Loan waiver: Jagan’s stir threat jolts CM Naidu

Six months after storming into power in Andhra Pradesh, the TDP government headed by Chandrababu Naidu is all at sea over the implementation of the farm loan waiver scheme. With YSR Congress president Jaganmohan Reddy threatening an agitation on the issue and the state government jittery over facing the opposition party during the assembly session scheduled to commence on December 18, chief minister Naidu has decided to announce a time-table for the implementation of the loan waiver scheme on Thursday.


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18 responses to “Loan waiver: Jagan’s stir threat jolts CM Naidu

  1. CV Reddy

    విజయవాడకు అమెరికా కాన్సల్ ఆఫీస్- బాబు అను కుల మీడియా
    భారత్ లో కొత్త గా కాన్సల్ ఆఫీస్ లు ఏర్పాటు చేసే ప్రణాళిక ఏదీ లేదు-అమెరికా రాయబార కార్యాలయం
    కోతల రాయుడు ఏది చేసినా అబ్బో సూపర్, అసలేమి చెయ్యకపోతే ఇంకా సూపర్ , కేక అంటున్న అను కుల మీడియా
    (ఈనాడు, జ్యోతి, TV9 బాబు కు అనుకూలంగా ప్రచారం చేసాయి-జగన్)

    • CV Reddy

      TDP looks to boost numbers by offering benefits-Times, Dec 4

      In order to make membership of the regional party attractive as well as a financially sound proposition it is offering various benefits to those looking to joining their ranks.
      On offer upon payment of a paltry Rs 100 are life insurance cover worth Rs 2 lakh, Rs 50,000 hospitalization benefits in case of accident, discount in fare in select transport firms, discount in select corporate hospitals, education advice and placement assistance.

  2. How often is Ghantasala garu remembered in tollywood ?
    Where is his family ? Why not any airports or film universities or atleast a road not named after him ? Sorry because he does not belong to a fanatic group ??? But can they ever take away his voice from the hearts of telugu people ??

  3. May be you spend all your money on Community hostels and garden party’s so there is not much left ??

  4. Vikram

    ధర్నా వల్ల ప్రభుత్వం లో కొద్దో గొప్పో చలనం వచినట్లుంది.. రైతులు ఎంత మాత్రం వస్తారనేది చూడాల్సిందే..

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