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Thank You Sudhir

Jagan in YSR footsteps

by NDTV Correspondent T S Sudhir


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He Went.. He Defied … He Conquered

Jagan was crisp and clear in delivering the message to the nation that we Telugu people are symbols of self respect and value pride and integrity and brought whole nation to pay attention to the events at Jantar Mantar. A young defiant leader taking on so called  mighty high command(false perception). While Sonia scrambling to get a sense of congress party leaders who were making scathing remarks against AP state govt and central govt thus denting and exposing the injustice meted out to Krishna river basin farmers in AP by Brajesh kumar tribunal.

The adventure of taking farmers and leaders in the bone chilling weather of Delhi, shows the character of the leader who took this expedition. High command to low command whipping up carrot and sticks just to stop the legislative leadership to participate in the genuine and justifiable cause in Delhi went into begging and the leaders who followed have proved to be brave enough to make statement that issues are paramount and they are higher than the so called undemocratic and slavery infested high command.

While inaction seem to be a best option for Sonia at this moment but this political posture has significantly eroded the base in congress party in AP. Rampant corruption and lack of leadership to deal with day to day problems of country pushing congress party into a cesspool. Congress party will have to bask in those glory days where leaders like YSR set the bar high in governance and leadership and was the compass to so called national leaders.

The ability of a leader is not measured  by his leadership and oratory skills rather it should be also combine with the ability to identify leaders. Mutually respecting leadership with loyal followers or shall we say bells and whistles of a party should alway reflect the common man needs and react accordingly. Time and again Jagan is proving to be a matured politician both in action and strategy. Innovation and opening up heart and energy to deal with common man problems are the mantra for a leader to become a great one.

The issue of AP farmers are not happy, in spite of national media sugar coat about lion share allocation of surplus water, about Krishna water tribunal verdict was brought to Delhi and to the nation. This was one of those two birds with one shot scenarios and was executed with precision. Kudos to Jagan and his team of leaders who pulled through a successful event.

Ranga Raju  Arkansas, USA


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