Telugu Desam seniors rue missing Cabinet jobs

Denial of berths in AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu’s Cabinet is brewing discontent among senior TD MLAs.

Modi must say no to Naidu’s demand for Rs 54,000-cr super-freebie

Naidu in Seemandhra outdid the Congress by promising the biggest freebies in the history of state elections. He pledged to write off bank loans to farmers and women’s self-help groups. He estimates this will cost Rs 54,000 crore.
-SA Aiyar in Swaminomics


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62 responses to “Telugu Desam seniors rue missing Cabinet jobs

  1. ps

    with in six months pretatma pasupathi cbn will finish. then bala krishna will see vedava gola cinema.sorry kamma gola

  2. CVR Murthy

    What will happen in the next five years in AP (new)

    1. AIIMS will become operational (At least partially)
    2 Capital City will be partly functional (Being new will be attractive)
    3. Polavarm will inch to completion or near completion
    4. IIM and IIT will be operational ( May not be in thier own campus)
    5 Central University (May be partially operational
    6. Marine Institute may happen
    7. Vizag Railways will be a new zone along with neighbouring
    8 Almost finished Irrigation projects would be operational
    9 Electronics City implementation will start
    10. IT City will be operational
    11 Due to Tax exemption number of companies may shift their Registered offices
    12 Pensions will be paid
    13. Water scheme will become semi success
    14 Port project may be completed /are advance state of implementation(Duggirajapatnam)
    15.One of the Airport will have major improvement
    16 Other three airports facilities will improve including Night landing etc
    17 Power Position will improve (Andhra is better off)

    None of the above require huge state funding (90% GOI funds)

    CBN is lucky that way. YSJ missed a great opportunity.

    • CVR Murthy

      One of the existing airports (Vizag/ tirupati/Vijayawada/Rajahmundry) will be made international.

      • Ashok

        Nice Kammapradesam Dreams!!!
        >>Take one small example of Dugarajapatnam Port::: No Land Acquisition problems from Farmers but only objections from Pulicat Wildlife department, fishermen in that Lake and vested Kammapradesam Lobby efforts to shift this port project to Ramayapatnam in Prakasam. If Dugarajapatnam Port project which was announced in the Bill is going at such a slow Snail’s pace and it is still just on paper, and only God knows about the project implementation of this project and also other projects. Just Land Acquisition from Private Farmers will take 5 years of CBN rule.

        >> Right now, PM Modi is busy repairing Bureaucracy in Central Govt and struggling with Funds, Inflation and Bad Monsoon. By the time Solid Policy comes out and implementation starts, it will take atleast 1-2 years. Who is stopping PM Modi to declare Special Status and Commit Funds for Capital of Seemandhra?? Gujju Modi will not release Money so easily to Seemandhra. Thats why PM Modi and Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley skipped Chandrababu CM-swearing ceremony to avoid Financial Commitments to Seemandhra.

        >> Venkayya Naidu is always full of Rhetoric and lip service. After elections, he is telling people of Seemandhra to calm down expectations and settle down to a Budget Hotel hospitality rather than 5-star Hotel hospitality. Directly he is telling Seemandhra people that Build-up of TDP/BJP during Election campaign was only to fool people by getting their votes.

        >> All Foundation Stones will be Laid by CBN and Modi, and Jagan will inaugurate them in 2019, that is the Reality. Farmers will not vote for CBN in 2019 and split of Farmers votes in 2014, was the main reason for YSRCP defeat.

        >> 2014–2019 CBN rule will be remembered for deceiving Farmers, droughts, Kammapradesam, Sramadhanam—MaroJanmabhoomi schemes. CBN rule is to Fool People, by telling them “”You Rule Yourself and I am not God””

      • Ravi Shankar C

        I don’t think so. ORR itself took ten years and still not completed. Our system will not allow things to complete rapidly as mentioned by CVR. Meanwhile Jagan should make few changes and build Image and remove all negativity. He should be approachable and wait till TDP commits mistakes. There are no elections around and there is no need to hurry up and commit mistakes.

