TDP poll promise puts bankers on tenterhooks

‘If the party delivers on its promise, then it may prove detrimental to the interests of the banks’. In Krishna district, the total outstanding dues are above Rs. 9,137 crore.

Telugu Desam Party’s poll promise of waiving crop loans has badly hit recoveries leaving bankers worried about recovering all outstanding loans in the residuary State of Andhra Pradesh.

The total outstanding agriculture loans are to the tune of Rs. 88,000 crore in 13 districts of Seemandhra. Of this, the crop loans alone are worth Rs. 34,200 crore, gold loans (agriculture) – Rs. 20,200 crore and outstanding agriculture term loans – Rs. 1500 crore. The dues include loans disbursed to SHGs and indirect finance working out to Rs. 25,000 crore.

The crop loan recoveries failed to cross even one per cent mark in the last three months in three coastal districts of Guntur, East and West Godavari, says Godavari Grameena Bank (GGB) chairman M. Gopalakrishna.


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187 responses to “TDP poll promise puts bankers on tenterhooks

  1. Kareem

    I am in Guntur here I heard a discussion which gives a strength for us
    Two persons discussing at a tea stall I think they drunk first a tdp guy said we won and he said some think I did not hear properly than another guy said ఎలా గెలిచారు రా మోడీ , పవన్ కళ్యాణ్ , కాపులకి , bc లకు ఉపముఖ్యమంత్రి , రుణమాఫీ , డ్వాక్ర మాఫీ, యెల్లో మీడియా , వెంకయ్యనాయుడు వీళ్ళంతా కలిసి 40 ఏళ్ళ కుర్రాడు మీద సిగ్గులేదా గెలిచామని చెప్పుకోటాని కి
    గెలిచింది మీరు కాదు రా వాడు ఉచ్చ పోపిచ్చాడు, చంద్ర బాబు ని పవన్ కళ్యాణ్ ఇంటికి పోయే దుస్తితి వచ్చదంటే ఎవరివల్ల సిగ్గులేదా చెప్పుకోటానికి

    • Gopi

      Every heart in AP and telangana knows this Kareem. even tdp guys know that at their heart but we shound not be as cheap as them to say the lame excuses for defeat. I hope we all will be focused for another few years and lets give best fight in 2019. One chance for Jagan is never again for TDP.

  2. Kareem

    i am unable to post

  3. Ram

    Talking about Runa Mafe now can be counterproductive on a future date. He may do it with asset ownership in SA going into Banks / private hands or other similar terms and conditions like pre-04. He may do it in phases or he may not do it showing enough apparent reasons. Several months before elections, in New Delhi CB was talking about financial / currency restructuring and other lingo on similar lines; he was speaking on WB behalf. Whatever plan WB has for SA will be implemented by chela CB, that is the purpose why he exists and is promoted on various international forums. Please be a part of this and get your booty (if you support them, and they willing to share) through SA development. Rest is all immaterial in the long run.

    • Ram

      Some may think him of a visionary. His strength comes from being an insider who knows what is being done and will be done, hence always remains on the right political side, speaks the lingo that is apt to the time, can speak make believe true lies without blinking. No wonder people coined his as a fox trait. No fable in any culture supports a fox ruling. CB reminds me of similar Indians who ditched own old kings / kingdoms and placed a red carpet for Est Ind Co. Guileless posing rational, in circus + bread mindset, won’t understand. They are busy with the modern cinema hero, mind numbing tv debates, saas bahu circus or with development / jobs / freebee bread. It is not their fault.

  4. CV Reddy

    గల్లీలో పులి! ఢిల్లీలో పిల్లి!!
    మోడీ ముందు చిన్నబోయిన బాబు

  5. Ravi Chunduri

    YSRCP Should pick 13 villages from each district in AP and develop them as Model villages. YSRCP can showcase these villages to go for the next elections. Comparing with the election expenditure the amount to be spent for developing these villages will be very low.

  6. CVR Murthy

    MIM , Akbaruddin, BJP Kishan reddy have shown their prowess in Assembly though they do not have numbers. YSRCP should groom such people. They should set up a back office research to assist them with information and analysis. Sridhar reddy has natural flair , Srikanth Reddy is a poor speaker. I feel there should be a shadow Cabinet . YSRCP should set up a Secretariat for the shadow cabinet

    • Yes. We need a shadow cabinet and those members should have a good knowledge on the relevant topics.

    • Ravi

      I want our IT team to come up with a reporting application on data about their region like agricultural funds, average input in agriculture and avg output from agriculture, employees category, local employees, non local employees, issues from date and issue closed date, percentage of issue closure etc., these information should be available to all our cadre through their mobile application. Another information that they need is social network through which they should able to contact anyone through those contacts, this will help in resolving issues for their local people.

    • snreddy

      srininvas reddy kammam mp is very ultimate and down to earth person,because of him we won 3 MLA’s and is loyal even though he got may offers form others he rejected them.

  7. CV Reddy

    శ్రీ కృష్ణ కమిటీ రాష్ట్రం మొత్తం మీద బాగా వెనకపడిన ప్రాంతం గా మొదట రాయలసీమ, తర్వాత ఉత్తరాంధ్ర అని చెప్పింది.
    మరి వెనకపడిన రాయలసీమ, ప్రకాశం జిల్లాలకు కానీ ఉత్తరాంధ్ర కు కానీ బాబు చేస్తున్న అన్యాయం చూడండి.

    [ఎప్పటికీ ‘ఉత్త’రాంధ్రేనా?

    విశాఖపట్నం, మే 30: ఉమ్మడి రాష్ట్రంలో తీవ్ర వివక్షకు గురై అభివృద్ధిలో ఆమడదూరంలో నిలిచిన ఉత్తరాంధ్ర, విభజన తర్వాత కూడా అంతే వివక్షకు గురవుతున్నట్టు కనబడుతోంది. అవశేష ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్‌కు కొత్త రాజధానిగా పారిశ్రామిక నగరం విశాఖను ఎంపిక చేస్తారని భావించిన ఈప్రాంతీయులకు నిరాశే ఎదురయ్యేలా కనబడుతోంది. విజయవాడ – గుంటూరు మధ్య కొత్త రాజధాని రావచ్చన్న ప్రచారం జరుగుతోంది. ఇక విశాఖ కేంద్రంగా కొత్తగా రైల్వేజోన్ ఏర్పాటు డిమాండ్ ఎప్పటి నుంచో ఉంది. విభజనానంతరం విశాఖను ప్రత్యేక రైల్వేజోన్‌గా ప్రకటిస్తారని భావించగా అదికూడా విజయవాడకే తరలించుకు పోయే ప్రయత్నాలు సాగుతున్నాయి.

    ఇక ఐటిఐఆర్ వంటి ప్రాజెక్టు సైతం విజయవాడ పరిసర ప్రాంతాలకే తరలిపోయే అవకాశాలు స్పష్టంగా కన్పిస్తున్నాయి.

