Land pooling: Village resolutions kept out of official records

Alarmed by some villages in the proposed capital region moving resolutions against land pooling for the capital city , the state government has directed the Guntur district administration to ensure that such opposition is not entered into the local body records.

Guntur district collector Kanthilal Dande was directed to ensure that all field-level officials abide by the government’s diktat.Soon after receiving the order, the collector asked district panchayat officer Gouri Shankar to inform all village panchayat secretaries not to enter resolutions against land pooling in the minute books of local bodies.

According to sources, the state government took a serious note of the resolution passed by Nidamarru village panchayat in Mangalagiri mandal opposing land pooling. The village is one of the 17 that have b e e n identified for the first phase of land pooling. Following the passage of the resolution by the governing body,the village secretary of Nidamarru had entered it in the minutes’ book and sent copies to senior officials.

However, the government is now worried that such official resolutions by village panchayats may create legal hurdles in case the farmers approach the court in future. As per rule, the state government has to seek the approval of village panchayat governing boards before going ahead with land acquisitions. In such a scenario, the government fears it may entirely derail the land pooling process.

In fact, the government diktat has already made an impact in Rayapudi. When the village panchayat members moved a similar resolution, the village secretary refused to record it saying he had been directed to do so by his higher-ups. The village leaders brought the issue to the notice of mandal parishad development officer (MPDO) Balu Naik and demanded an explanation.Under pressure from the villagers, the MPDO gave an assurance in writing that he would get a clarification from senior officials.


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36 responses to “Land pooling: Village resolutions kept out of official records

  1. Anil Reddy

    Eedu mathram aa pichi rathalu manatledhu.. Peruki manaku favoring site .. Kaani veedi vesha lu mathram ivi .. Someone has to give warning to this fellow

  2. For a break ……………. Angkor Vat built in the 12th century.
    Those who think that they have built Hitec city or Charminar should watch this video .

  3. YSJ (or) YCP is not capitalizing the situation fully, might be thought process is its waste of time to fight strongly on these issues, since elections are 4 yers away

  4. 190 or 1900 or 19000 crores ?? No numbers are a surprise .

    Cyclone victims in AP are still struggling for food .

    • Facts …..This is how it works for some people in AP.

      Arrange Garden parties for people from your caste.
      Get a list of all Govt officials from your caste in each department
      Send them gifts and invitations praising your caste
      Get your jobs done
      If any problems ,then contact your caste officials in Police dept to clear your name.
      If there are problems still ,then contact Judges from your caste to claim that you are innocent.
      Finally use your caste media to project you as GOD’s.
      Then re arrange a Garden Party.
      Praise each other for Looting the State.
      Curse others for telling the facts.
      Finally die …..taking nothing with them .
      Educated fanatic morons ??

      • Gopi

        Thank you for taking so much time and spending energy to expose these crooks. I know we have good readership to our blog including pandimurifans also. This needs to be exposed and it did not reach well in the past. We need to enlighten kapu’s how they are used as just puppets by Babu and how naive PK is.. I do not know how Kapu’s trusted cheater babu this time.. Otherwise it would have been close chapter for Babu.

        But peole need to realize the reality and how TDP is using caste-media to it’s advantage. This should not be like this for ever. Did eenadu or ABN ever telecast any deaths of poor for not getting pensions in the last one week? Did eenadu and ABN ever telecast that farmers are not happy to give away their lands while other choudharies are holding on to their land beside them?

        • Gopi

          Will this media keep calm if Vijayamma’s brother Ravindranath Reddy does same? or if anybody in YSCRP does the same?
          Why is YSRCP not throwing this mud on TDP and make people think? There was a news a few days back about a pastor saying that he wants to convert Tirumala into a Chruch. If this video happens to be in Jagan’s ruling, how would TDP have exposed this??
          We need staunch hindu leaders like Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy to come out and malign TDP saying that TDP is doing all this for religious votes.. I know these are cheap politics and not ethical, BUT do we want to be clean while opposition is crooked????

          • @ Gopi …
            My concern is the same .
            Manam …Viluvalu viswasaneeyatha antu kurchunta .
            Avathala …Dongalu dongalu kalasi……Voorlu dochukuntunnaru.
            We need to expose them on different platforms both locally and Nationally.
            Even Modi, PK and KCR should know the facts and tactics of Naidu & Naidu combination.
            There are some (1/2 %) good people from the fanatic caste too that hate what the majority educated morons are doing because they are being hated too for the crook tactics of others.
            One thing I can say confidently is , unless we tackle this Weed there is very little chance of the common man in AP being happy.

