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Satyam, Naidu nexus



No other software company was patronized by Chandrababu like he had patronized Satyam Computers. Obviously, no other leader had utilized any company like the way he had used Satyam Computers. No one could have enacted with the plurality Naidu had exhibited when the Software giant was caught in the quagmire of white collar offence.

In fact, the roots of Satyam scam lie in TDP regime. The seeds of the scam were sworn during N Chandrababu Nidu term as Chief Minister. The irregularities in Satyam accounting procedures came to light during the NDA regime itself. Ramdas Athawale who was them with RPI, raised the issue in Lok Sabha in March 2003. He had also written letters to the then Prime Minister AB Vajpayee and Finance Minister Jashwant Singh.

Athawale went on record stating that the inaction against Satyam Computers was at the behest of Chandrababu Naidu.

Had an inquiry been ordered then, Satyam would not have been slipped so deep into the scam. Naidu has shielded Satyam, as he benefitted from the company is an open secret.

Quid pro quo

This is the actual quid pro quo.

In 2002, Chandrababu Naidu government gave away 19.2 acres of prime land at Madhapur in city and 6.55 acre land in Visakhapatnam to Satyam Computers. In return, there were allegations that the software company had taken care of Naidu’s son Lokesh education in the US. The IT wing of TDP office and Naidu’s house was also being looked after Satyam Computers.  A team of 16 programmers and two team leaders were operating from the neighbouring house of Naidu.

The software being used by TDP was developed by Satyam Computers.

Satyam has also taken care of the printing of ID cards of TDP workers. Each ID card costs Rs 50 and the total amount spent on the ID cards works out to Rs 100 crores.

This apart, Satyam computers had donated Rs 1 crore to NTR Memorial Trust.

These are but some facts to establish the rapport between the Party and the Company


Any Doubts


v  IT Deputy Director, N Padma was transferred for trying to undertake a detailed investigation. What is not at the behest of N Chandababu Naidu?

v  When Bill Clinton visited Hyderabad, Naidu has seen to it that Ramliinga Raju of Satyam Computers shared the dais with the American President, though there were traditional industrialists like Ratan Tata. And what does this bond show?

v   Babu’s son Lokesh is not a bright student. Yet how could he study at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and Stanford Universities?

v  Enforcement Directorate (ED) had earlier enquired about the source of income for Naidu’s son’s education. The issue was hushed up with the manipulative tactics, for which Naidu is known for.  


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Nielsen Survey Results and Aftermath


There was a recent survey on political leanings in Andhra Pradesh by Nielsen for NTV, a popular Telugu TV channel. The previous Nielsen NTV surveys had been spot on every time as of now. These recent survey results are aligned with observations of lot of political experts in the state, but there would be some exceptions as the yellow media, who has been wrong on every single survey that they conducted for the past several years. Most of the time, they cook these surveys in NTR Bhavan or in the bomb-proof building that someone built on the occupied lands of Hayatnagar. But, as have been seen in their past behaviors, the yellow media went mum on the survey, Chandra Babu and other TDP leaders alleged that this was a paid survey – their usual reactions. This knee jerk reaction was expected from the yellow cadre/media. How else do they react when their worst fears of not coming back to power even the third successive time, when for a regional party like TDP, it’s a death knell? TDP vote share of 18%, massive losses in both Seemanadhra and Telangana have made them realize their worst fears. Their confusing two eye, four tongue, sixteen lie policy on vital issues of the state is not working out and Chandra Babu’s inhuman, cruel vendetta on a leader that died in the line of duty even after 17 months is making people sick and his party is losing a lot of ground is obvious. PRP at 5% (not 16%) before merger with Congress and only 40% of his remaining followers going on with his merger is seen as confirming a majority opinion of political pundits. The surprising thing is the Congress strength as most are of the opinion that it’s at less than 10% and not 16% the survey came up with. This may be because of the fact that most of the Congress MLAs, who are somewhat strong in their respective constituencies still with the party. But, their vote share will wither away with the MLAs and MPs start leaving and joining Jagan in the coming days. The merger with PRP might put Congress vote share at about 10%. The PRP merger also would be in trouble, as some of its MLAs would want to join Jagan now with the survey after survey predicting that Jagan is da man. All in all, Jagan would be strengthened in the coming days and weeks. All he has to do is to be as cautious as possible in the path he is traveling and the people who he is associating with. Jagan’s new party at 35% must be a little less than the actual vote share, as his latent Telangana support was not accounted for properly.

These survey results, though very good for a party that is not even formed yet, could be skewed a bit.

1. PRP merger will help Congress a little bit in Seemanadhra and none in Telangana, not much to change each other’s fate, which is downfall.

2. Most poll pundits are inclined to believe that Jagan’s party would do much better in Telangana than what the survey says, for a simple reason that the people who aspire for united Andhra Pradesh would now vote en mass for Jagan, as they would believe that it’s only Jagan that could keep the state together. This survey should give him a boost in at least 35 assembly constituencies in and around Hyderabad, parts of Nalgonda, Medak, Mahaboob Nagar and Khammam. There is a good chance that his party can secure over 180 seats in the Assembly and as many as 28 MP seats. These MP seats should be enough for the new party to demand whoever comes to form the central government for important portfolios like Agriculture, Railways, Irrigation to help the state advance.

3. People accepted Jagan as not only the legitimate heir of YSR legacy, but also as a leader that can fight for him as well as for the state. This is very important facet of the survey. It has been a very rough ride for the young man ever since his father died. The hardcore followers of YSR could not become normal as of today, and one wonders how the situation of his own son would be. He went through a lot of sad, painful days with loss of his father and back stabbing by some of the closest to him. The people’s trust in his leadership should make him one happy camper right now.