    • PSK

      Hello Sir,
      It’s really very good if NDA/TDP can achieve, if not all atelast 70% of them….If that happens, atelast if they complete Polavaram project…next elections, I’ll vote for BJP…..

      • CVR Murthy

        Kadapa steel plant and Mannavaram BHEL plant are to be included. The point to be noted is there is decent chance for things to happen in AP unless India fails to recover for the next 3/4 years. All that is required from CBN is persuading CG and the ministers there.

        This is the best that can happen to AP, what should YSJ do in such a situation.

        • Ashok

          >>> Chandrababu was in opposition for 10 years, everybody thought that Telugudesam Party is a gone case. Telangana Bifurcation issue and Modi factor came as the best opportunity provided by destiny for Chandrababu to become CM again. Nobody can predict one’s destiny!!
          >>> YS fans should not worry too much about the future of YS Jagan and his destiny. YS Jagan should always be a Mass Leader fighting for the causes of all sections of people and he should continue to be with the people. YS Jagan should learn the Art of Managing Perception in the Minds of Voters interacting with Media regularly and effectively.
          >>> Once upon a time DMK Karunanidhi was the King and now AIDMK Jayalalitha is the Queen. In politics, anything can happen. Lets wait and watch the Cinema shown by Chandrababu from 2014–2019.

      • Ashok

        >>>If BJP develops three Capital Regions for Seemandhra in three Regions of Seemandhra like Vizag, Vijaywada–Guntur and Tirupati and Completes Polavaram Project with linkage canals to provide surplus 200 TMC water to Rayalaseema, then my Vote is for BJP. They don’t need to Complete all projects 100% but atleast 50% of their effort is shown in terms of genuine action to develop all the three regions of Seemandhra, I will vote for BJP.
        >>> If National party like BJP repeats the same mistake of TDP-Hyderabad–centric model in Seemandhra by developing Vijayawada–Guntur–centric model, then it means NAIDU First, Nayakudu Next for both Venkayya and Chandrababu.
        >>> Hope God gives a good Sense to both Naidus to keep their Caste–itch aside in the interests of three regions of Seemandhra.

        • PSK

          But Sir,
          Where is the money to complete all these projects…????
          Last decade IT sector was in boom plus India opened up FDI etc……now that also stagnated….Well developed Hyd city itself IT is not that grwoing fast enough now…For the new state we need to build the minumum infrastructure first for the companies to operate at the bare minimum….Economy looks bleak…GDP is @rate of 4%….New AP State is in doldrums…..At the max what CBN will do is build a nice Secreteriat for new AP and will say he has done it all……The NRIs will pump their money in real estate projects and create an artificial hype/hike in the real estate sector which will BOOM temporarily and BURST again….

          • Ashok

            Don’t worry, Chandrababu will definitely give Seemandhra people an Electronic Version of Development with the help of his Yellow Media (recently NTV also this club) and will tell the voters to vote him again to get Real Physical Development.

          • CVR Murthy

            That is true, Unless there is a Major turnaround in the economy , it may be difficult. in 2004 Indian banks have become a bit more liberal and increased their lending this helped in funding business growth . This time i think we need FDI .Global trends and local factors are favourable for turnaround in the economy. The oil prices may go down @ 2017. The Major factor is Monsoon

            Aspirations of the people will increase and YSJ should be very strategic . I have not heard him except in election meetings and that too only 5 promises and a bit more. I am confused whether YSJ has the ability to work with others, his understanding of the macro level issues. Like I said he remains a mystery for people like me. I have to rely on conjectures and hearsay like in the case of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi

            • CVR Murthy

              *Indian banks became ……..

