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Like Father .. Like Son ..

Malladi Vasu

When I was doing my MBA, I was told leaders emerge from situation and leadership is all about shaping situations, dominating them and turning hostile situations into opportunity. Leadership is also about character rather than person. Leaders do not do different things but do things differently.

Let me put things in context before you dub this article as a lesson on leadership. No my intention is not that. Just recapitulate what is happening in Congress Party in State with regard to Y S JAGAN’s ‘Odarpu Yatra’. I think never in the history of congress party’s 125 years that one individual who is new in politics, a first time MP has created so much flutter.

Yesterdays categorical statement by YS Jagan that despite the fact that congress president Sonia Gandhi is not positively inclined for his yatra, he would go ahead as per the word he gave in pavurallagutta goes to establish firmly that here is a man who is not that typical congress man who for every small thing would be duty bound to act as per high commands directions and bow before their authority more often than they would probably do it before their parents and God.
Whether one would agree or not it’s a clear indication of things to come. His style of leadership, his highly individualistic attitude, his assertion of his position among masses and more importantly his undaunted commitment towards people and the importance he attaches to credibility in public life.

When I scan through the personality of Y S Jagan (Of course i never meet him personally, but whatever i could analyse from his style of working for last one year) I am heavily inclined to compare him with our beloved late leader Dr. Y.S Rajasekhara Reddy.

Beloved Dr YSR also had a similar style of working but one exception is he never openly criticized or opposed to High Command. I think in this regard Jagan is a stark exception. But even YSR asserted his individuality and independence many times in his long illustrious career in the congress party. One thing which immediately comes to our mind is the YSR PRAJA PRASTHANAM PADAYATRA. Initially Congress High Command was not favourable, but eventually when he went to people and succeeded, the high command had no choice except to own the paadayatra and endorse it.

What Y S Jagan is now doing is similar to what YSR followed throughout life. Never neglect masses, never ditch people who are with you, never completely submit yourself before Delhi bosses and most importantly stick to your words. (Maata Tappani Ramudu Nuvvayya….. Madama tippani Deevudu neevayya).

Coming to the crux, the attitude of congress high command is nothing but self destructing and suicidal. Whether one agrees or not Y.S Jagan is the only crowd puller in congress party and the only leader who can galvanize party cadres and masses. If congress high command thinks that it can teach Jagan a lesson or can control Jagan its seriously mistaken.

One thing which baffles me or for that matter any sane, logical person is, by not allowing Jagan to go for Odarpu Yatra what is it trying to prove?. By making a strong man weak or by confining a strong man like Jagan to four walls can they make a weak chief minister Stong? I think congress high command holds this kind of false notion of leadership. This line of thinking will only further weaken the current state leadership in congress.

But all in all one thing is for sure, Y S Jagan today is more strong than what he was probably few months ago. Today people see him as not only a legal heir of YSR but also a reincarnation of YSR both in character and personality. Many intellectuals today support YS Jagan more than they did few months ago because they feel that the so called High Command is atrocious in violating the fundamental rights of an individual who is not only a Member of Parliament but also son of most successful Chief Minister. If rights of an MP are not protected in this country what will happen to the Fundamental Rights of a common man.

Whatever the case may be a new leader has emerged in State of Andhra Pradesh who not only is markedly different from all the earlier leaders who have emerged in congress but also who can give definite hope to people about a better future. So I say Like Father, Like Son…..



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As little enemies as possible ..

My considered suggestion to all fellow bloggers…dont read too much into whats written in the national media, either pro or anti Jagan. Most of them do not have any idea of how the grass-root reality behaves. WHile the regional media is better in terms of its knowledge, they are too politically biased to offer a realistic insight. And the less said about people like K Nageshwar, the better…

I think what is now panning out is an unprecedented situation, but in a way is also a logical conclusion to the events that started unfolding post Sept 2. I think it is now safe to say that Jagan has a very limited future in the Congress.

Whether he will succeed or not time will tell, but view is the following.
There are innumerable examples where leaders have fallen by the wayside having broken from the parent party. Shankarsinh Vaghela, Uma Bharti and of late Sharad Pawar. But here is where I think we should resist the temptation of generalisation. None of these were really mass leaders in the sense that YSR was or YSJ is aspiring to be. Uma Bharti was, but her agenda and ideology were relevant only as long as she was within the parent organisation and also her mass appeal was in part due to her adherence to her party’s core beliefs.

On the other hand Mamta Banerjee and a host of other Lohiate leaders have done well for themselves after having broken off on their own. Even Moopanar and Co. managed to do well with a deft combination of leadership and skillful alliance building….so there is as much hope as there is cause for apprehension. Even KCR did not have many takers when he struck out on his own, but look at where things stand today.

