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35 responses to “RAW DEAL FOR RAYALASEEMA?

  1. Dayakar Reddy

    I dont know what our IT team is doing…?????
    Ivi kooda chakkaga maintain cheyya leyra..
    I request our team to go through all websites and search for YSR CP, JAGAN, YSR, Vijayamma, Sharmila names and if found any false allegations or any other wrong posts.. We shall report or same shall be deleted, if possible.
    We should work on this..

  2. Dayakar Reddy

    i am against the YSS letter and further situations… Strategy missed in this issue.
    Earlier only few are aware of this issue, that too who are active in internet.
    We can lodge a complaint without issuing a letter to public/press meet..We can arrest the concern basterds without making this public issue. But ippudu idhi andhari nollalo naanuthondhi and the letters n case info will be available for permenent in internet from now on.
    YSS is Rajanna’s daughter..alaantidhi oka normal issue laaga deeni deal cheysaaru.
    Eykkado maturity miss avvuthondhi. Pavrusham, Badha vuntaayi but oka party nadipey tappudu konni limitations kooda vuntaayi.
    Deal cheysey paddathi maarchi vuntey baagundeydhi. my personnel opinion.

  3. Adnan

    CBN spending 3 crores tax payers money for Lake view guest house vaastu corrections and renovations.

    Radhakrishna chowdary, how many crores you have collected for AP development so far?

  4. Some facts behind the screen….
    Lands occupied by the non corrupt and clean yellow gang in Hyderabad.


  5. Phani Reddy

    Narayana student committed suicide on being harassed by mgmnt since he couldn’t pay fees,clg Chairman is a Minister:(


    • Adnan

      What is YSRCP students wing doing?

      • underhill

        It is head of student and many other wings for YCP are just good for nothing. only god knows why Jagan put them in those places?? If Jagan really wants to correct the mistakes he should start with replacing the conveners of many wings and district conveners like Balineni.

  6. @ Babu garu …Can u please beg the Centre for funds instead of the public to build a Capital in Vij / Guntur ??
    The bricks , cement and the sand has to come from the govt and not the people.
    Why should people make donations when you and the centre already promised for Mega and Smart citys before the polls ??


    Public are only asking for good basic needs like food , shelter , clean water , good healthcare , power , reduced corruption , low prices etc.
    Metros and metro trains are last on their list.

  7. Ram

    I just heard KCSR recent speeches in T assy. Very impressive. He seems much different to earlier known person. Hope he turns out and implements his ideas and serve T. Hope CB learn from T and implements clear people oriented policies instead of jargon.

    Team yellow, why do not we put all our differences aside, and work towards betterment of both T and SA. Why do not we start clean political debates or discussions leaving our baggage and bias?

  8. What a sick world we are all living in now ??
    Fanatics killing their own people and destroying their own country !!


  9. Ram

    What ever is the issue, YSS must have ignored this. Same should have been the case earlier with NBK etc. This is unnecesary publicity for some.

  10. Phani Reddy

    Narayana student committed suicide on being harassed by mgmnt since he couldn't pay fees,clg Chairman is a Minister:( pic.twitter.com/MbxbCprMAE— PawanKalyan (@PawanKalyanFan) June 15, 2014

  11. what happened to nandamuri website. somebody hacked?

  12. Well done KCR garu …

    Nasty and false allegations should be met with consequences.


    Papam pande time deggara padi natlundhi ??
    Sontha Journalist chepputho kottina siggu leni varini ami anali ???
    All they do is remove those videos from Youtube !!
    Ante moham meedha vummu vesthe tuduchukoni povatam ante idhe nemo ??
    What kind of a life are these people living having crores in their pockets ??

  13. Raj

    well done Mr. PRABHAS

    You Have showed your respect towards Women.
    Best wishes for your upcoming movies.
    we all condemn to this incident, authorities should take serious action against the individuals and also their family.
    i think most of them are not born to their mothers i guess?

  14. Well done PRABHAS ….

    And also think for a moment why you and Ravi Teja are not allowed to grow beyond a certain level in Tollywood in spite of your talent ??


    • @ Yellow people who visit our blog ……

      I am not writing this because I am perfect nor do I expect others to be perfect. I am writing from only what I have seen, heard and experienced about you people over the last 20 years.

      Why do develop such hatred towards fellow human beings whom you have never seen or met in your lives ??
      Why do you want to die knowing that millions out there hate your community ??
      There are hundreds of muslim soldiers who gave up their lives fighting for India in the Indo Pak wars . Would that be possible if everyone was a fanatic ??
      What would you do if Pakistan / China declare a war on India 20 yrs down the line ? Would you protect your own community or Do you think you would be protected only by your community or Would you all run away to America ???
      All I am trying to ask you is what comes First in your life ? And do you know that there are some wonderful people in your community too and sadly you are bringing a bad name for them ??

      Pls have a look at this video …

      How a dog which is un educated can show affection towards a disabled child (Downs child) although he is disabled and not from the same race or breed .

      Finally….Please stop hating others and think of doing good to all.
      We will die one day and take nothing with us. It is worth dying happily knowing that not many hate us !!

  15. VNR college should take responsibility fot what has happened .
    The parents were not even aware of the trip , the students were told that it was an Industrial trip and there was not enough staff accompanying them.
    On any trips it is the organisation that takes the responsibility and why not in this case ?
    Didn’t the Malaysian airways take the respinsibility fot the recent dissaperance of their plane in the Indian ocean ??


