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People’s man

Thank you nani garu for sharing your experience.

Yesterday i had followed jagan in many places in my village(avanigadda)..

he is really moving very close with the people and had never felt irritated.
he stopped at every place where the people are waiting for him
and CAME DOWN from his vehicle and
for the people and interacted with them by touching
each and every person…
people especially in villages will never forget this type of incidents in their life time…

We know chandrababu and chiranjeevi visits villages in an open top vehicles and raise their two fingures and raise their hands and goes.. people dont care such things.

But jagan is totally different from all the leaders in our state. His feelings towards people are coming from his heart and people especially ladies are feeiling jagan as their brother and giving blessings to him at every place.
Great going by jagan.


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