    విభజన నేపథ్యంలో సికిందరాబాద్ కేంద్రంగా ఉన్న దక్షిణమధ్య రైల్వే జోన్ తెలంగాణ రాష్ట్రానికి వెళ్లిపోవడంతో సీమాంధ్రకు రైల్వేజోన్ ఏర్పాటు అనివార్యమైంది. ఎప్పటి నుంచో ఉన్న డిమాండ్ ఉన్న నేపథ్యంలో విశాఖ కేంద్రంగానే కొత్తరైల్వే జోన్ ఏర్పాటు అవుతుందని భావించారు. అయితే పరిపాలనా సౌలభ్యంతో పాటు అందరికీ అందుబాటులో ఉండే విధంగా విజయవాడ కేంద్రంగానే కొత్త రైల్వేజోన్ ఏర్పాటు చేయాలన్న ప్రతిపాదన తెరపైకి వస్తోంది. దీంతో అటు రాజధాని రాక, ఇటు రైల్వేజోన్ ఏర్పాటు కాక విశాఖపట్నం ఎప్పటి మాదిరి పాలకుల నిర్లక్ష్యానికి బలవబోతోందని ఈ ప్రాంత ప్రజలు ఆవేదన వ్యక్తం చేస్తున్నారు. విభజన హామీల్లో భాగంగా సీమాంధ్రలో ఐటిఐఆర్ ఏర్పాటు చేస్తారని ప్రచారం జరుగుతోంది. ఇప్పటికే ఐటి రంగంలో ఎంతో పురోభివృద్థి సాధిస్తున్న విశాఖలో ఐటిఐఆర్ ఏర్పాటవుతుందని భావించగా, దీన్ని కూడా విజయవాడ పరిసర ప్రాంతాలకే తరలించుకుపోయే ప్రయత్నాలు జరుగుతున్నాయి.

  8. CV Reddy

    సీమాంధ్ర ను సింగపూర్ చేస్తా-ఎన్నికల్లో బాబు
    సీమాంధ్రను అభివృద్ధి చేయాల్సిన బాధ్యత కేంద్రానిదే-గెలిచిన తర్వాత సింగపూర్ బాబు
    మరి ఈ సింగపూర్ బాబు ఏమి చేస్తాడో!

    • His priorities are Poaching other Party MLA’s and MP’s , buying lands near vijayawada / guntur and changing names of airports.
      If he still has time then he will visit Singapore to check on his hotels.
      He might not even remember that he is the CM after sitting in Opposition for the last ten years.
      Keep a close on how his Band or brand media will distract the Public to shy seay from the big list of promises.
      Inti Inti ki Udyogama ?? Akkada Heritage company lo na ??
      Even the worlds leading economies are struggling with Unemployment. Whom is he trying to fool ??

  9. PSK

    Why don’t YSJ take up this issue? And may be a simple dharna infront of KG basin…will get lot of awareness…
    Are there any compulsions with us???

    • I can say 100% there is some compulsion for YSJ not to take up this issue, otherwise what on earth will stop him when every one in India knows that this is day light robbery by reliance/gujarat govt?

      • Ram

        Understand why KGBG sold in Doll and not in Rs. It is politcal mistake. LRR was hinting YSJ on the same during pre-election ABNRK show

  10. ram

    Mana Babu padam mopagane Delhi adiripoyindi, 9 mandi poyaru. Seemandra prajalnu talchukunte bayamvestundi, bukampalu tsunamilu already hecharinchi vellayi. Raju manasunnu vadite prakruti kuda santistundi. We miss u r lovely smile and laugh YSR, Johar YSR.

  11. Vishnu

    I see this news today. Any clues?

    చంద్రబాబు సుడిగాలి పర్యటన.

    ఢిల్లీలో దుమ్ముదుమారం.ప్రచండ వేగంతో ఈదురుగాలులు.. స్తంభించిన జనజీవనం
    వివిధ ఘటనల్లో 9 మంది మృతి; 13 మందికి పైగా గాయాలు

    • @ sridagg…Thank you for posting that. Should be an eyeopener for the political Benamis and political prostitutes no matter which Party they belong to.

  12. YSFan


    I am building a dedicated forum for us. Please take a look of the front page of the forum and you opinions are welcome.

  13. Anil

    If any one close to Jagan, just let him know..
    There is no pedavadu in coastal AP which include Guntur, Krisha, WG, EG (not sure of Rayala seema n other area)…Every where in these areas, be it a city, town or vilage, there is huge demand of labour…For 5 -6 hours of work they are paid 250 per day in villages and in towns it is 350 per 8hours in small scale industries,,and we are hardly getting sufficient people for farm related work as there are professions like construction, carpentry, the amount is 500 or more per day…So, if wife n husband work they can easily earm 12 K- 15 K..and they are using 2 wheelers to come to work n their children are happily studying by going to colleges in near by towns…Bcos of Indiramma Illu, most of these guys have got pukka houses…The barometer of these guys income is directly related to the revenue targets of belt shops which is 75 k – 100 k per day if the village has more than 10000 these are regular customers for them…(the primary reason for the growth of their incomes is YSR,as he is the best CM in India to implement National Employment Guarentee scheme, which is pegged at 150 Rs per day for 5 – 6 hours of work, so obviosly others have to pay more than this if they want labour)…

    If Jagan uses Pedavadu, no one immediately relates whom he is referring to in these areas…And he has so much of Unconditional love for minorities..these kind of antics irritate neutral voters..

    Also, look at the branding of CBN and Modi…Inspite of a terrific growth achieved by YSR, we hardly used that as an USP bcos of neo classical thinking of economists like Somayajulu garu…Even Sakshi has also tried to let down the GDP powered growth achieved by Gujarat in its articles….Look at Modi n CBN..with out press n photographer they dont even wash their mouth..See how CBN is being looked at by the middle class,,he is epitome of Devlopment while our leader as epitome of COrruption…

    The combination of high GDP (8% or more per annum), Percapita income groowth( 8-10% per annum),Moderate inflation(6 – 8%) and some decent governance ll ensure success for the ruling party…If you feel otherwise then no one can help you..As rest all other are secondary…These indicators convey more than 80% information on the well being of the people/soceity…

    Bottom Line :- Self Dabba manam kottukokudadu(jagan antha, Jagan Intha ani),,Media tho dabba kottinchali adi dabba ani teliyaunda,,(Modi antha,Modi Intha laga..)…And these are all need money,,,U have to spend money if you want to be in this profession…

    • @ Anil …
      I think Media is important but not essential to come to Power.
      YSR has proved and KCR has proved it too.
      In fact we can use the Yellow media to throw the ball in their court at regular intervals .
      But I agree with your words on Pedavadu . We need to reach the Middle class too bcs everyone thinks “what is in for me” ?

      • Anil

        If yellow media is not there,the TDP would have been in similar situation of CPI/CPM…
        without sakshi, Jagan’s position is similar to that of Hari Krishna/ Lakshmi Parvathi..

        • Ram

          Let me put it this way. Before the advent of mass media maya pora (print, cinema, tv illusion) that manipulates honesty / reality, look at AP’s villages and small towns. Take a % of the number of village heads and other elders by caste. Simultaneously, compare the land holdings of respective influencial sections that are at the helm of affairs today. The answer why some being poor had a tag ‘garu’ and others were not in spite of having equal or greater wealth will be evident. In a value based society with no media hysteria and falsified images, people were following hearts, chose true leaders. A true Leader called YSRR belongs to the same creed. They do not need a Sakshi or something. It is this system that NTRR removed at the behest of WB. It is the same crooks that manipulate us, divide us need these propaganda tools. Next time you watch any tv debate, watch keenly what is the problem they are trying to solve, what is the out come they are steering your opinion towards and on whose behalf are they doing this.

