GUEST COLUMN – Lessons learnt?

The author is a former Indian diplomat living in Visakhapatnam


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17 responses to “GUEST COLUMN – Lessons learnt?

  1. You don’t need AC buses or news channels or twitter to know the well being of the public ……….all you need is a Heart.

  2. Modi before the polls ……We will bring back the black money in 100 days.

    After the polls …. Sorry we cant ,bcs half the names on the list are from BJP and TDP ??

  3. Hi All ,

    I request moderator to provide us for the uploading the pics ,videos & audio while posting comment

    I appreciate other guys to give inputs on this ..

    Thanks ..

  4. @ KCR garu …….

    May be it is time to take out the tractors and plough Ramoji film city because the Yellow people never change .దాహం-పేరుతో-ఈనాడు-ద్రోహం-1-2-420404.aspx#.VEVRQ2K9KSM

    Beware …they are trying to spread the Weed in T through Tummala .

  5. Mana Jathi ki …..Nijayathee ana pardham ki ardham teliyadhu kadha
    mare ??

    They remind me of Vemana padhyam …
    Medi pandu choodu ………..Melimaiyundunu
    Potta vippi choodu …………Purugulundunu .

    Sadly some good people among them are suffering because of the Itch cancer of the majority.

  6. CV Reddy

    తెలంగాణలో టిడిపి దోస్తానాకు బిజేపీ కఠీఫ్

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