The key will be to sustain the momentum till there is a critical mass of elected peoples representatives in the kitty. After that, a shot at power becomes realistic. Thats where the coming local body elections become critical.

What probably will become the most critical determinant will be Jagan’s ability to continue his rapport with people, highlight peoples issues and travails and make the right moves. The inability to build a reservoir of political goodwill is what did the likes of Chiranjeevi and Co in..not some inherent structural factor

Last but not the least, he will need men who will stay with him through thick and thin….no psychophancy (we saw what Ganga Bhavani did), no bluster…only concerted political action…and most importantly, make as little enemies as possible…

Rest as they say is in Gods hands


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YSR The Eternal Hero ..

History often rejoices with the birth of great leaders but most importantly it pays great homage on their ceremonic departure. Couple of months back a rare moment of history was unveiled albeit in tragic circumstances. The sudden and untimely demise (Wonder if there is ever a timely demise of leaders) of Y.S.Rajasekhara Reddy was one such moment in the history of Andhra Pradesh which shocked everyone, choked the hearts of his admirers and perhaps spelt eternal doom on his friends and followers of Congress party.

Despite offering their condolences, cynics would say that it was just an accident, indeed it was, but the aftermath and deluge of emotions that followed are truly unparallel for the man in question was not until recently an indomitable eternal hero. If the vernacular media reports are any indication, more than 500 people have died till date either due to heart failures or have committed suicides unable to bear the trauma that has struck on them all of sudden. It would be pertinent to note here that it is not his party workers or people from the immediate or extended family that have died, most importantly it’s the people who have benefitted from his schemes like pensions, arogyasri, Indiramma Houses, Pavala Vaddi etc. are among the deceased.

I think this kind of display of emotions and love for a leader who at the end of the day was just a Chief Minister who completed his five year term and was elected again is certainly rarest of rare. This country has seen many great leaders and hopefully will continue to see more, but it would not be wrong to conclude that YSR as he was popularly known has caught the imagination and admiration of people like never before in the history.

Even his critics would agree that he was the most popular congress chief minister of Andhra Pradesh ever. To add to this is the fact that he was also the most toured chief minister of Andhra Pradesh. During his first stint as chief minister he almost toured each district 40 to 50 times. The rapport and connect which he could establish with people through his programs, schemes and most importantly his eloquent speech are perhaps the reason why people of Andhra Pradesh felt a sudden void which they knew is not going to be filled any sooner.

The greatest virtue of YSR was he was an orator of rare kind. Not many of Andhra’s Chief Ministers were orators but NTR and YSR stand apart. NTR was flamboyant and often used grandiose words which had its own beauty and impact on people. However YSR was a common man’s orator. He used words, gestures, idioms, phrases and sometime even jingles to communicate. His semantics though were simple were very effective which played a defining role in establishing him as a mass leader. It is still vivid in the memory of people of Andhra Pradesh when in every meeting for last one year leading to elections he used to mimic the sound of EMRI 108 ambulance which evoked huge response from kids to octogenarians, ironically people of every age, gender and socio-demographic character are among those who seem to be unwilling to digest the news of his tragic death.

Not only was he an extraordinary public orator, his performance in assembly discussions was even more engrossing. The manner in which he used to decimate his opponents in assembly was a treatise to one and all notwithstanding the debate on its constitutional propriety. Whether he took on opposition leader or his unprovoked remarks on TRS leaders very recently during AP assembly sessions in June-2009, there was always a strategy to dominate, decimate and some would say to dictate terms.

Love him or hate him you cannot ignore him. The indelible impression he left on the people of Andhra Pradesh is not only long lasting but would continue to captivate public perception for many more years to come. History may have its own account of YSR and his legacy, but people of Andhra Pradesh have already made him immortal in their hearts and minds. Long live YSR, Long Live……


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Article Adhirindhi …

Full of facts ..

Very Realistic ..

Shamsher Attitude ..

Excellent Job Gurava Reddy Garu ..

Click Here ….


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Points of View ..


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2009 and 2004 victories were Rajasekhar Reddy’sweat, blood and tears…look who gets the fruits…VH, Renuka, Purandeswari…..anyway, none of this is a surprise….Jagans rise would have been a serious threat to a lot of vested interests for whom YSRs demise was a blessing…..when dogs started barking at YSR, barely 2 weeks after his death, a quietly acquiscent High Command was the first danger signal for Jagan….what happened today is just the logical conclusion.

And the vehemence of media in denouncing him, despite he being a fairly charismatic people’s leader (definitely a long way to go before he reaches his fathers popularity, but nevertheless a leader with a decent mass base) brings to the fore a deeper malaise which has become the hallmark of our democracy in the post-liberalisation era.