        • Ram

          CB at the behest of WB caused immense pain. Please do not blame no-rains and subsequent draught. Sanskrutam lo oka slokam undi (on similar lines) – Paalinche Rajunu batte sakaalamu lo varshalui untayani. All Dr YSRR did was give water to people who were thirsty. That was the need of the hour for all the 9 year mess crated by CB to align us towards WB policies. This does not mean the same pro-poor / free policies need to be continued. It has to be what people need at that hour. May be YSJ calculated this wrong. I am no expert and not sure though.

          Raju bhumiki bharta samanam, putrudu kadu. Adi mana prateeti. Look what NM told the other day, ‘How can I serve Mo Land being her So’. These are all con men, not Hindus. Vesha dharana, wiggulu ivanni valla pratethi. Atheists may not believe in it, that is a different story.

    • madhu

      Yes am from West Godavari, maaku oilpalm fields unnay, daily labour morning 8 to 11 work chestaru, 400 rs for one persons for 4 hours, ikkada pedavadu evadu ledu, antha middle class valle, vallandaru CBN cm aite develop avuddi ani votes vesaru,

    • CVR Murthy

      The growth during 2004-2009 (Economic prosperity ), was not at all used by YSRCP in their campaign . The aspirations of the people are on the rise.

      It is true there is a huge problem of availability of labour in EG and WG. The schemes aimed at very poor were not attractive to them.

  14. nlr2019

    KCR ….On Babu and his darling Dramakrishna
    Pilli gaddam….Bolli Party !!!

    • underhill

      The more KCR attacks CBN, the more advantage to CBN not only in AP but also lot of people in TG who opposed the division. This is one major factor helped CBN gained votes in Hyd and RR dists. Hope Jagan come with a clear plan to shed his image of going soft on KCR and TRS.

      • I think otherwise. Actually KCR is talking facts and he is not attacking Babu for no reason. He is attracting majority of the Telangana people towards him by doing so because they now have no choice. Coming to SA , people really don’t seem to care how many pieces the State is divided into so they are unlikely to show sympathy for Babu who himself was a part of the division.
        They are more eager for Babu to fulfil his promises !!

  15. NTV was mentioning about Social acceptance of Jagan by

    1. Middle class 2. Govt employees 3. Media

    My reading is that these classes are surfacing becoz farmer community has moved towards TDP due to Farm loan waiver, if not for that farmer community would have been divided between YSRP & TDP, where in the above mentioned 3 communities would not have made difference.

    having said that my intention is not to say that we dont need those 3 communities, we definitely need them, YSJ had all the communication skills to get in to their sphere, but somehow he missed it.

  16. vissu

    ఈ బ్లాగ్ లో దాదాపు అందరు అనంతపూర్ నుండి గుంటూరు వరకు చెందిన వాళ్ళు అయినట్లున్నారు..
    కృష్ణ నుండి శ్రీకాకుళం వరకు చాల తక్కువ మంది ఉన్నట్లున్నారు…కొంచెం అక్కడి జనాలు కూడా బ్లాగ్ లో ఉంటే మనకు గ్రౌండ్ రియాలిటీ ఏంటో కొంత లో కొంత అయినా తెలుస్తుంది..

  17. Idiot Sabbam barking again. Any idea if Undavalli garu returns to us?

    • Gopi

      I think Jagan has to approach a few leaders like Undavalli, Kotla surya prakash, Raghu veera, and possibly chiranjeevi as well. a few may join because congress does not seem to have future in AP. We missed a mouthpiece like Undavalli in last few years and also its said that Pilli Subash garu is not active like before.

  18. Sandani

    Today 4 MLAs from Prakasam (Gottipati Ravi Kumar, Ashok Reddy, Pothula Rama rao and Janke Venkata Redd) including Balineni Srinivasa Reddy didn’t attend the review meeting in their district.

    Any body know the reason for their absence?

  19. PSK

    From 2009-2014…..The State and Central Congress party has put complete focus on killing YSR’s image, Not even 10% of this focus did not put on CBN and his mafia media…..Now see what happenned and whom they helped in AP…..This bstds congi’s will never learn from their mistakes and I sicnerely feel that we should kick this congis out of this country for ever and ever….
    This cunning CBN has innocently used congis and delayed the elections till 2014 to buy the safe timing….Nobody can match CBN in this whole universe for his cunning methods….Hats off to himmmm!!!

    • Gopi

      You are right PSK. But I think we are one step closer now. There is no congress in AP now with their 0/0 seats in assembly in parliment. Their only option is either TDP or YSRCP to join. So in next 5 years we need to completely occupy congress place then 2019 will be interesting fight again.
      Jagan has a lot of future and TDP will be in gloom after CBN. And Jagan needs just one chance to cement his place. Patience is the key and learning for Jagan as primary opposition leader is the basis.

      • Anil

        This congi fuckers never realize how venomous these yellow dogs are..YSR put so much of effort to rejuvenate the congress party in Andhra inspite of negative media camapaign..Still this ass hole chidamabaram did not move the margardarsi file an inch..He smartly protected Ramoji during YSR rule and CBN after YSR’s demise..Congress bastards should never know how much value Chidabaram can add to the party and YSR can add..There was every evidence against Ramoji then similar to that of Subrat Roy of sahara now…including evasion of taxes to government, not obliging to RBI rules, cheating of public..what not..Ramoji could have easily been behind the bars..
        Even dogs ll be ashamed now if congi idiots are compared with them..they lost a golden opportunity to completely write off TDP in AP by killing YSR and sending Jagan out of the party…I sincerely wish that Indiara and Rajeev names should be out of sight in AP..
        I dont understand how these shameless buggers wanted to protect Ramoji inspite of a golden chance to strip him off in the public, as Ramoji has been causing damage to congress party for the past 30 years than any other person in AP.
        If you notice during Modi’s oath, Ramoji in front row along with Ambani, while Chidambaram and CBN are jovially talking to each other….Now, no one can pluck Ramoji’s hair…

        • Ram

          Who plucks whose hair is destiny. What harm Indira, Rajiv do to you and AP? Please do not fall prey to the propaganda that AP started to grow after 83 and not before and not between 04 and 09. They selectively ignore the immense public infra ancillaries and solid foundation created by cong between 47 and 83. It is a continual process and not being thankful to the past leaders is being biased.

          • Anil


            I have my own piece of my mind, which will not make me to fall prey to any propaganda..I feel there are many deserving Indians/Andhrites than Indira/Rajeev…

            • PSK

              I completely agree with you Anil…
              May be Indiramma is fine but not from Rajiv onwards….
              I’ll support Congress only when Gandhi family is out of it….
              Look at Modi….he is in cloud-9 and in dreams that they got 300seats just bcos of him….May be 30% true…..But main reason is of Gandhi family. People are fed up with Gandhi family……and there is no other choice than BJP…..But Bodi is in his dreams that he got this majority bcos of him……Soon he will realize……Already DU staff were suspended for leaking Smriti education records….Started the Hitler Raj…..Smriti is not explaining on conflicting docs….whether she has registered for BA or B.Com..forget about completing the course….In 2004 she said BA and Now she says B.Com and that too correspondence. This is what happens in this country….