              • @CVR Murthy:::
                *** Necessity to Survive is the Mother of all Inventions and Innovations
                *** To Survive in Politics, YS Jagan has to Change, and he has no other Alternative
                *** Change or Perish
                *** I personally think that YS Jagan should totally change his Communication Style with Party Leaders/Cadre/Media and Common people. This lack of Communication from Jagan is leading to all types of misunderstandings and wrong negative propaganda about Jagan. Based on these misunderstandings common people are being misled by Yellow Media and a negative perception is being created in the minds of common innocent voters.
                *** Without being in Power, these are very difficult times for a New Party like YSRCP. But YS Jagan should rise upto the situation and convert the challenges into opportunities.

    • mekonking

      @CVR garu , this is why i badly wanted jagan to come to power. As a new state there is every opportunity to show some development . And Definitely the party which won 2014 will have a better chance to win in 2019 , unless massive corruption and other bad things happen.
      We missed a golden opportunity. Lets work as a good opposition and bring issues to the people.
      If you look at Babu he is very careful with equations. He gave a good ministers to a strong coastal community.

      • Ashok

        *** Farmers Vote Bank will decide the election result in 2019. Split of this crucial Farmers vote bank in this election due to Loan Waiver Scheme, caused this defeat for YSRCP. Soon Farmers will realize the true nature of Chandrababu, one more time.
        *** Farmers and mass people, really don’t care about IIT/IIM/AIIMS etc. They only care about Welfare Schemes and Loan Waiver. If Chandrababu fails to deliver on these schemes, TDP will bite the dust in 2019.

        • CVR Murthy

          trying to predict outcome of 2019 elections is bravery . The issues , the parties everything is dynamic . what we should do is work on our weaknesses and consolidate on areas of strength. YSJ has initiated it. He has to establish a good rapport with people by unveiling himself. COMMUNICATE first

          • Sir,
            Its accepted that YSJ communication is the biggest issue which party is facing right now and his intentions are not clear to people, not sure what makes him feel that party & people can be managed without proper communication.

            If all the above mentioned points are done then TDP will come to power again in 2019, but history shows that it might not happen that way all the time.

            1. IIT & IIM will not generate much of employment, will act as good will for educated/middle class people and generate +ve buzz
            2. Capital is something which i dont think many would be impressed, its not that they haven’t seen how Hyderabad looked (or) any other big city like blore/chennai, i doubt if central funding will be that high which will beat HYD/blore/chennai
            3. Its not that easy to ensure international airways from USA & Europe get flight arranged to any airport in andhra for the next 3 yrs, just IT will not help them to operate flights, for rayalaseema chennai & blore are the best options. between tirupati/blore/chennai , i’m sure airlines will prefer the last 2 metros
            3. Till 2004 CBN has built ISB, few other educational inst across HYD, but still he lost, its just that people capability to accept a given person/rule for a period of time
            4. Few factors which will make TDP unpopular could be natural issues like drought/flood/cyclones/, if agriculture output comes out good irrespective of all these conditions then TDP has good chances for 2019
            5. If there are water supply issues for krishna then it will have huge impact on dis-satisfaction level’s , it doesn’t matter for people whether things are in control of TDP or not, all they want is to show their anger on ruling party
            6. Land allocation for Industries is going to be tricky issue, Srikakulam people haven’t accepted thermal power plant, now how many other dist people will be forthcoming to given land for projects is to be seen. I was told that Vijayawad-machilipatnam national highway expansion is lying since years as people are not forthcoming to give up their land
            7. Do we really think that all the big business people who have shelled out hundreds of crores will remain silent and let a corrupt free govt run in AP? If yes, then it needs to be seen.
            8. Corporates who have invested heavily in BJP will want their share from coastal AP, how they will handle development without -ve impact to poor people and still show development is the key point.
            9. Its not easy to setup IT in Andhra, even cities like chandigarh/jaipur/Indore/ahmedabad/trivandrum had their own difficulties to attract investments. Apart from facing challenges with HYD/blore/chennai if a city in andhra develops IT exports that will be really commendable, but that would need acceptance by entire India IT crowd and not just Andhra IT workforce. Andhra is seen as telugu speaking people, with very less penetration of Hindi except vizag (which is already considered as polluted city), which has its own challenge from Bubneshwar/kolkatta.

            babu developing IT in HYd was part of boom, industry should see a different boom to get that shift to andhra, which i’m not sure of.

