money & hope with Chiranjeevi they followed another MEKAVARNA PULI PAWAN. They betrayed YSR’s help in a big way.

    Seemandhra people should pay heavy penalty in the hands of Babu & do not feel sorry for them. Employees are already started feeling the heat from KCR, There Employees under PRC revisions became millionaires under YSR. Their ass willbe kicked big time, Do not feel sorry for them, Farmers from Seemandhra are the ones not to be excused at any cost, They reaped all the benefits under Dr YSR and when time came, they betrayed Y S family & went with a snake knowingly that BABU is a reformist.


    I know its wrong, but I want to see entire Seemandhra Suffer for choosing Babu in a overwhelming way.

    Already I am hearing stories from that community spreading rumours (as you all know they speak Babu’s mind) Jagan will be send to Tihar Jail & if possible harm Jagan.

    As i know it will much more difficult for Jagan with too many power centers going to come up in 2019 & Babu I dont think he will do that many blunders like he did before 2004.

  2. TDP is asking for home ministry and finance mistry in the center. if they either one jagan has to face lot of problems…

    • Kumar


      How are you getting these Rumours
      Please think in a Logic way, BJP got 282
      Even if less than 250 Also BJP never give
      1) Defense
      2) Financial
      3) Home

      These are the Back Bone of Govt Ministries

      Please think again

    • They can never get those ministries. Modi very well knows with out bjp support naidu would have never seen day light. And more over sivasena is more powerful than tdp here. They will be up in arms against bjp and they will be giving away election in silver platter for cong if any rift is there between bjp and ss. So pls don’t imagine things.

      Irrespective of these things four main ministries are always kept with national parties. Ie finance, external, defense,home.

    • CVR Murthy

      They (BJP) have to be very very very … Generous or foolish to agree to this demand


      @ cgsreddy

      All plum portfolios are likely to be awarded to key personnel in BJP. As per the media reports,the details are as follows: (Source – Sakshi)

      Cabinet Ranks:-
      Home : Rajnath Singh
      Finance : Subramaniam Swamy
      External Affairs : Arun Jaitly
      Defence : Sushma Swaraj
      Law : Ravishankar Prasad

      State Ranks:-
      Home : Sataypal Singh
      Defence: V K Singh
      Law: Kirit Somaiah
      External Affairs & Finance : ??????

      Petroleum (Cabinet rank) is going to Ramvils Paswan (LJP)

      ALMOST ALL CABINET PORTFOLIOS & KEY STATE MINISTRIES SEEM TO HAVE BEEN FINALIZED. Then where is the question of TDP getting the ministry at center????? TDP coming to power in AP itself is a big achievement for them WHICH THEY NEVER THOUGHT OF.

      2 people from AP are getting Cabinet posts. Venkayya – Railways, Bandaru – Social Justice (both are from BJP).

  3. CV Reddy

    హమ్మయ్య , ఇక రు 500 లతో సింగపూర్ చూడొచ్చు-తెలంగాణా మిత్రుడొకరు అన్న మాట
    బాబు వచ్చాడు, ఇక సీమాంధ్ర సింగపూర్ అవుద్ది మేమంతా 500 పెట్టి కేసినేని చౌదరి బస్సు ఎక్కి విజయవాడ, గుంటూర్ వెళితే చాలు సింగపూర్ చూసినట్టే

  4. YSJ should use the opportunity of “Secretariat employees” issue as a mechanism to impress up on KCR and gain some mileage…people might not accept it, but Andgra NGO’s haven’t accepted YSRP as an alternative in 2014 elections…time for YSRP to build bridges with NGO….certain people will appreciate the attempt made and end result might not matter….as an opposition party that all YSJ can do…but game is are you acting swiftly or not.

  5. Ravi

    For those whom want to use the caste as weapon. You can use the below information.
    The 19th century writer Edgar Thurston in his book, Castes and Tribes of Southern India stated that Reddys were the village chiefs and listed them under the section Kapu.[27] The village chiefs were given the title “Reddy”.
    Link in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reddy

    • Ravi

      Even in my childhood we were used to fill the forms with KAPU and not Reddy as caste. I am not sure if this will be useful to slowly induce in to people.

      • @ Ravi…
        As much as possible …we will avoid discussion about caste and religion here. May be that can be discussed in our forum if need be.
        If you want to highlight them u can address them as Yellow gang / fanatics who have sown and grown the caste weed in AP. This will only ruin the State in the long run.
        As Murthy garu said …Adhikaram ante ..Reddy …Kamma …Kapu madhya poratam kadhu….Kotla mandhi brathukulatho mudi padi vundhi.
        So let us fight for the people when we are in the Opposition and let us work for the people when we come to Power.