  20. CV Reddy

    మనం మనం బరంపురం అంటున్న వెంకయ్య నాయుడు, చంద్రబాబు నాయుడు
    నెల్లూర్ కు చెందిన వెంకయ్య నాయుడు విజయవాడ గుంటూర్ తెనాలి డెవలప్ చేస్తా అన్నాడు కానీ నెల్లూర్ గురించి మాట్లాడలేదు
    చిత్తూర్ కు చెందిన సెంద్ర బాబు కూడా హైటెక్ సిటీ , రాజధాని అన్నీ కూడా విజయవాడ గుంటూర్ ప్రాంతాల్లోనే అంటున్నాడు, ఫీలర్స్ వదులుతున్నాడు

  21. CV Reddy

    జన్మభూమి సీమ ఋణం కొంచెమైన తీర్చుకో బాబూ !
    అత్తారింటికి (కృష్ణా జిల్లా) దారేది అంటున్న బాబు

    హైటెక్ సిటీ హనుమాన్ జంక్షన్ (కృష్ణా జిల్లా ) లో-హిందూ పత్రిక ,May 30,2014

    [Bapulapadu likely to be the Cyberabad of Seemandhra

    A nondescript village Bapulapadu near Hanuman Junction could be the location for construction of Cyberabad of Seemandhra, according to sources in the TDP and the IT industry. .

    రాజధాని విజయవాడ-గుంటూర్ మధ్య -బాబు అండ్ కో,TDP MLA మోదుగుల వేణుగోపాల్ రెడ్డి

    [(Vijayawada-Guntur may be Naidu’s choice for capital-May 18, Times

    [Experts feel that Naidu would prefer Vijayawada-Guntur as the area is not only centrally-located but also well-developed. The new government need not spend much time and money on building the capital from scratch.

    Moreover, it is a Kamma heartland and there is strong pressure from the community leaders to locate the capital in the region. The area beyond Guntur and nearer to Ongole is dominated by Reddys and analysts feel Naidu may not prefer it for obvious reasons.

    The financially strong Kamma community has been solidly backing the Telugu Desam Party since its inception and Naidu may not do anything that would go against them. By locating the capital in the Kamma heartland, he will keep the local landlords happy,” said sociologist V Satyanarayana of Vijayawada.

    పోలవరం -గోదావరి, క్రిషన్ డెల్టా కు
    చిత్రసీమ -విశాఖ

    మరి రాష్ట్రం లోనే అత్యంత వెనకపడిన ప్రాంతం గా పెర్కొనపడిన రాయలసీమ కు ఏమి ఇస్తున్నారు?

    రాష్ట్రం లో బాగా అబివృద్ది చెందిన కృష్ణా జిల్లలో నే అన్నీ పెట్టి సీమ బిడ్డ బాబు సీమ కు సున్నం పెడుతున్నాడు

    బాబూ మంచి పనులు చేసి అన్ని ప్రాంతాలను సమ దృష్టితో చూసి చరిత్రలో నిలుస్తావో లేక సిపిఐ నారాయణ చెప్పినట్టుగా కులాభిమాని గా నిలుస్తావో నీ ఇష్టం

    పోలవరం కు 300 TMC నీళ్ళు వస్తాయి అందులోనుంచి వెనకపడిన సీమ ప్రాంతానికి కనీసం 100 TMC వెళ్లేవిధంగా ఇప్పుడే కేంద్ర ప్రభుత్వం తో మాట్లాడు

    రాజధాని వెనకపడిన ప్రకాశం లేదా సీమ లో పెట్టి ఆ ప్రాంత అభివృద్దికి కూడా తోడ్పడు

    [దొనకొండ రాజధానికి అనువైన ప్రదేశం -March 2,2014, Hindu
    [Donakonda emerging as front runner

    ఎలాగు హైటెక్ సిటీ కృష్ణా జిల్లలో అంటున్నావు, చిత్రసీమ విశాఖ లో అంటున్నావు మరి పుట్టి పెరిగిన గడ్డ సీమ ఋణం కొంచెమైన తీర్చుకో బాబూ!

    కృష్ణా జిల్లలో ఎకరం 10 కోట్లు అంటున్నారు ఇప్పుడే మరి నెలకు లక్ష జీతం తీసుకోనాడు సైతం అక్కడ స్థలం కొనుక్కోలేదు ఇంకా సామాన్యుడి మాట దేవుడెరుగు
    ఇప్పటికే మురళి మోహన్ చౌదరి, రామోజీ, రాదక్రిష్ణ , సుజన చౌదరి , అను కుల మీడియా అక్కడ మీ దయతో భూముల బాగా కొన్నారు అని టాక్

    కులాభిమానం తో కృష్ణా గుంటూర్ నే పట్టించుకొంతావో లేక పుట్టిన గడ్డ ఋణం తీర్చుకొంతావో నీ ఇష్టం బాబూ!

  22. Hi friends (PSK, Rajasekhara, Cgrs, dayakar and others ). For those who have already registered this is the Link to join the Forum .!forum/manajagan

    • Sekar

      Hi NLR garu,

      how are you ensuring they are real fans?

      • @ Sekar garu…
        We are doing our best to ensure that is the case.

        • Ram

          @NLR: Please start with a core team of people you know from several years and then expand based on direct personal referrals. If you give an open invitation like this, the purpose of starting a new forum will be defeated by the foxes that look at this blog. They are already among us since several months before the elections either indirectly mocking us or saying our words. Do not rely on people who call or write to CVR anna or yourself directly and add them. Do not disclose anything that is not for public consumption. You will have a difficult situation to separate genuine from non-genuine. We need few committed core members, and not any one. We can expand it later. Please put a disclaimer that the viwes expressed are of individual and not that of YCP

          • @ Ram ….thank u for the message. We will take that on board.
            Kondhari jeevithalu …kutralu kuthantrala thone gaduputharu .
            How polluted can some educated brains can be is unimaginable !!
            Sadly it runs in the genes from Womb to Tomb and there is no treatment for this.
            The problem is that this pollution is then spilt into the society and others get blamed for it !!!
            We will give them sleepless nights for the next Five years.
            No matter how many MLAs or MPs stay with us all we need is two Warriors who can lead us to victory . There are plenty of Leaders that will beg to join us when the time comes. Babu will have to worry about their own Power star centres.

            • Ram

              Do not be open. Maintain secrecy. Do not even let them smell anything. While getting basics right, think about shrewd strategies to beat them in their own game plan. Take a leaf from ChRR. Know the opponents www teams, their websites, their back end support from media and party, architecture of how they seamlessly pass on information, false-information and rumors. Who are their key members, how they co-ordinate and sources of funds. Know the opponents roots before fomalising strategies. They are motivated, and historically known to work by deceit and back door methods. Do not be naive and straight.

              • @ Ram …
                Thank you once again. It shows how terrified they are of people who tread the Path of Ethics in politics. We will beat them with their own tactics and it is only a matter of time. My personal priority is to expose their Itch to the rest of society in whatever way I can before they rot the already rotten society. Pawans Janasena will screw them too.
                They are well aware that Power is not permanent.