And that is rise of a cabal comprising of industrialists, power brokers, politically influential journalists and mediamen who are the defacto centers of powers who have displaced the elected peoples representatives who are nominal holders of authority (the De-jure centres of authority as they say in legal terms), but in reality whose power and freedom of action is very limited.

Let me explain what I mean. Industrialists and influential journalists with political clout is nothing new. But their influence and authority could never be wielded by antagonising political leaders in whose person the sovereignity of the people was resident, given their direct accountability to the population at large. While in the immediate days after independence, the Bombay Club (the group of protectionist industrialists) exerted its influence on policy making more by appealing to the newly empowered political classes by appealing to their patriotic sentiments, but could not even dare to think about dictating terms to politicians. The situation took a dramatic turn post-liberalisation after which industrialists and fixers emerged from the shadows and started dictating terms. The process was facilitated by the complete moral compromise of the political class who saw the benevolence of the moneyed classes as an easy way of aggrandisement. Added to this lethal mix was the emergence of a new class of media barons with explicit and implicit political ambitions. Given the propensity of the new generation of politicians to be giving those mandatory sound-bytes and the desperate desire of mediamen to be part of the power and patronage structure, what we saw was a deeply synergic relationship which benefited politicians, industrialists and mediamen, but let the people, particularly those on the lower economic scale completely vulnerable. Media very joyfully abandoned its task of being a watchdog and instead became a partisan in political and industrial battles. No wonder a Barkha Dutt thinks she has the clout to get A Raja appointed to a ministry despite the man helming India’s biggest corporate scam. Even newspapers like the Hindu have not been exempt from this trend. (The papers hagiography of the Karunanidhi household is nauseating)

Now coming to the relevant point of argument. The new situation created new terms of political engagement. Politicians’ base started getting narrower and narrower, because in most cases all you needed was to win an MP seat and have the right connections. The media would paint your profile and the industrialist will lobby for you. What that meant was increasingly, politicians with mass support were marginalised. Because a mass base was less of an asset than having a powerful mediaman at the national level in your pocket. Suddenly things like political strategem (read cunning), networking (read dealmaking), and mouthing meaningless words like reform etc, became desirable attributes rather than connecting with people or having a mass base.
What YSR tried to do was to break this paradigm. His power flowed from his personal rapport with people and his policy orientation rather the blessings of a supra-constitutional structures whose democratic legitimacy is suspect. Even at the height of his popularity, he rarely courted the national media for sound-bytes. He did not supplicate before industrialists for their endorsements (I believe he used pretty strong words while referring to Kokilaben, the queen mother). That meant he had one vital flank thoroughly exposed. So when he suddenly died, there was a total dearth of those real powers that matter agreeing to his son claiming his mantle. Papers like The Hindu tried to hogwash it by saying they were against political feudalism, but the comedy is that does not stop the newspaper from endorsing every conceviable political post in TN being cornered by the DMK first family.
For Jagan, there is no Barkha Dutt, no Vir Sanghvi or Prabhu Chawla. But if he really wants to claim his fathers mantle, he should look for where it belongs….AMONG THE COMMON FOLK……after all that was his fathers biggest strength


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Andhra Pradesh, stoned ..

By T S Sudhir

Andhra Pradesh slipped into the stone age on Friday. The laboratory of this modern-day Jurassic Park was Mahbubabad railway station in the eastern part of Warangal district where quite of few hundreds (some said 300, some guessed 2000), demonstrated effectively that they had not quite evolved.

Their hunger for bloodshed and appetite to maim and hurt their political opponents came to the fore as a shower of stones picked up from the railway tracks derailed those on platform number 1. The size of the stones, the perfect weapon, symbolising hatred, venom, ruthlessness and vandalism.

The anger of these so-called pro-Telangana protestors was directed at Jaganmohan Reddy, YSR’s son and the MP from Kadapa, a constituency in non-Telangana Rayalaseema. Jagan was to arrive at Mahbubabad railway station on the first leg of his Warangal tour, to meet and console families who had lost a relative reportedly unable to bear the shock of YSR’s death last year.

Jagan’s opposition to bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh is like a red rag to the Telangana bull. So visit Warangal, he must not, declared Telangana politicians. In a way, that was taking this region back to the period between 15 August 1947 & 17 September 1948, when Nizam’s Hyderabad (largely present-day Telangana) was not part of independent India.

“Does he need a visa to visit Telangana? Is it not part of India? How can anyone stop anyone from travelling to any part of India?” asked angry Jagan supporters. On the face of it, a logical question.

“We are stopping him because he thinks he is too smart. On the pretext of consoling the families, Jagan is trying to make a political statement. He had only a political motive,” is the retort of the scholarly Prof Kodandaram, convenor of the Telangana Joint Action Committee. His detractors accuse him of being a HMV (as in His Master’s Voice, the master being K Chandrasekhar Rao of the Telangana Rashtra Samiti). Byelections to the assembly seats that TRS MLAs resigned are due in August. And Jagan cannot be allowed to mobilise crowds and then use those images to rubbish the Telangana sentiment.

