AP Assembly session begins today

After oath, the House will pay homage to MLA-elect Prabhakar Rao
YSRCP protests omitting Shobha Nagi Reddy for homage
Speaker, Dy Speaker to be elected on June 20
Guv to address joint session on 21st
Debate on motion of thanks to Governor’s address on 23, 24
House to be adjourned sine die on 24th



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31 responses to “AP Assembly session begins today

  1. CVR Murthy

    Modi took over on 22nd May

    1. Article 370 discussion – J & K 2. Person accused of Rape in is a Minister 3. Use of Hindi compulsory on Internet 4. Uniform Civil Code 5 Pompous swearing in

    CBN took over on 8th June

    1 Failed to deliver on Waiver of Loans 2. Pension from october 3. Retirement age revised upwards denying employment to youth 4. Assumes office after 2 weeks 4. Huge expenditure on swearing in modifications to Lake view and L block while appealing for contributions from Public 5. Partisan approach

    Keep a Count

    • sreechapan

      youngistan type program dwara reach out to colleges, about retirement age increase. it shouldn’t be party program at all.

  2. CVR Murthy

    నేను పోస్ట్ చేసిన కామెంట్ పోయింది

    • Vishnu

      it is happening sometimes. Not sure what triggers it. I think if you dont click on website text box, it fails I think

  3. Friends.. sincere suggestion to all…
    Just like CBN successfully created impression as the architect of Hitec city.. he is going to do same for SA development as well.
    As someone pointed out, every now and then, we should remind industrial progress achieved by YSR. sricity.KrishnaPatnam port/Mannavaram etc…, just to remind people.

    today, yellow media saying CBN/BJP will bring IIT/IIM/AIIMS to SA. He brought ISB to hyd. but, YSR already brought IIT, 3 IIITs, IMT, BITS, and NIMS-Bibinagar, 3 JNTUs, university to each dist, Medical college to each dist.

    Please be alert and counter yellow propaganda with cool head.
    Don’t go overboard about our support to party etc.. just plain facts.

  4. Phani Reddy

    Nice to see Jyothula Nehru garu sitting beside Jagan in Assembly.

    Jagan anna should elevate Jyothula Nehru, Sujaya Krishna Ranga Rao, Kona Raghupati, Kodali Nani, Rajanna Dora, etc.

  5. @ Anil….

    Please try to expose the yellow weed and do a favour to all others in the society.
    Caste is only a temporary amusement for some in India ,especially in AP.
    Let them carry it from womb to tomb.
    It is important that we win the hearts of all sections of the society and not a handful of leaders from different community’s .
    Power is not permanent.

    • @ NLR :- Cant agree more. We should come out of complaining mode in terms of how many positions occupied by certain caste etc, lets see it as just position given…..same applies to YSR rule too…game continues…stop cribbing.

  6. Facts behind the screen…

    Babu’s first BETRAYAL…

    Pension only for people with more than 80 % disability ( only with 20 % chance of survival) !!!


    @ Babu garu…….aa dabbulu kuda mee vallake panchandi …andhukante people with 80 % disability cannot even fill an application.
    Most them are waiting to die !!

    More shocks to come

    • Vishnu

      I dont know if this is a shock to anyone. I was not expecting him to do anything in the manifesto.
      In coming years he will generously(?) give land and other huge concessions to corporates to establish and publicize his name (permanent structures to remind ). Every media house will carry banner stories saying he brought so and so company here. He will make sure officially no corruption charges against him.
      And in few years people will forget all corrupt practices, mistakes, double talk, faults and etc he committed, as no other news media will report his faults. And story will repeat. People with short-term memory loss will vote and elect him again. Thanks to entire community(communities) behind him.
      Still will be praised as the visionary CM by all media , all IT guys and other educated wise people.

    • i’ll be fair to CBN on this work, he is going to get good marks from poor people & pensioners for this program, he is raising the pension from minimum 200 to 1000 rupees, and 1500 for those with 80% disability.

      Yes, he might have said that he will give 1500 for everyone with disability irrespective of % of diability, but that is anyways more than what YSRP offered them which i think is around 700 rupees, which anyways is lesser than what CBN might offer as minimum.

      If we see from neutral perspective CBN is scoring good marks. Its another case that CBN might have failed to deliver on his word of 1500 rupees for every disabled person, but i’m sure nobody will complain on this backtrack, as still they are better off.

  7. Ram

    Problem manam manam baram puram gurinchi kadannai. Pina vallu ela unna, Dr YSRR garunte saamanya prajalu andaru hayiga challaga batikevallu, okka paityam unna aa paccha batchee tappa. Gippudu ee mayalollu kallu moosi teriche loga wb kosam ememi marchestaro, ememi paccha bhajantree la development vayidyalu vayinchi oorlu oorlu panchesukuni saamanya prajalato bhavi taralato aadukuntaro ane badha. Monna daka SA split aite vere desam avvalano, leda YCP vaste vere desam vellipotamano urrutaloogina paityam bathee ki unnattundi desam meda mamakaaram, bhavishattu meda aasa. Chetulu kaltai ayya pattukokandi ante mata vinale. Pattukunnaru.. gaddala babala mayalo paddaru.. churruna kaale roju daggaralone undi.. akule pattukuntaro inkemi chestaro chudali.

  8. This WEED is more dangerous than Taliban matha picchi, because these people do it behind the screen and loot the state.Where as Taliban are quiet open about their madness.
    Good luck AP !!

    • Anil Reddy

      Nagireddy anna ni choosthe gunde tharukku pothondhi…. baagaa matladaadu kooda … kakapothe Gourava Mukhyamanthri gaaru ani Donga babu ni pilusthaante onti meedha thellu jerrulu paakinattu vundhi

  9. Phani Reddy

    All the best Jagan Anna…

    MP, MLA, Party President, Opposition leader…All positions are done except CM. 2019 manadhey.

    • All the best to YSRCP Team.
      Mana Staruvulu kuda…vangi namaskaram pettethattu…vundali mana Praja poratam.
      We will fight for restoring the Human and Deomcratic values in AP politics.

  10. vissu

    All the best Yedugoori Sandinti Jagan & team…

  11. CV Reddy

    మనం మనం బరంపురం

    TV9 CEO రవి ప్రకాష్ చౌదరి పై కేసు నమోదు చేసిన కోర్టు
    TV9 ,ABN కు మద్దతుగా రంగం లోకి దిగిన వెంకయ్య నాయుడు, చంద్రబాబు నాయుడు?


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