IT Companies in Visakhapatnam Shift Base to Rajahmundry

VISAKHAPATNAM: Rajahmundry, the nearest coastal town to Vizag, has been turned into a backup facility for some IT firms located in the Steel City. With power supply yet to be restored fully, IT firms, which have been badly hit by the cyclone, have shifted base to temporarily.

Sources said the firms were under severe pressure from their clients to meet deadlines or pay for losses caused due to delay in completing projects. As the companies have lost most of their infrastructure, they were forced to set up temporary base in Rajahmundry.

“These companies could not have afforded to pay for the losses which is in crores of rupees particularly after facing the wrath of Hudhud. As many of these companies are small in size, it is easier for them to rent temporary offices in Rajahmundry rather than running offices on generators,” sources said. Adding to the delay in power restoration, the ambiguity over restoration of internet connectivity also prompted the companies to shift base. It is learnt that the IT firms will come back to Visakhapatnam immediately after power is restored to Rushikonda IT Park.

“IT companies in Visakhapatnam have been working under tough circumstances. Despite our pleas to develop an alternative power supply line and internet connectivity, the government did not respond. Had it done so, we could have saved the business,” said BV Prasad, secretary of Visakhapatnam IT Association.


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19 responses to “IT Companies in Visakhapatnam Shift Base to Rajahmundry

  1. Kiran

    I’ve seen a video on yellow media about AP’s CM challenging the mother nature.

    But one has to understand what our Mother nature can do and never challenge our mother nature. Watch this amazing video .
    Mother Earth has rights too! She’s our mother. Sh…:

    • Gopi

      We are in 2014 and people have different sources to know the reality, at least that people who are in problems.
      If it were in 90, s CBN would have successfully made people believe that he handled the situation efficiently. Sorry to say the caste name here but except some kamma fanatics nobody thinks vizag was handled in the best way.
      CBN will get more n more exposed and he is not here to enjoy the helm but only to expose himself.
      CBN can never do like ysr though he wants to copy ysr style of functioning and schemes.

  2. Vijaya dairy …losses ? Heritage dairy …..profits ??
    Visakha sugars losses ? Yellow sugars……profits ???

    Our motto —– Loot …….Invest …..Loot
    Self claimed ….Hardworking , talented and special Weed from AP .
    Beat us if you can.


    Before polls …….Will clean Ganga in 100 days
    After polls ……..It will take many years !!
    Before polls …Will expose all the Black money accounts
    After polls ….. No way !! Very lucky Babu !!( Venkayya chakram thippada ?)
    Modi …..All Indians should clean their own country whilst we give speeches for the media ??

  4. None can beat Babu in using the Media .
    Pavala paniki ………….Rupayi advertisement ??

    Comments please …. Let the world know the facts.

  5. Kondharu thindi leni variki ………koncham annam peditha ..
    Mari kondharu thindi leni vari ….battalu kottayataniki kuda venukadaru !!

  6. Whether it is Govt Milk factories or Govt Sugar factories ….
    First turn them into losses …then close them for a while ….and then sell / give them to people from your own Community.
    This is another method of looting in AP ?

    Vijaya milk …………………… Heritage milk.
    Visakha sugars ………………Heritage Sugars ?
    Vijayawada ……………………Real wada ??

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