  23. CV Reddy

    Bapulapadu likely to be the Cyberabad of Seemandhra

    A nondescript village Bapulapadu near Hanuman Junction could be the location for construction of Cyberabad of Seemandhra, according to sources in the TDP and the IT industry. .

    “There is over 1,000 acre of forest and government land available for the new city. It will house a Hi-tech City besides residential and commercial infrastructure of a global stature,” said the source associated with the IT industry and TDP leadership. A senior TDP leader from Vijayawada too hinted at similar developments in the area which is 40 k.m. from Vijayawada towards Gannavaram airport. The new city will be a planned one with defined connecting roads and infrastructure to meet future needs, according to him.

  24. YSFan


    Can you please email me to

    • CVR Murthy

      మతం ,కులం ,ప్రాంతం లింగ బేధాలు సామాజిక సంస్కరణ ల ద్వార అంతరిస్తాయి ఇలాంటి భావాలు ఇంటి గుమ్మం దాటానివ్వకూడదు ఒక మోడీ నో ఒక జగనో ఒక చంద్రబాబు వలనో సమసిపోవు ప్రభుత్వం సామజిక పరివర్తనకు ప్రయత్నించాలి అలాంటి ప్రయత్నాలను ప్రోత్సహించాలి కానీ సంఘ సంస్కరణ ప్రజలలోంచి పుట్టాలి

      మనం ఇక్కడ ఎన్నిసార్లు కులం మతం గురించి ప్రస్తావించేము మన లాంటి వారె ఇలా ఉంటె మార్పు ఎలా సాధ్య మవుతుంది

      • Murthy garu ….
        In my opinion India is too rotten to be change as the poisonus weed has already been spread .

        And unfortunately those who want a change will be blamed !!

  25. CV Reddy

    రుణమాఫీపై అస్పష్టత..10TV
    ఏడాది కాలంగా కొన్ని పార్టీలు రుణాలు మాఫీ చేస్తామని చెప్పడంతో రీపేమెంట్ దాదాపు నిలిచిపోయిందని బ్యాంకర్లు పేర్కొంటున్నారు. లక్ష్యాలు..ప్రణాళిక లేకపోయినా ఖరీఫ్ రుణాలివ్వాలని సర్కారు కోరుతుండగా రైతు పేరు మీద అప్పు ఉంటే కొత్త రుణం ఎలా ఇవ్వాలని బ్యాంకర్లు ప్రశ్నిస్తున్నట్లు సమాచారం.

  26. CV Reddy

    అందరికీ ఆప్తుడు పైళ్ల శేఖర్ రెడ్డి…

  27. An indication of why we might have lost ….

    4,50,000 farmers benefit from Runa Mafi just in One district itself !!!!
    Looking at these figures I think we did really well to get 67 seats.

  28. @ Kareem…

    Can u pls mail me at

  29. rajesh2442

    Does any one have idea about Polavaram issue.I saw TRS saying dam is in earthquake area if dam is broken it will effect to rajamundry city also.In year 1986 godavari river flood effected Rajamundry and Dowleswaram,is this a issue or just a political stunt ???

    • I have looked at it from every angle. I didnt find even 10% of chance of doing it. I still would like to give cbn benefit of doubt. But this state economy needs a real big boost otherwise this state will be no better than house of cards. The corporate sector is bleeding. There is no way this guy is instilling confidence in the business community except his community wrt vij-gutr land rates.

      • CVR Murthy

        The only hope as I understand is Global economy outlook is positive now. The QE in Japan (Sock Treatment) and Crimea cris left floating money. China’s competitive advantage, cost is now estimated at 5% . If the Indian Government lead by Modi can give confidence , there is a chance of large flow of funds . This may have a positive impact on Indian economy as a whole. AP amy also attract some of these investments.

        AP is an agricultural economy dependent on Monsoons . So Monsoon is another key factor .

        Instant results are impossible . Expectations are high . Bifurcation left AP economy in tatters .Tough times for AP

        • Ravi

          I agree and everyone has to understand that each and every state in India in an another 5 years will become energy surplus and try to attract Industries and AP have very bleak chance to attract them because of lack of ancillary units and good infrastructure. So YSRCP also try to involve in this investment capturing exercise to understand the reality and give advantage to state of AP.

  30. Below article mentions about few changes CBN did in his communication mannerisms, which are learning’s for our party too..CBN is making an effort to make it more inclusive, imbibe team culture & not being individual/single person centrism.

  31. CVR Murthy

    2024 or 29 ….manifesto

    1. Home loans waiver 2. Auto Loans waiver 3. personal loans waiver 4 Gold loans waiver 5. Small business Loans waiver 6. Free Car 7 Free Broad band 8. Smart Phone free Loans waiver 10 hand Loans waiver

  32. vissu

    పవర్’ పాలిటిక్స్‌లో కొట్టుకుపోయిన జగన్ పార్టీ!

    దేశ రాజకీయాలను నిర్దేశించగల కార్పొరేట్ పారిశ్రామిక వేత్తల నుంచి సిక్కోల్‌లో ఏ నేతలు పాలకులుగా ఉండాలని నిర్ణయించే థర్మల్ పవర్ ప్రాజెక్టుల యాజమాన్యాల వరకూ అంతా ఒకటే వ్యూహాం! పరిశ్రమలకు అనుకూలంగా పాలకులను మలుచుకోవడానికి పెట్టే పెట్టుబడుల నుంచి వారు నిర్ణయాలపై ధిక్కారం చేసే శక్తి వరకూ పారిశ్రామిక శక్తి ఎదిగిందని చెప్పడానికి సోంపేటలో ఎన్‌సీసీ, కాకరాపల్లిలో ఈస్టుకోస్టు, కొవ్వాడలో న్యూక్లియర్ పవర్ ప్రాజెక్టులే తార్కాణం. గడచిన సార్వత్రిక ఎన్నికల్లో తెలుగుతమ్ముళ్లకు నిశ్శబ్ధంగా కొన్ని పారిశ్రామిక యాజమాన్యాలు ఆర్థిక లావాదేవీలన్నీ మిషన్‌మోడ్‌లో పనిచేసాయి. అందుకే, ఇచ్చాపురం, సోంపేట, టెక్కలి, ఎచ్చెర్ల నియోజవకవర్గాల్లో ‘పవర్’పాలిటిక్స్ పనిచేసినట్లు ప్రచారం జరుగుతోంది. సార్వత్రిక ఎన్నికలకు ముందు వైకాపా నేతలు పవర్ ప్లాంట్లుకు వ్యతిరేకమంటూ ప్రచారంచ చేపట్టి, ఉద్యమకారుల సాకారంతో ఓట్లు కొట్టేయవచ్చనుకున్న అంచనాలన్నీ తారుమారని రాజకీయ విశే్లషకులు పేర్కొంటున్నారు. పవర్ ప్లాంటుల యాజమాన్యాలతో లోపాయికారి ఒప్పందాలే అక్కడ అభ్యర్ధులను గెలిపించాయన్న రహస్యం ఆలస్యంగా బయటకు పొక్కింది. వైకాపా అధినేత జగన్మోహన్‌రెడ్డి మూడో సంతకం మూడు పవర్ ప్లాంటులకు తాళాలు వేయించే సంతకమని చెప్పి ఎన్నికల ప్రచారంలో ఉద్యమాల ఓటుబ్యాంకు కొట్టేయాలని హామీ ఇస్తే…అదే హామీ వైకాపా అభ్యర్ధుల అడ్రస్సులు లేకుండా చేసింది!సార్వత్రిక ఎన్నికల్లో థర్మల్ ప్రాజెక్టుకు తాళాలు వేసేస్తానంటూ జగన్మోహన్‌రెడ్డి ఎన్నికల నేపథ్యంలో చేసే హెచ్చరికలు జిల్లాలో థర్మల్ ప్రాజెక్టు యాజమాన్యాల్లో కదలిక తీసుకువచ్చింది. అందుకే, పవర్ ప్రాజెక్టులు కలిగిన ప్రాంతాల్లో వైకాపా అడ్రస్సు గల్లంతైపోయింది! అందుకే, పారిశ్రామిక యాజమాన్యాల భావజాలంతో భవిష్యత్ రాజకీయాలు నెరపాలని ఈ సార్వత్రిక ఎన్నికల్లో విజయం సాధించిన ఎమ్మెల్యేలు కొందరు నిర్ణయించకున్నట్టు విశ్వసనీయంగా తెలిసింది!