4. The timing of the survey is great too, with party launch in the next month and the Kadapa by-elections coming up next, this survey would force the hands of lot of people to support Jagan. The majority projection of his camp in Pulivendla and Kadapa seats would have increased by several folds overnight. The local leaders, who have been fence sitting and leaning towards YSV/Congress now will have to think of voting against the future CM of the state and also realize that the short term gains they are expecting from the present government may never come true as this government would mostly not last long. At least 50-60 MLAs should be coming out openly and support Jagan, there by the imminent collapse of KKR government and leading to President rule. People who wanted to see the tangible results from the crowds YSJ has been attracting can now see them and MPs, MLAs and local leadership have to make their choices and do them quick. The scales have just tipped.

5. At this juncture and going forward Jagan should highlight the Telugu pride. He should be able to convince people that we are all Telugus first and anything else is next. He should emphasize the Telugu pride getting trampled in Delhi streets and under the feet of Italians and northerners who cannot win in their own seats and states.  Coming to choosing local leadership of his party, he needs to understand that leaders are born from the masses. The sitting MLAs/MPs might be as much a subtraction as an addition. Now, with this Nielsen NTV survey on his table, Jagan should be able to call the shots and choose his people. He can either entice someone to come to him or not entertain someone who wants to come to him. The choice would be his. There is a feeling that he knows what he has to do all along. One could see that in his eyes. Even in the darkest hours he faced in the past 17 months, he was strong and never ever lost his faith. He knew what exactly he has to do and he is doing it brick by brick and never over planning at all. For people who have been worried about his fate, things were/are under control. YS Jaganmohan Reddy is here to play this game at his pace and the way he wants to play.

All in all, this survey reflects that there is a sweep going on for Jagan in Seemandhra and KCR in Tealngana. And the most important thing one needs to notice is that this present trend should be the same in one year, to years or more as the Congress government would be losing people’ faith and Chandra Babu going after the mirages. Funny but true is that the true boons to YS Jagan are Congress party and Chandra Babu, who never have their act right. Chandra Babu and Sonia Gandhi are relegated to side roles in our state – Sonia Gandhi for the irresponsible handling of our state, YSR and YSJ and Chandra Babu for vision less leadership he always displayed through out his career. As these two try harder to suppress and malign YSR/YSJ images, they lose more and more. YSR and YSJ are like rubber balls, the harder we throw them against the wall, the harder they come back to smack us! People are not fools and they know what’s right and what’s wrong. The credibility and power of YSR and YSJ have been certified too by this survey. A picture says thousand words and if you look at the people faces and show of their affection towards YSJ, it tells you the amazing transfer of their love from YSR to YSJ.

This survey is a game changer for Jagan as well as for the state. The exodus from Congress, TDP that had been talked about will start now. There will be bigger lines at Jagan’s Banjara Hills home. The fence sitting Congress MLAs would raise their voice in support of Jagan now and would have to be in his corner to have any political future. KKR government’s days are numbered and there would be President rule by this summer and elections by the year-end. This NTV survey is God sent for Jagan as well as the state. This will give him the impetus to create the political tsunami that Jagan has declared that he would. And, for yellow media and TDP supporters that want to ridicule this Nielsen survey, a simple challenge should be “Are you ready for bringing down the KKR Congress government that lost both legislative and popular support by proposing no-confidence motion and there by going for the elections?”.

Gurava Reddy for CelebrateYSR.org



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Donga Deeksha enduku Babu Neeku

I just had a chance to review the lab results of Mr Naidu. Based on the lab values and vital signs quoted by eenadu, I am sure that his condition is very stable. His nutritional staus appears to be a well nourished condition. I can draw this conclusion from the following observation. If Babu was really fasting, he would have depleted all the glucose stores by 2-3 days. Once your body is deprived of source of glucose, it tends to compensate by mobilising body fat. After another 3-4 days even your body fat stores also start to exaust. At this stage body utilises the second back up substance, which is protein, to meet the energy requirements of the body. I am presuming that if Babu was on a sincere fast, his body should have started utilizing the protein by now. One of the ways to measure this process is by measuring the Urea level. Typically it goes very high as your body starts to break down the protein sources and in this process produce Urea as a bye product. But his lab values suggest us, that his Urea levels are surprisingly in the normal range. This suggests us that he was receiving an alternate source of energy either orally or intravenously, that is preventing his body from using the fat and protein sources, which are typically the only sources of energy if one is fasting.
The other issue is with that of his hydration status. Most of you are aware that your body requires a decent amount of fluids (5-8 litres/day), to meet the metabolic requirements of your body. If one is fasting, my understanding was that they take pure water and a pich of salt to compensate the losses of body sodium and potassium. Babu seems to be very well hydrated by looking at him and his labs. The reasons for my conclusion are that his eyes would have appeared sunken and his skin would have lost turgor and becomes lax and wrinkled, if he was dehydrated, number one. number two, his lab values also indicate that he is well hydrated because, his urea and creatinine levels are surprisingly normal even after seven days of severe fasting. As a matter of fact his lab values make me suspicious, that he was consuming more water, in a greedy fashion and ignoring to take adequate salt. This is reflected by his sodum levels, which are low. Your sodium levels fall, when you overzealously drink more water, ignoring to take adequate salt. There is a condition called as” Psychogenic Polydypsia”, where one goes on drinking lot of water, without limit, but end up having very low sodium. This may have been one of the possibility in Babu’s case.
His Potassium levels are well with in normal limits. His blood sugar levels are very well controlled. Over all he is in a very ” stable condition” in contrast to what is being propagated in the media.
In conclusion, Mr Naidu is very well nourished and hydrated, despite rigorous fasting. Only God has to explain these caveats that I pointed, if Mr Babu was sincerely fasting. Our belowed YSR was right. “Never ever trust Babu”.


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