Telangana votaries also ask why Jagan should visit only those who committed suicide for YSR. “Let him also visit those who killed themselves for Telangana.” In this despicable bragging about `I have as many suicides in my kitty as you, if not more’ tug-of-war, those who died are mere statistics, used merely for political one-upmanship.

If Jagan had only deferred his trip, peace in Andhra Pradesh would not have been threatened once again. Common people would not have been subjected to yet another nightmare of bomb threats and violence. Passengers travelling on the Intercity Express that Jagan boarded from Secunderabad on Friday morning were livid that they were being put to such hardship. The train was stopped at Wangapalli station for nearly four hours and did not move till Jagan was offloaded.

Jagan’s argument is that he is doing it for his late father, a promise he made at his grave at Idupulapaya in Kadapa district. That it is not a Congress party tour, for Veerappa Moily to pick up the phone and issue instructions.

“You travelled with me when I started this tour in Khammam district,” he told me yesterday evening. “Did you see me making a single political speech there? All I did was to meet 54 families and unveil some 80 statues of my dad. Similary here, I had no intention of saying anything political.” The point being made is that when Khammam is also part of Telangana, why did KCR not stop Jagan there. The Kadapa MP’s camp alleges it is because the huge crowds that came to greet Jagan in Khammam rattled KCR and a repeat performance in Warangal could have helped YSR’s son knock out the TRS leader with a son-stroke.

When Jagan made a pitch for the CM’s chair after his father’s death in September last year, his overeager supporters cited the precedent of an inexperienced Rajiv Gandhi succeeding Indira Gandhi in similar tragic circumstances in 1984. Jagan should have known in the Congress culture, such comparisons are simply not acceptable.

That is perhaps why no comparisons were drawn between Jagan’s proposed Warangal yatra and what Rahul Gandhi did in Mumbai, visiting the city despite the Shiv Sena’s threats to stop him. There of course the `PM-in-waiting’ had the support and the might of the entire Maharashtra government with him, unlike Jagan who seems to have opened up several fronts at the same time, including powerful groups within the Congress regime that don’t exactly see him as a friend.

A senior Congress leader from Telangana, who till the other day, won’t stop singing paens to YSR, told me two days back. “You know, Jagan does not mention Madam or Rahul Gandhi’s name at any of his meetings. How can that be acceptable?” Clearly, to move up the Congress ladder, Y S Jaganmohan Reddy needs to realise his middle name should be `Sycophant’.

And since he is not seen to be possessing the typical DNA of a Congresswala, rumours that his days in the grand old party are numbered, are doing the rounds for the last two weeks. His close confidants say he does not want to leave but that if a group of Congressmen in Hyderabad and Delhi continue to make life difficult for him, it will leave him with few options.

The Congress already has Plan B in place. If Jagan exits his dad’s party, the Congress will cosy up to Chiranjeevi. The courtship has been on for several months now, though under wraps, and Rosaiah for one, would certainly want to bring Chiru home. `Congress ka haath, Megastar ke saath’. Atleast the wily Congressmen would be able to make Chiranjeevi, known to be a fantastic dancer, dance to their tunes unlike a Jagan, who always looks out of step.

Does all this make Jagan feel like an Abhimanyu? Always in the vortex of a storm, much of it his own making. With epithets like egoistic and selfish thrown at him, this businessman-turned-politician has not been able to strike the right deals with those who matter. The last nine months have demonstrated that takeovers are always messy and there is many a slip between the cup and the lip when it comes to inheriting the throne.

“He should be patient like Rahul,” a Congress leader told me. “Or atleast learn from the mistakes his dad committed by taking on the likes of PV Narasimha Rao, Kotla Vijaybhaskar Reddy and N Janardhan Reddy in the 90s, earning for himself the tag of the perennial rebel and a troublemaker.” It was only after 1999 that a more sober and mature YSR endeared himself to New Delhi.

But while Jagan mulls his political future, Telangana politicians rejoice over their success in blocking his entry into their `territory’. This will have dangerous repurcussions. Today it is Jagan, yesterday it was Chandrababu Naidu, tomorrow it could be Chiranjeevi and the day after perhaps Rosaiah. Even you, me, anyone. Filmstars belonging to the coastal Andhra region have had their shoots disrupted by TRS activists. Even roadside eateries sporting `Andhra meals ready’ boards have not been spared.

Justice Srikrishna and his committee has time till December to consider the tricky issue of whether Telangana should or should not be formed. Till that happens, the likes of KCR, who warned that Warangal district will turn into a warzone if Jagan set foot on it, cannot be allowed to draw a Wagah border between Hyderabad and Warangal.


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