            Manufacturing industries is the only option and need to be seen. People will always have discontent, petrol/gas/daily commodities price will always go high and discontempt raises, its on opposition to tap it nicely. History will always gives its opportunities….

            • CVR Murthy

              I agree with you that improving the quality of education or engineers coming out of more than a lakh of students is better than one IIT or so. Similarly IIMs etc. There are two prerequisites for the things listed out to happen 1) Economy of India turn around 2) Intent to do it

              Ultimately the voters will decide based on several factors including performance . The international airport is possible but one or two may land aircraft like silk air etc.

              Corruption will be there but Media will not make a hue and cry .

              Overall , some of them will happen some may not but total failure is unlikely .

              YSRCP can gain advantage from the failures of TDP at the same time YSRCP has to build own strength . YSR and YSJ are only assets and YSJ is also YSRCP liability. Many of the issues can be sorted out with the public (Perception issues) by communication with Public through media .

  3. Ashok

    చంద్రబాబు ముఖ్యమంత్రి అయిన తరువాత అయన ప్రవర్తన:
    1) రోజు press meets పెట్టి మరి “సమస్యల” చిట్టా చదవడం, అందరికి తెలిసిన సమస్యలని మల్లి మల్లి చెప్పి జనాలని mind game తో బయ బ్రాన్తులకి గురి చేస్తునాడు. అసలు చంద్రబాబు ని ముక్యమంత్రిని చేసింది, సమస్యల్ని సమర్దవంతముగా ఎదుర్కొని పరిష్కార మార్గాలని చూపిస్తు ప్రజల్లో నమ్మకాన్ని ధైర్యాన్ని పెంపొందించే విధముగా పరిపాలన చెయ్యమని. రోజు press meets పెట్టి సమస్యల్ని మాత్రమె వూదర కొట్టే వాడిని, ముఖ్యమంత్రి అనరు కాని తప్పించుకొని తిరిగే పిరికి మోసగాడు కోతలరాయుడు అని అంటారు.
    2) తలా తోక లేని all free ఎన్నికల వాగ్దానాలు ఎవడు చెయ్యమన్నాడు. చంద్రబాబు all free ఎన్నికల వాగ్దానాలు, అతనిని ముఖ్యమంత్రి చెయ్యడానికి పనికివస్తాయి కాని ఆ వాగ్దానాలు అమలు కావడానికి పనికి రావా??
    3) రైతులకి రుణ మాఫీ అంటే: ముఖ్యమంత్రి అవ్వడం కోసం రైతుల వోట్లని డబ్బుతో కొనుక్కోవడం కాదా? మరి ఇప్పుడు చంద్రబాబుని రైతులు ముక్యమంత్రిని చేసారు, మరి చంద్రబాబు ప్రభుత్వం రైతుల రుణ మాఫీ డబ్బులు బ్యాంకులకి కట్టకపోతే, అది మోసం దగా వెన్నుపోటు కాదా?
    4) 30 years industry CM , అని ఎన్నికల ప్రచారం లో డప్పు కొట్టుకున్నారుగా, ఇప్పుడు ఎన్నికల వాగ్దానాల్ని అమలు చెయ్యలేక జనాల్ని మోసం చేస్తే, జనాలు రైతులు ఆగ్రహముతో తెలుగుదేశం కార్యకర్తలని బట్టలు వుడతీసి వచ్చే ఎన్నికల్లో వోట్ ద్వారా కొట్టరా?

