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Brand Jagan

If I invest my time in the party I am sure I will also be a person responsible in bringing back smile on millions of people of this state. Hope God helps us achieving this task.


December 21, 2012 · 11:22 PM

Jagan Vs Robert Vadra

Many people have been compairing jagan anna with robert vadra be it in gossip sites or tv debates. They all have to remember 4 things:

1. Jagan was also a private individual and a successful businessman doing his own thing in Bangalore before 2009. The time line of which the investigation is ordered is 2004 -2009.

2. Jagan’s companies are not sham companies. Bharathi cements is known for the best quality cement in the country and is aquired by a french cement giant Vicat(more than 100 year old company) for more price per share than what Jagan charged his investors. Jagati publishes sakshi which is ranked 8th in the country and is increasing its readers base quarter after quarter.

3. The shares that Jagan sold to his investors is equity dilution. What it means is that the share holder is at his liberty to sell the shares to whom ever he wants to and whenever he wants and at the market price. The market price of the share is more than what it was when was initially sold. There are many other share holders in jagati(who had nothing to do with Govt orders) who bought jagati shares at the same Rs.350/share like the few so called benefited industrialists.

4. The assets are not built on Jagan’s name alone. The share holders are also part of it.


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