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Donga Deeksha enduku Babu Neeku

I just had a chance to review the lab results of Mr Naidu. Based on the lab values and vital signs quoted by eenadu, I am sure that his condition is very stable. His nutritional staus appears to be a well nourished condition. I can draw this conclusion from the following observation. If Babu was really fasting, he would have depleted all the glucose stores by 2-3 days. Once your body is deprived of source of glucose, it tends to compensate by mobilising body fat. After another 3-4 days even your body fat stores also start to exaust. At this stage body utilises the second back up substance, which is protein, to meet the energy requirements of the body. I am presuming that if Babu was on a sincere fast, his body should have started utilizing the protein by now. One of the ways to measure this process is by measuring the Urea level. Typically it goes very high as your body starts to break down the protein sources and in this process produce Urea as a bye product. But his lab values suggest us, that his Urea levels are surprisingly in the normal range. This suggests us that he was receiving an alternate source of energy either orally or intravenously, that is preventing his body from using the fat and protein sources, which are typically the only sources of energy if one is fasting.
The other issue is with that of his hydration status. Most of you are aware that your body requires a decent amount of fluids (5-8 litres/day), to meet the metabolic requirements of your body. If one is fasting, my understanding was that they take pure water and a pich of salt to compensate the losses of body sodium and potassium. Babu seems to be very well hydrated by looking at him and his labs. The reasons for my conclusion are that his eyes would have appeared sunken and his skin would have lost turgor and becomes lax and wrinkled, if he was dehydrated, number one. number two, his lab values also indicate that he is well hydrated because, his urea and creatinine levels are surprisingly normal even after seven days of severe fasting. As a matter of fact his lab values make me suspicious, that he was consuming more water, in a greedy fashion and ignoring to take adequate salt. This is reflected by his sodum levels, which are low. Your sodium levels fall, when you overzealously drink more water, ignoring to take adequate salt. There is a condition called as” Psychogenic Polydypsia”, where one goes on drinking lot of water, without limit, but end up having very low sodium. This may have been one of the possibility in Babu’s case.
His Potassium levels are well with in normal limits. His blood sugar levels are very well controlled. Over all he is in a very ” stable condition” in contrast to what is being propagated in the media.
In conclusion, Mr Naidu is very well nourished and hydrated, despite rigorous fasting. Only God has to explain these caveats that I pointed, if Mr Babu was sincerely fasting. Our belowed YSR was right. “Never ever trust Babu”.


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