  33. Ram

    Polavaram: T/SA future dissent seeds sown on day-1 by NM/CB/VN deliberately. TV staged drams started and will continue well into future. All the clowns on TV are not a part of any solution, but a part of the problem itself.

    • Very well put Ram. I am still not able gobble the fact that people have choosen leaders that have a history of being the most untrustworthy in Indian Polity.

  34. CV Reddy

    రాజధాని రూటెటు!
    * కనీసం లక్ష ఎకరాలుండాలంటున్న నిపుణుల కమిటీ
    * దొనకొండలో భారీగా భూములు.. నీటి లభ్యత ఉన్నాయన్న కమిటీ
    * ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్‌కు ఓ మూలకు ఉండటం విశాఖపట్నానికి ప్రతికూలం
    * కాకినాడ-రాజమండ్రికి తుపాన్లు, ప్రకృతి విపత్తుల ముప్పు
    * గుంటూరు- విజయవాడ మధ్య భూ సేకరణ అసాధ్యం
    * పులిచింతలలో విపరీతమైన వేడి

  35. CV Reddy

    1995 – 2005 మధ్య కాలంలో ఆంధ్ర కు చెందిన ప్రాంతీయ పార్టీ అధినేత అయిన ఓ మాజీ ముఖ్యమంత్రికి చెందిన నల్ల డబ్బును తాను విదేశాలకు చేరవేశానని గుర్రప్పందాల వ్యాపారి హసన్ అలీ సీబీఐకి చెప్పినట్లు వార్తలు వచ్చాయి .

    హసన్‌అలీ సీబీఐ దర్యాప్తు సందర్భంగా ఇచ్చినట్టు చెపుతున్న ఈ వాంగ్మూలం మీద NDA ప్రభుత్వం తొలి విచారణ చేపట్టాలి . హసన్ అలీ చెప్పిన దానిని బట్టి.. సదరు మాజీ ముఖ్యమంత్రి చంద్రబాబునాయుడేనని తెలిసిపోతుంది , అందువల్ల విచారణ జరిపిస్తే అన్ని విషయాలూ బయటపడతాయి

  36. nlr2019

    Chandrababu Naidu and Venkaih Naidu joining hands to ruin Telangana ……TRS….Harish Rao.
    Telangana Tdp leaders ki siggu sharam vunte ..Mahanadu lo Babu ni niladheeyali…..KCR.

    Aa mandalalu Babu ki icchesi….meeru Ramoji film city teesukondi Sir..
    Koncham revenue anna vasthundhi !!

  37. Neethulu andharu cheputharu Babu garu…Patinchatame kasthatam !!

    Swiss bank lo vunadhi sagam mee vari dabbe !!

  38. @ underhill ….u were talking about some master stroke or something else from Babu. Where have u disappeared ?? If building memorials is a master stroke whole AP would have been a burial ground by now !!
    Please ask your Babu garu to think of better things in life .

    • underhill

      If you do not know me stop guessing things and calling people as yellow or Babu supporters. I am saying this as I see your comments recently against to CVR Murthy garu and Dr Krishna. You can always object the opinion rationally but don’t just ridicule because they contradict your beliefs/opinions.

      I am basically attracted to YSR leadership and policies and inclined to Jagan and hoping he deliver the same leadership to the state. I as much you or anybody here wholeheartedly wanted Jagan to be the leader. I strongly believe this is the time need to introspect and amend ways of functioning to prepare for 2019. If you think current functioning is very much fine I have no problem with you. But people come with lot of ideas hoping it will reach to right people and ultimately help Jagan.

      • Ram

        With due respect to everyone, let us please focus on the overall objective and the important role we need to play to achieve it. Let us focus our unified energies towards the end goal.

      • @ underhill…

        What are u talking?
        I have never made any comments here against Dr Krishna Garu and CVR Murthy garu. I always respected what they said. Show me one comment where I dysrespected them ? It was not me whom they were talking about . You can email them to check this.Can u pls register with the Forum to avoid any misunderstanding.
        Till then pls avoid instigsting problems between me or someoneelse ?
        Do u know that othere can post comments here with your usernsme ??
        They did the same for Raju garu and others to cause friction here.
        Famous for cheap tactics.
        It is not just me , the whole world adresses them as Yellow people / Yellow media .

  39. @ mekonking …

    Have you registered ?? We can talk about religion or something else there.!forum/manajagan

  40. Vissu

    Polavaram ordinance pai party clear stand teesukunte manchidi.right time opportunity to regain Godavari people’s confidence

    • mekonking.

      don’t think they will do . because we may loose khammam MP and MLAs.

      • vissu

        I didnt post this comment in view of MPs & MLAs… .This project was initiated by YSR… and so much progress was happened during YSR’s rule.. With this project entire seemandhra region will be benefited.. especially Krishna-Godaaavari rivers linkage will happen.. It was YSR’s dream to complete this project .. I remembering YSR’s nandyal speech… “TRS tho koodina TDP adhikraaram lo ki vaste Polavaram, Potireddy padu projectlanu addukuntaaru ” ani… Now the same is happening.. I hope Jagan will clear out his stand on this..

        • mekonking.

          Polavaram is going to happen. Centeral govt will support also.
          Pothireddypadu and pulichintaval are in the middle of complettion .No one can stop these projects.
          But BJP and TDP will definitely try to take credit for polavarama as it took the momentun in their govts.
          When comes to khammas , yes it is the problem YCP and TDP. They can not openly say any thing about mumput grammalu . TDP as the govt. should talk more openly . since it is a political issue which might damage therir party in TG they are not open ly talkigng but they will what ever they can in back ground . I belive YCP MP/MLA might use rason to jump to TRS.

          • You need to be aware that BJP will bank on Telanagana in the long run as they do not have much Individuality in SA. They will be careful about blindly supporting Tdp. This is all about Power politics and they don’t want to give credit to others.

