Staff shifting: Governance in AP goes for a toss

Staff shifting: Governance in AP goes for a toss
Most Employees Stay Put In Hyderabad Citing Incomplete Office Buildings

The shifting of government offices and employees has `tripped’ governance in the Andhra Pradesh state with most of the employees holding on to Hyderabad, citing incomplete office buildings in Vijayawada.

Two weeks after the much-hyped shifting on June 27, around 300 employees are seen working in the new capital region while all others returned to Hyderabad awaiting completion of their offices. Renovation of rented accommodation has not been completed in most of the departments and citing lack of facilities, AP employees are back in Hyderabad and are leaving governance for a toss. In Hyderabad, the secretariat and departments’ headquarters wore a deserted look with the staff not working. When questioned about the whereabouts of the employees, it is known that they have shifted to Vijayawada when in reality, most of the offices in the AP capital region have not started functioning. So, they are neither working in Hyderabad nor in Vijayawada.

Against the claim of shifting 28 departments, only two have actually started functioning in the capital region. These are agriculture and co-operation departments. None of the other departments has started operating though they had a photo-op on the day of office inauguration.

Citing delay in shifting of the secretariat, many departments have taken it easy resulting in payment of rent without actually being used.

“Some of the departments have got rented premises in May.They have already paid huge advance and rent for June and July without actually moving into the premises. Some departments also rented residential premises for their bosses, which were used only for a day or two,“ explained an official belong to the general administration department (GAD).

This apart, incessant rains made both Vijayawada and Guntur cities unattractive to those coming from Hyderabad. Narrow mud-filled roads forced employees to further delay their shifting.Roads leading to the temporary secretariat became viral on the net with employees taking pictures showing their poor condition. ]

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