      • Gopi

        We will not go very far if we get stuck with caste. Take away from ysr’s life is take care of people that trust in you. This made him superior and won him admirers from different castes and religions. This is where we need to be different from kammas.

  6. A reminder of the Legend .

    Took him 25 years of hardwork to be the ….CM at the age of 54 .
    The Yellow media called him a factionist and his own party men tried to backstab him all the time but he still went to win the Hearts of the Millions !!


    Commitment , determination , hardwork , self belief and patience have all been passed on to Jagan. One thing we need to learn is tactics which is not that hard .

  7. Babu ….can u say anything against KCR except sending your chemchas to fall on his feet ??
    This is the first time I am feeling happy about the division otherwise Babu and co would have looted the whole AP. KCR will not give even one rupee from Hyd.


  8. I think Sakshi should come up with the headlines…
    KCR is going to distribute Ramoji lands to the poor in Telangana .
    This will corner both Dramoji and KCR.
    Also we need to put pressure about the new capital for SA. Everything should not be in one place. Rayalaseema and Northandhra should be given equal importance. We need to do this now and not after it is declared.
    Most probably the Yellow gang is looking at Vijayawada/ Guntur so that the fanatics there can loot whatever is remaining.
    These are the tricks we need to learn from the Yellow media.
    I am ashamed to say that the words “viluvalu viswathaneeyatha” doesn’t have much weight in Indian politics. Especially when people are taking money to vote and are voting for temporary freebees than their own hearts .
    Atleast this is what I have learnt now.
    We have the strength…we just need to change our style a bit over the next five years.

  9. Vissu

    Godavari jillaalalo manolla pai Tdp ki vachina mejaariteelanu choostunte konchem concern gaa undi.Ekkado edo porapaatu jarigindi.maree enta Modi wave unnaa assembly ki koodaa bjp ki vese paristhithi aithe undadu

    • Ravi

      After losing the seats what is your concern man? We will regain the grounds if the government performance is not good. This 5 years we have good time to penetrate and get loved from people.

  10. Sorry….but this is the approach we need in current politics .


    Tollywood Kula gajji gallu ….KCR kalla meedha padataniki queue kaduthunnaru. Started with Dramojis son.
    Ou day will come too. Power is not permanent.

  11. Kareem

    Sorry to say this జగన్ మీద జన లలో చాలా bad impression ఉంది I observed above 50 years aged scolding him like he looted state

  12. Ravi

    I should not be negative but the free bees that was promised today may make people’s life more inconvenient than before. As government is going to pay 2000 Rs for unemployee the expenditure may not always go for good purpose. This may go for all wrong reasons which may also make labour cost much more costly. This will make sure that the industries to not come to andhra pradesh as labour cost is more and productivity may be lesser. I am not sure how our government is going to handle this situation.

    • Rakesh

      Cbn strategy is gain power by hook or crook
      Andhra state will go to dogs except babu batch

    • Not every unemployed person will be given 2000 Rs, there will be filter mechanisms and qualification criteria that will ensure that maximum people will be filtered. You will get to know the various mechanisms of ensuring max promise & minimum delivery…but glorified presentations……..

      • Ram

        Good one capturing future of AP
        “… max promise… minimum delivery…but glorified presentations… “

        • I think CBN will implement “unemployment pension”, he will offer private jobs to build capital city with minimum wage…long working hours…to gain maximum productivity and ensure less investment for building capital city, this is like “One bullet shot 2 birds”…..

          1. Building capital city & new industries in Special status districts will be outsourced to TDP sympathizer contractors
          2. Now these contractors will liaise with govt to offer jobs to unemployed youth with low wages & high productivity with long working hours (this is what happens in ramoji film city)
          3. Who ever accepts the employment , they will not be eligible for unemployment benefits
          4. Who ever DONT ACCEPT the job offer, WONT BE ELIGIBLE for unemployment benefits…might be the number of employment offers rejected might be increased to 2 attempts…thats it,
          5. Outsourced contractors will have a chance to get low wage labour, cost will reduce for contractor….max profits for them…in turn good amount of saved money by outsourced contractors will be moved to TDP party fund…and in to politician pockets…..

          I’m damn sure even for KG to PG free education filter mechanism is to put a cutoff point that free education is eligible only for candidates with 80% marks at every level…..thats it….

          CBN will have lots of such filtering mechanisms…he will be forced to implement these mechanism….he cannot afford now to go back on his word directly…he will do it indirectly…….

