Write off crop loans in cyclone-hit areas, Jagan urges Centre


Farmers in combative mood to protect lands


ఒక్క చౌదరి కోసం….



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25 responses to “Write off crop loans in cyclone-hit areas, Jagan urges Centre

  1. Maa Samudhala meedha Rajadhani kaduthara ?? …..Farmers
    Sorry …….Maa valla kosam ….Amaiyana kaduthamu.


    We love only two things in life …… Caste…….and …..Crores.
    Don’t you know that we are hardworking and talented people ??

  2. Kiran

    Be aware singapore.. he is coming.

  3. CV Reddy

    బ్యాంకులకు భారీగా డబ్బు ఎగవేసినవారిలో (315 కోట్లు) సుజనా చౌదరి 8 వ వ్యక్తి
    -కాంగ్రెస్‌ పార్టీ అధికార ప్రతినిది అజయ్ మకేన్

    టీడీపీకి అనుకూలంగా ఉండే ‘ఆంధ్రజ్యోతి’ దినపత్రికలోనే సుజనా చౌదరి పాల్పడిన అక్రమాలపై ఎన్నో వార్తలు వచ్చాయి. 12.03.2009న ‘సుజనా’త్మక మాయాబజార్’, 13.03.2009న ‘పన్ను ఎగవేత కుదిరింది’, 15.03.2009న ‘ఛత్రం కోసం చక్రం-రాజకీయ బేహారి సుజనా చౌదరి’, 01.09.2009న ‘సుజనాత్మక మాయాబజార్ నిజమే’ అనే శీర్షికలతో ఆ పత్రికలో వార్తలు వెలువడ్డాయి.

    Maken based his charge on a press release issued by the Central Bank Employees Union, Mumbai, on October 28, 2014, which listed 18 defaulters including Sujana Towers with Rs 316.61 crore.

    According to the All India Bank Employee’s Association (AIBEA), another company owned by the TDP MP too is a defaulter.

    According to a statement issued by the bank association, Sujana Universal India Limited defaulted Rs 330.42 crore. Of this, Rs 203 crore pertained to a loan taken from Bank of India and Rs 127.42 was taken from Central Bank of India.

  4. Unless this Yellow Weed is exposed and stopped in AP …
    There is no chance for any green grass to grow.


    Good luck to the 95% public.

  5. Loot ……..Invest …..Loot
    Then decalare bankrupcy with the help of caste fanatic Govt.
    What a clean life …..Ramoji ,Lagadapati , Rayapati , Kavuri , Sunjana etc are leading !!
    Really hard working talented people ??


  6. CV Reddy

    బ్యాంకులకు భారీగా డబ్బు ఎగవేసినవారిలో (315 కోట్లు) సుజనా చౌదరి 8 వ వ్యక్తి
    -కాంగ్రెస్‌ పార్టీ అధికార ప్రతినిది అజయ్ మకేన్


  7. Kiran


    In above news, There is one called anamolu satyanarayna telling they are ready to give land. When I checked here, I see that surname (anumolu) http://kammahistory.blogspot.in/
    These people (so called landlords are sitting in hyderabad by giving them for lease to Dalits and other backward classes). The main loosers here are not rich people. It is really people who are taking for lease (kavulu), daily workers working in farm lands, other people who are living on cattle (after converted to concrete jungle, they cannot grow cattle anymore) especially the areas near amaravathi are known for goat, sheep .. so many people depend on this. I cannot do anything but curse this so called CM. I am looking for a day when this guy will be out from power. I am hoping it soon. I am also surprised why nobody from Rayalaseema talk about these things.
    I am not sure how this guy is going to construct in between the villages. I am sure he will throw out those people out from their houses as he has thrown out beggars from hyderabad roads (he infact is a big beggar from World bank).
    How many capitals in India as inner ring roads and outer ring roads forget about the world. So crazy.?
    I feel so sorry for these farmers… I think they were forced to give their land.. the ministered might have threatened to take away their lands. Any lawyers.. please come forward and help these poor farmers.

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