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Jagan Anna Speech in Pulivendula


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NRI YS Jagan Fans on TV9

Thank you all for your support.


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Jagan on the road less travelled by T S Sudhir

Article by T S Sudhir

Thank you Sudhir for the article. It is really in an insight into our leader Y S Jagan’s decision making process.

“The manner in which my uncle, Y S Vivekananda Reddy was picked up from Hyderabad, taken to Delhi, made to meet Sonia Gandhi, all in one day, what am I to make of it? It was all planned to create fissures and to show Jagan does not have support within his own family.”
His hyperactive net-savvy supporters are mentioning December 21, his birthday, as the big day when he will announce his party. I tell him that December 9, Sonia’s birthday, strangely is another date mentioned on the web. He smiles and says “December 9 is also my wife’s birthday”.


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Mana YS

Special Edition on YS


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Amma Lakshmi Parvathi garu… Meeku sirassu vanchi dhanyavadalu

Though I hate to watch ABN Andhra Jyothy… I was delighted to see Lakshmi Parvathi garu slap this anchor black and blue with her cool attitude in front of the camera… For the first time I watched him get white washed and with him all YSR detractors. Lakshmi Parvathi garu you simply rock……


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