            If some people think this is hard work or talent or co incidence ..
            I call this a well organised Mafia .
            TDP leader…….Nara Chowdary
            CPM leader…….Raghavulu Chowdary
            CPI leader ……..Narayana Chowdary
            BJP leader …….Kamineni Chowdary
            Loksatta leader…..JP Chowdary

            So what brains have these 5% people have superior to anyone else in this world to run all the above ? This is happening no where else in India or the world. What are they learning from their parents other than caste and money ? Any ethics ?? I doubt it.
            Even if you take Taliban or ISIS ….they are only a minority fanatics and the majority of muslims are doing their jobs ethically with no problems.
            This Weed is worse than any Terrorist organisation bcs it works behind the screen with no guns or bombs but with huge financial gains. It has spread to even other continents in the names of Tana …Thandhana.
            If Taliban and ISIS fight in the name of GOD the yellow fanatics Loot in the name of Caste.
            Are the rest 95 % public in AP that dull or being made fools ??
            It will take less than a minute to guess this.
            I can say one thing …
            History lo ….Maha maha Samrajyala …….kottuku poyayi .
            Ee Chillari dongalu …………….Oka lekka ??

    • Anil Reddy

      Ysrcp has to bring out them with proofs and expose the govt

  5. Babu garu …..
    New movie with an old story on a 70 mm screen ?
    Advertisements ………..Yellow media .
    Collections …..I don’t have to repeat .

    95% sad spectators ….Public in AP taken for a ride .
    Happy spectators ……..Raghavulu Chowdary, Narayana Chowdary,
    JP Chowdary and Kamineni Chowdary ??

  6. Famers committing suicides in Anantapur …
    Balayya busy with his Shootings …
    His father would be crying from above ???

  7. CV Reddy

    హాస్యనట చక్రవర్తి రాజబాబు జీవితం అలా రోడ్డున పడింది

    తుఫాను వస్తే జోలె పట్టి ప్రజల నుంచి విరాళాలు వసూలు నటులున్నారు. రాజకీయ ప్రవేశానికి వారికి ఆ జోలె ఉపయోగపడింది.

    రాజబాబు అలా కాదు.. ప్రకృతి వైపరీత్యాలు వచ్చినప్పుడు విరాళాలు సేకరించి అప్పటి ప్రధానమంత్రి ఇందిరాగాంధీకి అందజేశారు. రాజబాబు పేదలకు ఏకంగా ఒక కాలనీ కట్టి ఇచ్చారు. రాజమండ్రిలో పాకిపనివారి దుస్థితి చూసిన ఆయనలోని మనిషి కదిలిపోయి వారి కోసం ఏకంగా కాలనీ కట్టించారు. తెలుగునాట బహుశా ఏ మహానటుడు కూడా ఇలా చేసి ఉండరు. రాజమండ్రిలో ఏకంగా ఒక జూనియర్ కాలేజీని కూడా కట్టించారు.

    1937 అక్టోబర్ 20న తూర్పు గోదావరి జిల్లాలో ఉమా మహేశ్వరరావు, రమణమ్మ దంపతులకు జన్మించిన రాజబాబు ఇంటర్ మీడియట్ చదివి, తెలుగు టీచర్‌గా ఉద్యోగంలో చేరారు. రాజబాబు అసలు పేరు పుణ్యమూర్తుల అప్పల రాజు.

    ఇంటి పేరును సార్థకం చేసే విధంగా ఆయన దాన ధర్మాలు చేశారు. దాని వల్ల వచ్చే జన్మకోసం ఆయన ఎంత పుణ్యం మూట కట్టుకున్నారో తెలియదు కానీ కష్టాల్లోనే కడతేరారు. ఎంతో మందికి సహాయం చేశారు. పేదలకు పెళ్లిళ్లు చేశారు. తాను ఆకలితో ఇబ్బంది పడినప్పుడు పట్టెడన్నం పెట్టి ఆదుకున్న అందరినీ గుర్తుంచుకొని వారికి సహాయం చేశారు. వేషాల కోసం మద్రాస్‌లో తిరుగుతున్నప్పుడు ఆకలి గుర్తించి అన్నం పెట్టిన రాజసులోచన తోటమాలిని సైతం ఎదిగిన తరువాత గుర్తుంచుకుని ఆదరించిన మానవత్వం ఆయనది. 20 ఏళ్ల కాలంలో 589 సినిమాల్లో నటించారు. వరుసగా 13 సార్లు ఫిల్మ్‌ఫేర్ అవార్డు పొందిన రికార్డు రాజబాబుదే.

