YSR Congress party president Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy on Tuesday paid floral tribute to his father and late chief minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy on his 65th birth aniverssary at his “samadhi” (grave) Idupulapaya,Kadapa district.
YSR Congress Party honorary president Y S Vijayamma, daughter Sharmila, daughter-in-law Bharathi, YSR’s brother Vivekananda Reddy and other leaders observed silence and paid rich tributes to YSR.

Thousands of followers also paid floral tributes along with YSR family and remembered him on his social welfare schemes and commitment to eradicate poverty from the state.


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  1. Raj

    we will remember you till we die
    Johar YSR garu

  2. ps

    there is a tdp hording infront of tenali railway stztion arch. central government didn’t take any action aginst them

    • Anil Reddy

      redwood ammagaa vachina dabbulu Runamafee ki chellisthaadanta Donga babu….yevaru konakapothe baagundu

      • Gopi

        some of my idiot TDP friends always say that YSR sold all natural resources to fund 108 etc.. what is red sandle wood? is nt it natural resource? is it “Ramoji vaakitlo sandle wood chettu?”
        we have 4 yrs 10 months to go. Koyyaaali okkokkadini..

  3. Vikram

    నరేంద్ర మోడీ చైనా, జపాన్ లను చూసి వాతలు పెట్టుకున్నట్లు ఉంది..బులెట్ ట్రైన్ లు ,200 కి మీ వేగం తో రైల్ లు లాంటివి చూస్తుంటే..60000 కోట్ల తో బులెట్ ట్రైన్ !!!!..నిజం గా మన రైల్వే మార్గాలు అంత సామార్థ్యాన్ని తట్టుకునేంత స్థాయి లో ఉన్నాయా ….

  4. Vikram

    పెద్దాయన కు పుట్టిన రోజు శుభాకాంక్షలు..

  5. Madam still craving for power…I hope she pays for her sins whilst on Earth.


    You broke our state into pieces and tried to crush the family of a Legend that brought your Party to power not once but twice .
    Yet one daring Young Man plucked out your roots from AP to the extent that you could not win even a single MLA / MP seat !!
    Where are those dogs that barked everyday in front of your house now ??

  6. We have seen what the loss of One MAN and I mean just one MAN can do to a State !! The Golden days of Telugu land ended with him.

    Pacchati Istharini chinchi…dhani meedha kakkina annam thintunnayi…..
    konni Kukkalu ?? Sorry atleast dogs show some gratitude !!

  7. YSR jayanthi shubhakankshalu…
    rajanna rajyam malli ravali.

  8. CV Reddy

    పేదల పెన్నిధి, ప్రజల మనిషి అయిన రాజశేఖరునికి 65వ జన్మదిన శుభాకాంక్షలు.
    మనమధ్య భౌతికంగా లేకపోయినా ప్రజల గుండెల్లో శాస్వతంగా ఉన్నారు మీరు రాజన్నా.
    మీరు లేని లోటు స్పష్టంగా తెలుస్తోంది ప్రజలకు రాజన్నా.
    అడవిలో సింహం లేనప్పుడు నక్కలు ,తోడేళ్ళు స్వైరవిహారం చేస్తున్నాయి.

  9. Johar YSR garu….

    1.5 years jail lo pettinaa…Nee koduku debbaku 1 MPP kooda raledhu ante…Nee raktham erupu ela untundho Italy varaku telisindhi

  10. CV Reddy

    నెలరోజుల బాబు పాలన పరిశీలకులను నిరుత్సాహపరించింది,కెసిఆర్ బెటర్ అన్నట్టుగా ఉంది.

    Cut to July 8: The euphoria so visible on Day 1 is tough to spot now. Even the party men aren’t as excited anymore. Farmers are impatient and losing faith in the government, as Naidu’s waiver assurance still awaits implementation. The committee appointed to look in to the issue hasn’t made much breakthrough yet, while the chief minister himself has failed to successfully lobby with the Centre for support on the matter. On the education front too, there isn’t much to write home about as students pinning their hopes on the fee reimbursement scheme still aren’t sure just who would support them and pay their bills now.

    “K Chandrasekhar Rao has at least made it clear that he will implement the fee reimbursement scheme for T-students. Instead of clearing the air about carrying the scheme forward in AP, Naidu is insisting that KCR should extend the scheme to AP students studying in Hyderabad.

    What about the fate of students studying in AP?“ asked an angry parent, G Narasimhara Rao. About two lakh students are anxiously wait ing to secure a seat in an engineering college for the last two months.

    Observers, disappointed with Naidu’s performance so far, claim that the CM “does not appear to be in control this time around.“ Their list of complaints also include the AP chief ‘s failure to resolve the Nagarjunasagar water crisis or put to rest the growing speculation over the location of the new state capital.

    Naidu is looking confused.
    He is focusing on the issues of `settlers’ in Hyderabad and, in the process, ignoring the grievances of those living in the Seemandhra region. This is not wise,“ observed BJP senior leader, Jammula Syam Kishore, suggesting that the AP CM turn his attention towards the governance of AP immediately .


  11. CV Reddy

    పేదల పెన్నిధి, ప్రజల మనిషి అయిన రాజసేకరునికి జన్మదిన శుభాకాంక్షలు.
    మనమధ్య భౌతికంగా లేకపోయినా ప్రజల గుండెల్లో శాస్వతంగా ఉన్నారు మీరు రాజన్నా.

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