  13. CVR Murthy

    Try and compare Gujarat Economic Indicators in the period from 2004-2005 to 2008-2009 with AP economic indicators for the same period .You will find them interesting

  14. అన్ని వర్గాల వారు ysrcp కి వోట్ వేసారు కాబట్టే ఇంత శాతం వచ్చింది ….అంతే గాని కాపులు వెయ్యలేదు ,రెడ్లు వెయ్యలేదు మరొకరు వెయ్యలేదు అనుకోవడం ఆత్మ వంచనే అవుతుంది ..వేసిన వారిని కూడా అవమానించడమే అవుతుంది..ఈ ధోరణి ఏ ఒక్కరికి మంచిది కాదు …గంప గుత్తగా ఒక కులం వాళ్ళందరూ ఒక్కరికే ఎక్కడన్నా వేస్తారా?నా అభిప్రాయం ప్రకారం ఒకే ఒక్క కారణం రుణ మాఫీ ,పేద రైతు లోకి ..పరకాయ ప్రవేశం చేసి ఒక్క సారి ఆలోచించండి …ఈ మందు ,ఈ వెయ్యి రూపాయలు కంటే లక్షల రూపాయలు మాఫీ జరిగి నేను నా కుటుంబం అప్పుల వూబి నుండి బయటపడితే అంతకన్నానా అని alochinchada ?నమ్ముదమా,వద్ద చంద్రబాబుని అన్న ప్రశ్న వచ్చినప్పుడు ,పాజిటివ్ గా ,ఆశావాదం తోనే వుంటాడు ,అది హ్యూమన్ స సైకాలజీ …కాబట్టి హామీ ఇచ్చింది ఎవరు అనేది కూడా చూడరు ,ఏ గుర్తుకు వేస్తె నా అప్పులు తీరుతాయి అని మాత్రమే చూసాడు ,మనసు చంపుకుని గుద్దాడు ,గెలిపించాడు ..కాని కళ్ళలో వత్తులు వేసుకుని బేల గ ఎదురుచూస్తున్నాడు rytanna …కిరి ,కిరి పనుల జోలికి పోకుండా ఎట్లైన గాని పూర్తి రుణ మాఫీ ప్రకటించి ,మొదటి సంతకం చేసిన రోజు నుండి అమలవుతుందని ,తద్వారా రైతు ముఖంలో చిరునవ్వు చూడాలని మనస్పూర్తిగా ,రాజకీయాల కతీతంగా కోరుకుంటున్నాను .

    • Can’t agree more…..issue comes first then rest of the things…

    • I agree with no caste vote en mass for a party.
      How many farmers can have the ability to get loans from banks? If this is the reason why not TG people tilt towards this? Why not people tilt towards all -free promises by CBN including Rs 2000 cash transfer scheme in 2009?
      Leadership matters.

      • YSR is treated as Tall leader when compared to CBN in 2009, and on top of it CBN has had tie up with TRS in 2009, the same technique which Pawan used for YSJ ( in terms of criticizing KCR), was used by YSR on CBN saying “Can you get confirmation from KCR for building Polavaram”, which has put CBN in a fix……in 2009 people are having fresh memory of all the social welfare schemes that they are enjoying….

        Come to 2014, under the circumstances of state division, SA people coming to terms that they have lost HYD and they need to build a capital city from scratch, people decided that CBN is the best choice. Add to it all the freebies offered by TDP have given required push , YSJ under estimated the TDP schemes & relied on YSR image and his schemes…..

        Yes overall its whole package, leadership, past experience, whats being offered…etc

  15. Vishnu

    Funny Comment by Bharath in GA

    బాబు గారు ప్రమాణ స్వీకారం చేసిన మరుసటి రోజున సీమాంధ్రుల ప్రోగ్రాం….

    ఉదయాన్నే లేచి అన్న కాంటీన్ లో ఒక రూపాయితో అల్పాహారం చేసి,
    AP సచివాలయానికి వెళ్ళి ఉచిత స్మార్ట్ ఫోన్ తీసుకుని ,
    జాబ్ కోసం resume ఇచ్చి ,
    నిరుద్యోగ బృతి 2000 రూపాయలు తీసుకుని,
    నాన్నతో బ్యాంక్ కి వెళ్ళి ఋణ మాఫీ చేయించుకుని,
    అమ్మతో వెళ్ళి డ్వాక్రా ఋణ మాఫీ చేయించుకుని,
    అందరం కలిసి మధ్యాన్నం అన్న కాంటీన్ కి వెళ్ళి 5 రూపాయలతో బోజనం చేసి…
    మధ్య మధ్యలో హెలికాఫ్టర్ అంబులెన్స్ లు చూస్తూ..

    ఉచిత ల్యాప్ టాప్ లో ట్విట్టర్ అకౌంట్ ఓపెన్ చేసుకుని…

    దాహమేస్తే మినరల్ వాటర్..

