Caste is thicker than blood?

A post on Twitter took people, especially those who were active on social media, by storm on Friday. Posted by @BloodDonorsIn with #Hyderabad, it sought O+ blood for a 3-year-old child at a corporate hospital in Madhapur.

On the face of it, nothing seems odd. But what was extremely wrong to which people responded with indignation was the four opening words of this terse appeal. The tweet started with ‘ONLY Kamma Caste Donors’, referring to the fact that the suffering child belonged to the dominant community in Telugu-speaking States.

No doubt there were days when people preferred to die rather than taking blood from persons who did not belong to their caste. However, a consistent drive and campaigns by National Blood Transfusion Council and others have seen things improve to a large extent. Cutting across caste and States, the tweet attracted an outrage from citizens who asked if blood had caste. Blood they say is thicker than water but the way the caste factor is dominating even in this day and age sure takes the cake!

సింధు కులం కోసం గూగుల్ దుమ్ము దులిపారట మనోళ్లు


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3 responses to “Caste is thicker than blood?

  1. Please post this article on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You tube etc.
    Let the world know what is happening in AP.

  2. No wonder India won only two medals because people are more worried which caste the Sportperson is from ?

    Look at this Medal tally and see what some countries which are not even a 10th of India in Size and Population or anything for that matter ate acheiving
    These caste fanatics from India most should be ashamed of themselves.

    Shame ……..Shame………Shame.

  3. Guess who these narrow minded and shamelees caste fantics could be ?
    Thoo…….kondhari brathukulu.
    Finally most of them die from cancer taking nothing with them.

    Use the Social media to expose this Weed ….Save AP.

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