  41. Bossy

    Polavaram ordinance pai party clear stand teesukunte manchidi.right time opportunity to regain Godavari people’s confidence

  42. CV Reddy

    విజయమ్మ బైబిల్ పట్టుకోవడం వలన హిందువులు దూరం అయ్యారు అనేది కరెక్టు కాదు
    సోనియా క్రిస్టియన్ అయినా దేశ ప్రజలు రెండు సార్లు కాంగ్రెస్ ను గెలిపించారు
    విజయమ్మ బైబిల్ ఇంతకుముందు కూడా పట్టుకొంది మరి అప్పుడు మనం గెలవలేదా?

    2 శాతం ఓట్ల తేడాతో ఓడిపోగానే ప్రతీదీ తప్పు అనడం కరెక్టు కాదు
    విజయమ్మ ఒక గృహిణి గా ఉన్నారు, ఆమె కు ఉన్న నమ్మకం ప్రకారం బైబిల్ పట్టుకొంటే మిగితావారు దూరం అయ్యరు అనేది కరెక్టు కాదు.

    కొంతమంది మత చాందసవాదులు ఇష్టపడకపోవచ్చు అంతమాత్రాన అదే కారణం అనడం తప్పు

    ఓటమికి కారణాలు
    1.పల్లెల్లో రుణమాఫీ
    2.పట్టణాల్లో బాబు హైదరాబాద్ లాంటి రాజధాని కడతాడు
    5.జగన్ మీద జరిగిన దుష్ప్రచారం
    6.పోల్ మేనేజ్మెంట్(బాబు పంచినట్టుగా డబ్బులు పంచలేకపోవడం, అతివిశ్వాసం)

    • CV Reddy

      గెలుపు అన్ని తప్పులను, బలహీనతలను కప్పిపుచ్చుతుంది
      ఓటమి చెందినప్పుడు ప్రతిదీ తప్పుగా కనిపిస్తుంది

      • nlr2019

        Babu garu …Prathipaksham lo 10 years vunna sangathi marachipoyaru .
        Sudden ga aina emi chesina mana Yellow brothers ki ..Master stroke laga kanipisthundhi !! Paccha kamarlu kadha mari !!
        Power is not permanent.

      • rajasekhara

        HI CV Anna,

        we need to add one more point 1.sarpanch 2. mptc 3. zptc 4. municipal elections happen before general elections which is also another cause for our lose .

        YSRCP party should work on village level cadre . I see in villages every party had two or three aspirants which holds 100 to 300 vots . its always best party give serpanch & mptc not YSRCP MLA candidates .

        when ever we give tickets its always better to consult with other aspirants .
        which is not happing in our party. .

        MLA & MP`s Co ordinations also very poor with our party cadre in Andhra region except Krishna & east Godavari .

        All I can say our party need to improve in Andhra region and gains people confidence .

        ex :- I know SBI Bank Manager from rajamundry who is die hard fan of Jagan . now re thinks and he was expecting Jagan should consults all others and image rebuild as YSR ..

        recent conversations he said “we lose opportunity rjy municipality & rjy mla seat not only now . next time also bec next year pushras coming so rajamundry roads & other eminities will be developed .”


        • mekonking.

          Not only rajamandri , since ours is a new state and there is a scope for the govt to show development. If they construct capital then they will show it and use for next year elections. We got to wait till tdp make mistakes. we don’t have to alarm about problems. Lets concentrate on party rebuilding and work as an opposition in Assembly. We need to use assembly to raise the issues and also we got to be innovative in oppositing the issues and going to the people.

      • Sandani

        Add one more point 7. Completely closing the doors for congress leaders. Particularly few strong should have been included.

      • Sandani

        The very important we lost the election is conducting the municipal and local body elections just two three weeks before the elections. Here Mr Chandrababu Naidu and Ramakanth Reddy got colluded in coducting the elections. If Ramakanth reddy wants he can reply to the court showing the general elections.

        Why i am telling this is,

        1. YSRCP not prepared for these elections
        2. No cader at village level and needs to search for candidates
        3. Lot of money involved and MLA candidates not ready to spend for them it is too much
        4. It is very easy for TDP to collude with Congress and we have witnessed many cong leaders joined exactly at these elections.
        5. If results were declared they can damage YSRCP easily that is their plan
        7. Luckily Supreme court came to the rescue.

    • mekonking.

      you can add the bible thing as 7 th point. We did not loose the eleciton because of one reason. All these reason together caused us to loose.TDP came back from 30 plus voting to 47 percent. From bi elections they came back from 28 to 47/48.
      Bible thing caused unrest in lot of brahmains vaishyas and other hindus . And there is atalk that christinaity will be encouraged if jagan comes to power . Some sections people felt threatend with christinaity . And also when ever jagan goes to tirupati , there is always some issue was created. We are not really careful about these “aachara vyavaharalu “.
      If people think that this is not caused any damage , then there is nothing to say. All i say is this is one of the reason along with other reasons.

      • mekonking.

        Center is diffenet and state is different. YSR won two times and AK antony is alos a CM. But this is how we work with the issues. Religion is the thing that we have to leave at home. Sonia did not declare and nevar tried to project any thing that show s that she is a christinan.
        Even YSR too. “Aachara vyavaharaltho ” jagartha ga vundali. Dont rub the people on the other side. This is not only my opinion a lot of people voiced it and i have been seeing this very long time in my frineds.

      • Sandani

        I don’t know what is the issue here. Carrying a bible is Vijayamma’s personal problem.

        1. We should not forget we got 45% of voles.
        2. 80% of the brahmins voted for Jagan. That is the reason why Mr babu saying in Mahanadu that brahmins can be accomodated in the indirect elections.
        3. Chandrababbu naidu vote share was at 34% when Jagan vote bank is at 45%.
        4. That is the max Jagan can get, but for CBN, BJP added 3% and our great congress added some 10% totally made CBN vote share to 47%. This is the reality.

    • Suri

      I think the biggest reason is that Congress has done enough damage to Jagan and at the same time to themselves.Jagan had so much support in 2009 and it came down gradually due to the cases.If there was election anytime before 2014 we would have surely won.Also,not admitting congress leaders to the party was a mistake.

      • mekonking.

        Yes Suri , i agree. Jagan’s clout was reduced becuase of cases and jail.
        If the election are one year before .we should hav easily won.

    • ps

      babu padhavi kosam kakurthi padatam valle bjp ki hindhuvulu dhuram ayatu. babus 5 lakh kores in swiss bank and he spent 70 thousand crores for win in 2014 elections. bjp has to take and investigate babus issues. bsbu is inelgible candidate for cm post in ap

  43. These are TDP’s priorities …Manifesto comes next !!
    Sorry I don’t want to to talk about caste as I am ashamed of doing so anymore.

  44. mekonking

    I am surprised to see people still supports vijayamma garu carrying a bible.I always opposed this. Becuase we might be rubbing the hindus on the wrong side. I spoke to lot of people who are worried of christinanity.
    Brahamins and vaishyas voted against us. Esp. brahmins who are strong supporters for us. Silently voted against us . Hope our leaders bring this up to jagan and stop this nonsense in future.
    And also every time we go tirupatii , intentianlly news papers reported very badly. Jagan wasshowed in poor light as if he doesn’t respect lord venkateswara. Our people did not gauze the negative effects of this one.
    Poor thinking from our leaders did a lot of damage. Hope these things are corrected.