  4. Ashok

    1) ఆ నాయుడు ఈ నాయుడు కలిస్తే ‘కమ్మ’ని రాజదాని
    2) గుంటూరు లో నేను ఇంజనీరింగ్ కాలేజీ లో చదివిన అనుభవం: ఎక్కడ చూసినా “కమ్మ’ని వాసన, professional కాలేజీ లో చదువుతున్నామా లేక “”కమ్మ””ని కుల సంగం hostel లో చదువుతున్నామా అనే భావన కలుగుతుంది, కులం కోసం కుల సంగాలు కోసం “కమ్మ”ని అరాచకాలు చేసే batch , “”కమ్మ””కీచకులతో విడిపోయిన కృష్ణ గుంటూరు సమాజం. ఈ “కమ్మ”ని feeling ఉన్నంత కాలం, విజయవాడ-గుంటూరు-మంగళగిరి-తెనాలి region లో రాజధాని కి కావలసిన తెలుగు జాతి ఐక్యత భావం అసాధ్యం.
    3) రియల్ ఎస్టేట్ అంటే నెల్లురువాడు , నెల్లూరు వాళ్ళు అంటేనే రియల్ ఎస్టేట్ (generalize చేసి చెబుతున్నాను, don ‘t take it literally ). అలాంటి నెల్లూరు వాళ్ళే ఈ “”కమ్మ”ని వాసన దెబ్బకి విజయవాడ–గుంటూరు మధ్యన invest చెయ్యడానికి ఆసక్తి గా లేరు.
    4) తొందరపడి “కమ్మ”ని నాయుళ్ళ hype -marketing ని నమ్మి గుడ్డిగా “విజయవాడ-గుంటూరు” మరో హైదరాబాద్ కాబోతోంది అని నమ్మి invest చేస్తే “”కమ్మ””గా బోడి గుండు కొట్టిన్చుకుంటారు.
    5) కరుడుగట్టిన communists లో కుడా ఈ “”కమ్మ””feeling వుంది అంటే, ఈ ప్రాంతం గొప్పతనం, “కులం కోసం కల్లు తాగిన కోతులలాగా behave చేసే తత్వం” అర్ధం అవుతుంది.

    • Ashok

      Master Plan of CM Chandrababu::::
      1) Donate the entire Central Govt. package money given to build Seemandhra Capital to his Community Farmers, by building the capital in Vijayawada-Guntur-Tenali (Kammapradesam) region. Similar sketch was successfully implemented while selecting the location of Hitech city which is close to “”Kammapradesam””
      2) This is the main reason, why many Kammapradesam-TANA-NRIs are hyper-active in creating Hype-marketing for investments in this region.
      3) Kammapradesam people are fooling people of other regions of Seemandhra by collecting innocent people donations. Collect donations from other regions, and create Wealth in Kammapradesam.
      4) Kammapradesam is a totally divided society, and will never achieve Telugu-Unity-Regionalism-Pride, which is very essential for a Capital City Location.
      5) If Chandrababu as CM, focuses on only Centralization of development in Kammapradesam by Ignoring Vizag, Nellore and Tirupathi, then it will fuel Separate Uttharandhra and Greater Rayalaseema demands.
      6) I really miss YSR, the true Son of Telugu Soil and True Unifier of Telugu Pride and Unity. All his welfare schemes benefited all Telugu people, irrespective Caste/Region/Religion.

  5. Vishnu

    Two 2 speakers in today’s ntvlive are very good,
    Veeraiah garu,(CPM ) and Devendar reddy (Congress)
    effective speakers. Our party need leaders like these.
    Especially Veeraiah very composed and effective in speaking to the point. Clearly communicating the reason behind the white papers TDP going to issue.

  6. RR

    What happened to Rayalaseema savior : TG Venkatesh ? where is he hiding while CBN is planning to establish capital between Vijayawada and Guntur ?

  7. RR

    What more you can expect from CBN who studied BA political science.