    ఉచితంగా టివి…
    అవ్వా తాతల తో కలిసి పెన్షన్ ఆఫీసుకు వెళ్ళి 1000 రూపాయల పెన్షన్ తీసుకుని.
    మరలా సాయంత్రం వస్తూ వస్తూ అన్న కాంటీన్ లో డిన్నర్ చేసి పడుకుంటే!

    ఏమి హాయిలే అలా…

  16. CVR Murthy

    The next challenge for YSRCP ….Municipal(Corporate) elections which were not held in march and Allagadda bye elections.

    • Sarma

      I think this is real reason. Some people here are witch hunting Jagans mistakes. End of the day it is caste equations..

      • Ravi

        I don’t believe caste angle much, their will be very less people who would voted on caste angle

        • @ Ravi …except 3.99 % people who always vote for one party till they die.

        • Even i had the same thought, issue/ideology/manifesto will unite people and if this message is given by a person whom they can identify easily then it reaches wider range of people, so good number of times issues/benefits will result in polarization of votes and if 60% of a given community moves based on that factor then it will be concluded as community polarization.

  17. Milind Deora first to speak out: Rahul Gandhi advisers wrong, so were people they advised

    I sincerely feel that every word spoken by “milind” for congress might apply to YSRP as well. we need such kind of honesty analysis done by YSRP team and point is speak to media & convey it. YSJ shouldn’t stop them, he needs to project image of freedom for speech in party, but ofcourse with some control at crucial junstures.


  18. bhaskar

    రాష్ట్రంలోని ఒక ప్రముఖ మీడియా సంస్థల అధినేత గుట్టు రట్టైంది. రాష్ట్రంలో జరుగుతున్న పలు చీకటి కోణాలపై మీడియా జరిపిన స్టింగ్ ఆపరేషన్ లో సదరు నేత అడ్డంగా దొరికిపోయినట్టు విశ్వసనీయ వర్గాల ద్వారా తెలిసింది. ఒకవేళ ఈ స్టింగ్ ఆపరేషన్ బయటపడితే రాష్ట్రంలో పెద్ద దుమారం రేగడం ఖాయంగా కనిపిస్తోంది.

    మీడియా నిర్వహించిన స్టింగ్ ఆపరేషన్ లో ఆ మీడియా సంస్థల అధినేత ‘రాసలీలలు’ కెమెరాకు చిక్కడంతో ‘సంప్రదింపుల’ కార్యక్రమం కూడా నడుస్తోందని మీడియాలో గట్టిగా ప్రచారం సాగుతోంది. దీంతో పాటు మరో టాలీవుడ్ నటుడు కూడా ఈ ఆపరేషన్ లో దొరికిపోయినట్టు తెలుస్తోంది. త్వరలోనే ఈ వివరాలన్నీ బయటకొచ్చే అవకాశముందని సమాచారం!!

  19. CV Reddy

    రైతుల రుణాల మాపీ బ్రహ్మాస్త్రంగా పనిచేసింది TDP విజయానికి-NTV Chief కొమ్మినేని చౌదరి
    అలాగే మోడీ, పవన్ ల ప్రచారం, బాబు అభివృద్ధి మంత్రం కూడా తోడైంది TDP విజయానికి.

    1999లో కార్గిల్, వాజ్ పేయి గాలి ఉపయోగపడినట్లుగానే ఈసారి మోడీ గాలి పనిచేసి అదికారంలోకి రాగలిగాం.కాని తమ పార్టీ ఇచ్చిన హామీలు అన్నిటిని అమలు చేస్తామో,లేదోనన్న గుబులు ఉంది అని కొత్తగా ఎమ్మెల్యేగా అయిన ఒక సీనియర్ TDP నేత చేసిన వ్యాఖ్య అర్దవంతమైనదే.


    రైతు రుణ మాఫీ వలన గెలిచినా బాబు -హిందూ పత్రిక.

    [Farm loan waiver to be daunting task ahead for TDP.

    According to conservative estimates, it could burden the exchequer by close to Rs. 47,000 crore

    Even as euphoria over the party’s emphatic victory in the just concluded general elections in Seemandhra refuses to settle down, the Telugu Desam Party is faced with the Herculean task of fulfilling its promise of loan waiver to farmers and self-help group women.

    The two promises which propelled the party to power after a decade-long gap are set to impose huge costs on the exchequer of the new State as and when they are implemented. With TDP president N. Chandrababu Naidu making it clear that the file pertaining to farm loan waiver would be among the first to be cleared by his government, the TDP’s strategy planners are deeply engrossed in exploring the ways to make sure the promises are fulfilled.


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