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Two great videos…


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Between the devil and the deep blue sea

Good move by Jagan  anna to announce satya graham on 21st and 22nd. Now govt has 3 options before them

1. Get their acts right

2. Arrest Jagan

3. Or not care atall

If they heed to any one of the above its going to only make Jagan anna popular. Babu now has to bite the dust.. eeroju vadi jail drama meeda neellu posinnatu ayendi.

Situation of the famers and weavers is very bad right now….The need of the hour is to make govt come to people’s rescue politics later. It is a shame that they have not yet done assessment for the previous calamities that struck the delta region in past few months.


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Feedback from Pdl

1. Jagan speeches being received well.

2. Vivkananda Reddy Garu is getting a bad name slowly.

3. All the pdl cadre is responding to Jagan.

What combination do you prefer for the by-election. Please any feed back from pdl and kadapa you are welcome to post here.


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Jagan Anna Speech in Pulivendula


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NRI YS Jagan Fans on TV9

Thank you all for your support.


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