  8. CV Reddy

    ‘నంబర్ వన్ కూలీ’ బాబు గారి మీద బాంబు లాంటి కార్టూన్
    భాయియో…బహనొ… వచ్చే ఐదేళ్ళలో నా లాంటి కూలీ/ కార్మికుడు మీకు దొరకబోడని… విజయానంతరం నరేంద్ర మోడీ అనడం మీకు గుర్తుండే ఉంటుంది. ఈ లోపు అంధ్రప్రదేశ్ ముఖ్యమంత్రి నారా చంద్రబాబు నాయుడు కూడా ఇంచుమించు అదే మాట అన్నారు.
    అయితే…దేశ రాజధాని నుంచి వెలువడే…”మెయిల్ టుడే” పత్రిక కార్టూనిస్టు ఆర్.ప్రసాద్ గారు బాబు గారి ఈ డైలాగ్ బేస్ చేసుకుని ఈ కార్టూన్ వేసి ఈ రోజు ప్రచురించారు. కార్టూనిస్టులు తలుచుకుంటే… దేనికి, దేనికైనా ముడి పెడతారు కదా!

    • Babu garu…

      Choodataniki… Coolie number one ga ne kanipistharu. Kani…
      Chestalu , Asthulu choosthe….Kadie number one ga Anipistharu !!!

      @ Babu garu …

      Meeru kattukune Bezawad kotalaki ..memu Itukalu pampala ??
      Sorry….Isuka kuda pampam.

  9. రుణ మాఫీ చంద్రబాబు మాఫీ చేస్తాడా?లేదా ?నేను బెట్ కట్టగలను బాబు గారు తప్పకుండా మాఫీ చేస్తారు ..ఎనీ డౌట్స్ ..

  10. CV Reddy

    రెండున్న చోట మూడోది అవసరమా?

    ఏమయిందీ వెంకయ్య నాయకుడికి..ఎవరూ నోరు మెదపరేం? విజయవాడ..విజయవాడ..గుంటూరు..గుంటూరు అంటూ ఈ బస్ కండక్టర్ కేకలేమిటి? అంటే ప్రభుత్వం మారగానే కమిటీలు, అధికారుల పర్యటనలు, సమగ్ర పర్యటనలు, పరిశీలనలు..అన్నీ గాలికిపోయాయా ఏం..ఇలా మట్లాడడం.. ఎంత హానికరం..గుర్తించరేం? ఇలాంటి వ్యవహారాలకు చెల్లించక తప్పదు భారీ మూల్యం.

    యుపిఎ విభజనను సక్రమంగా చేయలేదని విమర్శించిన వారిలో సదురు భాజపా వాదులు కూడా వున్నారు. మరి వారు అధికారంలోకి వచ్చిన తరువాత రాజధానిపై ఇలాంటి మాటలు వినిపిస్తుంటే, సర్కారు ఏం చెప్పాలి. రాజధాని నిర్ణయం పై మా విధి విధానం ఇది. లేదా యుపిఎ నిర్ణయించిన కమిటీనే పనిచేస్తుంది. అదీ కాదంటే కొత్త కమిటీ వేస్తాం..ఇలా ఏదో ఒకటి చెప్పకుండా, వదిలేస్తే, చంద్రబాబు నాయకుడు, వెంకయ్య నాయకుడు కలిసి, విజయవాడ గుంటూరు ల నడుమ మూడో నగరాన్ని నిర్మించాలని ఫిక్సయిపోయారు. –