    • Rajasekhara

      HI Mekonking,

      I strongly Agree with you at some extent. Let oppositions play with religions . Oppositions utilize every opportunity to take votes from YSRCP party .
      We also counter the same way we will ask YSRCP team to take firm decision gradually build equal religion gestures .
      YSRCP Team will build confidence in all regions by taking their concerns .


    • @mekonking…
      Sorry everytime I try to avoid this topic I keep coming back bcs someone brings it up .
      It is very sad that some people get upset about someone else carrying a Bible in their hand. Just imagine all those Hindus living in Foreign countries and building temples there ?? But still the foreigners who are mostly Christian are tolerant towards us !! Yet if it happens in our own backyard we can’t stand !!
      And if we can’t really stand it then may be Vijayamma garu has to make some changes against her wishes !!
      Another thing is the Yellow media making a fuss about Jagan not signing some book or something else in Tiruapathi . They never talk about people like Rayapati who sleep with Prostitutes donating Gold or Diamond crowns to the GOD !! I wonder why ??
      Again if people can’t stand that ,may be Jagan have to sign a book .
      Do the Yellow media which potrays YS family as Christians ,ever talk about how many Muslims gave up their life after YSR died? How often does this happen in the world ??
      The same things happened when YSR was alive too but people brought him to Power twice !! But may be he maintained a low profile ??
      So we just have to modify our lives as per the wishes of the Yellow media.
      Will the same media dare talk negatively about Bathukamma festival or something else in Telangana ?? No. Bcs KCR will grab their lands.
      But if changes have to be made in our best interest then why not ??

      • mekonking.

        you need to maintian the religion in a low profile. How come being a party president she can carry a bible and show that she belongs to some specific religion and antoganize others. This is a very sensitive issue . People always consider religion , caste in every walk of life. We got to be careful about it. This has done some considerable damage.

        If you look at the yellow media , they tried to corner jagan on two things one is corruption and then christianity coupled with Tirupati. Every time jagan goes to tirupati , he was showed in a poor light as if doesn’t respect and oblige to laws. Any way damage is done ..but if we don’t consider this point as one of the reason we still have to face the same problem.

        • Dayakar Reddy

          I agree with You. Religion should kept in low profile.
          In next visit to Thirupathi, Jagan need not to sign in book or to not required to release any statement is not required.
          But he has to come in “Sampradaya Vastralu” along with Bharathi garu and his daughters. Tahts it.
          And a common statement after visit, Prajalu Andharoo bagundaalani and CBN ki manchi budhhi ivvalani Sri venkateswara swamy ni pradirchanu ani chepthey chaalu.
          He can visit in early morning and offering a seperate pooja will be better..

          Hope few many not know, Jagan anna release ayyintarvatah, Bharathi gaari prayer vedios kooda release ayyayi. Taht is not correct.
          Now a days, TDP yellow news channel are ready to corner on any thing. We should be careful in treating the sensitive things. Vijayamma gaaru sadharana gruhini annaru..I didnt agree andi, She is representing us and our party. But i am not against to taking the bible along with her. That is Vijayamma gaari belief anthey.

    • Personally I don’t like vijayamma gaaru to be in active politics. It’s better to take rest.

      • Yes we already have two Warriors leading us. I think she needs some rest. It is very sad that she did not even have time to grieve properly. Testing times but Good days are ahead.

  45. KCR is cornering T-TDP like anything and he will be using every opportunity to keep the issue burning and test CBN all the time to get rid of his equal justice stand

    • Dayakar Reddy

      I think, Jagan Should give some space to Ponguleyti Srinivasa Reddy, Rahman, Gattu Ramachnadra rao to take charge on TDP & TRS in Media meetings.
      Manam endhuku corner cheyaleka pothunnamu. As on today, Manaku TDP matramey opposite party not even the TRS.
      Voice penchandi..Godavalu padandi.. It will Strenthen our cader and automatically, Unity will come.

  46. Sandani

    SV Mohan Reddy is very impressive todays NTV show with KSR. We can groom him along with Kotla Hari Chakrapani Reddy for Kurnool MP segment.

  47. CV Reddy

    NTR కు భారత రత్న ఇవ్వాలి-చనిపోయిన 18 సం లకు బాబు డిమాండ్
    బాబు CM గ ఉన్న 9 సం కాలము , కేంద్రం లో కూడా బాబు బలపరిచిన ప్రభుత్వాలే అధికారం లో ఉన్నవి అయినా బాబు కు ఆనాడు మనసొప్పలేదు
    1995 లో NTR కు వెన్నుపోటు పొడిచి CM కుర్చీ లాక్కోన్నప్పుడు ఇండియా టుడే విలేఖరి అమరనాద్ కె మీనన్ కు ఇచ్చిన ఇంటర్వ్యూ లో NTR లో నైతిక విలువలు లేవు అన్నాడు బాబు

    [ఎన్‌టిఆర్ మహాత్మాగాంధీ, అంబేద్కర్ అంతటి మహనీయుడు. ఆయన విగ్రహం పార్లమెంటులో ప్రతిష్టించాలి.
    -టీడీపీ అధినేత నారా చంద్రబాబునాయుడు]

    [నేను స్థాపించిన తెలుగుదేశంలోనే కాంగ్రెస్ అక్రమ శిశువులు, గోముఖ వ్యాఘ్రాలు, మేక వన్నె పులులు తలెత్తుతున్నాయని ముందుగా తెలుసుకోలేకపోయాను…నేనే దేవున్ని అని చెబుతూ చాపకింద నీళ్లలాగా, పుట్టలో తేళ్లలాగా, పొదల్లో నక్కల్లాగా కుట్రలు, కుతం త్రాలు అల్లారు…ఇంతనీచానికి ఒడిగట్టిన చంద్రబాబు ఎన్‌టిఆర్ మా దేవుడు ఆయన విధానాలే అమలు జరుపుతానంటున్నాడు. చేతులు జోడించి, నమస్కారం చేసి, తుపాకి పేల్చి గాంధీని పొట్టనపెట్టుకున్న గాడ్సేను మించిన హంతకుడు చంద్రబాబు.

    -1995 ఆగస్టులో తనకు వ్యతిరేకంగా జరిగిన విద్రోహంపై ఎన్‌టిఆర్ ఆగ్రహం ఇది].

    [‘నారా, నారా, పోరా, పోరా…’, ‘గతంలో ఎన్‌టిఆర్‌ను వెన్నుపోటు పొడిచిన నాదెండ్ల భాస్కర్‌రావు కొంతయినా చరిత్ర మిగిల్చుకున్నారు. చంద్రబాబుకు అదికూడా మిగలదు’.

    -ఎన్‌టిఆర్‌ను గద్దెదింపినందుకు నిరసనగా 1995 డిసెంబరులో నిర్వహించిన మాక్
    అసెంబ్లీలో చంద్రబాబునాయుడుపై మోత్కుపల్లి నర్సింహులు ఆక్రోశం ఇది.]

  48. @ Revanth ….Babu ni nammukoni YSR ni okate adiposukunnaru Nagam. What happened ?? You are not knew for backstabbers.

  49. PraveenReddy

    Let’s see how he will tackle this situation with help of RBI & his administer skills

    • He has to bring his own money out from Swiss Bank to fulfill his promises.
      A job for every household !! Is he joking ?? He can’t even afford to provide a cleaner job for everyhousehold.

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