Eye on future polls, TDP takes up caste-based survey in membership drive

HYDERABAD : In a bid to firm up its electoral prospects in the next elections when the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) could emerge as an adversary, the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) has silently undertaken a survey to ascertain the strength of various castes in both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Towards that end, a question seeking the caste status of each person is being asked in the membership enrolment drive currently undertaken by the party in both states.

“For the first time, soon after the address, the prospective member is asked his caste status. We have no negative intentions in seeking the same. The question is only to understand how the caste factor works in political dynamics,” senior TDP leader Kala Venkatarao, who is in charge of the membership drive in AP, told TOI.

According to sources, no political party in the state has sought the caste status of its members till now. While the broader categories of General, BC, SC and ST have been asked in earlier memberships forms by all political parties, this is for the first that the member is asked to spell out the particular caste he belongs to in the specified category.



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27 responses to “Eye on future polls, TDP takes up caste-based survey in membership drive

  1. “Babu never tells the truth and NTR Trust bhavan is used only for business” …..Talsani Srinivas Yadav …A senior leader who was with TDP for 30 years.
    Who knows better than him ??


  2. This is how some cleverly use people from other communities to make comments in their favour.
    Hardworking and talented people ??
    It will no longer work in T with KCR.


  3. Telangana Assembly passes a resolution not to change the name of the airport .
    Claims to have built Hi tech city, Golconda fort and Charminar but struggling to change the name of an airport ?? Papam anni kastalu ??


  4. Who killed NTR ? ………..Akbaruddin Owaisi.
    @ Owaisi garu ………Everyone in India know the answer.


  5. @ DK garu …. People in Telangana may not know about the nasty Weed from AP. Vurla dochu kuntunnapudu ……….Perlu oka lekka ??
    Next comes ……….Anna toilet tissue ??

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