    Management and media doing a good job to hide the facts ??
    Old students supporting the college on the incident !!! They are not related to this incident at all and they did not lose their brothers or sisters.
    Telangana govt should bring them to Justice.

    • Ravi

      Do we have list of companies those are doing their operations in Residual Andhra pradesh? Sri city has almost 56 MNC Companies which also contains Pepsi, Coke, Cadbury, Colgate-Palmolive, ISUZU like big name companies. We need to publish this information in media to mention that we already have big named companies in our state and need to get more business from them. Otherwise TDP will outrightly mention false news that they have brought these companies into Andhra pradesh.

      • Ravi

        I have already started mentioning these information to my TDP friends. Just to mention that these companies already have foot holds in AP and TDP just need to use the existing ground to get more investments.Indirectly mentioning that YSR government gave a big boost on these things.

        • True brother. Mouth talk is the key.
          Our Party backoffice should provide some posters, indicating the same, before its too late.
          otherwise, we would be again on losing side, as in the case of IT propaganda.

    • Adnan

      Absolutely , Senior students have nothing to do with this unfortunate incident. Let the parents who lost their beloved ones speak and get justice.

  16. This what any fanatism can ultimately do to this world …destruction, destruction and destruction.


    One of the comment for the above article….

    lust for adventure, constantly traveling, United States, 4 hours ago

    Religion is the poison of humanity

  17. CV Reddy

    షర్మిలమ్మ మీద దుష్ప్రచారం వెనక నారా లోకేష్ టీం ?

    చదువు ‘కొన్న’ లోకేష్ 100 మంది తో ఒక టీం ఏర్పాటుచేశాడు .ఆ టీం పనేమిటంటే టీవీ చర్చల్లో పెట్టె పోల్స్ కు SMS లు పంపటం, ఆన్ లైన్ లో ,వెబ్ సైట్ లలో కామెంట్స్ పెట్టడం, టీవీ షో లలో వేరు వేరు పేర్లతో ఫోన్ చేసి బాబు ను పొగడదము, జగన్ అండ్ కో ను తిట్టడం, అలాగే రాజకీయ ప్రత్యర్ధులను అపఖ్యాతిపాలు చేయడం .

    మీరు కావాలంటే రాత్రిళ్ళు 11.30-12.00 వచ్చే టీవీ9, టీవీ5 వారధి, ప్రవాసాంధ్ర ప్రోగ్రాం లు చూడండి.మీరు ఎవరైనా ప్రయత్నిస్తే ఫోన్ కలవదు కానీ రోజూ ఒక 20 మంది వస్తారు అందులో 18 మంది జగన్ ను తిడతారు.రోజూ వారికే ఫోన్ ఎలా కలుస్తుంది అని మాత్రం అడక్కండి.అదంతే అంతా ఒక పద్దతిప్రకారం అలా జరిగిపోతాయి.

    నెలలో దాదాపు 20 రోజులు TDP నాయకులు టీవీ చర్చలో అతిధులుగా ఉంటారు, ఒక 5-7 మంది తెరాస వాళ్ళు ఉంటారు, 2-3 సార్లు YSRCP నాయకులు ఉంటారు.

    లోకేష్ టీం ఇచ్చే డబ్బులతో 20 వెబ్ సైట్ లు,కొన్ని చానళ్ళు TDP కి అనుకూలంగా పనిచేస్తూ , రాజకీయ ప్రత్యర్ధులపై బురదచల్లుతుంటాయి.

    TDP 17 సం లు అధికారం లో ఉన్నందువలన డబ్బుకు కొదవలేదు, పైగా రాష్ట్రం లో అత్యంత ధనికులు అయిన ఒకసామాజిక వర్గం అండదండలు పుష్కలంగా ఉన్నదున ఇలాంటివి ఎన్నైనా చేస్తారు.


    • vunda vachhu. yendukante lokesh gurinchi cheddaga sakshi lo pracharam cheyadanni sahinchaleka kakasha katti kavalani leni poni apaddalu srustinchi ysr family image debba kottadaniki elanti neechamina vatiki palpadi vundavachhunu. ina unnadi unnatlu telesindi telesinatlu sakshi lo chepparu, chupincharu. indulo thappu yemundi. evanni sakshi kavalani okari image debbakottadaniki chesinavi kavu. swayanga CBN friend kola krushna mohan evanni velladinchadu.

  18. vissu

    రాజధాని విజయవాడ గుంటూరు మధ్య లో కడతామని ఇద్దరు నాయుళ్ళు ..సారీ నాయకులు .. అంటున్నారు..సంతోషం.. డిసైడ్ చేసి టెంకాయలు కొట్టి పని ప్రారంబించోచు కదా.. ప్రతీసారి ఈ లీకులేంది సామి.. అంటే అక్కడ ఉన్న స్థలాలని అన్నింటిని మనోళ్ళు కొనేసి రియల్ ఎస్టేట్ బూమ్ పెంచేసి మనోళ్ళు(రమేష్, సుజన,కంభపాటి,నారాయణ, వగైరా..) ఎలేచ్షన్స్ లో పెట్టిన ఖర్చు కు డబల్ ఆదాయం వచెంతవరకు పని ప్రారంభించరు అన్నమాట…

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