    ఇలా అంటే అదిగో ప్రాంతీయ విబేధాలు రెచ్చగోడతారేం..ఎప్పుడు మీకు కులాల గొడవేనా..కులాల ప్రస్తావన లేకుండా మీరు రాయలేరా అని విజ్ఞులైన పాఠకుల కామెంట్లు, కుల ప్రాతిపదికన ఆలోచించడం లేదని చంద్రబాబు, వెంకయ్య నాయుడులను గుండెలమీద చెయ్యి వేసుకుని చెప్పమనండి. చంద్రబాబు చుట్టూ, సుజన, కంభంపాటి, గరికపాటి, ఇలా ఒక వర్గం కోటరీనే ఎందుకు వుంది చెప్పమనండి. బాబు ఎంచుకుని మరీ తెచ్చుకునే అధికారులెవరు? వెంకయ్య పోయి పోయి హరిబాబునే ఎందుకు భాజపా అధ్యక్షుడిని చేసారో అడగండి..ఇలా రాజకీయనాయకులు, వాళ్ల వ్యవహారాలు కులాల కంపు కొడుతుంటే, ప్రస్తావించకుండా వుండడం ఎలా సాధ్యం? ఇప్పుడు తన స్వంత ప్రాంతం నెల్లూరును కూడా మరిచిపోయి, వెంకయ్య కృష్ణ-గుంటూరు అని అరుస్తున్నది ఎందుకని? అప్పుడు కులాల ప్రస్తావన మానేద్దాం.

  11. Kumar

    @ NLR, @ CV Reddy.

    Its Premature and Its just a Thought, Why Some High Profile Educated Advocate go and File a Case on TDP Party against manifesto

    1) Cheating Around 80 Lk Agricultural Voters for not Waiving the Loan on First Day Sign. Why he needs Committee.

    2) Job for Every Family

    3) Unemployment Benefits

    If Some Body File a Case Against Party, Next Time Three will be no False Promise

    • @ kumar..

      Peoples court is the biggest court . HC / SC kanna theerupu thondaraga vasthundhi !!
      I think the banks are fighting his loan waiver legally.

  12. PSK

    By the way…where is this MEE SATTAA!!! LOK SATTA….Adhinetha…still under hibernation???

    • May be JP is making plans to come into Tdp as his dream of being a central Minister and acting as a syndicate for Industries was shattered !!
      “PACHHA MUSUGULO…MOSAGALU ” ….Cinema title
      JP is the hero
      Side heros can be Narayana Chowdary and Raghavulu Chowdary .
      Actresses can be Drenuka and Purandesawari ??
      Special affect – item song from Balayya
      Fight master – CBN
      Producer can be Dramapati / Kavuri and the Director is none other than Raghavender Rao !!
      Advertisements from Dramoji, Dramakrishna and Raviprakash.
      Audience….AP public.
      I don’t have to tell who the common villain is for these people as he is the Real Hero for the masses.

  13. PSK

    Goobey babu gaadu says…he is not GOD to sign off the loans…This is the kind of attitude he will have next 5-years…This exactly shows that Goobey gaadu never changed…will never change in this life…..So we don’t really need to worry much…goobey gaadu attitude itself will make him drown…

  14. CV Reddy

    Banks may take legal route to end governments’ loan waiver programmes for farmers

    MUMBAI: Indian banks, already carrying the burden of bad loans from infrastructure lending and economic slowdown, are looking to legally end governments’ loan waiver programmes for farmers as it breeds a culture of nonpayment and distorts the financial sector.

    A number of banks plan to approach the courts against the Andhra Pradesh government’s waiver of farm loans aggregating Rs 54,000 crore, the biggest by a state. The issue is likely to figure prominently in a meeting on Monday with Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.

  15. Dayakar Reddy

    Kamity veysi time waste cheysthunnaru..Eee lopu EEnadu, TV9 & ABN channels will put this discussion in public. aa comittee reports already completed but now they officially formed thru govt. Finally they will give a report as per the wishes of CBN. During this time, TDP will leak this report to their news channels. They will prepare the farmers to accept the limitations of the crop loans.
    Finally, Runa Mafi ani cheyppi votelu dandukunna TDP adhikaaram lo..Vote veysina farmers andhakaram lo..
    Manam YSR Cp karyakarthalam..CBN vennupotu donga ani gola cheyyatam tappithey emi cheyyaleymu.
    Unfortunately we are not even get upper hand during this situation.The reason is, our Supremo or any party officials or our gr8 sakshi channel also not in a position to highlight this issue and not taking this to public effectively and efficiently.
    Yesterday Jagan given letter & press note, for that CBN replied with live press conference. please Think which way is effetive.
    Why we are not coming into public, Why not arrnging press conefrences.