  8. Bhooma Akhila will come up as a nice leader in upcoming years, she has shown that traits in this speech

  9. CV Reddy

    TDPకి ఓటేసినందుకు జన్మభూమి సభలో చెప్పుతో కొట్టుకున్న వృద్ధుడు
    పింఛను రాలేదన్న మనస్తాపంతో కృష్ణా జిల్లాలో వృద్ధుడి మృతి

    మీ కుటుంబానికి పెద్ద కొడుకునవుతా.200 ఉన్న పెన్షన్‌ను 1000 చేసి మీ బతుక్కు భరోసా కల్పిస్తా -కోతల రా(నా)యుదు

    మా నోటి దగ్గర బువ్వ లాగేశారంటూ’ పలువురు వృద్ధులు ఆవేదన చెందుతున్నారు.

    బాబు మాటలు నమ్మి ఘోరంగా మోసపోయామని ఇతర కులాల వారు అనుకొంటున్నారు

    • Anil Reddy

      I wonder how any other news paper like vaartha, prajasakthi, DC etc or any tv media didn’t capture this news … Only sakshi lone vachindhi which didn’t go well into people’s minds … Manam already jagan kosam chinna pillalu thala kindhulugaa goda kurcheelu .. Annam thinakunda vunna avvalu type stories publish chesi doubt create chesukunnam are they right ani

  10. kiran

    It’s also being told that there is about 12000acres forest/government land in mangalagiri.
    There are strong talks that this forest land will be de-notified (only after land pooling) and will be given to “their” people at throw away price for development.

  11. Capital in Vijaywada / Guntur will benefit the caste fanatic contractors and ruin the farmers ………….Ambati garu.

  12. Aa Party lo vunna …….Ami chesina ….manam andharam okkata ??
    Our Motto………….Spread the Weed ……..Loot the State.
    We then have our Yellow media to project us as Hardworking and talented people !!!

    95 % public in AP taken for a ride and it is time to Wake up.

  13. Kiran

    Jagan has lot of things to do. If everybody sits in AC room, from where do we get food? This CM not sure where and how he got educated. Sadly media do not highlight these.
    ఇప్పుడు రూ.100 కూలి వస్తే భవిష్యత్లో రూ.1000 కూలి వస్తుందని, రైతులు డబ్బు సంపాదించుకోవచ్చని…రాను రాను వారికే తెలివితేటలు వస్తాయని చంద్రబాబు వ్యాఖ్యానించారు. ఏసీ రూంలో కూర్చుంటే డబ్బు వచ్చే పరిస్థితి వస్తుందని, ఇప్పుడైతే రాత్రి, పగలు బురదలో పిసుక్కోవాలని ఆయన అన్నారు.

  14. kiran

    On a lighter note 🙂 look what happens if we start cutting trees

  15. Anna garina lekunda chesina variki ……..Annam peetta Rythu oka lekka ??
    One day they will pay the price for their sins.
    History lo …..Maha maha Samrajyala andhuku paniki rakunda poyayi .
    Vari mudhu ……… Chillari Dongalu antha ??

  16. CV Reddy

    Naidu a corporate puppet, alleges CPM

    Lashing out at the Chandrababu Naidu government for “trying to ruin“ agricultural fields to build a capital city, CPM politburo member BV Raghavulu on Thursday demanded that the government explain the reason behind the decision to pool as much as 30,000 acres.

    Stating that no new capital city is spread over such an extent of land, Raghavulu said a capital that has no place for the poor and the middle class will not serve any purpose in a democratic country . Raghavulu also alleged that Naidu has become a puppet in the hands of corporate forces.“He acted at the behest of the World Bank during his first stint as the chief minister, and now he is acting at the behest of corporate forces,“ he claimed.

    He also criticised the Centre for “trying to tinker“ with the Land Acquisition Act. He said the old Act was amended to benefit people dependent on land by incorporating stringent norms on compensation and rehabilitation. “There is no term called land pooling in the Act. The Naidu government is only trying to fool farmers by using land pooling as it is impossible to acquire such huge tracts of land under the Act,“ he pointed out.

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