  16. PSK

    Naaku…inkaa doubt undi….DWCRA mahilalaku kuda…chembu baabu cheyistaadu….Yetti paristhithullonu ee year motham lotu budget untundi…..inni vaagdhaanalku dabbulu yekkada nundi testaadu….okavela Center dabbulichina avi state govt employees ki salaries tho migatha roju vaari vyavahaaraaliki, CBN/TDP aarbhaatalaki saripothundi….ee year maatram mana SA ki gaddu kaalame…Brahma devudu digi vachina problems solve avvavu….

  17. emina kani tappu jarigipoindi. raitulu anubhavinchandi inka 4 years 11 months wait cheyali anthe.. no options for all of them…….

  18. CV Reddy

    రుణమాఫీ పై మెలిక

    నవ్యాంధ్రప్రదేశ్ తొలి ముఖ్యమంత్రిగా ప్రమాణ స్వీకారం చేసిన చంద్రబాబు తొలి సంతకంలోనే సీమాంధ్ర ప్రజలను తీవ్ర నిరాశకు గురిచేశారు. తాము అధికారంలోకి వస్తే రైతులు, డ్వాక్రా మహిళల రుణాలు రద్దు చేస్తామని ఎన్నికల సమయంలో హామీలు గుప్పించిన చంద్రబాబు, తొలి సంతకంలోనే వాగ్దానానికి తిలోదకాలిచ్చారు. రుణ మాఫీ విషయంలో కమిటీ పేరిట మెలికపెట్టారు. రైతులు, డ్వాక్రా మహిళలు, చేనేత కార్మికుల రుణాల మాఫీపై విధి విధానాల రూపకల్పనకు కమిటీని ఏర్పాటు చేస్తున్నామని, కమిటీ 15 రోజుల కాల వ్యవధిలో అందించే నివేదిక ఆధారంగా రుణ మాఫీ చేస్తామని ప్రకటించారు. ప్రస్తుత వ్యవసాయ సీజన్ దాటిపోకుండా 45 రోజుల్లో రుణ మాఫీ అమలయ్యేలా కృషి చేస్తామన్నారు.

    రుణమాఫీకి సంబంధించి చంద్రబాబు ప్రకటన వెలువడిన వెంటనే ఎంతో ఆశతో సభకు విచ్చేసిన రైతులు తీవ్ర నిరాశా నిస్పృహల్లో మునిగిపోయారు. ఆశతో సభకు వచ్చినవారు బాబు ప్రసంగం కొనసాగుతుండగానే అర్ధాంతరంగా సభ నుంచి వెళ్లిపోయారు. నేను మారాను అని ఎన్నికల సమయంలో ఊదరగొట్టిన బాబు, తాను ఏమాత్రం మారలేదని తొలి సంతకంతోనే నిరూపించుకున్నారు. బాబు చెప్పేదానికి, చేసేదానికి పొంతన ఉండదనేదానికి ఇదే నిదర్శనంగా విశే్లషకులు భావిస్తున్నారు. రేపటి నుంచి రైతాంగం నుంచి ఎదురయ్యే ఆందోళనలను ఏవిధంగా ఎదుర్కోవాలా అనే భయంతో తెలుగుదేశం నేతలు బిక్కుబిక్కుమంటున్నారు. కమిటీ వేయడమంటే కాలయాపన చేయడమేనన్న అభిప్రాయం రైతాంగంలో నెలకొంది. హామీ ఇచ్చేటప్పుడు ఎంత నిధులు ఖర్చవుతాయి, ఎంత నిధులు వస్తాయనే విషయాన్ని ముందుగానే లెక్కలుగట్టి సిద్ధంగా ఉండాలి తప్ప ఎన్నికల పబ్బం గడుపుకున్నాక ఇదేమి తీరని అన్నదాతలు తీవ్రంగా మండిపడుతున్నారు.

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